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Activist Wednesday: Open Thread

Posted on: May 19, 2021

Hello Shinners! I’m extra heads-down at work this week, but wanted to give you all some fresh thread to munch on.

Here are some stories that interested me this week:

The Arizona Audit: A Fricasseed Chicken Ate My Ballot

The Ford F150: Electric Biden Boogaloo

It’s up to you, Noo Yawk

Injustice for Andrew Brown Jr.

Fighting for Florida

Tawk amongst yerselves!

53 Responses to "Activist Wednesday: Open Thread"

I want Val Demings to win so bad. I think she would be as great as Marco sucks. There was a big empty space left by Kamala Harris in the Senate and Val would be perfect. We need her voice!! Like desperately. In the Senate. If it can be done in Georgia, it can be done in Florida.

Speaking of Noo Yawk… Did anyone catch Brian Williams last night? He showed an SNL clip of Chris Farley imitating Rudy G’s son. I was rolling. Now the kid is older (and like the Trump kids, I wouldn’t say he’s grown up, just older) and running for mayor of NY. Wow…

When did Naomi Wolf transmogrify into a compleat kook? Didn’t she, once upon a time, write a book about disaster capitalism that was quite good? Or am I thinking of someone else? I know that recently she’s Twilight Zone-level la-la, but that example is the worst I’ve seen yet.

It’s hard for me to believe that Trump will ever be indicted for his crimes, but it’s almost starting to feel like a real possibility. Nicolle Wallace made me snort when she said, “How is this going to end? With a bronco chase?” Couldn’t you just see it? With DeSantis driving and Trump in the back and MAGAts lined up along the road cheering and supporting him?

I think it was Joy Reid who called McCarthy, “Mr. Benghazi.” The guy who wanted 10 plus investigations. Special investigations. Who wanted to spend a ton of money digging and digging for a treasure that wasn’t there. The guy who couldn’t find Benghazi on a map (I’m guessing). I guess he did succeed though in a way. As he said himself, Hillary’s approval ratings went down. MotherF! So anyway… THAT GUY does not want Jan 6 looked into. It seems he doesn’t want to testify either. He knows he wouldn’t last 5 minutes let alone 11 hours. Because he’s weak. And guilty.

@6, Don’t remember, but yes, she’s completely bonkers now.

Thanks for the new thread MB.

Luna @4
That is kinda funny because those are some of the symptoms I had with my second Moderna shot…not the last ones with cramps.

So they think they are getting sick from the vaccinate people? All the more reason to WEAR A FREAKIN’ MASK AND GET VACCINATED YOU UNINFORMED DIMWITS!!!

…vaccinated people…

Naomi Wolf did indeed write that book. I read an excerpt – it was excellent. I have no idea why she and RFK Jr are anti-vaccine wackadoos now, but it’s definitely a thing.

These critters are not cute. At all.

PS, glad to hear about Biden. It must be dreadful to deal with all these schmucks like Bibi and Pooty Poot. Knowing they are violent war criminals and corrupt to the core. Reason #8 billion I could never be President!

Not cute? Nonsense. You just need to find cuter representations 😆

ivory netsuke of cicada on a gourd

I am so looking forward to Matt Gaetz getting a new name: Fresh Fish. He is just disgusting in more ways than one. His female counterpart, Mags Greene, is the perfect mirror image. Except that I don’t think she sexually feeds on underage kids like her friend, Matt. But it wouldn’t surprise me. These two are the Republican rock stars.

@14, Awwww. So cute! 🙂

I have a beef with Arab men because of how ugly they treat women – how extremely controlling they are – which I call domestic abuse. That’s how the right wing would be if they could get away with it and they still may. They should be referred to as the Immoral Minority. But Bibi is a bad actor in his own right. Very Trumpy, seems to me. He needs to go. I’m glad I’m not in Biden’s shoes though. I think it’s very tricky.

@14, Japanese netsuke can nearly always make any creature look appealing!

…nearly always…haha

I couldn’t even click on the video to see it. Bugs in general really creep me out. The more legs they have, all moving in a bug way…send shivers up and down my spine.

@17, true. And to be fair, that’s an antique at The Met, so rather top of the line. But, for real, we have ordinary yearly cicadas where I live. I think maybe they’re a tad smaller than the 17-year species — about 3/4 of an inch long — and they really are cute. Sort of compact and toddler-shaped, like the netsuke, and they mostly just sit up in the trees and stridulate at each other. At the height of the season in woods with a lot of them, they get about as loud as a lawnmower when they’re all noisemaking together!

PJ, yup re Middle Eastern treatment of women. And huge swathes of Africa and Asia and and and. But the Middle Easterners distinguish themselves by explicitly making it the law. They don’t even try to pretend. Which adds insult to injury.

And then, to top it off, the media calls it “culture” or “conservative” or some such shit.Try misogyny. And then maybe people can start to figure out the biggest contributor to constant war and tyranny

Well said, quixote. Very, very well said.

I respect Ilhan Omar, I really do. It’s that religious covering that gets me – the veil. I have an extreme negative reaction to it. I always have. Since the first grade and seeing those nuns. Yikes I didn’t like it. Something was just seriously wrong about that. There was an underlying threat… this could be you. This or marriage. And when I went to my first wedding as a kid and saw the woman in a veil? I was like shit! I’m screwed. Totally fucked. I made a pact with myself that I would at least put it off as long as I could get away with it knowing that I would pay a price in the social hierarchy. I did date. It was a lot of fun. I’m not the prettiest girl – too tomboyish – but I’m nice and polite and genuinely care about other people’s feelings so I got dates you know? But I was never ever going to get married and I don’t even date anymore. I’m sure there are a lot of happily married people here. One person’s hell is another person’s paradise.

I think when you feel the need to cover something, it’s about shame. A projection of shame. Wanting to cover over your own guilt and put it on the other person. See them wear it so you can feel better about yourself.

Whoa. Probably going too far. This would probably be a good time for DYB and his awesome twitter finds. His humor (plus intelligence) cuts me to the core. Or Luna and her cute animal breaks. Much needed.

My internet has been so spotty. I’m having a lot of trouble with it. Living in hicksville… So y’all might just get a break just from that.

They call them “modesty cultures,” PJ. Women are to be modest to control men’s impulses.

Yes, it makes no sense in a rational world. It makes all kinds of sense if you want to keep women in a box as comfort animals, though.

Your instincts were right from the get go.

Yet women are still raped in these so-called “modesty cultures.” Nope, those head and body coverings are there to remind and keep women as “others” and limit their freedom of movement.

Interesting; I wonder why they voted No?

@27, because of “Defund the Police.”

Click for the full photo.

@29 — That interpretation is wrong! I followed the replies and it’s actually a squabble of 2 females over the nest, with the male (who does the nest-building in this species) trying to break up the fight — or get them away from his nest.

“Because defund the police” … whaaaaaaaaaat?

The very police who risk their lives to save them (and some did more than “risk”!). People more than one standard deviation to the left seem to have lost all ability to tell up from down, just like the right.

Is it something in the water? How is this happening?

@31, Apparently they don’t want to put money into preventing it from happening again because … the bill funds only protection if it happens again and doesn’t fund other things. (eyeroll) Welp. I’d hate to be Ilhan Omar if it happened again and there was no Officer Goodman to keep the mob from her.

The three members who voted no — Reps. Ayanna Pressley (Mass.), Cori Bush (Mo.) and Ilhan Omar (Minn.) — released a joint statement Thursday saying that “a bill that pours $1.9 billion into increased police surveillance and force without addressing the underlying threats of organized and violent white supremacy, radicalization, and disinformation that led to this attack will not prevent it from happening again.”

Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.), Rashida Tlaib (Mich.) and Jamaal Bowman (N.Y.), all Democrats, voted “present” ­­— officially taking no position, and allowing the bill to pass by one vote.
Thursday’s squeaker of a win in the House portends the difficult road ahead. The hurdles facing both bills are steeper in the Senate: While Democrats and Republicans each control half of that chamber, it takes 60 votes to get around a procedural filibuster.

Time for a cute critter and lovely flower break!

I saw this Repub guy on Brian Williams and he was just rock bottom about the Republican base. About where they are and where they have been for a long time. Trump – the bloated toxic gas bag, just knew how to tap into it. It wasn’t Dump. It was/is them. What I have thought all along. The truth is so ugly you just want to look away. White supremacy unveiled. And you are horrified about just how big it is in this country. That evil shifted from the Dixiecrats to the party of Lincoln. How the hell did that happen? (he didn’t say that, my words).

But this dude was facing it head on. Pulling no punches. No whataboutism, no bothsidesism. Just the truth.

He said, “White heterosexual male Christians represent just over 25% of the country. White heterosexual male Christians represent 80% of all the power. The politics, the economy. All the power levers. But because it’s dropped from 90% to 80, there’s this huge pushback.”

I would say that small decrease has caused them to lose their freaking minds. Every low-life white Christian male and their female counterparts (sadly) feel that loss of power and they show up. At MAGAt rallies and insurrections. Wanting to take their country back! Ready to kill. Even though they themselves are the ones getting screwed over. It’s bizarre. Rational thought has no effect on them whatsoever.

This is too funny. The three male falcon chicks received their names today, over 620 choices were voted on.

The winning names with over 900 votes each are:

1. Fauci
2. Kaknu, a falcon in Ohlone tradition
3. Wek’-Wek’, the Miwok tribe’s falcon figure.

Fauci had the most votes of all. (We love our Dr. Fauci.)

PJ – I hear you about the veil. When I got married, I did it at City Hall. No veil, no shame and no subjugation. And I didn’t say “and obey” either!

Ilhan Omar and her fauxgressives in Congress are a problem for Democrats. They are the flip side of Trump in that their positions are extreme, illogical and unlikely to gain support from the larger population. They’re basically Twitter trolls from super blue districts.

Shadow, Luna and Quixote, thanks for the critter breaks!

I’m heading out on vacation for a few days. Take care of each other!!

@33: Thanks Luna! Very cute indeed. They’re just chilling. Being their cute selves.

I agree that all dogs are therapy dogs. Total lovies. Unless they’re taught different. Like the Nazi dogs. Bad people plus dogs equals bad dogs. Yikes, bad thought. Back to the cute frogs.

You did it right MB! Have a great weekend.

I hope y’all know what I meant by chilling. Like chillaxing. Not chilling in a bad way. I’m probably overthinking this…

SO… I finally called my internet provider. I knew something was going on with my access going on and off and seeing their trucks in my neighborhood. The lady said yes, there were problems, sorry for the inconvenience, it might be a few weeks until they get it worked out. She was really nice, but bummer.

Have a great time, MB!

Have a great time on your vacation MB, the weather is beautiful.

Hey, were is DYB?

Annie, are you feeling better or still having a difficult time? Hope you are healing from that J&J and surgery.

Fredster, hope you are healing too.

DYB, I hope you’re off getting some action. 🙂

The QAnon guy is now being called a Qunt. Whoa. I guess it’s a combination of the obvious plus he used an 8kun message board. Like MAGA, just add the “t”. I saw the HBO series, so I know who he is.

Fredster, hope you are doing better! Annie, hope you are doing OK too.

Those two little diggers should cheer Fredster up.

Hope we all have good weather for the total lunar eclipse coming up May 26th! Sorry for you East Coasters who will miss it.

The total eclipse phase will be visible near moonset in the western United States and Canada, all of Mexico, most of Central America and Ecuador, western Peru, and southern Chile and Argentina. The eclipse can be seen in its entirety in eastern Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands, including Hawaii. Unlike a solar eclipse, you won’t need special glasses to view this lunar eclipse, just go outside and keep your head to the sky!

The eclipse is set to begin May 26 at 1:46 a.m. PDT, with the Moon entering the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow at 2:45 a.m. Part of it will remain in the umbra until 5:53 a.m. To catch totality – the period when all of the Moon’s surface is blanketed by the Earth’s dark shadow – look up between 4:11 and 4:26 a.m. We haven’t had a total lunar eclipse occur with a supermoon in almost six years, and the next total lunar eclipse won’t happen over North America until May 2022.

Ted, Theodore?, Rafael?, Creepster? Ted is now being referred to as Kremlin Kruz. Bosom buddy to Moscow Mitch because of all the Russia love (fucking traitors) – specifically, the “very manly” Russian military. Ted is in love with the Russian military. Ted and Mitch will never suck Putin dick like Trump – hands down, Dump is the best – it’s called “winning”. When you’re willing to put on a dress and make-up; walk down the walkway like a contestant in one of his beloved beauty contests (Dump, you know it, and I know it – to quote yourself. You always wanted to do it) bend over and open wide? I mean…you win. But they try. Fighting like hell for second best.

Teddy is talking about masculinity. OMG. Can you believe it? He needs to talk about being GROSS. I would respect him as an expert on that.

Random thought… What ever happened to Trey Gawdy? I suppose he’s playing his “banjo” off in the woods somewhere… Hillary ate his lunch so bad. Fried his nuts right off. I could almost see the fire crackling under his nether regions. And she was so cool about it. He was almost awestruck at the end. Stumbling around, holding his defeated, um… stuff. He really did look like he was in awe of her. I guess when you get your ass kicked so bad like that, you have a certain amount of respect for the person.


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