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Lazy Weekend: Boring Presidents

Posted on: May 9, 2021

Hello Widdershins!

Happy Sunday! How is everyone doing? It’s so nice to live with a boring President. The biggest scandals have so far been the rescue dog looked at someone the wrong way (and media wanted him euthanized), VP Kamala Harris and her husband kissed on the tarmac while still wearing masks (has no one heard of safe sex??) and Biden sometimes still wears a mask outside. The media can’t stop being shocked and trying to “gotcha” why Biden wears a mask even though he is fully vaccinated. And this is not just coming from the crazies at Fox and Newsmax. This is coming from NPR reporter and CBS and NBC. Our media will always spread right-wing talking points to make life difficult for Democrats. It’s maddening.

In any case, let’s not let the bastards get us down. Share some joyful music with the group!

This is an open thread.

81 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: Boring Presidents"

Joyful dogs!

Oh lordy. Those red pandas! I need them to come live with me!

Happy Mothers’ Day to all Widdershinner mothers!

Wonderful post DYB, peaceful President is just what the Dr. ordered. Most of us have PTSD from el Dump and crew and it’s time to start feeling happiness again. Loved the Madonna song.

Thank you Luna for the animals, again. Guess I will have to pet-sit for Q with those cute pandas.

Happy Mothers Day to all Moms!

Great post D! I love having a boring President. The media will never understand how much the American people hate Drumpf and his toxic insanity and never want to hear his name or see his gross orange face again. Sorry that Presidents who are patriotic Americans who love their spouses and children and have pets are not fit for sensationalism disguised as news. We the people do not care about your profits and clicks. Stop lying and putting profits over your duty as the Fourth Estate, and maybe we’ll come back.

Happy Mothers Day all!

Songs that make us happy…

Anyone that hasn’t seen The Weeknd before, don’t mind the Band-Aid and fake blood.

I love this guy’s voice.

@8 Shadowfax, I also really like The Weeknd. And that’s a great performance.

This is the 3rd doctor at the hospital who has come to harm. Two died suddenly. Third one is missing.

DYB @ 9

If you like the Weeknd, you will love this, if you haven’t already seen it. Main even half time event at the Superbowl.

DYB, this is a more direct link

Please God protect Alexey, make him eat again, have good care and live.

This song makes me happy too.

@10, Went on a hunting trip … and was shot “accidentally.” Or “got lost.” Biden needs to put on more pressure, though it may not save Navalny.

I saw that about the 3rd doctor in Omsk. Utterly gutwrenchingly horrible. And I bet if there was some way to get the statistics, being an activist and getting treatment for injuries is already a lot more difficult. Hell on earth.

And, yes, all the gods save Navalny and his superwoman wife, Iulia.

D, great post, love the funny pic @1! And the adorable pandas!

Well, unfortunately, my Mother’s Day did not turn out like they usually do, but I’m grateful it wasn’t worse. I ended up spending the weekend in the hospital, ER first, then they checked me in and gave me a room. My J&J vax did not work out well for me. I got it on Fri afternoon, and by Fri evening having weird jaw pain on left side (I still can’t close my teeth like normal), so went to bed with swollen jaw and and burning migraine on left, got up Sat morning and it was worse, down left side of body, plus I was leaning down towards left and walking towards left when I wanted to go to the right, I tried to correct and walked into the wall in front of me. So hubs took me to the ER. Like us, they thought I was having a stroke, and gave me some kind of xray, a Cat Scan and late last night, an MRI. They didn’t find definite signs of stroke, so marking it up to vaccine bad reaction. I told them I haven’t had any problems with their flu vaccines and they said these are much stronger. I asked if I had it too soon after my hysterectomy last week and my nurse said she doubted it, and that a lot of the vax reactions were happening to Type A blood patients (?!?). I’ve been reading that for awhile, and it seems to be true for my family. Anyway, had a ghastly night, hardly any sleep and the food they gave me was unspeakably awful. Today, physical & occupational therapists gave me exams. The occupational therapist was fabulous, a grumpy/lovable old Irish guy and fierce football fan (like Fredster). He found a problem with my hand and thought I may have had one of those TIA mini strokes. He developed an exercise program and gave me some tools to take home to use, and warned me sternly to do it everyday if I want to keep playing guitar.

So, not the Mother’s Day of my dreams, but I’m grateful to be home and recovering with my guys. Hubs had the same Vax 10 days ago and nothing. He’s Type O, I’m A. Oh, my nurse today told me she had Covid Flu last year, from working there when the hospital was full of patients and later got the vaccine also. Our medical workers are so brave.

@10, That’s barbaric. I feel so bad for these people. I hope Biden, and the West can do something to check Putin.

Oh Annie, I am so sorry that J&J was so awful for you. Happy Mother’s Day and sending you a big hug and lots of positive healing thoughts.

Are you still feeling badly and have they given you anything to help you?
What a big fat bummer…at least you will be protected from Covid. I am A type blood too, and Moderna wasn’t much fun but no where as bad as what you went though.

I hope you feel a lot better soon.

Annie, you need to really take it easy, not only from your bad reaction to the J&J but also from your operation, that is a major operation that takes time to heal My mom and both sisters had it and you need to be kind and gentle on yourself.

Another hug for you.

Shadow, that’s so sweet of you! I did sleep most of the day after getting home and going back to bed now.

Shadow, hugs right back to you!

Annie, big hugs!!!! Please take care of yourself! Do they know if the symptoms will decrease as the vaccine makes its way out of your body??

Here’s a new Randy Rainbow to take your mind off things:


Haha! Love that Randy Rainbow!

((Annie)), how are you feeling today? I hope you are feeling better each day. Do you still have vax symptoms?

Oh annie, I am so sorry for you! How awful what you went through. That’s a lot for your body to take, having significant surgery (even if it doesn’t show on the outside, it’s still serious surgery) and then vaccine only 10 days later. Requires far more than 10 days to heal from your surgery! IMO I think having the vaccination that soon may have had something to do with the impact. I’ve also seen findings in the medical press that blood type may affect the reaction. Glad you had the brain MRI (it was the brain?) and other screening. Your OT sounds fun. A good OT is so valuable. Can you have some followup appointments with the therapist? That could be a good idea. I hope you recover quickly, though things being what they are it may take longer.

We expect the dudes to take very good care of you, or they’ll regret it!

Oh *dear*, Annie! It’s good you have the dudes around. As Luna says, they better do a good job or we’re coming for them!

Hope you’re feeling better soon!

DYB @29

Fully vaxed and not wanting to mingle much. Yup, I am almost in that boat, but getting out a little.

Went to a little restaurant for Mother’s day, first time for me since more than a year. I decided it looked safe in one area with a table in the back, pretty far away from any other table. About 3/4 of the way though our meal, the staff, all wearing masks decided to gather about 3 feet from our table, then a customer joined them to get takeout.

Needless to say, I stopped eating, tossed on my mask and proceeded to internally freak out. My son was saying I was staring at these people and I said out loud, people need to say at least 6′ from us…they didn’t seem to notice, so I took some of my food in napkin, and we immediately left the restaurant. So much for eating around others…I’m just not ready being that exposed, vaxed or not.

Annie, so sorry to hear about your Mother’s Day! I hope you get well very soon.

Shadowfax, what jerks at that restaurant! What with variants and airborne transmission possible beyond 6 ft, as the CDC just now came out officially and told us, we still need to be careful.

I agree Luna, my son was so excited that I finally was going to try and eat with him at a little restaurant, and these people just felt like wearing a mask was good enough.

I admit that being in lock down for 14 months, I am paranoid…and I guess it’s a good thing in a pandemic with nitwits that won’t get vaccinated after all these deaths.

DYB, I just found this…hope you enjoy it if you haven’t heard it before.

Navalny’s doctor “walks in from the wilderness” according to the London Times. Huge relief. Hopefully, he just got lost for a while. Hopefully, Navalny will be freed. Hopefully Putin will go to the 8th circle of hell where he belongs.

@38, quixote, really??? !!! Whew! Hmmm, wonder if he was kidnapped and broke away. Hope he stays ok.

Another example of the currently woke fetish for labeling women by the mechanics of their biology. Least they didn’t say “bleeder” this time.

For example, “Hundreds of menstruating individuals have flooded social media to report changes in their cycles”

It’s as if ‘woman’ is taboo now. (eyeroll)

Shadow – I would have reacted the same way. I am very uncomfortable eating indoors still. I am not fully vaxxed yet, true, but the social distancing aspect is super important while dining.

Welp – HR1 is getting kicked off today in the Senate. Finally! Let’s see how things go. Obviously it will go out of committee, but then, will Manchin and Sinema really shoot themselves and the Party in the foot by sticking to the filibuster as is?

Luna – trans women don’t menstruate or give birth so they don’t feel included by the term “women.” Which in my mind, debunks their entire argument that they feel they are women – because if they felt they were women, they would feel included by the term ” women” regardless of biology, right?

@43. Exactly, mb. They say they’re women, so why don’t they feel included when the group is mentioned?

Sea otters hold hands? Man, if the water wasn’t so cold where they live, I think I’d just put on a wet suit and become a dolphin.

I don’t fill my head with many terms that trans people and “They” people need. Life is too short, it’s their own personal struggle and if they want to be like ‘everyone’ else, they need to find a grove and stick there.

I’ve been on this planet too long to worry about everyone’s inclusion. I see someone like Caitlin as an attention hog. When Caitlin was Bruce, I admired him as an athlete, now, I just see her as someone that worries more about makeup, dresses, shoes and surgeries.

Those otters are water puppies. So darn cute that when I go to the Aquarium, I spend the most time watching otters.

Annie and Fredster, please check in and let us know how you are doing.

Just to be clear, the only reason to try for otter-friendly dolphin is that it’s hard to make a wetsuit wonderfully furry and go straight for otterhood.

This is not a parody…

50 Q, not that being a wonderful dolphin is any shabby wish, but it might be easier to build an ocean fed pool and aquarium, and you could swim with them and their family when you are proven to be accepted.

I have always loved otters, but for me dolphins are where it’s at, baby. I swam with dolphins in the wild once 😍😍😍.

Since D’s post hasn’t been up long, let’s leave it for one more night!!

Welp, Liz Cheney is out. She says she’ll keep fighting for conservative principles. Wake me when she figures out what those are…

Trump’s lackey thinks he is doing Trump a favor:

@51, DYB, “like their lives depended on it (which they did).” If only there was a way to booby-trap the ice…

@55, That’s so nice that the polar bear gets some crunchy ice to play around in.

@56, “constitutionally protected rights” to destroy government property, assault Capitol police, and stop counting electoral votes he means.

Luna, didn’t Saddam used to kill Iraqi soccer players if they lost matches in international games? Or was that just a rumor?

@56 – oh my gawd. It’s ALLLLLL coming out – all the corruption coming from the Orange White House. We all said it on the day of…how in the world was the Capitol so undefended? Now we’re figuring out all the work it took to make that happen. All totally intentional for Pooty-Poot’s BFF.

@61 – Nancy Pelosi is putting on her red coat and sunglasses right now…do not mess with Nonna!!!

Wow! Couldn’t happen soon enough for me…100 Republicans Threaten to Form 3rd Party over Drumpf

@64 MB, I don’t think that 3rd party will go anywhere. I don’t think it’ll even be as big as the Green Party as a spoiler for Dems.

@60, DYB, sounds about right.

@66, DYB, same type of guys who ended up lighting their Nikes on fire while they were still wearing them?


Hey, butts up?

@68, the better to get one’s nose in the snow!

@44, I must be too old to get the joke.

I’m not sure I got it either. She was acting bonkers but not sure what her message was.

I assumed it was kids telling parents to behave — or else. You mean that’s not it? 😯 Even older than not getting it is not even knowing you’re not getting it. 😯

I need the input of our Jewish members on this here blog. What’s your take on the Israeli-Palestinian situation strategically? I don’t follow that closely, so I’m not sure I have this right, but it looks to me like:

1) Netanyahu failed in forming a government so that passed to the opposition. If they succeed he loses power and probably goes to jail (?).

2) It was shortly (like minutes?!) thereafter that he finds it necessary to start evicting Palestinians. He presumably knows that will not go well (eyeroll), so I can’t help thinking he starts this whole disaster to create enough disturbance to make the opposition’s government-forming job impossible.

3) Obviously, it could and is getting totally out of hand, but I’m not sure he cares. At all. It just has to keep him out of jail. Or something.

So, am I misreading the situation? Have I missed something with the timing? Is something else entirely going on in the background? If the decision to evict happened *after* the task of forming the next government went to the opposition, it seems awfully suspicious to me.

Aren’t they the same thing?

Biden says FBI thinks criminals in Russia, not Russian government, targeted Colonial Pipeline

Fredster, hope you’re doing OK.

I had to look up that these are real. They are. “…they retain the chloroplasts from the algae they feed on. Absorbing the chloroplasts from algae then enables them to indirectly perform photosynthesis.”

@77 The original “little green… men(?)” 😆

And, of course, I have to do a “well, actually”… they missed a big one: corals. (Admittedly, only mobile as larvae, but they are officially animals. They do take in the whole alga, not just its chloroplasts, but the idea is the same. There’s also another example kicking around in my subconscious, but can’t remember right now.)

@73 – I was just starting a post on this topic, Q! I need to do some research before I comment.

Great, mb! I’ll look forward to it. I was hoping you might do a post.

Just did! Come upstairs.

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