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Happy Weekend Widdershins!

Well here we are, another day, more bullshit. (Pardon my French.) Two Politico articles this past week were all about how VP Kamala Harris was too black and not Asian enough and then how furious the Bidens were with her a year ago when she called out Biden’s crime bill at one of the debates. I suppose the palace gossip of the second story is what it is, but the topic of the first is beyond offensive. To dictate to a biracial woman that she’s not biracial enough is just…something, isn’t it? Worth noting the woman who wrote that story threw a going-away party for Sarah Huckabee Sanders when she retired from being Trump’s chief liar. Then the Associated Press fired a young journalist who in college belonged to a Palestinian rights group after right-wingers like Ben Shapiro organized a campaign to get her fired. (Cancel culture!) The woman who runs the AP and ok’ed the decision to fire this young reporter because of a group she belonged to in college is about to become the executive editor of the Washington Post. This type of knee-jerk reaction to pressure from right-wingers does not bode well for the future of WaPo. (The blowback on social media about this decision from many journalists has been quite strong.) But CNN did finally fire Rick Santorum, 3 weeks after he delivered one of his more racist speeches and considering how racist he is, that’s quite something. Oh and let’s not forget the CDC advised people not to get intimate with chickens, which naturally brought out Republicans’ desire to own the libs by getting Biblical with fowl. They once claimed gay marriage would lead to bestiality, but so far they’re the ones defending their right to make out with their chickens.

Oh and btw, speaking of Rick Santorum, did I ever share my Rick Santorum story with you? A couple of years ago I was walking my dog late at night. A man was walking towards us on 34th St in Manhattan, clearly headed towards Hudson Yards. A woman, dressed in high heels and a revealing outfit, was headed in the opposite direction. Our paths converged. The man looked at the woman most suggestively as she passed; looked her up and down. Then looked at me with a knowing smirk and winked. That man was Rick Santorum.

This is an open thread!

Hello Shinners! I’m extra heads-down at work this week, but wanted to give you all some fresh thread to munch on.

Here are some stories that interested me this week:

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Tawk amongst yerselves!


Posted on: May 13, 2021

No one wants war, allegedly. And yet, somehow, it happens far too often, especially in the Middle East. Iraq and Afghanistan were wars of choice by America, but we were far from the first to fight bloody battles in that area. And now, Israel and Hamas seem to be going there too. Again.

This is a decent timeline of the history of the I/P conflict from BBC. The latest escalations seem to have started with some restrictions on gatherings for Ramadan. While these were eased, tensions grew when the efforts to evict dozens of Palestinian families from East Jerusalem, ongoing for a while, became more forceful.

Clashes in Jerusalem, and particularly in Al-Aqsa, often reverberate across the region.

The Palestinian militant group Hamas, which rules Gaza, has called for a new intifada, or uprising, like the one triggered by an Israeli politician’s visit to Al-Aqsa in 2000. Gaza militants have fired rockets and balloons with incendiary devices attached to them in support of the protesters as an informal cease-fire with Israel has started to fray.

Protests have been held in the occupied West Bank and in Arab communities inside Israel. A series of deadly shootings in the West Bank last week has also heightened tensions.

Jordan and other Arab nations that have friendly ties with Israel have condemned its crackdown on the protests, while Israel’s archenemy Iran has encouraged Palestinian attacks. The U.S. and the EU have condemned the violence and expressed concern about the evictions.

But are the evictions really the reason for the rocket attacks on Israel?

The political situation is mind-boggling. Netanyahu, who has been indicted on corruption charges and is mid-trial, is still the Prime Minister. I believe we barely escaped this exact situation in America, when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made our wannabe Drumpfenfuhrer a one-termer. And the way things are going, he may just escape conviction, despite clearly being, as they say in legal circles, guilty as sh*t.

By now I think you all know, I’m not a fan of Bibi. Never have been, never will be. Yet, I have seen the way the media covers Israel for decades now. It hasn’t mattered who has been Prime Minister. There is a very vocal section of Americans, especially on the left, who think that Israel should not even exist. That in itself is rank anti-Semitism, as there is no other country in the world which is subjected to a litmus test of having a “right to exist.” Name me one country that was formed peacefully…you can’t. Many more wars and injustices litter the histories of countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas than have occurred in Israel. Yet no one says “Germany doesn’t have the right to exist because of the Holocaust. Russia and Japan and Italy don’t have the right to exist because of their alliances with Germany in World War II. America doesn’t have the right to exist because of our treatment of Native Americans. South Africa doesn’t have a right to exist because of Apartheid.” Gee golly wilikers, why d’ya think that is?

I’m sharing an alternate take from the Jerusalem Post, because frankly, you’re not going to see much of that perspective anywhere else.

There is legitimate criticism of how Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu handled the events in Jerusalem. There was the decision to block Arab youth from sitting near Damascus Gate during Ramadan, which made little sense when it was made; and then deciding – at the last minute – to block Jews from marching through that gate on Jerusalem Day, which has been customary for years.

Don’t misunderstand. No one should have marched through the gate. But the decision to ban the march should have been made days earlier, not seconds before it was supposed to take place, when some of the marchers were already there. That made it look like Israel was scared and weak. So it was no surprise when just a few hours later Hamas fired a volley of seven rockets in the direction of Israel’s capital.

But the idea that all this led to Hamas’s decision to attack Israel is absurd. As if Hamas needs a reason. Its raison d’etre is Israel’s destruction. One day the excuse will be Jerusalem, and the next day it’ll be something else.

The real story behind the Gaza escalation is Hamas trying to show the Palestinian people that it is the true protector of Jerusalem, not Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Hamas was hoping to show that in the parliamentary elections scheduled for later this month, but they were canceled by Abbas.

The PA president himself used Jerusalem as an excuse for why the elections couldn’t take place – Israel’s refusal to open ballots in east Jerusalem – but that was a lie. The true reason was because he knew he would lose.

And this is all-important, because if we are to believe the media and diplomatic circles, then it was Israel that provoked this conflict, Israel that made it happen: Damascus Gate, Sheikh Jarrah, the Temple Mount, Jerusalem Day, and more. Lies spread, unfortunately, and they work.

That’s my contribution to this topic, Widdershins. Please tawk amongst yerselves. And allow yourselves to imagine a better world…

Hello Widdershins!

Happy Sunday! How is everyone doing? It’s so nice to live with a boring President. The biggest scandals have so far been the rescue dog looked at someone the wrong way (and media wanted him euthanized), VP Kamala Harris and her husband kissed on the tarmac while still wearing masks (has no one heard of safe sex??) and Biden sometimes still wears a mask outside. The media can’t stop being shocked and trying to “gotcha” why Biden wears a mask even though he is fully vaccinated. And this is not just coming from the crazies at Fox and Newsmax. This is coming from NPR reporter and CBS and NBC. Our media will always spread right-wing talking points to make life difficult for Democrats. It’s maddening.

In any case, let’s not let the bastards get us down. Share some joyful music with the group!

This is an open thread.

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