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Two Crooked Lawyers Walk into a Bar…

Posted on: April 29, 2021

It’s hard to imagine two attorneys who have been more harmful to the United States of America than Rudy “New York’s Nosferatu” Giuliani and Faux News’ Victoria Toensing. Between the two of them, they have helped Republicans perpetrate numerous and deadly crimes against this country.

Let’s start with Rudy. As we have talked about for years at TW, Rudy was THE CAUSE of the terrible fallout of the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Countless first responders died on that day, and became ill and died later, because he moved the city’s Disaster Response Center out of Brooklyn and into the WTC. He, of course, did this because he wanted to be closer to his mistress when he was doing the serious business of Mayorin’. And since then, this goo-oozing sycophant has done nothing but dive head down into the muck of wingnuttery and just keep swimming. He’s been the mover and shaker behind so much evil:

The faux Hunter Biden story (now being used to justify his FBI-raided apartment)

The Big Lie that Drumpf won in 2021

Weird Hillary lies about 9/11

Corrupt Ukraine lobbying

Collusion with Russia in 2019 and 2020

Four Seasons Total Landscaping (okay, that one was just funny)

Yes, Rudy is a well-known and well-recognized goon for the Republican Crime Syndicate. But Victoria Toensing – she’s flown a bit more under the radar. Here are some of her (and her husband’s!) greatest hits. (Wonder what hubby’s up to these days?)

You might not know them well, but without Toensing and diGenova, the most outlandish theories might not have found their way into the ether. Toensing’s client and longtime friend John Solomon is the one who spread the rumor that Marie Yovanovitch, the former US ambassador to Ukraine, hated Trump; so-called “documentary evidence” of Joe Biden firing a Ukrainian prosecutor to protect his son had emerged in a case that both Toensing and diGenova are working on; and the couple have also alluded to the conspiracy theory that it was Ukraine — and not Russia — that meddled in the 2016 election by seeking to help Hillary Clinton. Often lording over the whole spectacle, in their telling, was Soros — the billionaire who has become a bogeyman for the right. (The line that he is seeking to run Ukraine, for one, could have come straight out of the mouth of Vladimir Putin.)


Toensing and diGenova fortified their conservative bonafides throughout the Bush and Obama years, with Toensing particularly active. She penned op-eds in favor of the Patriot Act and in defense of the reporter who outed CIA agent Valerie Plame. She lobbied for the MEK, a violent fringe Iranian group, just as Giuliani has, as it sought to get off the US list of terrorist groups. She represented “whistleblowers” in the Benghazi hearings who accused Hillary Clinton, then secretary of state, of refusing to let them testify, as well as an informant who claimed to have information that Clinton had orchestrated the sale of part of Uranium One to a Russian company in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation (she didn’t). She picked up Erik Prince as a client and took part in numerous Judicial Watch panels devoted to the subject of Clinton’s missing emails. As the Trump era approached, both Toensing and diGenova found themselves more and more on Fox News, regulars on Sean Hannity (another Toensing and diGenova client) and Lou Dobbs.

I’ll tell you, I am absolutely over the moon that these two traitorous morons are finally getting investigated by the FBI, now overseen at DOJ by the brilliant and most importantly, honest, Merrick Garland. Now all the crimes they were committing in plain sight will be thoroughly investigated.

Let’s have the last Drumpf attorney who was investigated by the FBI, Michael Cohen, give the last word.

Open thread, as always.

110 Responses to "Two Crooked Lawyers Walk into a Bar…"

Surprise…new post!


Great post MB, chucked full of creeps getting arrested, investigations, and Randy doing his thing against Cootie RotoRootie.

And the best part is there is almost no news about Big Dump.

Is this the same Duggar who had a million kids (18? Something like that.) because his loony fundie group was part of the Quiverful goombah thing? Or maybe one of the million kids? Just curious.

Yes it was, Quixote. The Duggars had a TV show that lauded their crazy overproduction of hoomans until they realized (duh!) that there was some serious sexual dysfunction there.

Speaking of more Republican thuggery….

I love the post MB! So funny to see these cre3eps get what they deserve. My surgery went well and I’m home resting with the dudes taking good care of me. Yay! Hillary is going to be on Joy Reid in a minute!

Annie, glad you are home and your dudes are taking good care of you. Did you say you were able to get a vaccine before the surgery.
Hope you are feeling better soon and thanks for the heads-up about Joy having Hillary on.
I caught most of Hillary’s talk and our girl is still one very intelligent lady.
Love you, Hillary.

IMO, Hillary might want to cut back a little on the blush and bright lipstick.

Yay Annie! I’m so glad to hear.

Darnit, I missed Hillary! I’ll check her out on line later.

Annie, so glad to see you!!

It’s amazing how no matter how hard everyone tries to investigate the Clintons, they’ve never been raided…

BTW on the Randy video, one thing is: it’s “Ukraine” not “the Ukraine.” Drives me kinda bonkers since that’s where I was born!

John Cornyn is confused:

@8, the cosmetic intensity should get blamed on the TV program’s makeup artist — they do the show personnel.

@12, oh, clever doggo!

@10, yeah the “the” is a dead giveaway, but we’ll cut Randy some slack; he’s not on retainer from Putin.

@7, annie, glad you’re being taken care of as you should be!

12 DYB
That dog took enough abuse from this nasty little girl/woman…and had the perfect payback.

Ukraine, how old were you when you came to the US? We are happy you landed in our Hillary world.

Where does that “the” business come from, anyway? I’ve always wondered. (Meaning the Ukraine stuff.) It’s not a mountain range or something. Nor are there lots of other little Ukraines which are just a Ukraine as opposed to the big one.

The great Olympia Dukakis has died… RIP.

😆 She needs to follow up with a tiktok of her bf’s face when he realizes what’s happened.

Shadow, I was 11 when we came to the US. Left Kiev in December of 1988, landed in JFK February 27, 1989.

Republicans: Raping minors is OK, but giving your spouse a flower is not.

Do you see Dr. Biden’s shoes? How in hell do you walk on a lawn in those? Does anyone know? I’ve never worn heels like that, but it seems like you should sink into the ground up to your (actual) heel. How does it work??

@24 – you totally do sink in. It’s very awkward.

I agree, they can’t manufacture outrage about much these days. I have been seeing some awareness on the brogressive side that *gasp* they were wrong about Biden. They now realize that if he were a known leftie like their faves, the Rethugs would be easily able to demonize what he’s doing. But Biden was the perfect moderate to push through this agenda. He just isn’t scary. Very interesting stuff. I was not at all a fan but I have to applaud black voters in SC. They knew exactly what they were doing.

But, but, but, then how do First Ladies glide across those lawns without it even looking difficult? They have to be walking on their toes the whole time??

quixote, I have no idea. High-heeled shoes hurt my feet and I refuse to wear stuff that hurts. A person’s not stable when wearing them, they strain the muscles, tendons & ligaments of the lower leg, and you can’t really run or kick in them. Yet people wear them not just for short periods but for all day! Some cultural mores are just strange.

Yes, but the strangeness is not my point. It’s more like “that has to be about as difficult as ballet, but they make it look easy.”

MB’s response suggests, yep, it’s every bit as difficult as intuition says. Are they really walking on their toes? With nary a stumble? I consider myself fairly athletic and I’d be a laughable mess, trying that.

@28 – love that firefighter! Kitten is totally meep-able.

Quixote, I have no idea how they do it. Maybe they learn it in First Lady school. 😂😁

Bet they are walking on their toes, having practiced it throughout their lives.

So according to experts (quoted in a new NY Times article), America is unlikely to reach herd immunity to Covid-19 because a lot of a-holes are refusing to get vaccinated and now too many variants are out and about.

@33, Um-hmm, the “pro-life” hypocrites screwing it up for the rest of us again.

Republicans finally work out the consequences of making it harder to vote. (snicker)

Florida Republicans rushed to curb mail voting after Trump’s attacks on the practice. Now some fear it could lower GOP turnout.

I was a ballet dancer when I was young. I know what it is like to wear pointe shoes! No way would I wear high heels now. I wear flats. There are a lot of attractive, comfortable women’s shoes available these days. No reason to suffer for fashion.

I’m not of fan of high, high heels either, but I did wear them at certain events in college. I did have to walk in grass enough to know, yes, you do have to walk on the balls of your feet and avoid your heal altogether. Getting your shoe stuck, teaches you quickly how not to do that again. Especially if you have on satin shoes and a dip in the grass and dirt makes them ready for the dumpster.

Loved the Italian man’s tears after saving the kitty. Many Italian men try to act so mucho, and are very soft hearted under the skin.

Thanks for the explainers! What amazes me now is that it took so many years for me to realize, “Wait. What? That can’t be right. How do they DO that?”

D – not only because of people who won’t get vaccinated. We have huge countries like India that are spiking right now and creating multiple variants. Looks like we are going to be wearing masks for a long time.

Brazil spiking too, and probably selecting for more variants as we speak. There’s a sad, interesting field experiment going on right now: the California variant you hardly hear about. An example of what happens, even with a new strain, when you push transmission down far enough that it can’t get around. On the other side, what happens when you have dictators who couldn’t give the tiniest hoot.

We knew that already. We didn’t really need an experiment to prove it. But it’s there.

Did Fredster get his vaccine yet?

I haven’t been online lately. I know he was having problems last month getting an appointment.

I still wear a mask when I’m around anyone but my SO, even people who have been fully vaccinated. I’m not taking any chances. Plus I have a lot of really cute masks and they show off my eyes. I may never stop wearing them.

@16: Referring to Ukraine as “the Ukraine” was a way to disparage it as a backward and unimportant country, as in calling someplace “the boondocks” or “the hinterlands”.

@43. I was thinking it had to be something like that. Also like making it sound as just part of a country, like “the Midwest.” In Russian it’s never referred to with an article like that, but I’m not sure if that’s merely because Russian uses articles way less than English does. Russians definitely have an underlying assumption that it’s part of their backyard.

I’m not sure if Fredster got the vaccine. He’s having some medical issues he’s trying to deal with though. Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully he’ll check in soon!

Wow, Kristol finally supports something Nancy said about Liz.

The GOPeers want their women walking 3 feet behind them with their mouths sealed in Duct tape, and dressed in their Stepford attire.

I’m with you Beata, on the mask situation.

I don’t see all of us being mask-free for the near future, while our deplorables refuse the vaccine. If they end up being the walking dead until they die off…I would be fine with that, but we all know they are going to take down many more with their self proclaimed freedom.

I have made about 250 masks for health care workers and I have my own favorite stash of about 50 and lots of material to keep me in masks for a long time. Some are RBG, some are Dr. Fauci, lots of flowers, dogs & cats and pretty colors, some with sequins too.

Liz needs to have Rethug women pull off their binding chains to their lying and cheating husbands, take back their right to choose and protest in the streets in support of Liz.

They don’t wear masks anyway, so it should be easy. They know Liz is being honest and they need stand up for once.

Will they have that kind of courage? Of course not.

I’m getting my second vaccine tomorrow! Fingers crossed that the symptoms won’t be too bad.

That is quite a statement about Liz Cheney from Pelosi. I agree that Rethugs are fine with rapists, drunks and murderers as long as they’re white males, and that strong women need not apply. But to me, the logical conclusion is not to defend Cheney, but to understand that it she were worth a damn she’d leave the Party. Anyone who is QOP after January 6th, ESPECIALLY a woman, gets no respect from me.

Fingers crossed for you MB, did you get Pfizer for the first shot? Please keep us posted and if you get the Dizzie Miss Lizzies, take 500 mg of Vitamin C in the morning, each day. For me it helped.

Good luck with #2 MB! I’m getting vaccinated on Friday.

I wore comfortable clunky heels in the 70s, usually open toe sandal things; moderate heels a lot in the 80s and didn’t have any problems in them. I didn’t wear the pointy toe kind. I stopped wearing heels in the 90s when I noticed my baby toe starting to curve in, and didn’t want to get that weird toe thing. I have two acquaintances that were obsessive about those pointy spike heel monstrosities and they both had to have gruesome surgeries to repair their toes.

The only time I’ve had bad falls had nothing to do with shoes, I was just walking too fast. Now its comfort shoes for me.

Shadow – thank you for the recommendation about Vitamin C! I am getting Moderna, so I guess we’ll see.

Good luck with yours, Annie!

I am pleasantly surprised.

Good luck with your jabs, MB and Annie! Taking Tylenol for any pain you experience is okay.

Annie, I think you are also having surgery soon? I hope all goes well for you!

Another tip about the vaccine: Stay well hydrated after your shot. I found drinking more water than usual helped ease my severe muscle pain and weakness. ( I got the J&J jab. )

I see @7 that Annie already had her surgery and is doing well!

It’s hard to catch up on things. I seem to be brain dead these days.

My garden is looking really nice this spring though. That’s something, right? Brain dead gardening, that’s my forte.

@54, the “ban on Trump” news from Facebook is temporary. The advisory board said to keep the ban for now, but review again in 6 months. They’re punting.

Meanwhile the media will keep asking Democrats why they’re not more bipartisan.

FB punting? Lacks profiles in courage?

I am so shocked.

Beata, glad your garden is thriving! Mine is doing well also. We had some unseasonably warm weather a week ago and now everything has sprung up and out in flower and soft green. Season is probably 1-2 weeks behind last year. We have a heavier than usual snow pack in the mountains.

@60, DYB, yup. Dems lack bipartisanship!

Hope MB is doing well after her shot.

@64, that’s a beauty!

Thank you all for the good wishes! Wow, I can’t believe I have my 2nd shot. Gorgeous bird, Annie!

So far I have a slightly runny nose and a bit of a sore arm. We’ll see how things go!

Yeah,McConnell gets away with not doing his job. All the Thugs do. It’s gross.

He looks kina like a parakeet.

I might be a little bit of a bird whisperer…hahaha.

I have a lot of trouble growing and eating my tomatoes because the birds, squirrels and God knows what else get to them before they are totally ripe.

I felt sorry for the birds in N. Cal. when the fires were going and because I didn’t want to support their food supply, which might lead to their getting to my future tomatoes, I put a small oval, glass bowl up on my 5′ fence and filled it with water. Since spring has hit and the weather is beautiful, I like sitting out in my little garden, that is doing well now, and normally keep the bird bowl filled with clean water.

One day, about a month ago, little birds, might be robins ?, started squawking so loudly that I could hear them though my sliding glass door. I went outside and found the birds sitting on my little bowl, it was empty. I was shocked we were communicating. I gave them a bad time telling them not to yell at me, if they were patient, I would wash their water bowl and try to keep it filled with clean water.

They seemed to be listening and flew up into a tree about 4 feet away, waiting. I cleaned and filled the bowl and replaced it on the fence, they came right away and an hour later, the bowl was half empty.

I also noticed that before and during the time they come down to the bowl, they sing and chirp a lot. I imagine that some birds want a companion to come down there with them, because sometimes an extra bird comes down and stays about 12″ away, on the fence, watching and not getting a drink and goes back to the tree with the ‘drinker’.

@67, Shadowfax, what an entrancing story! I wonder if the bird that doesn’t drink is acting as a sentry — watching for hawks or other predators.

I’ve noticed a chickadee pecking away at the sides of my birdfeeder when it’s empty. It’s a tube-style feeder, and although chickadees are small, it makes an unusual enough noise it draws my attention if I’m outside. So I go and fill up the feeder again. Bird’s probably thinking “Hey, maybe you can train these humans after all!”

Shadow, that is a wonderful story. It must be so lovely to watch those little birds drinking from the bowl!

We are getting different birds now that the weather is warmer. We have a scrub jay who’s started visiting (he lives in a big tree across the street), as well as another species of hummingbird. We’re a bit obsessed, ha ha!

Yes, Luna and MB…during this pandemic, we all have been forced to slow our lives down, and actually ‘smell the roses’. I honestly do believe that the birds are training us to help them out and it is fun thinking of how they are trying to talk to us.

Luna, I do believe the second bird that just watches is a guard of some sort, and they have some sort of buddy system when they are afraid. Many of the birds come alone, but many others are in teams. It is really cute to watch.

Whenever I fill my birdfeeders, a chickadee will immediately signal to the rest of the bird world with its chick-a-dee-dee-dee song that “the human lady” has put the food out ( “About time!” ). Birds are so smart!

My mallard ducks, Fred and Ginger, are a charming couple. Mallard ducks mate for life and Fred is a good hubby. He always lets Ginger have her meal first. He watches her, adoringly and patiently, while she dines. Then he has his meal. When Ginger decides it is time to go home, she waddles away from the feeder and takes flight. Fred follows her lead. The pattern never changes. I like this pair.

Have I told that story about the Mallards before?

What day is it? Is it Friday? What did I have for supper last night? What day was last night? Where am I?

@73 – LOL Beata! I don’t think you told that story, but I do.remember you mentioning Fred and Ginger.

The mourning doves that come visit us follow that same pattern – one watches while the other drinks from the birdbath, forages in the plants for bugs, or picks up seeds from the deck (hubby scatters them). They are adorable.

We did have a big feeder where a ton of finches and sparrows would gather, but we had to take it down because the House finches were getting conjunctivitis. It’s a common problem with that species when they flock together at a feeder. Feeding the birds on the deck is safer, although much quieter.

I love the stories of all these ‘pet’ birds, Fred and Ginger, the Morning Doves, finches and the rest.
I wish I could train them not to pick or eat my tomatoes, but for some reason I don’t think they understand going against their own self-interest.

Those eye, yipes.
Why do cats like to bring their kills into the house? I know, but it’s so creepy.

@80, Shadowfax, to show their humans that they’re doing a good job at keeping the area free of vermin. Or maybe to generously offer to share their food with you. 🙂

Another soothing bird visual. I need one and am going to inflict it on you all.

83 Beautiful.

There is a bird nearby, but I can’t see it. It sounds like someone playing some castanets. Is that some sort of wood pecker?

Shadowfax, I don’t hear anything like that except a clack or two when the heron opens its beak and then clacks the upper and lower parts together.

Great bird video, Luna!

@77 – I love Bianca. She’s amazing. Hillcats! Yes, yes we were and are!

Thanks Luna, I will see if I ever hear it again…it’s been silent since I posted and it’s the only time I’ve ever heard it.

Love the bird talk. I’m getting lots of birds now, several couples, and a really pretty aqua one with a brown underside.

Luna, are you still doing a thesis on the gender issue? Did everyone know that the latest wisdom coming from the young hip left is that pregnant women, and trans pregnant women will henceforth be referred to as “birthing people.” Because it’s “inclusive.” This is from NARAL. Apparently woman and mother are useless terms now, because the tiny number of trans men who choose to get pregnant and give birth don’t want to be referred to by feminine words because they’re really male. So, if I’m understanding this (and I think I am), people who were born female, but believe they are supposed to be male, and are politely treated the way they want, decide to get pregnant and have a child, but feel uncomfortable when people use the he/him pronouns they wanted but also don’t want she/her pronouns because they’re a man. So apparently the only solution is to use non-gender terms for pregnant women and call us all “birthing people.”

And of course they had to do this right before Mother’s Day!

I’m wondering how this will work in a crowded maternity wing. So Birthing Person 12 is dilated to 5 now. Birthing Person 9 and partner just gave birth to a healthy 9lb person with female genitalia.

What was the Women’s movement for, all these decades? To fight for years for our rights and respect, and now to be told our identity as women is offensive?

Well this is kinda funny:

I don’t mind transpeople coming up with their own lingo for themselves, but they are tromping on dangerous territory if they think women will go along being known as birthing people instead of women and mothers.

I have fought all my adult life for women’s rights…I will leave the rest out so no one is offended.

@93, I’m with you.

As a final thought, what about our beautiful English language? I’ve read tons of English and American literature–books, poetry, plays. Who says these people have the right to change it? Woman and Mother are beautiful words, many books, poems, songs written about them. Birthing people just doesn’t cut it. Where will they draw the line?
Will it affect the next election?

Getting my tracking chip injected in 10 hours. Catch you all later.

Annie, I could not agree more. More and more tiny groups of people are dominating the civil rights conversation while women, the majority of humans, are forgotten and passed over.

It would be one thing if the militant trans rights movement cared about women’s rights. But they don’t. They’re not allies for reproductive rights or against sex trafficking of women and girls. They want their own ERA because ours based on sex isn’t “inclusive” of trans people, according to them (it actually is).

Militant trans people want to punish us because we have what they don’t. So we are supposed to call ourselves cisgender. No thanks. I will respect their pronouns but I won’ t change mine.

Good luck with the vaccine Annie! My arm still hurts but I am otherwise fine. 💖💖

Good luck with your tracking chip Annie…relax your arm as much as you possibly can, even if clenching up is your natural reaction. Let it go limp. That’s what I did and I my arm was not sore from either shot. Then again, maybe I was just lucky. Keep us posted.

MB, so glad to hear your symptoms are very minor!

Pronouns are what other people use when talking about you. Pronouns aren’t words you use about yourself. Insisting someone else use certain pronouns for you is insisting on compelled speech.

“Birthing people” is just one example. There are also “menstruators,” “people who bleed,” “bleeders,” “cervix-havers,” “people with uteruses,” and “pregnant people.” Yet the gender ideologues think that gender-critical women (somehow it’s not the gender-critical men who get the insults) are reducing people to their genitals. (eyeroll)

annie, the material I’ve got is mostly about trans-identifying males in girls’ and women’s sports. Let me see if I can find more examples about the “cervix-havers” BS — of course all those remembered instances I can’t find when I want them! I like to have sources for what I assert.

Apparently it’s a TENS unit which at a high enough level will stimulate muscles to strongly contract.

Tracking chip implanted. My arm feels it, like a warming sensation, but I feel pretty good.

Congratulations Annie! May your symptoms just be a warming sensation.

With your tracking chip implanted, you are ready to jump aboard SaceX and go to the international space station… or, hop aboard a bus and go to the middle of Texas disguised as a redneck. 🙂

Annie, you are now linked into the Soros hivemind. Welcome!

@106, haha! Thank you! So, hubs and I are done, Laker is planning to get his next week.

Awesome! Annie, how are you feeling?

So much for the protection of women and girls. So damn sad.

At least 30 killed, 52 wounded in blast near Kabul girls’ school. (NN)

Middle east culture and religion holds that girls should stay home and tend to their menfolk’s needs. Schooling just makes them uppity.

Actually, education for girls and women means healthier and usually more prosperous families since better choices are made and the women have more options.

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