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Activist Wednesday: The Verdict

Posted on: April 21, 2021

Image courtesy of KTSP TV

Widdershins, something truly extraordinary happened yesterday. Derek Chauvin, the psychopathic cop who was caught on video killing a Black man in cold blood, was found guilty of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Across the country, but especially in Minneapolis, the celebration and relief were palpable. Even though the officer’s guilt was documented clearly for all the world to see, and was not questionable by any seeing human being, most people were cautious in their hopes for accountability.

After all, murdering police officers are so rarely convicted for their crimes.

Garrett said there are hundreds of instances where police use deadly force each year but despite the fatality, very few of those incidents result in an officer facing criminal charges.

In the aftermath of Chauvin’s guilty verdict, Garrett believes there will continue to be a “rethinking” of how and when officers should be held civilly and criminally liable when they cause a death. The problem is that there is very little data available on deadly force used by police.

In police brutality cases, the question is whether the officer accused of misconduct acted “reasonably” and their behavior was necessary under the circumstances — but how “reasonable” is defined remains largely elusive.

“There are so few cases that tell us what reasonable is, and that’s why a conviction in the Derek Chauvin trial would set a standard for reasonable that we didn’t have before,” said Gloria Browne-Marshall, professor of constitutional law at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and civil rights attorney.

The Chauvin trial is a rare example of “zealous prosecution” in hundreds of years where prosecutors have failed to prosecute White people for crimes against Black people, Browne-Marshall said.

So the Chauvin trial turned out the way it should have, which is a rare victory for the forces of social justice. But not everyone felt that way. Some seemed to feel that Chauvin, as a white man, should have had the right to kill George Floyd however and whenever he wanted to. (No wonder the Republican House voted against Kamala’s anti-lynching law in 2019!) If you look over at (don’t worry – I did it for you and I need disinfectant), you’ll see some normal-seeming headlines surrounded by batshittery: a straightforward description of the verdict is in the same space as accusations of “mob justice” from Candace Owens and Democratic extremism from some random Black guy in a MAGA hat. (I don’t know who he is, and my life is better for it.)

As so many have said, this is one very tiny step towards a better world, and it wouldn’t have happened if some very brave people didn’t record the murder on their phones. What will happen to the police officers who murdered a 15-year-old girl in Columbus on the same day the verdict was returned (yes this really f*cking happened)? What about Chauvin’s fellow officers who helped him – what will become of them when they are tried in August? Will the Senate be able to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act now? (I predict no, not without reforming the filibuster!)

So many questions about what comes next…at least we’re asking them knowing George Floyd’s killer will be held accountable.

Ze thread, she is ouverte.

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In the previous thread quixote asked why it took so long for jury to decide. I think there may also be a factor where they have to have some sort of discussion. I think if they just turn around and say “We have a verdict” the judge can send them back to talk things over.

And, of course, even as the Chauvin verdict was read, Columbus, OH cops killed a16 year old girl who called them for help. At least one of the cops on the scene then chanted “Blue Lives Matter” at a crowd of black protestors.

Police claim – and an incomplete body cam footage shows – that the girl may have tried to stab another person. But the question rises: why was she shot dead? How did Kyle Rittenhouse kill 2 people and wound a 3rd, and walk past a line of cops with a gun, and spend the night home?

“If you look over at (don’t worry – I did it for you and I need disinfectant)”

Lol, DYB!

@2, DYB, “At least one of the cops on the scene then chanted “Blue Lives Matter” at a crowd of black protestors.” I’d say this was unbelievable, but … can’t find the words now except curses.

Luna @4> It was madamab who did the Fox News dive. I wouldn’t – not even for you guys! LOL

@6 – yes – it was not a deep dive, hahaha! I heard there were some outrageous statements by some of the usual wackadoos over there, but I refused to give them clicks!

@1. Interesting. I see them sitting around talking about “Water is wet” “Yes, it’s wet” “Well, let’s look at the physics, just to be sure” “Yup it’s wet”…

and doing that for hours. (Gaa)

It does match my experience on juries though.

@2. Really? Really? Jeeeeeeeezus. My big hope with this verdict is that it dents that horrific smugness coming from the people wearing badges.

Apologies, MB, that’s what I get for skimming the blog before my jolt of morning caffeine. Thank you for doing it so we don’t have to!

Damn but we’ve got a good Attorney General! I am so relieved after Sessions and Barr.

Garland announces Justice Dept. probe into Minneapolis Police Department

Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday announced a sweeping Justice Department probe into the practices and culture of the Minneapolis Police Department, elevating the federal government’s role a day after former officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty in the murder of George Floyd.

Garland said the “pattern or practice” civil investigation would be conducted separately from an ongoing federal criminal probe opened during the Trump administration over whether Floyd’s civil rights were violated during his arrest and death last May.

The new examination will go beyond Floyd’s case, Garland said, to determine whether the Minneapolis department has engaged in systemic misconduct that constituted “unconstitutional or unlawful policing.”

@10 – great news Luna!

Check THIS out!

@11, Well-deserved! The toddler’s screams are drowned out by all the happy yells and clapping by Biden voters and especially by the people of Georgia!

There are layers to the attack on the Capitol that we’ll be hearing about for years.

MB, great post….along with many comments and nomination of Stacey and great interview of Maxine.

The protests starting for Alexei Navalny again make me fearful that he is near death. Best of thoughts for his survival. He needs to eat and be with good doctors.

Long overdue.

@16, yes.

I’m so looking forward to this being reality! But it’s got to pass in the Senate.

Cat who knows biology is real has opinion on gender woo-woo cult.

Cats are terrifying to me because they give you no warning, like this eye scratching cat above.

MB, great post! And D, enjoyed previous post and videos. Your weather sounds pretty extreme. We’re having a cool Spring in my corner also. Lots of clouds and cool weather, supposedly rain on Monday. Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, have been chauffeuring hubs around his jobs and its hard for to read and comment on this site with my iPhone–it gets all “squirrelly” for some reason.

Lots of good news from the Biden WH. My Armenian friends will be happy about the genocide proclamation. I think the justice dept wants to look into that MN police dept, and Stacy Abrams is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (and dump is not) And this sounds like a good idea to me, if we can afford a billionaire class, we should be able to give kids a free lunch if they need/want it:

@20, omigosh, that cat is wild. Speaking of critters, I’m finally getting birds visiting the bird seed containers I put up 3 weeks ago. I put up the kind that MB talked about, that attach to your windows, on my kitchen sliding glass door, that is right across from a huge old bougainvillea that small birds nest in. I thought that would be perfect for them, close to home, but for the first couple of weeks, they just flew past it, on their way in and out of the bougainvillea. Now though I see them several times a day. I haven’t seen the hummingbirds at the jewel box hummingbird feeder yet; however, they are feeding at the old cactus plant blooms that are next to the bougainvillea. Fly right past the feeder and land on the cactus! I’m planning to hang my old hummingbird feeder and one of those bird seed hangers with the cage around it. I downloaded the Audubon app for California birds but haven’t had time to look at it yet.

socalannie > It snowed again today!!!

Women fear the Taliban. A different outlook from a native Afghan.

@24 – I am super worried about the drought in Sonoma. I’m glad Newsom is taking proactive action.

Speaking of climate change, Happy Earth Day!

A little Hillary fun fact for us…

Shadowfax, I do wonder what in reality caused the cat to whack at that woman — and then the cat just sits calmly on her lap (with maybe an eyeroll) before being shoved off by the woman. Weird. Any cat that’s angry or frightened or aggressive is not going to immediately go back to calmly sitting on its human’s lap. I’ve had a number of cats and none has ever whacked me out of the blue.

@26, MsMass, agree; it’s not going to be good for the women of Afghanistan after the U.S. military leaves.

Awwww for the elephants. Though I suspect the baby pushed its way under to shelter, and the mother is thinking “Kid, ya gonna have to get used to the rain sooner or later!”

Some great news in CA. I hope it stays this way, but I see my western neighbors, Oregon and Washington are seeing Covid rises.

LOS ANGELES, CA — Dr. Timothy Brewer recalled seeing more than 200 coronavirus patients during a holiday weekend in late January across the University of California, Los Angeles’ medical campuses. Last weekend, Brewer said the hospital system had only three patients in need of treatment for the virus.

“That’s just a huge difference,” he told Patch.

Brewer is a professor of infectious disease at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

California likely started to turn a corner around that Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, Brewer said. Since then, case numbers have dropped off — and stayed that way. This week, more than a quarter of California’s adults are now fully vaccinated, according to state data.

What’s more, California’s positivity rate, 1.5 percent, became the lowest in the United States on Thursday.

Given these promising metrics, Gov. Gavin Newsom has kept his sights on June 15, a day he’d like to see the state’s economy fully reopen.

I love to see Mama and baby elephants, they are so loving and cute.

Anyone who wants to watch the three baby Peregrine Falcons being fed by Mama Annie in Berkeley, here is the link. This was two days ago, captured on the live feeds

Let’s try that again:

Moderna, Pfizer vaccines safe during pregnancy, study finds

@28> A store of Hillary outfits? Hysterical!

That little chocolate lab laying like a frog is so darn cute. I’ll take him.

@39, that is hilarious!

Saw they are going to re-introduce wildcats to Wales and England. Right now they’re only found in Scotland.

Found the tweet —

Don’t think I’d try to domesticate one of these.

We have mountain lions and pumas everywhere in California. Open land, mountains and trees…you can hear them at night if you are not in a dense city.

@socalannie, it can take a while for birds to frequently visit a feeder. I took ours down for several weeks during the salmonella outbreak that was decimating the pine siskins, when they advised temporarily removing feeders, and just put it back up. Only a few birds have stopped by so far.

Haven’t had a hummingbird feeder up for a couple years. I should put one up again. I do see hummingbirds in the yard feeding on the flowering red currant (Ribes sanguineum), everygreen huckleberry and blueberry flowers. They also like the lonicera bush flowers.

ZOMG! This new administration!

Very sad for the poor Afghan women. I wish we could increase immigration for them. I read a horrifying article about Afghan men beating and disfiguring their wives, in front of their children. It was so awful I never forgot it. I can’t imagine living like that.

@28, Fabulous! Hillary is loved and respected by women around the world.

Shadow, enjoyed watching the baby falcons, and wonderful news about the vaccines being safe for pregnant women.

I’ve seen many mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains over my lifetime. Sadly one was found dead a couple of weeks ago, hit by a car or truck. They say the population is stable though.

@48, oh the poor little kitten. It needs its mother. Caracal?

It looks like Caracal. A lot of people on the thread thought so. Apparently a lot of exotic animals are stolen from their mothers and smuggled to rich countries and sold as pets. I wonder if that’s what happened here.

This is kinda funny:

Never mind post @51, it’s over a year old.

Happy Friday!

socalannie, I’d never seen that, so it’s new to me!

Might be a year old, but it’s still true!

Caitlan Jenner wants to run against Galvin Newsome for Governor. What a joke, Caitlan just wants the attention.

I don’t see many Rethugs that will get on the Jenner train either.

@57 – I told y’all that was NOT THE FIRST TIME. He was too calm and deliberate when he was killing that man. I’m so glad he was convicted. He is a monster and a danger to society.

@58 – I know, it’s a complete joke. She’s using all the Trump Russian apparatus as well. That won’t help her here in California…

Caitlin Jenner is a total MAGAt. And as MB says, using the Trump machine, including Brad Parscale’s web services. That damned family has done so much damage to America with their show already…

J&J is back on, with a warning.

@62, That’s adorable! Lucky little guy.

The K Klan are insufferable. The people we know in Calabasas can’t stand them, they expect to be treated like royalty wherever they are. They stop their cars wherever they want and block traffic (happened to me once), cut in front of others, etc. Caitlin opened a door for me once and complimented my outfit, the obnoxious dude that married the oldest sister almost killed us on the freeway driving his chrome car like a maniac and cut us off. If there wasn’t an emergency lane to sweve into, we would have had a terrible accident. No, I don’t think Caitlin has a snowballs chance in hell of being governor here.

Hubs & I both had two J&J appointments cancelled. We tried to get Pfizer or Moderna but they’ve all been booked up. I’m told I have to go on the sites at midnight when the cancellations show up. At this point, I’m getting mine after my surgery on Thurs. I’ve waited over a year for it, can’t risk getting sick from the vax and having it cancelled again.

Annie, there was a notice to all they can get their vaccine if older than 18. I even see they are giving out shots at CVS, Safeway and lots of places.
Good thoughts for you with the shot and surgery.

Yuck, glad the Bay Area isn’t the center for the Jenner and K clan…and lots of the Hollywood group.

Agreed that Caitlan has NO CHANCE of becoming our governor. Mr. Handsome is staying in his job.

This is the most awesome feed on youtube of the entire world, in short segments, one country after another..


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