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Lazy Weekend: April Snow

Posted on: April 17, 2021

Happy Weekend Widdershins!

The weather upstate NY has been bananas. Over the last couple of days we got a few inches of snow. Then it melted overnight. Then it snowed again in the morning. And then rained in the afternoon. Before snowing again in the evening. Things are so crazy even Lindsey Graham says he now believes in climate change! Plot twist!

This past week we also saw the meteoric rise and fall of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s KKK caucus. They were so nuts even the Freedom Caucus said they wanted no part of it. The only person who joined were Paul Gossar and Matt Gaetz. Before Gossar said he changed his mind and then Greene said she never read the proposal her white-people-only caucus and the media just blew it all out of proportion. So back to the drawing table for the KKK.

How was your week everyone?

This is an open thread!

Here is Madonna with Rain (featuring her long-term back-up singers/dancers Nikki Harris and Donna DeLory) during “The Girlie Show” live from Australia. The choreography in the second half of the song is by Gene Kelly.

39 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: April Snow"

ZOMG! That plot twist! It can’t be! If Lindsay gets real, where will it end?


Thanks for the new thread, DYB. Snow, rain and everything in between.

I can’t even remember the last time I heard this song, but it was stuck in my brain and I had to dig it up on the tubes.

Thanks for the new post D! When I moved out to California in 2018, it was after an April in which every Monday it snowed. Every. Single. Monday!

KKKrazy that the whackadoos in the House thought they could get away with that caucus.

The weird weather in the NW is sun! We’re in the middle of over a week of dry weather, with temps in the 70s and a few days in the high 70s which are hard for me to take so early in the year. (OK, quite laughing, you folks in CA and LA!)

*quit* not *quite*

…early inquiries focused on whether it was happening more frequently than the typical rate of such clots in the general population. The brain blood clots, called cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, are rare — with about two to 14 cases expected in a population of 1 million people each year.

The clots in recently vaccinated people were clearly more common than would be normal, occurring in a matter of weeks after healthy, young people received shots. So far, 222 clots in the brain or abdomen have been identified out of 34 million people vaccinated in Europe — in far less than a year.

222 in 34 million is 6.5 cases per million, which is in the range of 2 – 14 expected cases per million in the 1st paragraph. So no, the clots in vaccinated people were not more than normal, though they were in a group low risk for clots.

Many have pointed out that the risk remains lower than the risk of clots from birth control or from a serious case of covid-19. But the clots are serious and can be devastating to individuals, and some groups appear to be at higher risk for the rare reaction.

2nd sentence seems to ignore the 1st sentence, or maybe the journalist thinks that clots from birth control pills are no big deal and aren’t serious. (Just happens to women, eh?) As for some groups having higher risks, yes that’s true for using oral contraceptives too.

Yes, the problem with clots needs study, but stopping the J&J vaccine in the US for 1 in a million cases just adds to the anti-vaxers’ paranoia.

Fuel for the anti-vaxxers AND a way way way higher risk of complications from getting covid itself.

The only way for the bizarre prioritization of risks to make sense is that J&J can be sued for liability over the vaccine, but not for the risk of downstream covid consequences. /*endless screaming*/

@7, Hi, Luna. The way I read those statistics however, is that the clots reported after vaccination occurred during a much smaller time frame than that reported “normally”. The normal occurrence is fir an entire year. The post J and J or even Astra Zeneca is during a shorter period, and in the case of J and J, very short period. However, your point re: birth control risk is well-taken.

lililam @9
I agree that the time frame of 6 US women between 18-48 all having this problem between the end of the first week and into the second and early third week after the J&J shot is a big red flag for me.

I have seen that some doctors agree with what I said last week, that J&J seems to not have these problems for older women and all men, and the J&J should be offered to them as a choice. Possibly all women if they know the risk and prefer to have the J&J one shot vaccine.

Dr. Fauci said that the CDC would probably come out with their ‘final’ decision on who can have that vaccine and possibly restart the supplies near the end of this week.

Did y’all see they tried to blame Auntie Maxine for Chauvin murdering George Floyd in cold blood. JFC!!!

@11. Dump actually incites actual violence. (Remember him telling his crowds to rough up reporters and he’d “pay their legal costs”? Yeah, right. But still. I tmeant he knew exactly what he was telling them to do.)

But Waters makes an obvious and truthful comment about the need to be active against injustice, and suddenly all the evils of the world are on her head. JFC. As you say.

The thing that bothered me most about the comments against Maxine was that the judge said that her comments could be used to have a retrial.

@13- the defense attorney has threatening tons of reasons for a mistrial as well. The judge did dispute that any of this, including Maxine, does not warrant a mistrial “yet”, but he alluded that could change. He was pissed. I worry about his fairness, but hopefully the jury will see through everything for what it is. The first prosecutor to present closing arguments was excellent and compelling.

@9 and @10, lililam and Shadowfax, Yes, the rate in the general population is based on the # of cases per year. Still, that 6.5 per million — which is for the AstraZeneca vaccine, not the J&J — is just under half of the upper end. For the J&J, it’s below the lower end.

Young people getting clots is fairly unusual, though there is at least 1 autoimmune disorder with clotting problems that is found in younger adults.

There’s no medical intervention that’s guaranteed 100% safe. (For that matter, there’s nothing in life that’s 100% safe.) People are losing sight of a key principle — risk vs. benefit. As quixote points out above, the balance is tipped wayyyyyy over to the vaccine as benefit. Guess putting things in perspective is too intellectual for these times.

@15, DYB, that’s amazing! I had no idea the poor little owlets were so head-heavy!

That poor little owl has to face-plant to sleep. Wonder if laying on his wings is too uncomfortable.
I know that baby falcons have a hard time holding their heads up too, they huddle together and lay their heads on each other when they are brand new.

(CNN)The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta says its Asian small-clawed otters tested positive for the virus that causes Covid-19.

The aquarium announced on Sunday that it tested the otters after they showed “mild respiratory symptoms including sneezing, runny noses, mild lethargy, and coughing.”
The seven creatures are being cared for off-exhibit. Despite being geriatric, they are improving and expected to make a full recovery, the aquarium said.
“Our Asian small-clawed otters are under very close monitoring by veterinarians and animal care team members,” Dr. Tonya Clauss, vice president of animal and environmental health at Georgia Aquarium, said. “We are providing supportive care as needed so they can eat, rest and recover.”

The aquarium suspects the otters got the infection from an asymptomatic staff member and it tested all staff that were in contact with them.

I guess we will hear the verdict in about the next 10 minutes. I hope all 3 counts are ‘guilty’.

@21 – I’m on tenterhooks!

Guilty of all three counts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chauvin looks really freaked out, may he spend the rest of his life in jail. He is going to jail now.


I’m curious to know what took them so long. It was a real water-is-wet situation.

Whew! Yes, it’s a water-is-wet situation but given many of the other decisions where cops have murdered people and gotten off, I’m relieved that the right judgement was reached here.

The highlight of this sentence was watching the killer cop listening to the verdict on each charge.
Before the reading by the judge, this fu@ker had a cocky, deplorable look on his face, then comes the first ‘Guilty!’ and his eyes changed to concern of going to prison, the second ‘Guilty!’ and real fear started to become awakened…and the last and most serious charge, ‘Guilty!!!’ he looked shocked and terrified. His eyes were wide, you could see the wheels turning as to what the rest of his life would be.

Wow. I can’t watch due to work but it’s great to hear the commentary that Chauvin is scared. He deserves to feel all the terror he has inspired in black people throughout his horrible career, and then some!


MB, here is the short video of the judge reading off the jury verdicts and the camera set on the killer cop’s face.

33 This photo makes me sad that Hillary is no longer part of the real action in DC.

Thank you Shadow!!

I wasn’t being facetious. I really don’t understand why that verdict took longer than five minutes. What did they talk about for hours? ?? I don’t remember, do jury deliberations get discussed after the fact?

Q are you asking what took so long from when they made their verdicts and when the judge read it to the court?
If so, someone on CNN said most of that time was for logistics. The jury was kept somewhere, a hotel? They needed to be transported and God only knows what else was going on. I’m sure the judge had some things he wanted to do…


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