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Lazy Weekend: Vacation!

Posted on: April 10, 2021

Hello Widdershins! Yes, it’s me, MB. Dmitry is relocating again so I’m taking his spot temporarily.

As of this morning, I am officially on vacation for the first time since January 4th. I can’t tell you the relief I feel. After the vaccine this week and all the months of scare and stress, from the failed insurrection at the Capitol to the ever-looming shadow of COVID, it will be great to drive up to Sacramento, go see my dad, go play the slots, and have a couple of days at home to relax.

When was your last vacation? Are you planning one soon? Now that 30% of America has been vaccinated I know I’m starting to plan a longer one in late July.

Let’s post our favorite songs either related to vacation, or that we like to listen to while on vacation.

Open thread as always.


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From the previous thread – Shadow, thanks for asking. Yep, after 24 hours my doctor friend said I was out of the woods. I just have a slightly sore arm now.

A few of my colleagues from work got the J&J shot yesterday – there was a popup site in Marin. They are all feeling bad side effects. That shot is definitely a doozy.

MB thanks for the vacation thread and happy this week will be your vacation, visiting your newly vaccinated dad and over the symptom hump with your first vaccine!

I worked from home since last March, then retired last July. So, I have been on ‘everyday is Saturday’ since July. It has be glorious if we weren’t dealing with El Dump and being locked down until the vaccine circus finally came to town.

I am barely getting out to the stores, three times to my favorite plant nurseries and a couple of times to other stores. Slip in, slip out without touching much and staying at least 6′ away, with a mask on.

I spent the past hour trying to find a good vacation song…couldn’t find any, but I did find some happy dancing to lighten the week for a vacation. I don’t know if many of you know who Christopher Walken is, but if you do, there are shots of him dancing in all of his movies from a young man to older.

Baby goooooat! Kid.

Two baby goats, how darn cute.

This should be really good.

Speaking of field guides — it’s for birds, not plants, but it’s free and from a reputable organization.

That goat!

I have melted into a puddle from the overwhelming cuteness!

Send help.

Woohoo Luna, just put that bird app on my phone, thanks.

I wonder where DYB is moving too? Back to NY? Maybe a bigger place to accommodate all his pets?

Fredster, are you doing?

Was wondering about Fredster. Hope you’ve gotten a vaccine, but also hope it hasn’t knocked you for a loop.

Oops, Fredster how are you doing? You were still feeling poorly from before and like Luna, hope you have had the chance to get the vaccine.

On SNL, this is funny.

Shadowfax, I was moving back upstate. I had moved to the city for several weeks when I went to get my 2nd Pfizer shot. Now my job is going to go through end of June, so I decided to stay up here for a couple more months.

@14 Shadow, hilarious!

DYB, congratulations on getting your second Pfizer. Hope you didn’t have too many symptoms and also that your job will last until June.

Halleluiah!!! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, and don’t ever come back!
Best news I heard all week.
Article on CNN

Californians moving to Texas for political reasons. (Trump supporters)
So many people are moving to Texas during the pandemic, the housing market can hardly keep up. Many say they want less Covid-19 restrictions and a safe space for their politics.

@19, yes, but Ca is already blue. We need the *Trumpaloes* diluted, not concentrated. ??


Q @20

CA doesn’t tolerate creeps and deplorables well, better they leave for the dust bowl and make CA neon blue.

21 The iceberg is funny.

“Why are you being so mean to me Colin, only 20-30 people died…”

23 Shadow, I keep watching that skit and can’t stop laughing! “You came to where I live, you hit me!… Half my ass is gone!” LOLOLOLOL

“…and it was my best feature.”

“Accidentally pulled the wrong weapon” bullshit.

OMG this is absolute madness. This cop (a woman in this case) shot and killed a driver because she claims she mistook her taser for a gun… How is this even remotely possible? Those two objects are not alike.

Was this another white rookie cop that doesn’t know the difference between a taser and a effin’ gun?

Why the Hell would any cop pull you over, without giving you a reason and tell you to get out of your car?? Especially, why would a black man have to cower to a cop for no reason?

Shooting like these should automatically cause a cop to be fired, lose pension and be locked up before and during trial. The jury should be made up of people the same race as where the killing was committed.

Then, we will see how many taser/gun mistakes there will be against innocent people.

@28 Shadowfax, that’s the key point you’re making: if there was accountability…how many taser; gun mistakes would happen? If there was accountability, would this many black men and women die at the hands of police? I mean, real criminal repercussions. Firing. Losing pension. The fact that these things almost never happen, our police feels very comfortable killing certain members of our society. A white person can storm the Capitol and most of them will not see a jail cell. A black person has deodorant on the rear view mirror and end up dead. And if there was no video, we wouldn’t know about it. Look at the US Army medic who was handcuffed and maced. That happened in December. Cops had the video this whole time. But it was only after he filed a lawsuit against the cops and the video was released that they fired the cop who threatened to execute him. (Not sure what’s happening with the other cop.) That WV police department didn’t fire him between December and the day the video hit the news. They only fired him after. Recall with George Floyd – it was weeks before anything happened at all. The prosecutor kept saying that people shouldn’t rush to judgment, that they were investigating. We all saw the video – and STILL they didn’t want to do anything. They were clearly waiting for things to blow over. It was only when the AG of the state took over the case that anything started happening. I’m waiting to hear of a case where the cops were disciplined/fired/arrested *before* the video hit the news. Absence of accountability is why things are where they are. As long as there are no repercussions – or the repercussions are so rare – things will not change, cops’ behavior will not change.

Yup DYB.

Think about the accountability for the rest of us. If we steal something from a store, get caught with the goods…we will be punished.

If we lay a hand on or back talk a customer, we will be punished.

If you poop in a church, you know you will be punished.

The list goes on, yet no madder where we are, we can’t kill anyone without being punished.

Then we have lots of those cops that think someone like Trump is dah man. Brothers are white men, especially if they have power and money, women need to be slapped around and kept in their place behind their man, and everyone else is just on borrowed time, an intruder to our country.

Cops are the paid public that get to gather up those of us that break some law, they are the judge as to if we are his kind or cute enough to get a pass, and they are the ones that walk around 40+ hours a week with a loaded gun, a taser and buddies to back him up if he fu@ks up.

Correction on the cop that shot the young man today…

-The cop was a female, and not a newbie.
-The young man had an outstanding expired registration, and an outstanding warrant for misdemeanor.

Shadowfax, here’s an interesting tweet about that outstanding warrant:

DYB, I’ve been looking for the link and can’t find it, of course. It’s about a not-big-city mayor who made it very clear she’d be firing any cops who abused their authority. If I remember the story right, she then did fire a couple who got in trouble almost immediately. The rest then realized, “Christ. This is for real.” End of problem. No more abuses.

I remember a quote from her saying the problem is really the police training academies, who lean on the idea that the most important thing for the cop is to be “safe.” Which is beyond dumb. They’re paid a salary to be in danger so the *rest of us* can be safe. You’d think any fool knows that. But apparently only one little mayor of some smallish town is actually aware of it.

@34 quixote, absolutely. That is the only way these kinds of abuses will stop. If you show the police that there will be repercussions for wrong-doing – they will suddenly find themselves less trigger happy. Take away their jobs and pensions? They’ll learn the difference between a taser and a gun real quick.

As Shadow said above too: anyone else would be punished for similar acts. I’ve always looked at CEOs of failing companies getting fired and golden parachutes worth millions of dollars… they cost their companies gargantuan sums of money, bankruptcies, etc. And they get pushed out with millions in gifts. Meanwhile if you work the till and you’re $5 short – you get written up. Do it again and you’re fired. $5. But a CEO can lose their company millions and millions, and get millions as severance.

That cop that shot with her gun and not her taser is white. You can see her hand in her body cam.

Yes, and DYB @ 32 shows the warrant was a mistake by the police.

Warrant, no warrant, still absolutely no reason to shoot.

So the name of the cop who shot Daunte Wright is a 25 year Brooklyn Center PD veteran and head of their police union. In that role she has helped publicly defend previous instances of deadly police shootings under her jurisdiction.

So a 25 year PD veteran and head of the PD union does not know the difference between a taser and a loaded gun???

Also, earlier today the Brooklyn Center police station was flying the “thin blue line” flag. As if that doesn’t say Eff You Everybody.

Luna @ 41, that is just incredible.

41 Luna
That is really wonderful. Thanks for posting, I sent it to all my family and friends.

So it seems that J&J vaccine has been put on pause in the US because 6 people out of 6.8 million vaccinated got blood-clots. Which can’t be proven to have been caused by the vaccine. Seems…nuts, no???

@45, DYB, yep. 6 women w/blood clots out of 7 million vaccine doses given. But go figure, the risk of women getting blood clots with use of oral contraception pills is about 1 woman in 1,000. Where’s the hold on birth control pills out of an “abundance of caution”? Seems nuts to me.

I was just going to post the J&J news, here’s what CA says:

California paused the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine Tuesday following concerns over a handful of serious blood clotting reports, state officials confirmed.

The news comes after the federal government recommended an immediate pause in the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine nationwide after six U.S. recipients — all women between 18 and 48 — developed serious blood clots 6 to 13 days after being inoculated.

One woman died, and a second woman in Nebraska was hospitalized in critical condition.


More than 6.8 million doses of the J&J vaccine have been administered in the U.S., the statement said. Federal officials pointed out that adverse reactions to the vaccine “appear to be extremely rare,” and the CDC and FDA will work to review the six clotting cases in question.

“Treatment of this specific type of blood clot is different from the treatment that might typically be administered,” officials said. “Usually, an anticoagulant drug called heparin is used to treat blood clots. In this setting, administration of heparin may be dangerous, and alternative treatments need to be given.”

The CDC will convene a meeting of its Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices on Wednesday to further review the cases and assess their potential significance.

Johnson & Johnson issued a statement saying, “At present, no clear causal relationship has been established between these rare events” and the company’s vaccine, according to news reports. “We continue to work closely with experts and regulators to assess the data and support the open communication of this information to healthcare professionals and the public,” J&J said.

The significant group that had blood clots from J&J were all women, and they all had the clots within an 8 day range after receiving the shot.
Also, most of these women were in child bearing age and no older people had this problem.

Maybe J&J would be safe for men and older women only? They need to figure this out.

Caroline Criado-Perez (who wrote Invisible Women and has a specialty of pointing out the blind spot data collection and reasearch have for women, aka half the human race), anyway, CCP pointed out several weeks ago that it sure looks like the problem is *two* factors that increase clotting acting *together* in susceptible people.

Obviously, if the issue is being on clot-risk-increasing birth control, everybody else could continue taking J&J shots. But, no. Let’s ignore any factors that apply to women, specifically, and let a death-dealing pandemic get worse instead.

Also, along that thought for women is, the vaccines seem to be more symptomatic for women.

This could go back to the amount of the vaccine given out in a shot is the same for 300 pound men and petite women???

I’m a 5’1″ woman and Boy Howdie, I had some symptoms. Just got over the dizziness 34 days after my second Moderna shot.

@51, DYB, that’s heartwarming.

We all know that Trump would have kicked that toy farther away from the kid and laughed.

@49, Invisible Women is a great book! Essential reading IMO.

So it’s something that anticoagulants (or at least the heparin class) would make worse. I’m nowhere near enough of a hematologist to guess at causes, though a 2-factor (or more) etiology isn’t surprising.

However, I still think that 6 : 6,800,000 is too small a % to warrant stopping the J&J vaccine.

Very brief article on the vaccine & clotting problem — its presentation is the same as that seen with cerebral venous sinus thrombosis.

…blood clots were seen in people who had high levels of antibodies to platelet factor 4, the same types of antibodies reported, infrequently, after treatment with heparin. That doesn’t explain why a vaccine is causing the immune system to produce those antibodies, or whether other vaccines might do the same. But it provides a first step toward explaining the side effect, which experts say is extremely rare, and to looking into whether the same types of rare clots could occur with other shots.

“It’s now a recognized syndrome, a recognized disorder, and most importantly there is a combination of tests that can establish if a patient has this or not,” said Theodore Warkentin, a professor at McMaster University, a co-author of one of the papers and an expert on the rare clots that can be caused by heparin.

The new discovery still raises questions about what, exactly, is going on. The challenge for public health officials is that these deadly clots occur without vaccines. It’s possible that some people who developed clots after being vaccinated would have developed them even without being vaccinated. So officials have to compare the vaccines against each other, and to try and model the normal rate of clots with low levels of platelets.

@54, that’s one of the frustrating things about this. My guess is the overreaction of quick-ban-the-shot is to get ahead of the anti-vaxxers who’ll make PR hay out of it for idiots.

1) In the US, there’s been one death from a clot, one hospitalization, and four with symptomatic clots, out of a million people vaccinated. Covid causes around 120,000 deaths per million plus some 300,000 with Long Covid. So, def a testerical over-reaction.

2) Plus, that level of clots is fairly close to the expected background level, ie clots due to other causes. So last I heard, they weren’t even sure it was due to the vaccine. Even more defintely an over-reaction.

I’m going to be blaming anti-vaxxers for the downstream consequences of this BS!

Hi shinners.
I’m here and let’s say I’ll pull a Hippa med thing and I’ll say I’ve had something happen and I’m down again. Have not been on the computer for days. I’ll provide some updates later.

Fredster! Thanks for checking in and I am sorry you are going though another health issue. Hope you get better soon and know we are thinking of you.
Take good care.

Oh no, Fredster! And there I was, picturing you having pleasant walks in the parks. Show you how clairvoyant I am. Hope you things get more comfortable soon!

Fredster! Sending you virtual healing wishes!

Fredster, hope you’re feeling better soon!

Well, hubs & I were supposed to get the J&J this week and it was cancelled. I read about the six women, and that does seem like a tiny percentage. Hubs and I take supplements for our circulation, eat healthy and exercise and aren’t concerned about it, but can’t find any open slots for for any of the vaccines over the next week, so will have to keep trying. I have an early morning pre-op appointment & having a long awaited/long delayed (thanks to dump) surgery in two weeks, so will ask her what she thinks about my not being vaccinated yet. Don’t worry about me, its not serious like open heart or anything, just the usual older woman’s surgery (!?!) and I am looking forward to having it done.

Love the cute lambs (or baby goats?) and the elephants, those poor creatures. It’s wonderful to see how much animals love music. Our pets always loved it when we played guitar for them.

That old GoGo’s song was a blast from the past. My brother used to hang out with those girls. We grew up in an area that had lots of celebs: actors, musicians, sports stars, of all types. I babysat for a lot of their kids during my teens.

socalannie, good luck on your procedure! Hope it’s successful and quick!

On the J&J, bummer you had the appointment cancelled. Hopefully they can get things moving again quickly. They said the “pause” would only be a matter of days, but we’ll see. No chance of Pfizer or Maderna? I know some locations in NYC were offering people P or M as alternatives to J&J, but I supply is the determining factor, of course.

Hello Shinners! It’s morning on the West Coast still. I have been away in Sacramento, then Brooks, for the past few days. I’ve had a good break from the news and have just finished reading the comments. Loved the goats and the elephants who listen to Beethoven. It was so adorable the way the elephants’ ears flapped wildly when the pianist played!

I’ll tell you what went through my mind when I saw a bit of the video of Chauvin (I have not been able to watch the whole thing): That isn’t the first time he’s done that with his friends. He looked prepared, calm and determined. He was not afraid of George Floyd. He was deliberately executing that poor man, waiting long enough to make sure he was dead.

I’ll bet you anything the same is true for that woman who killed Daunte Wright. Her story is not believable in any way, shape or form.

Accountability has got to start happening.

Annie, sorry you had your vaccine appointment canceled before your planned surgical procedure.
Hopefully your procedure will go well and after you recover you’ll have a chance to get a safe vaccine. Either P or M, or a fully reviewed and released J&J.

annie, hope your procedure is run-of-the-mill and you have an uneventful recovery!

I’m still flummoxed at them holding up the J&J for 6 cases out of nearly 7 million. Aspirin, naproxen and acetaminophen all have far higher risks but they’re freely available OTC. All this will do is give the anti-vaxers gasoline.

Ideas for interesting non-political recreation and soaking up Nature’s goodness. Now that I think more about it, simply having natural areas with good bird habitat is political. Trump would have the areas razed for strip-mining or other atrocities.

I heard the news that Biden wants our troops out of Afghanistan in the near future with very mixed feelings. It’s good news for US, but bad news for women in Afghanistan. Remember the Taliban executing women in a stadium? The picture of this that Uppity had on her site- man with gun pointed at kneeling woman’s head- has stayed with me for a long time. I know there’s no way to “win” in Afghanistan but it feels like abandoning those who helped US which our country has done before in other places, like those marsh people who we left to suffer under Saddam after the first go-round.

Pelosi ain’t playing.

@73. Pelosi bothers me somewhat because she doesn’t seem to understand her own place in the scheme of things, even while she’s good at seeing others’ place. It’s that Sun Yat-sen point: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

She’s all about tactics. And she’s good at it. But you do have to know what direction you want to head toward. That’s where the dreamers are useful. That should be acknowledged. Not sneered at. (Same for the dreamers. Don’t sneer at tactics.) You can argue about which vision to follow. It’s stupid to argue so much you get nothing done. But vision is not useless.

@69 About Afghanistan. I was actually there, dog’s years ago. Remember Rumsfeld and his BS about “we don’t do nation-building”? That’s the core of the US problem. If they’d spent 20 years pouring resources on women’s education (instead of calling women’s rights “somebody’s pet rock” as a US general there did), and helping the locals build schools and a non-opium-based agriculture, as well as a non-corruption-based government and economy (although good luck with that) — if they’d done that for 20 years it would have been cheaper and there would have been real change by now.

But no. More fun to fly bom-throwing drones.

@74 Good points. I just wish there was some way to save the women who will suffer under the Taliban while at the same time we are getting out of there.

God. I love Auntie Maxine.

Earlyish in the Dump years, when she was one of the very few hurling truth out in Congress, and getting shit for it, I saw her walking fast to catch a plane in a concourse at the Los Angeles Airport. I had to run to catch up. (She’s in her late 70s, right??) I just had to tell her, “Thank you for everything you’re doing!” She lit up with the biggest smile. I love her.

MsMass, yes, the women sacrificed to the Taliban, just the cost of doing business to everyone in the world as far as I can tell, it’s hell on earth.

Jordan, you are an idiot if you think “your liberty” is when you have the right to not wear a mask, not get the vaccine and have the right to pass on and kill as many innocent people as you can in a pandemic.

This is not liberty, this is ignorance, stupidity and should be a possible felony.

How many American’s have you already killed???

Gym Jordan screaming “liberty” and “freedom” is such a trope. It’s meaningless gibberish, but it works for his base. At this point they all just say like Tourette’s, they can’t help it. And their base eats it up. None of what Fauci says, what people are being asked to do about this pandemic, has to do with “liberty” and “freedom.” To people like Jordan the real victims are those who refuse to wear a mask and are told they can’t shop a Walmart without it. It’s idiotic.

Quixote, that’s awesome that you got to tell her that! She really was one of the very few voices in Congress at the time really not shying away. Everyone tried to be…polite (for lack of a better word), and Waters was just saying it. And it meant a lot to a lot of people to have someone do that. She became a voice for a lot of hurt people. The ones NY Times doesn’t even acknowledge exist even though we also eat in diners.

As far as the Supreme Court is concerned, I am too idealistic. I don’t think the court should be pumped up to support any political party. What ever end number there is, only one extra on the side of the winning political party should exist when there is an opening.

Having a huge group of Supremes would end up as nuts as the two houses of congress.

Auntie Maxine!!!

Love Maxine! Quixote, it’s so great that you got to tell her how awesome she is.

I think without Pelosi we would have had a second Drumpf term and lost the House. We also would have had a government shutdown that may never have ended. She brought the Mango Moron to his knees more than once.

I also think she doesn’t need input from the Squad, who are more prone to criticize Democrats, push policies no one wants, and scream on social media than to actually accomplish anything positive. In fact, their antics nearly cost us the Senate with their “defund the police” BS. I agree that dreamers are needed, but I wouldn’t put people who are actually harming the Party in that category.

As for the women of Afghanistan, I agree, it’s a horrible tragedy.

MB @ 83
I agree with everything you said about Nancy, her leadership and the squad.

I agree about The Squad, specifically, because they strike me as largely wrong or nuts. I’m trying to say that making the sausage is only part of it. You also have to decide which kind of sausage to make. And she strikes me generally, not only in that one statement, as too dismissive of big ideas, or whatever you want to call them.

Q — so cool that you had that interaction with Auntie Maxine!

Oh Hades. Am I losing part of my mind? Or at least memory. I looked at my work calendar for next week and saw “Presentation” on one of the days. I hate the new app calendar they stuck us with — it’s a week at a time view. I used to use a month view so I had a better sense of both near and farther-away tasks. I know, I could always scroll to the next week every so often but I’m lazy. Interesting how different graphical presentations of info can result in better — or worse — comprehension. At least that presentation is audio only, without video.

I’m grumpy because in clinic today there were 3 patients who didn’t think they’d get vaccinated because of worry about risks. I normally enjoy doing patient education, but today it was hard to restrain myself. “Oh, sure, you won’t get covid-19. But if you did get it, and it’s no worse than the flu, how’d ya like to have a 30% chance of permanent cognitive impairment afterwards?” Sooo tempting.

When hubs got home today, I showed him that clip of Auntie Maxine telling gym to shut his mouth, and said she is someone I’ve always wished I could meet. He said, “really, I didn’t know that. I’ve met her” to my amazement. I asked him when & where and he met her at the dedication of the Robert F Kennedy Schools in L.A., which are on the site of the old Ambassador Hotel (where my parents met at the Cocoanut Grove nightclub). The hotel was on a huge piece of prime L.A. real estate and when they decided to tear it down there were a lot of stupid ideas as to what to do with it. donald dump wanted to build the tallest building in the country on it (or may the tallest in the galaxy); the Walmart folk wanted to build the biggest Walmart in the country; and Sirhan Sirhan’s parents wanted to keep it intact until they could prove that their son did not shoot RFK there (1968)! Fortunately, LAUSD won out with their plan to build 3-6 schools there. (Like L.A. needs a tacky trump tower or mega Walmart right?) So my hubs was one of the lucky ones to be involved in it and the schools looked amazing, at least they did the last time I was there which was right before the Grand Opening, There is also an interesting little park on Wilshire Blvd, adjacent to the schools with tributes to RFK and Maya Angelou. Hubs was at the dedication and that’s where he met Auntie. He says she was very nice and thanked him for his hard work and shook his hand. Hubs also met some of the Kennedy’s and interestingly, Paul Schrade, who was RFK’s friend and a union guy and was with RFK in the kitchen when the shooting happened. Mr. Schrade was shot in the head also but survived. He liked hubs and sat with him during the event and afterwards hubs took him over to some board the Kennedy’s and others who were there at the shooting or involved with RFK were autographing. Mr. Schrade signed it and then gave the pen to hubs and told him to sign it–and hubs did! So hubs autograph is there for posterity, right under one of the Kennedy’s!

When hubs showed me and our son around the school one day, he showed us where the shooting took place. They didn’t tear down the room, but it was changed. Also, the old Cocoanut Grove was converted into a professional working theater. A lot of the decor and architecture was done after the style of the place in the 50’s, and it had the beautiful teachers lounge that looked like an upscale diner. During the tear down of the hotel, they rescued a lot of the rare and beautiful wood that was in the hotel and reused it in various places. I love beautiful wood, so this was interesting to me. A lot of movies, tv shows, and commercials are filmed at LAUSD schools btw, so they are a constant source of revenue.

Annie, thanks for telling us that story and your hubs sure gets around with important folks. How cool.

All these shootings, one after the other.

Makes me think of all the Dumpsters that kept telling the deplorables that if the Dems won, they were coming for your guns.

Maybe if we can’t ban guns, we could make bullets illegal.

On Pelosi, in that interview what she was saying struck me as being strictly about The Squad (and people like Bernie.) In fact, Tlaib just relaunched “defund the police.”

@88 socalannie> Very interesting!! It’s funny your hub met Waters, but Never mentioned it.

Fun story, Annie!

Yeah, the Squad can be stupid to nuclear levels, and Tlaib excels in that group. The “defund the police” BS is going to lose elections for Dems. It’s dumb even for them. She’s reaching for quantum-level stupid. She’s a politician fergawdsake. What part of “this polls down below the toilet” does she not understand?

I mean, even aside from how dumb it is on the merits. The police are proving just about daily that we desperately need to get justice back into policing. That’s different from no police.

@91, Omigosh, that is one of the sweetest animal stories ever. God bless that sweet couple who raised him.

Annie, love the story about Auntie Maxine! Whew. I would love to meet her.

The shootings – they just hurt my heart. So unnecessary and mindbogglingly stupid. The 2nd Amendment was never meant to provide automatic weapons to ordinary citizens, legalize open carry in restaurants, office buildings or places of worship, or turn every American into a target.

Where is the common sense? Why can’t people be realistic? Why can’t they see the correlation AND causation between having all these guns circulating (as many as there are humans in America) and the mass shootings? It’a not compicated. At all.

That chimp running to his parents is so darn great. Just like real parents that haven’t seen their child in weeks.
That’s love.

Looking at the photos of the funeral today, the Queen looks so very sad and is sitting all alone in the church. She looks so fragile and empty.

I also feel sorry for Harry, it must bring back so many sad memories, hopefully William and Charles will show Harry much love and kindness.


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