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Activist Wednesday: A Tale of Two Scandals

Posted on: March 31, 2021

Interesting how we haven’t heard much about Governor Andrew Cuomo lately, isn’t it? Let’s check in on that scandal.

‘Strange and inappropriate’: Flood victim says Cuomo came onto her in her home

Sherry Vill said that after she was introduced to the New York governor in her home in 2017, he leaned over and kissed her cheeks in a “highly sexual manner” and told her, “That’s what Italians do.”

Uhhhhh….that IS WHAT ITALIANS DO! And French people, and Spanish people, and sometimes British people as well. There are other episodes of alleged over-enthusiastic kissing that Cuomo has admitted to and apologized for, and one woman says he groped her (although her story changes frequently). Overall it’s “meh” so far.

So that’s the Democratic side.

How are our Republican friends doing? Let’s check in with those paragons of virtue, all het up about how Cuomo needs to resign.

So there’s Matt Gaetz, who recently leaked that he might not run for re-election and was considering a job at Newsmax. This was news for a hot second, until it was revealed that he’s actually defending himself against charges that he’s committed statutory rape. And while being a sexual criminal seems to be one of the qualifications his future employer looks for, it tends to be at least mildly frowned-upon by Congress.

Sounding shaken, Gaetz told Axios that for weeks, he and his father been working with the FBI in the Northern District of Florida on the extortion case. Gaetz said his lawyers were informed by the Justice Department that, “I was not a target but a subject of an investigation regarding sexual conduct with women.” 

Asked what the charges could relate to, Gaetz said: “I have definitely, in my single days, provided for women I’ve dated. You know, I’ve paid for flights, for hotel rooms. I’ve been, you know, generous as a partner. I think someone is trying to make that look criminal when it is not.”

Oh, but it is, Matt. It’s called sex trafficking. And you’re in big trouble, because you’re linked to an even sleazier, more criminal Republican named Joel Greenberg.

The probe of Gaetz reportedly stemmed from the investigation of Greenberg, who faces a slew of charges including sex trafficking of a child. He is currently slated to stand trial in June.

The Times report noted that many details of the Gaetz probe remain unclear, including how the congressman allegedly met the girl. The encounters allegedly occurred about two years ago and the investigation began in the final months of the Trump administration under then-Attorney General William P. Barr, the report said.

What is even more horrifying is that Gaetz, Greenberg and Roger Stone were all photographed kibbitzing together in Florida. The common denominator between all these criminals is – you guessed it – The Former Guy. And The Former Guy was involved with Epstein, who was a known pedophile and sex trafficker.

Do we see a pattern here?

Here is a long list of Republican sexual criminals. The link goes to “Part 16” of 23. Of the 25 repugnant sociopaths listed in Part 16, about 50% were involved in pedophilia and/or sex trafficking. This seems like something someone should cover, don’tcha think? Maybe something someone should trace back to that inexplicable rise of Drumpf through the Republican Party and how people who were so very Never T suddenly became his bestest pals? (cough cough Lindsey Graham cough cough)

But you know, Cuomo kissed someone on the cheek.

Open thread as always.

58 Responses to "Activist Wednesday: A Tale of Two Scandals"

Continuing the “Republicans are mole dicks 😂😂😂” discussion from below. Thanks Quixote for the indelible image!

Quiet day on the blog…

Looks like I’m not the only one who noticed these connections…

As far as the First Dogs of the US go, I’m happy to hear about them being cute. But the media can spare me the stories about them being just dogs. Use the space for actual news. Like the fact that half the Republican congresscritters seem to be pedophiles. Plus, of course, The Former Guy. What a freak show.

@3, the dogs are innocent! It was the FOX News reporter.

Shadowfax, from last thread: “I have been debating on another attempt at a bird feeder, but want to try again to grow tomatoes and keep the birds away.”

Birds haven’t been a problem for me as far as growing tomatoes (though the Seattle weather sure is). The birds in my area do like blueberries, so I put mosquito netting around my blueberry bushes. I have lost an apple or two at the end of apple season due to getting pecked at by a bird with a large beak — guessing crow or Steller’s jay. So I think your tomatoes will be safe from birds. Or has anyone here had problems with birds eating tomatoes?

Another dog sneaks into the White House………..what, they leave the doors open????

Anywho, this stray dog from who knows where, not only gets into the White House unnoticed, but runs to the place the reporters will see him make a big, stinky pile in front of them.

You know things are back to normal when this is the news flash of the day. It was probably Rudy’s dog.

Huh, looks like that tweet didn’t show; trying this:

DYB, sometimes I do copy a comment before hitting “post comment” just in case it gets eaten. But after a period of all going well, I stop doing it. Time to start again! At least for the long comments.

Luna, I am pretty sure birds got into my tomatoes because they were on a high table where only birds could reach, and there was pecking holes in the tomatoes that were still green and the ones that were red were partly eaten. I have every critter in my neighborhood, this is not out in open spaces. I keep trying, even tried an eight foot greenhouse, but that was a disaster for other reasons.

Luna – that is GREAT news! Northam was another one that Democrats were screaming for him to resign because of blackface 30 years earlier…good thing he stuck it out. Of course, he did have the support of Black voters, so that helped.

MB, great post! Love seeing these hypocritical rethugs get what they deserve. I have never seen, heard of, or been kissed on both cheeks in a “highly sexual manner.” What a ridiculous con!

I went to a local Wild Bird store and bought one of those jewel box hummingbird feeders, a window bird feeder, and seed, so will get those set up in a few days. Hubs & I very busy next few days with the business (out of town), so don’t worry about me if I don’t turn up.

That’s funny about the First Dogs! But not worthy of all the media space.

Luna @10, that’s great news.

In other good news, the Pfizer vaccine (and likely the others as well) is effective against variant covid as well as the usual form.

So if we could get doofi to stop superspreading and get vaccines into everyone first, this thing would be over. !!

In any case, though they may slow down real recovery a bit, it’ll be over in another 5-6 (?) months.

(Oh, and a bit of personal good news: I finally got my stimulus check. Woot.)

@15 – that is terrific news. Hubby is getting his first shot of Pfizer tonight! I’m going to try to get mine since it will be at the end of the day at Rite-Aid, and they may have an extra.


MB, how exciting! I hope all goes well today for both of you.

Q, that is good news!

Shadowfax, well you’ve got very opportunistic birds in your area!

Doggy break:

I suppose the fact that the biggest scandal the media can find right now in the White House is dogs is a good thing??

@21, Gorgeous! But I LOL’d at anyone thinking a silver mine would produce a light grey color in a dog.

Luna, yes I agree. Proximity to a mine doesn’t sound like it would be a factor.

All these new stories about Matt Gaetz tonight are craaaazy! The dude is going down. I guess when Gaetz went after Liz Cheney he forgot that her dad – Darth Cheney – was still alive.

And if it *did* have something to do with the mine, like some kind of fur-version of argyrosis (in people the skin turns blue-silver), I doubt it would be such a healthy bouncy looking pup.

There are new stories about Gaetz? Jeebus. The old ones were plenty. As far as I’m concerned, he’s just gross and I wish we never had to hear about him again!

Hello, Widdershins!

I got my one and done J&J shot a few weeks ago. Twelve hours after the shot, started feeling sick – chills, fever, very deep muscle pain and weakness in my lower back and legs, and numbness on one side of my face. Side effects lasted more than a week. I could not get out of bed. The pain and weakness in my legs was the worst. Very intense. I couldn’t walk. It was scary. I am used to living with pain but this was bad. I still had a fever 10 days after the shot. I’m better now but still very tired. It was worth it to get immunized but I wish I had been one of the lucky ones who had little or no side effects. Strangely enough, I had no injection site soreness at all. I think that was the only part of my body that didn’t hurt like hell.

23 NW Luna

DYB @21, Gorgeous! But I LOL’d at anyone thinking a silver mine would produce a light grey color in a dog.

Absolutely, next to a silver mine produces silver fur.
I want that pup, any color of a lab is MINE!

Oh Beata, I am so sorry your symptoms were so severe and glad you are feeling much better. CONGRATIONS on getting vaccinated.

I had symptoms for about eight days after my second shot, no pain from the shot, but nothing as harsh as what you experienced. So glad you are okay and soon to not be so exhausted.

One and done packed a punch.

Beata! So good to see you back. I am so sorry that shot was so painful and scary and impactful! But you made it and now have 100% protection from severe COVID, which is awesome.

My hubby got Pfizer last night. He is fine, a bit sleepy with arm soreness. I am going to try to get an appointment today as my age group was approved yesterday.

Whoops – came here to post this and forgot after seeing Beata’s news.

What a difference a Democrat makes.

@31. :boggle: we have an actual government. :boggle:

Beata, glad you made it through!

I wonder when Fredster is likely to get his vax? Be nice to know all our Widdershins group made it to the end of the tunnel.

@32: I was lined up to get mine at a local pharmacy when they called me back saying they were shorted on their shipment and to check back with them next week. It’s fine with me, I’m not going anywhere.

Fredster, I hope you can get your shot soon and have no side effects!

My SO got his J&J jab at the same time I did. He was “a little tired” the next day. I’m glad he was okay because I needed his support, literally, since I couldn’t even stand up by myself for several days.

Beata, Glad you’re back with us! I’ve heard the J&J 1-shot vaccine can be harder because your immune system has to get in virus-fighting condition without any practice ahead of time. My 2nd Pfizer shot had me mostly in bed for 3-4 days, though not as bad as you. I could get up though I didn’t want to. Fever, chills, truck-run-over body aches, hideous fatigue. Still better than getting hospitalized. Glad you had your SO with you to help. Mine had only 1 day of moderate symptoms.

Fredster, I hope you can be vaccinated soon. It’s infuriating that in some places it’s pretty straightforward to get the vaccine if you’re eligible, and in other places not. I suppose it would be worse if the former guy were still (not) in charge.

Luna, my doctor said the side effects I had showed I was developing a strong immunity to Covid. Said I won’t get Covid after the way I reacted to that jab! Don’t know if that’s true or my doc was just trying to make me feel better.

Yeah, truck-run-over body pain describes it well or maybe hit by a train. A big train, not a cute little one like in Mr. Roger’s neighborhood.

I heard from my physician friend that the side effects of the vaccines are much stronger in general for women, and that the older you are, the fewer side effects you’re likely to get. Hubby (68) is tired and his arm is sore, but otherwise is doing fine. My dad (79) and his GF of the same age had no symptoms at all.

That being said, my colleague who is a few years older than I am (mid-50s) was in bed with a fever the day after. I’m going to let my colleagues know that I might be MIA after my first shot…

All the men I know have had very mild reactions to the vaccines. Women do seem to have more serious side effects. I wonder if we develop stronger immunity as a result?

I can tell ya that some of us older folks have have very strong symptoms from the vaccine.

Beata *hugs* Sorry you had such a strong reaction!!! But glad you are feeling better and yes, such a relief to be vaccinated.

My parents have still not done it. They do watch Russian news (out of Russia/Putin), so they are weird on the vaccine… Russian news is basically Fox.

@38, yes, women generally develop strong immunity. With covid-19 we’ve also seen that although women contract the infection at the same rate as men, the women have a less severe course and are less likely to be hospitalized or to die. Doesn’t appear that the men can just self-identify into womanhood and fool the virus. Lol.

There’s a registry of de-identified data on patients in my sub-specialty for tracking covid-19 cases and outcome, to see if the drug they’re on has any connection with rate or severity of infection. It asks for “Gender: male, female, or nonbinary,” which makes me snort at the idea of a virus being flummoxed by a ‘nonbinary’ person. I did raise the question of shouldn’t biological sex be used, but was told that the gender ID question had the standard university wording. ((eyeroll))

At any rate, with as sick as Beata and I got from our vaccines we should be able to send the covid-19 virus running!

Part of an article on CNN –

Is it true second doses are worse than the first?
The Johnson & Johnson vaccine requires only one dose, but the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines require two doses.
It’s true that some people have reported stronger side effects after their second doses, according to both Pfizer and Moderna.
But again, that’s another sign the vaccines are doing what they’re supposed to.

“With the first dose, you are having to generate an immune response from the ground up,” said Michael Worobey, an evolutionary biology professor at the University of Arizona.
The body produces antibodies, but also starts to generate immune cells called B cells to make targeted antibodies — and that takes time, Worobey said.

“Then the second time you give a person the shot, those cells are sitting around like a clone army and can immediately start producing a very big immune response, which is what is happening when people feel like they have been kicked in the teeth.”

Don’t freak out if you get these side effects from a Covid-19 vaccine. They can actually be a good sign

Shadow, I’m glad you posted that link. I was feeling guilty after I wrote about my serious reaction to the vaccine, worrying that it might cause people to be afraid to get the jab. Yes, my reaction was bad. It was probably quite rare. But I would do it again, knowing that I have immunity to severe Covid now. Feeling sick from the vaccine was nothing compared to getting Covid. So don’t be afraid! Most people have mild reactions. Just a few of us are “special” and feel like we’ve been hit by a truck or a train.

Isn’t it pleasant to not have Trump in the headlines daily, to not have his outrageous antics several times daily? I am so very grateful for this gift.

@45 – MsMass, it is a beautiful thing! I see pictures of him now and am surprised that he still exists.

Meanwhile, Matt Gaetz worse and worse. Now there’s evidence that he used the House floor to show his fellow predators pictures of naked women, and used Joel Greenberg as a source for prostitutes, some of whom were underaged.

Which Republican has called for his resignation? [cricket cricket cricket]

I am also grateful. The sun is shining. Flowers and trees are blooming. Birds are singing. It’s a gorgeous day! Enjoy it!

Vita non est vivere, sed valere vita est.

I’m with all of you feeling that huge burden lifted off of my shoulders by getting the vaccine and not having to freak out daily from the ex-thug in our House.

I have been gardening and enjoying the warming weather and hope all that are waiting for their vaccines, get one very soon.

For our SE Widdershinners!

Beata, here’s another and satirical description by a MD after he got the 2nd dose.

Op-Ed: That Second Vaccine Shot!
— ZDoggMD talks first-hand on the second vax dose and why it’s a doozy

So that second coronavirus shot, it is a doozy. And I’ll tell you, I say that from personal experience. I was knocked on my a** by that thing. So the first shot I got, Moderna, blew it off, a little sore arm, no big deal, right? The second shot, a month later eight hours after the shots happened I was having fevers, shaking, chills muscle aches felt like I got hit by a train. Throbbing headache, couldn’t sleep. The arm was like red and swollen. I was just behaving like a complete diva, like, you know, telling Mrs. Dogg, oh, woe is me. The kids are putting electric blankets on me.

And that’s the innate immune system. And the way it responds is it sees something foreign and it just goes, okay, fire the torpedoes, right?

And then now the immune system has seen this spike protein and it’s learned, so B-cells, T-cells have recognized it and said, okay, next time this happens. We are going apes**t on this. And that happens with the second dose.

@51: Hey, I didn’t even need a 2nd dose! The train hit me and left me immobile by the side of the tracks with one jab.

Thank you J&J!

@52, Beata, you got the best and the worst in one dose!

I wonder what it will feel like if in the future, we need boosters for the variants?

Yipes, could be like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

The variants still have most of the architecture, so to speak, of the original virus. I think boosters wouldn’t be as hard on us as the earlier shots.

Amazon admits it was wrong to suggest its workforce never needs to pee in bottles on the job

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates the holiday!

I am no longer a Christian but I have wonderful childhood memories of my mother waking us up on Easter morning by saying ” He is risen!”, having Easter egg hunts in the back yard, enjoying Easter dinners at my grandparents’ house ( Grandmother was a fabulous cook! ) and the glorious feeling of rebirth after a long dark winter.

Have a lovely day!


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