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Activist Wednesday: What’s with Male New York Democrats?

Posted on: March 3, 2021

It seems that 99.9% of all political sex offenders are always Republicans, but the .01% of Democrats all seem to come from New York! I’m annoyed, pissed off and disappointed at how these New York Democratic men have been conducting themselves over the past several years. Governor Cuomo is only the latest example of Manhattan Men Behaving Badly (and frankly, I want him to wait out the investigation because something smells Al Franken-y about this one). Is there something in the water?!

2008 – Governor Eliot Spitzer, a rock star of the Party and seemingly headed for higher office, was caught using prostitutes – and didn’t hide the money trail so well either.

The investigation of Spitzer was initiated after North Fork Bank[1] reported suspicious transactions to the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network as required by the Bank Secrecy Act, which was enhanced by Patriot Act provisions, enacted to combat terrorist activity such as money laundering.[2] Spitzer had at least seven liaisons with prostitutes from the agency over six months, and paid more than $15,000 for their services. Federal agents had him under surveillance twice in 2008.[3][4][5] According to published reports, investigators believe Spitzer paid up to $80,000 for prostitutes over a period of several years – first while he was attorney general, and later as governor.[6][7][8] Governor Spitzer, referred to as “Client 9” in an affidavit filed in US Federal Court,[9] arranged to meet at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington on February 13, 2008 with a prostitute named “Kristen”. “Kristen” was later identified as 22-year-old Ashley Dupré.[10][11] She intended to travel from New York City for the planned tryst and Spitzer agreed in advance that he “would be paying for everything—train tickets, cab fare from the hotel and back, mini-bar or room service, travel time and hotel”.[12] After the meeting on February 13, 2008, Spitzer paid her $4,300 in cash.[13] The payment included $1,100 as a deposit with the agency toward future services.[14]

2011 – Next there was Democrat Anthony Weiner, an up-and-coming seven-term New York Representative whom MadamaB saw speak at a single-payer advocacy group meeting (he was terrific) – but alas, he couldn’t keep it in his pants either, and ended up several years later disgraced, divorced from Hillary’s BFF Huma Abedin, and registered as a sex offender. WTAF!

2018 – Now this one was ugly and mind-boggling. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (yes I voted for him!) was a long-time favorite in the Empire State. He had a history of advocacy for liberal causes, including the cause of protecting women from harassment and abuse.

In its first year in office, the Trump administration sought to scrap numerous Obama-era environmental regulations which Trump had often referred to as an impediment to business.[40] Saying, “Over and over again, the Trump administration has put the profits of multinational polluters over the health and well-being of everyday Americans,” Schneiderman filed over 50 lawsuits opposing Trump’s environmental revisions.[41]
In February 2018, Schneiderman brought a civil rights lawsuit against The Weinstein Company, alleging the company “repeatedly broke New York law by failing to protect its employees from pervasive sexual harassment, intimidation, and discrimination”. The lawsuit delayed the sale of The Weinstein Company with the Attorney General adding, “Any sale of the Weinstein Company must ensure that victims will be compensated.”[42][43]

When it came out that four women had accused Schneiderman of physical and emotional abuse, I really couldn’t believe it, but the women were credible and it was clear he had to resign.

Now in case you were noticing that all these men are Jewish, take heart! There’s a Christian on this list as well.

2021 – New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo is caught up in yet another cosmic clusterf*ck. Is he corrupt and a sexual harasser? Is he the victim of a setup a la Al Franken? I don’t know, but frankly, I’m tired of hearing about all this sh*t from New York Democratic men.

Maybe try electing a woman now and then, eh Noo Yawk?

Tawk amongst yerselves!

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Great post, MB. It’s important to take these allegations seriously. So far, Cuomo’s explanations and “apologies” for his behavior have been appalling and pathetic. Maybe I just need to get a sense of humor. Also “smile more”.

I was already “less than happy” about Cuomo’s lying about, I mean “underreporting”, the number of nursing home deaths in New York due to Covid. Okay, I am livid about it. It’s criminal in my opinion. I can only imagine the pain and suffering nursing home residents and their loved ones have endured.

@1 – I couldn’t agree more. The nursing home lying was dreadful. I am trying to stay open minded about the allegations of sexual harrassment.

I think we need to stop demanding immediate resignation of anyone who is accused of sexual harrassment. The next step in that case should be an investigation. This would set a good precedent for the 99.9% of elected Republicans who just dismiss the allegations and keep on going. Imagine if Madison Cawthorn had to face that in the public eye, or Ronny Jackson (last thread)! It might even discourage some of these freaks from running.

MB, I agree that investigations into Cuomo’s behavior must take place. Franken was forced out of office without any due process which was a big mistake. He deserved better.

I am troubled as I wrote above that so far, Cuomo’s reaction to the allegations has been a “I was just kidding around” non-apology apology. To me, that is a sign that he did at least say some inappropriate things. We will wait and see what the investigations reveal.

One possibility is that the nasty behavior toward women is endemic among most male politicians, a group that self-selects for those who think they’re God’s gift to everyone.

Just based on my own career in much less TV-ready academe, I’d be very surprised if that weren’t true.

If so, then that crap is available as blackmail whenever needed.

And it’s *very* interesting how often this garbage against Dem politicians surfaces when it can be used to distract and divide Dems, as well as eliminate rising stars. (Weiner does fit that pattern, since he could be weaponized against Clinton.)

I mean, this stuff hits the news just as the Dump’s tax records appear. Similar timing with that previous AG (Eliot Richardson?) when he started getting close on something, I even forget what. (Also Dump or Repub-related, I think.)

There’s a pattern. Could just be Repubs, could be Putin helping Repubs, who knows. But something stinks.

None of which is to say that the atrocious behavior of all these goddamn entitled elite menz shouldn’t be called out and punished when that’s deserved. But how about we start with the actual rapists?

Q, men in academe! Don’t get me started about them. Like starting with my father, who thought the world revolved around him. They really do think they are G-d’s gift to the world and women exist merely to serve them, sexually and every other way.

I share the concern of Cuomo possibly being Al-Frankened…especially when Gillibrand is on the bandwagon. Every person deserves an outside investigation. Keep politics out of it.

There are different degrees of interaction between men and women and same sex pairs, and people have to be careful where they draw the line when it comes to real sexual harassment and just normal flirting.

It seems that flirting is fine when the person starting the action is desirable, and awkward when they aren’t. How many times have we all had to let an undesirable know we are not interested.
I just don’t want someone like Gillibrand making up rules for everyone on where to draw the line.

Franken was outspoken in wanting to go through a proper investigation. He should have had that, as should be the case with anyone accused.

Most women don’t lie about sexual assault but unfortunately a few will. It looks like men who are Democrats get more calls and expectations to resign than do the Republicans, regardless of evidence.

As for which field has the most predatory men, I think that we’ll find these abuses in any area where men with positions of substantial power are around women who have little or no power.

Texas and now Mississippi (by March 10) have state-wide parties to welcome covid-19, as all medical precautions are thrown out. Time to buy stock in coffin manufacturers and for-profit hospitals.

I agree with you.

These days things are changing with some women. They can be just as sexually aggressive with men or boys when they are older or in more powerful positions. When my son was in his teens, young girls would chase after him in ways most previous generations of girls/women never did. Believe me, I am no prude but these girls were so aggressive I had to sometimes intervene.

I’ve also seen women in more powerful positions take advantage of young men that are in less senior positions, I saw this daily where I used to work.

So I don’t believe only men should be called out on bad behavior, but also females that are doing the same.

IMO, if the ‘Me Too’ movement goes too far into blindness, then all the good it has done will be washed away.

The last story about Cuomo, that he was hitting on someone at a wedding, really does not sound like sexual harassment at all. He’s single and he hit on someone at a wedding. She didn’t like it, walked away. There was no retaliation. Why is this being used against him? Because he’s older and that automatically makes it inappropriate? To me that story seems to really be stretching the outrage cycle to ridiculous levels.

A couple of things from the previous post:

Luna, I think the archbishop in Nola might be using that as a diversionary tactic since yesterday was the last day people (men?) could file claims against the archdiocese for sexual abuse claims.

Beata, checked the parish c.o.a. website and there wasn’t anything there about covid shots. I’m guessing if anyone contacted them they would advise them to contact the parish hospital.


“Some primates can delay gratification, along with dogs, albeit inconsistently. Corvids, too, have passed the marshmallow test.”

@6 & 7: That’s my concern also, that he’s not Frankened. Have an investigation and make it thorough.

@10, DYB, I agree; the wedding incident sounds waaay overblown.

@11, Fredster, agree it could be a distraction but it’s still ridiculous at the least and dangerous at the worst to tell people not to do something which is allowed by the Pope and might save their lives.

Dolly donated millions to help Moderna develop a vaccine and she revised her song…it’s great.

Definitely feel that whenever there is a rising star in the Democratic Party, there always seems to be a sudden rash of allegations. Even Biden had to face a persistent fake rape allegation by a grifter who was pushed forward aggressively by the Bernouts. She was a total liar but still almost got away with it!

Cuomo has so far made me uncomfortable too.

I do feel that the idea that any man hitting on me whenever is not harassment because if a hot guy did it it would be fine, is a bogus argument. I am just living my life and I don’t think a man should just randomly hit on me. Context is very important.

@17, MB, I wonder just what “hit on” means. If a person shows interest but is not crass or aggressive, and takes “no” for “no,” without complaint, that’s one thing. To come on aggressively with pawing is not OK, nor is repeatedly ignoring “get the hell away.”

MAGAt neoNazis are at it again. Why the hell can’t America keep the House of Representatives free from invasion?

House scraps plans for Thursday session after security officials warn of possible plot to breach Capitol

The House scrapped plans for a Thursday session after security officials warned of a possible plot by an unnamed militant group to breach the Capitol. The decision to move up votes on legislation to Wednesday night came after officials warned of credible threats of violence circulated by right-wing extremists that March 4 is the “true Inauguration Day” when former president Donald Trump will be sworn in for a second term. The Senate plans to be in session Thursday.

“The windows are unbreakable!”

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starship rocket lands successfully but then explodes

Don’t most girls know what it means to be “hit on” by the time they are 13 or 14? I know I did, especially when it was by older boys or men in positions of authority. It’s not difficult to define.

@20, Beata, guess I didn’t explain myself well. I think of my 2nd example when I hear “hit on” but some may think it means the first example. As for aggressive sexual attention, yep, 13. No, make that 12 as I look back.

That’s fascinating about the cuttlefish, forgot to say. Either that test isn’t very hard or cuttlefish are scary smart! (Or both!)

Context is important when we are talking about being hit on. If I am in a bar and seeking fun (which hasn’t happened since my mid twenties, haha!), I am advertising that I’m available. Any guy can come up and flirt; but even in that context I have had to fend off gross unwanted attention.

When I’m walking down the street and guys whistle and catcall and honk.their horns, I feel violated and offended. I am just doing my thing and I’m a person, not an object. I don’t want their commentary and I don’t want to be told to smile to lighten their day. They don’t own me!

We’re all talking about the same thing: unwanted rude attention is nothing but a way of telling us we’re not real people, just some kind of class of critters to be used for “fun” or as servants or whatever.

But I think part of Luna’s point is that in some contexts — and as you say, mb, context means a lot — simply expressing interest is not inappropriate. But it sure seems like somebody, Repubs and/or who-knows-who and/or just free-floating desire for fame or money, is turning *any* sexuality-adjacent interaction into a disgrace.

As I said, there’s almost infinite room for improvement there. Starting with the Dumps and Kavanaughs and actual rapists. That would seem like the place to start if your actual concern was stopping awfulness instead of smearing nationally known Dems.

The House passed HR 1, the voting rights act!

Now force it through the Senate, Dems. It’s the single most important thing out there. Nothing to save the planet is doable without stopping minority rule.

Don’t let Manchin and Sinema and Burnie do a Tanden on this!

that is great Q!

I don’t think Flynn, Drumpf and Putin are going to be happy about this.

@25, MB, from that article: “…some companies will shift jurisdiction rather than reveal their beneficial owners.” Yep, not happy!

And big context about Cuomo is that he is a jerk in general. He is a bully and always has been. People can project him being a bully generally to him being a sexual predator. I’m not convinced those two things always go together, but they often do. Whether or not that’s the case with Cuomo, I don’t know. If I can trust the AG James to investigate Trump, I’ll trust her to do it with Cuomo. But hitting on someone at a wedding and taking “no” for an answer doesn’t seem like harassment to me.

@27: Then the question would be why was he hitting on her to begin with? Just thinking out loud.

They’re not too bright.

Biden’s not following the science when he wants to re-open schools.

Seems to track with the way kids spread colds and flu to their households. Totally unexpected, I know.

@31, quixote, when I worked in a family-practice clinic where I saw lots of mothers with small children, I caught far more colds than I do now working in an adult medicine clinic. Well, when I was seeing patients face-to-face. I’ve been doing only telehealth the last 11 months.

@28 Fredster> Cuomo is single. Why wouldn’t a single person hit on someone at a wedding? I’ve done that! (Also unsuccessfully.)

Meanwhile this dumbass:

DYB, how are you feeling after your Pfizer shot? I hope all is going well.

I don’t know, but isn’t there a big difference between ‘hitting on someone’ and flirting with someone?

Every man I have ever loved has let me know they were interested by flirting. None of them were creeps nor made me run for the hills.

When someone was more aggressive and didn’t pick up subtle hints, I spoke up right away and they backed off. Yes, most of these where men that thought they had ‘power over me’, bosses…etc.

I am sure there are women and men that may not feel comfortable telling their boss to, “Back off Jack!”…but to instead speak up on tv and report them to higher ups, shows that these women are not timid. If they told him this was unwanted attention, and they kept it up, then that’s another issue.

IMO,Coumo shouldn’t resign unless the investigation shows real harassment occurred, not just foolish drunken flirtation. The incidents at work hopefully don’t show a pattern.The timing of these accusations is suspicious and it has all the flavor of a Roger Stone project. Damn, I wish he was still in prison.

@35 Shadowfax, thanks for asking! I’ve had virtually no reaction to the 1st shot at all. My arm was only mildly sore the next day. On a scale of 1 to 10, it was a 1. I hope my reaction to the 2nd shot is just as mild! Two weeks to go.

I read that according to new studies, the Pfizer shot provides huge protections even after the first shot. It also seems that they’ve discovered the Pfizer vaccine does not have to be stored in those super-freezing refrigerators?

NYC began using the J&J vaccine yesterday. New vaccination sites are opening up, especially in neighborhoods with older populations. On Monday night Javits opened up thousands of new appointments overnight. Amazing that people can get there at 2am to get it done. Hopefully the ramp-up continues. I hope the begin using Madison Square Garden for mass vaccinations as well. At the moment Manhattan residents don’t have a dedication vaccinations site. Yankee Stadium is for Bronx residents only. Citifield (Mets) is for Queens residents. There are a few smaller one in Brooklyn just for Brooklyn residents. Nothing comparable for Manhattanites. Javits serves entire state.

@30 and 31> SO hold on, now it’s been determined kids can be super spreaders of Covid? For a year people have been claiming kids were safe. And people keep insisting schools reopen fully without vaccinating teaches. I’m confused….

@39, yeah. Funny how that works. You’d almost get the impression people are desperate for the babysitting function of schools and everything else be damned.

The data about kids super-spreading has been out for *months*.

DYB, great to hear that your Pfizer shot was a very smooth go and that NY has really ramped up.

DYB and Q, I agree that parents are pushing to get their children out of the house and it does seem more like a babysitting issue for a large percentage of those talking about it. Not even wanting to wait for teachers to be vaccinated or for the schools to have their ventilation systems fixed first.

Yep, we’ve known that kids are superspreaders since a couple-three months into this pandemic. Anyone who wants to reopen in-person schools now is putting parents’ convenience ahead of common sense and public-health policy. Even governors and other politicians who have bans on concerts, 100% capacity restaurants, etc., are calling for schools to be reopened. Gov. Inslee’s said this can be done safely, but also Biden’s called for states to reopen schools. Teachers’ unions are much less sure it’s a good idea.

I’m not aware of evidence that remote learning is inferior to face-to-face learning. If anything it would allow for more individualization. And as Shadowfax points out, schools need to have ventilation systems overhauled — how fast can that be done? It’ll take years. There are even calls for schools to reopen before all the teachers and staff are vaccinated.

The business about reopening before workers are vaccinated is the utter and revealing limit. That tells you what the real priorities are.

As for online vs face-to-face, speaking as a Professional here and not just an Amateur Who Is Right About Everything, there’s been a lot of work done on that (even before the plague). Basically, advanced students who need some training in specific skills do as well or better with online classes. Accountants getting advanced certification, math grad students working on matrix algebra, biologists getting background on the chemistry and physics of tubulin. That kind of thing. Anything that requires hands-on experience, eg how to synthesize tubulin, is iffy even at an advanced level. At the other end of the scale are beginners. In anything. So, pretty much all of grade school. Any lab or art classes in high school (yes, I know, nobody has art classes, but you know what I mean). Any introductory classes, ie most of them, even in high school. Etc, etc etc.

Online learning is also not terribly good for anything where new ideas need to be batted around: philosophy seminars, for instance.

There are ways to mitigate the problems. The Australians have some of the best distance ed. They’ve found it’s crucial to have the students come together face to face in the beginning, middle , and end of semesters. The teachers are specially trained. The whole thing is way *more* expensive than face to face teaching. It is definitely not something any old untrained parent can do in their spare time while working from home.

All that said, one group of students can be well served by online learning: the ones who cannot speak up in a class but can online. For that reason a hybrid model, where there are online components to classes where that works, tends to work best for the most students.

So, anyway, tl:dr; online learning is not something you can throw at the wall, hope it sticks, and save bags of money.

It doesn’t begin to take the place of face to face learning without a lot of extra effort and money. There was nothing anyone could do about the disastrous spring of 2020. But they could have used those months and the summer to get real online learning worked out, provided the resources, and had a reasonable distanced year fall 2020-spring 2021.

But doing boring expensive stuff like “provide resources” is never on the menu with administrators, it seems.

They are voting on the Senate ARP right now.

Ron Johnson yells NO like a lunatic. Lisa votes no even though her amendment made it in.

The voice vote is done and they only had 49 Rethugs in the room due to Sullivan from Alaska not being there, so no VP tiebreaker needed! Now back to the House and Pelosi will get it passed ASAP.

We did it Shinners!

Oh, happy day!


Something good happened, finally! Yes, now it’s Nancy’s turn to do her House magic.

Look at the nice suit, shirt and tie Joe has on….who ever picked out that shirt with that tie deserves a raise…maybe it was Jill.

@46, Yippee!

@43, q, thanks for the summary on online learning and those situations it’s best suited for. I was being glib. Yes, it’d never replace seminars or anything where hands-on experience is essential. But I’m good with self-paced learning and often felt held back in classes where everyone has to go at the same speed or do group projects. I fervently agree that to assume parents can take the place even part-time of trained teachers is unrealistic.

Need to push for statehood for PR and DC. Plus, we’d get 4 more senators!

So my adult son, (health care worker), just got his second Pfizer shot at noon, ran around getting food, etc and picking up lunch for me. We spent about two hours together and 2.5 hr. after he got the shot, he got this wave of sleepiness and left quickly to drive home before he felt worse.
FYI, wishing all the best with their second vaccine.

Especially wishing all that are still waiting for their first shot.

@54 Jeeeeesus.

These people are professionals. I’m sure they’ve long ago figured out which angles maximize clicks. But this is getting ridiculous.

Next they’ll be realizing that Alex Whatsisname was right all along and publishing stories about slave colonies on Mars. Bet that gets *loads* of clicks.


54 & 55

My comment for the next four years to the Deplorable whiners on the other side of the vote, with continuous laugher…


Shadowfax, your son’s immune system is on guard! Fatigue’s really common after that 2nd shot.

Hmmm. Yes,something feels Biden-Franken about this…

Luna, yes his immune system is getting ready for a fight.

58 MB, I agree.

Her speeches to the press seem strange to me. She is 25, said she and Cuomo were friends for a year and then she felt he was priming her for sexual abuse.
Who talks like that at twenty five without some outside influence?

Seems dishonest to me, at the least.

Agree Shadow!

Check this out. DYB, did you know this was in the bill?

Manchin signals he will support changes to the filibuster. Mwahahaha. Suck it QOP.

Copy-catted from JJ over at SD.

@64 – indeed!!!!

Don’t mess with kitty. Those swats can be very bloody.

While visiting a friend, many moons ago, I got grabbed by the resident cat for making the mistake of letting a part of my arm hang over the edge of the couch. I popped up into the air like a jack-in-the-box…screaming, “What the Hell?” I’ll never forget it.

@66 – LOL Shadow!

Happy International Women’s Day Women’s Day Shinners!

Happy IWD!

Biden’s change may be well-intentioned, but it’s infuriating that the Council for women and girls has to give way to men. This is one example of why the use of ‘gender’ instead of ‘sex’ is harmful. Would they change a Council for people of color to include whites in the name of inclusivity? Don’t take over women’s space, create a new space for the men! It’s not difficult.

The name change to the Gender Policy Council is intentional, according to Council co-chair Jennifer Klein, who has worked on women’s issues going back to the Clinton administration.

“We are very inclusive in our definition of gender,” Klein said in a White House briefing Monday. “We intend to address all sorts of discrimination and fight for equal rights for people, whether that’s LGBTQ+ people, women, girls, men.”

Yup. If women are discriminated against based on gender, not sex, well, then it somehow escaped my notice. Possibly rapists slink off, mumbling apologies, when their female victim yells, “I’m a man” ?

And bosses, of course, instantly raise the salaries of transmen to match their male peers, right? And female fetuses aren’t aborted if they strike a macho pose on the ultrasound?

Besides being horribly damaging to women, this stuff is so STUPID.

My next post will be about this topic of diluting women’s and girls’ needs by throwing in the needs of men. I’ll share more about this when I have my thoughts fleshed out.

@67: There was an item on my phone calendar that March is Women’s History Month.

Ugh…I’ve been sniffling and blowing nose the last few days because tree and grass pollen have been sky high.

Luna, MB & Q, I’m with you on diluting Women’s day to include everyone…once again women are only recognized as an insignificant part of everybody.

Bad idea Biden – for thinking that’s okay or even honorable. Women should pick their own damn day to celebrate and April 1st should be the day for men…although, everyday is an advantage (generally speaking, for men).

Sorry DYB and Fredster, I am speaking in general about men, not trying to disparage you.

“April 1st should be the day for men.” LOL, I’m sure you were joking — except about men like the Orange Caligula, Mitch the Turtle, and their like.

Male allies are appreciated!

Fredster, how are you doing at finding anything to help your allergies? Mine are bothering me too, with all the spring tree pollen in the air. If I use Flonase or similar it helps but then after a few days I’m too likely to get nosebleeds. The oral antihistamines help a bit but not much. Well, there’s always sudafed but then I get sorta gabbly. I have a presentation to write today and I need to be concise (normally easy for me) and not extrapolate too far.

MB, I have a lot of bookmarked quotes, reference sites, and tweets on this subject. I was thinking of writing a post on spec for here, sometime when my work writing settles down.

Here’s an example setting the statistics straight, and the referenced page has more charts w/stats. Of course, murder is wrong no matter who it’s done to.

That interview with Meghan and Harry is heart breaking. So much like how Lady Diana was treated with racism thrown in for Meghan.
I hope they stay safe and thrive in Santa Barbara.

Luna, I usually take levoceterizine (?) during the day but it’s dealing with the sniffles and stuff until it starts working,

I use the generic flonase at night before I go to sleep and yes I’ve had an episode or two of a nose bleed but not bad.

@76: YES!! Do that post!!

Here’s a thread of non-women taking up space in International Women’s Day. It’s especially noxious for treating black women in the same category as transwomen, as all too commonly done by the gender extremists.

Note: most transpeople are not extremists, and know they are not the same as biological women or men, or they wouldn’t need to transition in the first place, and know that after transition they’re still not biological women or men. It’s only the gender ideologues who think that after they self-id as a woman they just need to adopt stereotypical women’s clothes and cosmetics to be real women. Plus these extremists are telling butch lesbians that they’re really trans. “Transing away the gay.” It would truly be stunning and brave to feel comfortable for men to wear what they want — including dresses and makeup — and feel OK as men. You can’t change biology. Change the culture!

Lesbians are disappointed and disgusted by the number of transmen on lesbian dating sites. Many don’t even try to look like women, though we can tell 99% of the time anyway (women have unfortunately had to have this ability for tens of thousands of years). Some have 20% – 30% transwomen, most who still have penises. Sorry, guys, you’re on the wrong dating app. Lesbians are same-sex attracted.

Is there an large influx of transmen on gay dating apps/sites?


@81: >Lesbians are same-sex attracted.

So wtf don’t the guys understand about that unless they are looking for a 3 way with two lesbians and I wouldn’t see that happening.

It looks like bigpink has been suspended. Hope it’s gone forever.

@84: Who is big pink?

Not to take away from Luna’s eventual piece, which I’d love to read too!, there’s lots out there to draw on. I’ll link a few of the pieces on my blog, for anyone here who might be interested in it.

Way too long, but I was cross at the time about the Democrats stupidly sacrificing women, who, hello?, are their footsoldiers and voters. (Has extensive refs to the comparative violence stats which are “ready to use” so to speak.) The Wokeus Dei are pushing us into a Republican Trap.

About being reality-based: Denial, Inequality, and Ignorance. Oh my.

About category errors. Biology is one thing, social customs aare another. It’s simple. Sex is a fact. Gender is a story.

I also just yesterday saw a brilliant thread on twitter by Danial Webb.

My views remain largely unchanged from then. If a man or woman wishes to live their life as a woman or man, whatever that means, we should do all we can to help make their way through life without any additional hassle.

But let’s be clear; it’s a polite fiction. Each encounter being one of the gazillion civilities required for a compassionate, decent and open society to thrive.

I started to question the overreach of trans orthodoxy when this polite fiction began to be mistaken for fact. Support became performative….

As someone who’s been very down on Biden during the primaries, I feel I should say that I’ve been downright impressed with his first fifty-ish days. His Executive Orders have largely been right on target, he’s been firing people who need to be fired (um, get on with DeJoy, by the way!), the covid Relief Act has got a ton of good news buried in the fine print. Good news! Not bad news! I’m not used to this.

I have to say that all this is enough of a departure from his good old days that I, maybe unfairly, am wondering how much credit should go to Harris and Jill Biden and the other excellent people he’s had the intelligence to surround himself with.

In any case, good on him! Way to go! And most important, keep going!

Fredster @85

Ooo, I get my second Moderna tomorrow. I’m excited and hope I don’t get too sick. I didn’t feel that great after the first shot.

@89 Shadowfax> Yay!!!

@61 madamab> I did not know that. In fact I checked the prices for insurance yesterday. The cheapest insurance on the exchange was $470, with $6,700 deductible and no prescription coverage until the deductible is paid off.

Did you see Piers Morgan quit his TV show in the UK? And before quitting he stormed off the set because the incredibly hot weather man told Piers off for being obsessed with Meghan Markle. It’s glorious. (And the weather man, Alex Beresford, is glorious. Just google him.)

DYB@38, That’s great news about the Pfizer vax. I hope you have an easy time with the second.

I agree with all of you that the nutty parents demanding their kids go back to school are looking for babysitting. Shameful. Why can’t these idiots just hold out a little longer?


Randy is great.

@95 – Fantastic! D, definitely check the provisions in the bill. Your life might really change!

Also D, check your email. 🙂

@89, Shadowfax, the Moderna 2nd vaccine has reportedly much less in after-affects than is the Pfizer vax.

@83, yep, same-sex attracted. Not same-gender (whateverthehell that is) attracted. There are plenty of transwomen with intact genitalia who proclaim that lesbians can have dicks and if you don’t want to sleep with a be-penised lesbian you’re transphobic. Which is why so many lesbians are “getting the L out!” and several LGB groups have split off from the Ts as their issues are different. LGB UK, US, Canada, to name a few. Interesting that it’s the transwomen (males) who are hassling women to accept them whereas the transman (females) don’t seem to be doing this. I suspect the gender-identified as ‘female’ intact genitalia’d men are AGPs.

Of course, it’s the extremists who are the problem, not regular trans people who just want to live their lives and aren’t conceited enough to get angry and make threats at someone who doesn’t want to sleep with them.

Luna @80, I looked at it. Good grief.

Shadow@84, Those nice folks?

Quixote @86, Very interesting, thanks for posting that. Love Wokeus Dei. The Danial Webb comment is very good.


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