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Activist Wednesday: Pity the poor media…

Posted on: February 24, 2021

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year…Meh!

When all they have to write about is a Democratic government running smoothly and doing good things.

For almost six years they have had an endless gusher of outrage and horror to drive clicks and views. Der Drumpfenfuhrer was great for the bottom line. If he happened to only do ten terrible things in one day, the media could always dive into his tweets for fresh doses of red meat. Racism! Sexism! Fascism! Incitement to insurrection! Disturbing dictator love letters! They were all there, always there, 24-7, an endlessly regenerating perpetual motion machine of content to feed the perpetual news cycle.

But alas, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are only saving the country from coronavirus by increasing the amount of vaccines by 70% in one month. They are merely nominating the most diverse Cabinet of all time. They are simply holding informative and truthful press briefings every day, repairing the damage Drumpf did to our international relationships, re-entering the Paris Climate Accords, taking action to re-house migrant kids who have been separated from their families, reversing the transgender ban in the Army, creating space for us to mourn our 500,000 dead from COVID-19, and oh yes, live-streaming a dual press conference with Justin Trudeau. Sacre bleu! So, so…how you say…BOH-RING!

There is so little of value to report out of the Biden administration that CNN and all of the other major cable news networks are making sure to include the “other perspective” (aka alternate facts) from the reality they would have preferred: Donald didn’t do anything wrong on January 6!! In alternate fact, maybe he still won! Oh, wouldn’t that have been wonderful for them? Then they could get away with sympathetically reporting on all the Drumpf voters still voting for him despite all the racism, misogyny and fascism – without any pushback from anyone. Those were the days baby! So they keep booking people like Matt Schlapp, a festulent pustule on The Former Guy’s butt, in prime time. Every Sunday they make sure they have “balance.” Gotta somehow get that crazy Nazi itch scratched!

Now some of the media punditry is not playing ball and yearning for the glory days when the Mango Moron was gleefully destroying our democracy every second of every day. Some refuse to pretend they have amnesia and don’t remember that the majority of elected Republicans supported Trump throughout every second of his Reign of Error, including after he incited an insurrection at the Capitol. Some won’t play along with the endless yammering at, and criticizing of Democrats for not being “bipartisan” with people who TRIED TO KILL THEM!

Witness the beauty of Rachel Maddow taking the Thugs to task and calling out their general bad faith. She doesn’t seem to wish Drumpf was back, at all. Huh.

I don’t know what it will take for the media to quit Drumpf, but I will say this: Joe Biden is more popular than Donald ever was. And his policies, such as the American Rescue Plan, are more popular still, And I hope the Powers that Be eventually realize that those pundits and outlets that cater to the majority of Americans who like Biden and hate Donnie, will be proven to be on the right side of history.

Open thread, folks!

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To respond to last thread on Manchin:

PJ, on Tanden and Biden. Someone yesterday made the argument on Twitter that it’s the people opposing Tanden who are expending capitol on their opposition. It didn’t start that way, but everyone flipped out over the obvious hypocrisy of being mad at her over tweets. Nobody is buying that. Perhaps people like Manchin are surprised by the blow-back. And now everyone is calling them liars and frauds, and they have to defend themselves. That was likely unexpected. This is going to cost them more than it will Biden or Tanden, even if she is ultimately not confirmed. The process will be seen as deeply unfair, racist and misogynistic. And people like Manchin are going to have that attached to them permanently. The fact that Biden is digging in on supporting Tanden means they, at the very least, see it as letting them build political capital, or chips, as you say. They see this as embarrassing Manchin, especially as we now find out Tanden publicly criticized Manchin’s daughter, who – as CEO of Mylan – oversaw that huge increase in price of EpiPens and got millions in compensation for it. While Manchin is also arguing $15 is too much as minimum wage. I think Manchin overplayed his hand. If he was smarter, he would have said after speaking to Tanden over the phone that he is “taking another look at her nomination.” That still would have given him room to vote Nay in the end, but at least it would have given him wiggle room. But he stupidly said he was still a No and now his line is drawn, and this vote is going to follow him for a long time. Ultimately there was just no reason to go against Tanden here. Nobody in West Virginia gives a crap about the OMB director’s nomination or her tweets. Why Manchin chose this as the hill to die on is stupid.

And reposting my last comment in the previous thread, posted just minutes before it got locked!

So go the result back and it’s NEGATIVE. Followed by small print that the result could be wrong. LOL
Luna, this would be my first shot.
I still have no fever and have not had a fever through the whole process. I am pretty sure it’s a cold. Weirdly overnight it feels like it got worse, but it’s getting into that messy phase where things start coming out. The cough is no longer dry. I’ve always identified this as the closing phase of a cold where the body expels all the crap. I hope that’s what it is.
And it’s the lack of a fever that I keep pointing to as “It can’t be Covid. I feel like I’d have a fever.” Wouldn’t a high fever be almost mandatory to having a thing like Covid?”

Oh and back to Tanden, it’s not just Manchin. It’s Bernie too. He made it about “but her tweets” because she has been very critical of him. And Bernie’s staff, people like David Sirota, Briahna Gray Joy, Nina Turner, have been absolutely vile to Tanden, and Tanden fought back. So this is personal for Bernie, he wants to sink her. And people are not letting him get away with it either.

Someone made a great point on twitter: If people with mean tweets are not allowed in an administration, who would serve in Bernie’s?

Yep – I agree DYB. I think the misogynistic and racist old men (Bernie and Joe Manchin) are going to be the losers here. They thought they were dealing with Obama who valued “bi-partisanship” over results.

They were wrong.

DYB, glad and relieved to hear you’re negative! As for the fine print, it’s the old problem with proving a negative :S. Easier to miss a few traces of virus (false neg) than to register a virus that isn’t there.

Anyway, good to hear. Thanks for letting us know!

@7 thanks quixote! Now I have to see, I guess, how I’m feeling by the weekend. Since I have no fever and the test is negative, I feel like I should go through with the 1st vaccine dose. Of course I don’t know if I’m just rationalizing it all to myself because I want the vaccine. If the only downside is that my side effects might be bad, I’m willing to deal with that. If there are greater risks involved, then that’s a different story. Any thoughts on this?

DYB, you always know your shit. Inside and out. I fucking love that! I mean it.

I didn’t know most of what you said before you said it (and you said it well). I freaking sincerely appreciate it.

I live in Drumpf-land. How can you respect people who love Trump? You can’t. But here I am. And they do. When you say Joe Manchin did something stupid, I’m like well… He *is* from West Virginia. So… But he did fuck up. I totally agree. You made a compelling argument.

The bar gets set so low for what you expect out of people you wouldn’t believe. It’s why I prefer the company of dogs.

So I’m just reporting… From Shitsville, USA. (where people think shit smells like heaven). Because the media always wants to know what we’re thinking! We think we’re GREAT, right? If only the whole country could be like West Virginia. Or Kansas. Wouldn’t that be GREAT?

re vaccine, I would agree, go ahead and get it. I’m not an expert on this though, that’s just general biologist’s intuition talking. As for bigger side effects, somehow I would guess the opposite, certainly for the major ones like fever or feeling sick. I’ll be curious to see what Luna has to say.

Now that I’ve read the post, I want to add that the treatment of Tanden has me furious. Before, I thought Manchin was a bit of a dimbulb weirdo. Now, I despise him. This is a jerk who voted for *Kavanaugh*.

As for Sanders, he’s been endlessly finger-wagging scum since forever. I’m finding out I can’t have more contempt for him than I already have. 😦

The Senate better get her confirmed. If they can’t even do that, what chance for voting rights? If they miss on voting rights, Biden-Harris is just a brief pause before more decades of utter slime.

Great post MB and I agree that it’s like bliss with the media not dragging us though the hourly psychoses of Donald Dumpster.

They are covering Tiger like he is the second coming of Christ. Grown men saying how the world loves Tiger because he is so handsome and tragic and golf’s king. How old ladies that don’t know the effin’ difference between a hockey puck and a golf ball would watch him for hours, swooning.

I just turn on the news to get the facts and listen to something else when these men swoon or repeat the same story over and over again.

@DYB, I’ve been reading a bit more and now think you should go ahead and get the vaccination, especially since it’s the 1st dose. Your symptoms don’t sound that bad. Even if you make a few less antibodies with the 1st dose due to still fighting off a cold, the booster (2nd) dose is the one that’s really going to train your immune system to recognize and fight off the covid virus.

As for if one should get the vaccine if one’s already had covid, there are findings that the number of antibodies made after infection is usually lower than what are made after vaccination with 2 doses. There are no formal studies on this, so we’re extrapolating from small numbers. Still, I’d say one should get the vaccine even if previously infected and recovered. I would not fear that the self-limiting side effects from the vaccine (aching, chills, even fever) are too horrible to go through — it’s temporary and many don’t have that much of a reaction. Yes, I felt awful myself for a few days but hey, compared to being ventilated or live with long-term neuro sequelae? Easy to see what’s least awful.

@6, that movie gave me nightmares for a week. I don’t see a reason to make or watch movies like that — unless it’s about the horrors of war and would leave viewers with a lasting commitment not to make war. There’s enough horrible scary shit in the world.

@11: I totally agree with the Tiger coverage yesterday. Nicolle Wallace spent almost the entire two hours of her show on Tiger. Puhleeze.

Maddow had an entire segment on people Manchin had voted for, including Kavanaugh (as stated above) and some others.

DYB, chances are that when you go to have your first Covid vaccine, they will ask you if you have a cough, a fever, sore throat, a runny nose or a cold, plus other questions. When I first signed up for an appointment to get my first vaccine, (and only one so far), these are also the same questions I had to answer.

After your shot, you can also sign up with a text service called ‘v-safe’ that will send you a text each day to see how you are feeling after your shot. They will ask you many questions, the same as I mentioned above and also many others to see if you have symptoms from the vaccine. This info. goes into the CDC database to help track the effects of the different vaccines. This information was given to me a long with paperwork about my vaccine.

I am only mentioning this because having a cold to start with might not be a good idea. My advice would be to contact the service that will be giving you the vaccine and see if you could move it out a week if they think it would be better.

Please keep us posted and great to hear your test was negative.

DYB, I have been worrying about having my second dose of Moderna 37 days past my first instead of 29 days or so. I couldn’t find a sooner date that was available. I finally talked to a nurse there and she assured me that a week later is still safe and good. She did look for a opening sooner but they were booked up. It at least made me feel better to talk to her.

A fuller moment with Connolly telling off Gym Jordan.

@14: I think it’s all so disrespectful to Tony. The original. Come on!

He’s the one who’s Grrrrrrrreat!

But not a peep about him from the media. Nada.

Seriously though, Tiger Woods makes me sick. He’s really good at hitting around a tiny ball and shit at being a human being. So Boorah! About the tiny ball thing.

This is going to be really bad of me to say…but I’m saying it. I’ve seen his dad’s tearful talking about giving his “gift”, his son, to the world. Bestowing this great wonder upon us. So um…. thanks?

If Mozart’s dad said that…You know, I would totally head bow. For real.

@18, Shadowfax, I think getting your 2nd dose around week late is OK. What’s not OK is they’re not setting up a date and scheduling you for the 2nd dose. It can turn into a huge mess trying to work out 2nd-dose scheduling for an uncertain number of people. Also hard for public-health depts to get firm figures on % of population who’ve been fully vaccinated.

@20, PJ

giving his “gift”, his son, to the world

*Snort!* Oh come on, what is he, Jesus Christ? Your son’s not that important and all you did was produce sperm.

Also, just how do you roll over a vehicle so it lands that far from the road? Takes some doing, even with sport-utes being tippy.

Luna @21
I totally agree that having your first dose should guarantee a person has their second dose on time.
I had to go outside my health care provider, Kaiser to get my first shot on Feb 3rd. Kaiser evidently has 25% of the CA population as their customers and yet was given a very limited amount of the vaccine. According to Kaiser’s last email, they appealed to the state government and won, they will be getting more vaccine in the future.
Unfortunately for me, most of the people I have spoken to who have gotten their (healthcare workers) vaccine by Kaiser have gotten the Pfizer vaccine and I had the Moderna…which is why I am sticking to my alternative, county support provider.

Mb, your post was most excellent. I really loved it. Saying the things I was thinking.

Sorry I didn’t say that before…

D, glad your test was negative. I would keep my appointment and see how I felt on the day. My mom had her second dose today. For the first few hours, no problems, now she feels nauseous. My sibs are staying with her, and are well prepared. btw, I talked with my big sis today (the one with the dementia like symptoms) and she sounded great.

The thing with Neera and Manchin is so frustrating. I hope someone can be found to primary him. Twitter says he’s mad at her because she criticized his daughter, who ran Mylan, for raising the price of Epi-pens. Remember that? She also raised the price of my sons epilepsy meds so much that Kaiser wouldn’t carry them anymore, and my son went through a rough few years (with bad seizures) adjusting to other drugs. So I loathe that witch. I usually stay out of other states elections but if someone primaries Traitor Joe I will gladly donate.

MB, love the post, as always. I will try to catch Rachel at 9pm.

I’ve never been a Tiger fan, or a golf fan for that matter. My Dad loved golf and was the only person in the family that ever watched it. About 10 years ago, right after Tiger had his other famous accident, his famous charity golf tournament was held near us at Lake Sherwood Country Club and Laker was chosen by some youth golf assoc to work as a volunteer there. I raised him to do lots of community service work from a young age and he’s had some interesting gigs. Tiger turned out to be a no show, as you can imagine. Anyway, most of the day he worked at a Snack Shack, and the other workers asked him to ask some of the pros for their autographs, so he bought a white Tiger hat and in between selling hot dogs got his hat, and those of the hot dog crew’s hats filled with autographs. Anyway, back to my point of telling this, which is that Laker overheard a lot of the golfers and a couple of sports reporters talking about Tiger and it wasn’t nice stuff. I gather a lot of them thought he was an arrogant jerk.

@24, Shadowfax, you definitely want to stick with the same brand. Neither was studied to see if it worked with a different makers’ 2nd dose so we have no evidence how well the mix works.

@26, annie, It’s usually the day after which is the worst with the 2nd dose, and also the next 1 or 2 days before things start improving. But it’s temporary.

There are no words for how much I hate drug profiteers. They get rich on other people’s illnesses. I’d like to curse them with a neurodegenerative disease, severe depression and genital warts.

@17 Shadowfax, there won’t be an appointment a week later. The appointments are booked. Two weeks ago their next opening was in April. So if it doesn’t happen this coming weekend, when it happens is a complete unknown, but there are no saved spots for postponements.

On the drug companies, yeah… Truvada, which protects from HIV, is about $1300 for a month supply. Who can afford that? And Gilead literally developed the drug with government money. The US government actually owns the patent on it and does not enforce its patent, allowing Gilead to make money off it. I don’t have insurance, so I stopped taking it when my insurance ended. I can’t pay $1300 a month for one medication. Even if it can save you from getting a deadly disease. An absolute travesty. But that’s how it is…

DYB, sorry to hear there are no appointments in the near future…in that case, I would do the same that you are doing. I didn’t want to wait and end up with J & J vaccine…but it sounds like many of them are talking about third doses as a possibility to combat future mutations. anyway.

Wishing you the very best on getting rid of some of your cold by then…chicken soup, elderberry and good vibes. When do you get your vaccination?

Oh DYB, I am so sorry to hear you have lost your health insurance and the drug you need is unaffordable. It is a real travesty.
I hope Biden and the Dems can make things better with health care in the near future.

DYB, That’s another example of the blood-sucking drug profiteers.

Are there any programs to cover this drug? A number of brand-name drugs have pharm company programs to provide the drug at much lower prices, at least they do in the subspecialty neuro area in which I practice now. Prices for drugs to treat the main condition I see are now at about $70,000/yr. Yes, that’s a 5-figure cost. When I first got in this field about 14 yrs ago the drugs ran about $20,000/yr. Went up every year, and oddly enough, if one pharm company raised the price on their drug, the others would too, by just about the same amount. Hmmmmm. Now there are a couple of generic options, but funny, they’re only about $10,000 or so less than the brand drug. Some of the physicians I work with wrote an article which ran in a prominent neuro journal and summarized the continued price increases which were well above cost of living increases. The article got a fair amount of press, but of course nothing changed. It’s so damn unethical.

Note: This has not yet been approved by the FDA, despite the misleading headline. I recommend getting the earliest vaccine you can get, rather than waiting for one that’s not available until later.

FDA review confirms safety, efficacy of single-shot Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, especially against severe cases.

Public health officials have eagerly awaited the arrival of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because it is easier to store and administer and could streamline the logistics of a complicated mass vaccination campaign. But supply will continue to limit the nation’s vaccination efforts in the near term, with the full impact of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine not expected until April as manufacturing scales up.

After the spectacular and relatively straightforward 90-plus percent effectiveness of the first two coronavirus vaccines that were authorized, the Johnson & Johnson results are more nuanced [sic].

Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine was tested during a more complicated phase of the pandemic, when a variant capable of slipping by some immunity had emerged. It was more than 80 percent effective at preventing severe illness, including in areas of the world where concerning variants are circulating, but only 66 percent protective overall when moderate cases were included.

“We know this vaccine prevents 85 percent of the severe disease. … It was 100 percent effective in preventing hospitalization and deaths, and that’s really what’s important,”

The vaccine’s efficacy rate was lower — 42 percent — in preventing moderate to severe illness in a subgroup of adults older than 60 who had medical risk factors.

The NYT is turning into the Onion.

Shadow and Luna, funny thing about Truvada is after immense pressure there is now a generic version of it, but it’s almost as expensive as the brand one. Ha!

The only discounts I’ve seen for it have been, like, $150 coupons. Which on a drug well over $1K isn’t all that helpful!

It just galls me that the drug was developed with government funds and the government owns the patent….and Gilead charges such a huge sum for it. At least in the US. As we know in other countries the price is a fraction of what we pay.

Shadow, my appointment for the first doses on Sunday evening at 5pm. I’ve basically got DayQuil on an IV drip. Plus I was told to take Vitamins C, D and Zinc supplements.

BTW, breaking news this morning is that NYC DA Cy Vance got millions of pages of Trump’s tax returns and related documents on Monday.

(Worth nothing Cy Vance is also the dude who years ago chose not to investigate or prosecute Ivanka after Trump donated to his campaign. And for years he chose not to prosecute Harvey Weinstein, after donations were made to his campaign. So…that guy is a scumbag.)

May the wind be at your back on the vaccine process, DYB. And that the cold symptoms have simmered all the way by then.

Re Vance: yes, I’ve been thinking about that too. I remember well when those investigations disappeared in a puff of smoke for no obvious reason (at the time). I’ve been sort of expecting the same damn thing to happen now, but I suppose there’s no payoff to Vance for dropping them. He can get more fame and fortune pursuing the case this time.

DYB, Sunday evening is good, it gives you some time to heal.

If you have safe excess to a good drug store, or Whole Foods, or similar…try to get some elderberry, it fights viruses and my son and I have used it for years. Here’s a brand I trust and it tastes YUMMY.

Stay cozy and warm.

Got a text from CVS saying “hundreds ofcovid19 vaccines available in the next 2 days”.

So is that per store, per state or what? There was a link in the text that I’ll check out.

@41 – Fredster, that must be per state. California has millions of infected folks and just passed 50,000 deaths. Even hubby, who is 68, has no idea when he’s going to get vaccinated.

I’m so sorry about the HIV protection drug, DYB. It’s just maddening. Do y’all know that several years ago my consulting company shared that one of the big pharma companies (our client at the time) has a shot that cures cancer? It’s a shot that boosts the immune system so it fights off the disease. It’s so expensive that no one but the very wealthy could afford it. I don’t know if it has ever been offered to the public.

now a generic version of it, but it’s almost as expensive as the brand one

Yep. Funny how all the generics coming out in specialty drugs are only sliiiiiightly less than the brand-name drugs. It’s almost as if they’re doing it just … because they can.

As far as a immune-system boosting drug that cures cancer, it’s probably not a slam-dunk cure. I know there are a few types of cancers which can be treated/put in remission by formulations which basically give the immune system instructions on how to narrowly target the malignant cells. There are so many different cancers. Some are much easier to treat than others. For example, some breast cancers grow under the influence of the woman’s normal estrogen and progesterone, so they’re treated with hormone-blocking agents. Other breast cancers are hormone-negative, so hormone-blocking does nothing to them.

Immunology must be a fascinating field, but it’s incredibly complex. I defer to quixote when we get anywhere above the most basic of immunology facts.

Re immunology being fascinating: you’ve heard the joke about explaining cardiology and immunology?

The two specialists get taken hostage and they’ll be released if they can explain their respective fields to the kidnappers.

The cardiologist talks about different kinds of blood vessels, the way the heart pumps, the neurology of cardiac muscle contraction, how capillaries let different molecules or cells through, or don’t, the signalling involved in blood pressure, and, well, anyway, you get the picture. A couple of hours later he winds down after covering the bare basics.

Then it’s the immunologist’s turn. “It’s complicated,” she begins.

“Shoot me now,” says the cardiologist.

Q, lol! One of my mentors related how back in his medical school days everything that was known about the immune system could fit on a couple of overhead transparencies (anyone remember those?). Now it takes a book.

Someone at Goodwill is saying “Damn!”

She went to a Seattle thrift shop for crochet supplies and left with a kilogram of cocaine

One Seattle woman has quite a yarn to tell. She was at the Goodwill in the 6400 block of Eighth Avenue Northwest in Ballard on Sunday when she purchased a packaged crochet kit to make animal hats, according to Seattle police.

When she opened the kit, there was a suspiciously heavy item encased in yellow rubber. It had an “odd odor” and “100%” written on the outside, police said. The woman called 911.

Officers responded, took the package and later determined it was a kilogram of cocaine, police said. The package was placed into evidence and police are investigating.

DYB- As of the first of the year, at least one drug in the PrEP class that includes Truvada must be included without cost share in any health plan that is subject to the ACA. That includes non-grandfathered health plans, not only those on the Exchange. You might be able to get a plan on the Exchange, though, because I think Biden re-opened open enrollment. It may be worth it.

Thanks Lililam, Quixote and Luna for all the helpful info! I love this community. 💖💖

FYI, I was put in Twitter jail last night because I answered a question about inappropriate songs to play at a funeral. What came to mind was “Suicide is painless,” the Mash theme song. I didn’t know that would flag my tweet as being self-harming and ban me for 12 hours from liking or retweeting anything! Lesson learned and sharing here as a cautionary tale for other Twitter users.

MB, I’ve heard Twitter has an algorithm that hunts out any use of “suicide.” Probably designed by someone way to young to know what Mash was, lol!

@48: Shades of DYB and I also got a 12hr ban and still don’t know what the hell I did.

50 Twitter jail. I was in once for no reason too. I wrote them a message complaining and they put me back on a few hours later.

Then we have effin’ WP that boots me off and makes me sign in again on nearly a daily basis.

Yup, I got booted off after trying to post@51 and had to sign back on. @@#$!

The twitter jail business is especially strange considering the violent appalling misogynist crap that seems to be A-OK and never get interrupted for a second.

@53, Right. Hundreds of thousands of tweets by men with photos of them holding barbed-wire wrapped baseball bats, guns, knives, and making threats of rape, mutilation and death to women. What does Twitter’s algorithm do? Crickets.

Time for a nature break.

@55, Oh my goodness, I’ve never seen Camellias like that. My grandmother loved them and had lovely bushes.

How do you know if you’re in twitter jail? Do they send you a message. I have no doubt I’ve blown my stack a few times but don’t know if they ever punished me for it.

Shadow, I like taking elderberry juice also. In my 30s I would do a 5 day elderberry and water juice fast! The dudes & I use it when we’re sick. Right now I’m 2 weeks into my Spring cleanse, lots of green juice, water, 1 small glass of elderberry juice, and one small meal a day. If my blood sugar gets low, I do fruit juice or a smoothie. I’m working up to just doing the fluids. It was so easy when I was young. Anyway, I’m feeling much better, more energy and less pain. I love green juice, its a tonic. Also back to doing Callanetics. I want to be healthy when this godawful disease is over.

My hubs is doing better and plans to go back to work on Monday. He’s rated an essential worker and can get the vaccine, but hasn’t yet because of his esophagus surgery.

Also, my Mom had her second shot yesterday. So far the only side effects have been arm pain and nausea. The sibs are taking turns staying with her then goodness.

Annie, glad to hear your hubs is better!

I believe Twitter sends an email to you when they make you sit in the naughty corner. Not really sure since somehow I’ve haven’t gotten one of those notices yet.

Can you spread the coronavirus after vaccination?

The vaccines were never expected to block infection by the virus altogether, explains Stephen Thomas, the chief of the infectious-disease division at SUNY Upstate and the coordinating principal investigator for the Phase 3 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine clinical trial. “I don’t really think that’s feasible or plausible,” he told me. Most vaccines work by training the body to prevent a virus from replicating to such a degree that a person gets sick. They don’t typically prevent a person from getting infected; they simply make that infection less consequential, and enable the body to clear it more quickly.

So it’s safe to assume that the current batch of COVID-19 vaccines won’t stop viral transmission outright. But it’s also safe to assume that they will reduce that transmission to some extent, because they impede viral replication. “It is highly plausible that a vaccine that prevents disease by lowering the amount of virus in a person could also lower that person’s ability to infect others through the same mechanism,” Thomas said. The tricky part is determining the degree to which this happens.

Indications out of the UK that at least the Pfizer vaccine does reduce transmission significantly. So likelihood very high that Moderna (same general biology) will too.

I seem to remember seeing that the data out of Israel suggest the same thing, but can’t find the link.

@60, q, the stats for >12 days after infection look especially good for transmission reduction. That’s welcome news.

I knew I was in Twitmo because I had a notice when logging into Twitter that explained why I was in jail and what features I had access to. Ir was well explained but baffling given the other incredibly harmful things that are posted every day, as many have stated!

Gotta brag, and sorry if this seems like gloating. We have politicians who know covid-19 is real.

Luna, always good to brag about you and your neighbor’s doing so well. Hip, hip hooray!

I’m thinking about DYB getting his vaccine today…waiting to hear back from him.

Annie, you are one tough lady to fast for so long…and elderberry tastes like desert. Happy to hear your hubs is doing better and I hope they can schedule him for his first vaccine soon.

Happy Sunday all, especially without the Devil in our House.

Hi guys! Sorry I was MIA all weekend. Just returned home upstate after getting the first shot. The Javits center is run like a military operation – because it actually is. Lots of hot soldiers directing traffic. Dozens of vaccination stations, people moving like a conveyor belt. Got the Pfizer shot 1 – so far so good. So excited to finally restart something resembling our normal lives! I really hope people can get these things ASAP!

Fredster, were you able to get an appointment??

DYB, glad you got your vaccine. Lots of hot soldiers directing traffic. (snicker) Good to have something to take your mind off getting an injection! The day after is when I felt the fatigue effects, but it wasn’t at all bad with the 1st shot. Did they set you up with an appointment for the 2nd shot?

Fredster, how are you doing with finding a vaccine? It’s terrible that the vaccination process is so disorganized in LA.

Congratulations, DYB.

Hot guys… Hoorah!!!

Vaccine and great eye candy, you scored. 😉

On the 2nd appointment, yes they set the appointment on the spot. 3 weeks later, same time, same place. You get a special card. The shot itself was less painful than the flu shot. The needle was tiny.

D, that is great to hear. Congratulations! I’ve been hearing rave reviews about the way the FEMA/Military installations have been run, and the hot guys are a bonus! Luna, Annie, you too.

So CPAC had an actual Nazi rune as the shape of the stage. The Hyatt hotel is shocked, shocked I tell you….

With or without runes, CPAC is a fascist organization who shouldn’t be given the time of day, let alone a venue, anywhere.

But why, because that’s true, should they be given the power to change the meaning of anything they touch? I have a problem with how us non-fascists drop any symbol of theirs like a hot potato. The ok symbol. Ugly green frogs. Runes. Eagles? Not even sure. It goes on and on. It gives them way too much power. All they have to do is wear a liberal symbol one day, I don’t know, say the cicle of stars of the European Union, and we can never face it again. It gives them control over our language. That is a very Bad Idea.

I think we’d be much further ahead remembering that there are different languages. The meaning of what they say is awful, no matter which symbols they grab. *We* decide on the meaning of symbols for us.

(That said, language is fluid. When an association becomes too strong, that doesn’t happen. The swastika is never going to have the Hindu meaning of auspiciousness again. But when there is no big association yet, we shouldn’t hurry to help them grab it.)

Didn’t Hyatt yesterday defend their decision? Now the day after it’s over they change their minds? The Nazi stage – there is zero chance that was accidental. How does one accidentally design a known Nazi symbol? These designs are done by committee. There is a designer, but the approval process is done by a huge number of people before it is even built. Then the builders – nobody noticed it? Then the stagehands who installed it. Nobody noticed? There were literally dozens of people involved and nobody noticed it? Malarkey!

@66: No dammit, no appt yet. I got a text from CVS but when I went to their website there were no appts anywhere near here. New Orleans and Baton Rouge (90 miles away) were both filled and I think it showed some places even further away did have appts. available, so I blew off CVS.

Then I got the idea of checking the parish hospital which is run by a larger hospital group. They had nothing available but I only went through dates in the middle of March. I’m going to go back there later and keep going past where I stopped. I know the state is supposed to be getting more vaccine shipments in but have no idea how they’ll allocate them.

Regarding CPAC, normally it’s held in the DC area but they couldn’t do that this year because of size limitations on gatherings there.

Anyway, a few years ago I read an article about the CPAC gathering in DC area and the number of sex workers (male) who did a booming business during the CPAC gathering. LOL Such hypocrites.

Totally agree, D and Fredster! Q – I think the ship has sailed on that one symbol, but I agree with your larger point.

This is a great article about how the press is pretending there’s a civil war in the Rethug Party, when in fact” the fascists have already declared civil war on us.

Fredster, one thing about dates is when/if more vaccines are delivered, they should start adding more appointments sooner. Especially since now J&J is also starting distribution and as Pfizer/Maderna increase production, there well be appointments this month… I guess you just have to keep checking? When I booked online at Javits, I grabbed the last appointment in Feb. Then they only had appointments starting in mid-April. But then I know last week people were able to book appointments for today; so appointments opened up as more supplies came in.

That old Nordic Futhark — I didn’t know that the Nazis corrupted it. Probably most of the people working to set up the stage, unless they were Rs or historians, wouldn’t have known. The Dwarven symbol for “u” in Tolkien looks very much like it.

4 million new doses coming!! Woohoo to J & J.

“…actually have a problem processing evidence.” They certainly do!

People with extremist views less able to do complex mental tasks, research suggests

A key finding was that people with extremist attitudes tended to think about the world in black and white terms, and struggled with complex tasks that required intricate mental steps, said lead author Dr Leor Zmigrod at Cambridge’s department of psychology.

“Individuals or brains that struggle to process and plan complex action sequences may be more drawn to extreme ideologies, or authoritarian ideologies that simplify the world,” she said.

She said another feature of people with tendencies towards extremism appeared to be that they were not good at regulating their emotions, meaning they were impulsive and tended to seek out emotionally evocative experiences. “And so that kind of helps us understand what kind of individual might be willing to go in and commit violence against innocent others.”

Participants who are prone to dogmatism – stuck in their ways and relatively resistant to credible evidence – actually have a problem with processing evidence even at a perceptual level, the authors found.

@78 Luna> That symbol was used by Nazis on their uniforms. It wasn’t subtle. And the stage design would have been done by designers and approved by other designers. A good friend of mine was a set designer, I heard many stories about the process they all go through to design and get the designs approved and built. They know things like that, symbols, art, etc. It’s part of their job. There’s zero chance people who designed and approved this stage, people in the artistic profession, did not know that symbol and its uses. I was reading at some point in 2016 Trump vendors were selling t-shirts with it and after controversy, they stopped. They knew what they were building. And then after it became news – they stuck by it.

Last night Javits Center announced there were thousands of new appointments for residents of NY state. Appointments for this week and beyond. So Fredster, keep checking all those places. Same thing might be happening everywhere as production of vaccines ramp up.

Fredster, what MB and D said. More vaccine is on the way!

I think I will end up getting the J&J jab later this month. I’m okay with that, even if it is somewhat less effective. One jab is good enough.

Annie, I didn’t know that Manchin’s daughter runs Mylan. Horribly run company. I wasn’t able to get a medication Mylan makes and ended up having seizures as a result. It took nearly a year for me to find a replacement medication from another company. It was a scary experience. I’m so sorry your son had similar problems with Mylan.

D, best of wishes to you. I hope you can get insurance to cover the medication you need. Lili’s advice was very good. She knows about these things. Also, good luck with the vaccine.

Love to you all! We will get through this difficult and heartbreaking time. It’s sunny here today and I am thankful for simple gifts.

Beata, good to see you!!!!

The J&J vaccine is less effective in some ways, but I think it was also tested against the various new variants of the virus?? Someone correct me if I’m wrong. While Pfizer/Maderna are still primarily for the original strain and possibly working against the newer strains, the J&J was tested against the newer strains and seems to be effective. But someone please correct me if I’m wrong on that.

The 1st dose of Pfizer gave me very little arm soreness, though I was tired all day yesterday. So that may have been part of it too.

DYB, you’re right, I agree that the designers should have known, but the guys nailing up the stage platform may not have. I’m ignorant on Nazi symbols except for the swastika (another old ethnic symbol they stole and corrupted) and now this one.

I have avoided looking at pictures of the Nazis just as I avoid pictures of the Bosnian war and other atrocities. In print or online I quickly go past them, at most looking quickly at the faces of the guards — such an ostensibly normal appearance of evil. Yes, I avoid facing such matters.

I worked for some years in a community clinic where we had many patients who were refugees from the Bosnian conflict, still recovering as well as they could from physical and mental trauma. A colleague from a different organization questioned why some of these patients were on routine daily anti-anxiety meds (benzos may cause retrograde amnesia and sedation). “After what they’ve seen?” I replied. I briefly mentioned a couple of incidents my patients had told me about, and the other clinician shut up.

@90, I’d agree. We lack head-to-head trials of the various vaccines, nor are we going to get them. From reading the infectious disease medical newsletters, effectiveness of Pfizer and Moderna against the variants seems pretty good, with maybe slightly more for the J&J — but it depends on the variant. OTOH Pfizer & Moderna have 94/95% efficacy against symptomatic disease, (mild, moderate and severe), whereas J&J is ~70% against moderate to severe disease. So the trials had different endpoints, which means we can’t accurately compare them. Of course, people will try to guess-compare. J&J is probably more than 70% efficacious against mild disease.

With the technology used in any of these vaccines it apparently would take only a few weeks to amend the vaccine to make it efficacious against variants. So maybe a booster shot later on.

I received treatment for PTSD ( from severe childhood truama ) a few years ago. I wanted to know if I had to remember things I did not want to remember. Was that going to be part of my treatment? No, the therapist said. In fact, she said new studies into neuroplasticity show that some things are so traumatic, the brain does not imprint (?) them. They cannot be recalled because they can’t be “found”. That was something of a relief to me.

@91 Luna> The banality of evil, right? You are right that the construction crew may not have recognized the design, but – again, per my designer friend – the construction is always supervised by the designers and their assistants. In that long hierarchy of people involved, they knew what they were putting up. And it’s appalling that Hyatt also doubled down on being got with it until *after* CPAC was over; suddenly they were shocked and horrified. GMAFB!!!

It’s weird with the swastika (though it’s a backwards design?) when I see images of the ancient temples in Japan with swastikas and you realize these were there loooong before the Nazis.

Now this is strange. The guv had a presser and there was also a master list of places to get the vaccine, broken down by parish. Missing from the list for my parish were Walgreens and CVS. Hmmm. I still think my best “shot” would be the parish hospital simply because they probably have more than one person giving the shots.

On another note, the archbishop of NOLA came out with a statement against the J&J vaccine because it’s made from dead babies or something. Yet the bishop of Baton Rouge said “get whatever vaccine you can”.

As far as the efficacy of the vaccines, they are all more efficacious than the yearly flu vaccine.

Fredster, have you tried getting a vaccine appointment through the New Orleans Council on Aging?

@96: I’m not in Orleans parish. However I could try checking the council on aging in my parish. That’s a thought.

Try it. Some councils on aging in other states are having vaccine clinics, including mobile clinics.

Our state is doing in-home vaccinations for the homebound. I don’t know if all states have programs like that.

…against the J&J vaccine because it’s made from dead babies or something.

(eyeroll) So this archbishop thinks it’s OK to allow people to die from an infectious disease for which we have a vaccine. He also can’t tell the difference from a tadpole-ish fetus and a live human being. The historical fetal cells come from 2 fetuses from elective abortions, one in 1972 and the other in 1985.

Some background on how vaccine development uses fetal cells from those 2 lines here:

And this info which NOLA’s archbishop has forgotten:

The Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life declared in 2005 and reaffirmed in 2017 that, in the absence of alternatives, Catholics could in good conscience receive vaccines made using historical human fetal cell lines.

@94, DYB, I was far too naive, and looked at it from my point of view which would be to think “Why TH are they using a Tolkien Dwarvish rune?”

Nazis and fascist Republicans, corrupting ancient symbols. The swastika meant something like “well-being” and has most frequently seen in India, China and Japan but is found also in parts of Europe and the Americas. It has both a right-turning and left-turning form. The oldest swastika image yet found is on a Neolithic artifact.

The Cucuteni-Trypillian culture, also known as Cucuteni culture (from Romanian), Trypillian culture (from Ukrainian) or Tripolye culture (from Russian), is a Neolithic–Eneolithic archaeological culture which existed from approximately 4800 to 3000 BC.

Have to scroll down quite a ways to see the container/jug? marked with the swastika. It’s a couple of artifacts down from the yin-yang symbol (I kid you not).

I’ve always loved the spiraling, swirling designs from this cultural period.

Ugh, Neera Tanden has withdrawn her nomination for OMB Director. (She may be appointed senior advisor to POTUS.)

@103, DYB, I was just coming here to post that. How dare a woman make pointed remarks about Republican menz!


Luna, Republican men + Manchin and Bernie. Bernie did this. It was probably not even Murkowski. Very shortly before the announcement came, Bernie was apparently on Wolf Blitzer and refused to say if he would vote for Tanden. This is on Bernie.

Love to you all! We will get through this difficult and heartbreaking time. It’s sunny here today and I am thankful for simple gifts.
Love and back to you, and I agree, simple gifts these days have more meaning.

A simple first vaccine shot
No news for days on El Dump
Days without much news going on
Warm weather now and then in Feb and March
The sunshine without smoke in the air
People I love are healthy and getting their vaccines
I have friends while being in lockdown and thank God for technology so I can communicate with them.
My nerves are starting to calm down.

No surprise that Burnout has pulled the sexist plug on another women.

We remember well how he refused to drop out of the primary with Hillary and also felt he won over her. His sexist fans ran and voted for Dump in the General Election, because he cried faux news even before Dummy Dump did it.

Wasn’t the swastika found in Babylonian drawings? And Buddhas with swastikas on the forehead? It’s certainly been around a long time.

Disappointed about Neera Tanden not getting OMB. Does Bernie ever do anything to benefit us? It seems like all he ever does is destroy.

Great to see you Beata!

I am so bummed out about Neera Tanden. She was a fabulous choice and super strong on women’s rights. Of course #TheBernout didn’t want her because she’s a woman and she doesn’t worship him. That’s all he needs to start the sabotage.

I was going to say it’s because she’s a woman of color, but he treated Hillary the same damn way.

And Annie – the answer is no. Bernie is toxic for our Party. He and the Squad are essentially destructors at heart. They are trying to burn down the village to save it, and as Rocky would say, “That trick never works!”

They don’t know how to govern – only to grift and self-aggrandize. That awful Jayapal was on MSNBC multiple times. She was ignorant of Senate procedures and didn’t seem to know how to count votes, yet somehow she was the one given so much air time!

He is now in Congress, naturally.

Screw WP for not letting me post a comment about Ronny, Andrew Cuomo and my handsome Governor Newsome.

@111, fck, So Dr. Candyman did get into Congress.

@112, WP is weird. It’s pretty good to me on this site except for not letting me use emojis. OTOH at SD I can use emojis but it won’t let me like posts anymore and I have to log in again frequently.

New post! Come upstairs-

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