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Movin’ on but not away

Posted on: February 7, 2021

A bouquet for all the shinners


Good Superbowl Sunday Widdershins!

I can only say with a bit of sadness that this is my last active post for The Widdershins.  I didn’t come to this lightly and when I told my dear blog friends mb and DYB they understood.  Think of it this way: I didn’t ask the Widdershins Board of Regents about it but I’m taking emeritus status.

For one thing I cannot tell you how many revisions if not absolute discards I do when writing a post.  It takes me a lot of time but that’s just me.

Second can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at the screen and wondered “what am I going to write about?” although there are plenty of topics these days.

I will be forever grateful to mb and our late chatblu when I submitted a sample post and they agreed to add me to our stable of writers.  I learned a lot and not just on the composition page.  I dug into all the background stuff in the admin section of a wordpress blog.

Also not to worry, I’ll still be around and mb has assured me I’ll still have the same privileges so if someone is stuck in spam I can get you out and I suppose I’ll still be the master of the sidebar.  LOL

And lastly I’m going to ask all of our readers and commenters to p*l*e*a*s*e consider becoming a writer for this blog.  You are a bunch of talented commenters and you can do it.

Oh and my strategy for the Super Bowl?  Brady and the Bucs because that may persuade Drew Brees to stay with the Saints for another year.  Patrick will be playing in more Super Bowls.

This is an open thread.





94 Responses to "Movin’ on but not away"

Now, what do I want for my pre-game/late breakfast munch? I think a Little Debbie dunkin’ stick.

Thank you Fredster for being such a wonderful poster and commenter all these years. It’s an honor and pleasure to have you on TW, and I echo your call for others to volunteer to post. The more the merrier!

That is an interesting strategy for the Super Bowl. Honestly I am not that deep. 😀

It’s weird doing the SuperBowl out here. It starts so early. All my East Coast friends are having this elaborate special meal and cocktails and I’m like, “it’s 3:30 in the afternoon!”

I’m with mb – that strateegerizing is way too deep for me. When it comes to football, I know there’s a guy who bends over and shoots something brown out his butt to another guy and then all the guys start beating the crap out of each other.

Fredster, it’s an honor being here and commenting on your last post. You *are* brilliant (and much too hard on yourself – putting pressure on yourself like that), but when something’s time has come to an end that’s just that. At least that’s been true for me. Whether it was good, bad, or indifferent. My choice or not. Heartbreaking loss or happy relief it’s over or something in-between. It’s just over.

Thank you for all your posts! I’m glad you’ll still be around to comment and master the sidebar! And take out the trash – er, pull something out of the trash. You know what I mean. Very kind of you.

I remember chatblu. She was wonderful. What a sweet soul.

Chatblu was truly special PJ. Thanks for your kind words!

Fredster, thanks for all your great new threads and digging my WP spam misfits out of the dumpster.

When you are feeling better, hope you post some cartoons for us, most of don’t have the ability to do so.

Glad you still be around and I hope your healing process goes by quickly.

I think I just witnessed “the moment”. Brady put his head down and said, “shit”. He was just abandoned and he felt it…

Even though he’s way ahead. It’s like that moment in the movie, “Searching for Bobby Fischer” when the one kid seems to have the other kid on the ropes, but not so. Clear the chess board and see what it looks like. In the movie, the loser kid doesn’t see it (what? he says. Why would I call it a draw? I’m killing you), but I think Brady did see it.

Ok so…I’m mostly just entertaining myself. That really is what I saw, but I could be wrong.


Fredster is always one of us, rah rah!

What is football? That is the question.

“A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?”

from Joshua/WOPR, WarGames

Y’all my husband said the halftime show was designed by Melania 😂😂😂😂

@9, LOL!!

Congrats, Fredster! I hope your strategy works! 🙂

Oh no, Fredster! I’ve always looked forward to your posts. So much excellent writing and thinking there.

Maybe, purely when you actually feel like it, you’ll still consider writing the occasional post in the future? Hope so.

@11: Not out of the realm q.

PJ, I believe on the previous post you mentioned the movie Tinker, Tailor? I’ve watched that movie several times. Gary Oldman as George Smiley was perfect.

Another thing: I didn’t really mention what I had planned to do with this extra time. Probably quality time spent with Bubba and his feathery stick thing, at least until he slips and sinks tooth/claw into me.

And there are a couple of parks nearby but not walking distance. One is mainly an athletic facility with several baseball diamonds and a track but I think they’ll allow those of us less athletic to walk around it. Then there’s another park (still gotta drive there) but bigger and actually park like. Lots of trees, benches, places to walk, a lagoon. (Note to self: find out about alligator occupancy of lagoon). So once I’m more over the shoulder/neck whatever deal I’ll investigate those. For now it looks like possibly another round of gabapentin.

@13: I agree, Fredster. Oldman was so good in that movie.

Walking in a park sounds really nice to me!

PJ, here’s another one for you based on John le Carre, The Tailor of Panama. Geoffrey Rush and Jamie Lee Curtis are in it.

Thanks Fredster!! I really like both those actors.

@16 – Pierce Brosnan is in that too. I enjoyed that movie very much! Still haven’t seen “Tinker, Tailor.”

Anyone following the impeachment? I’m on a project now so I am in back-to-back meetings all day…

Fredster, thank you for all the funny, thoughtful & interesting posts over the years. And you’ve been such good custodian of the blog too. Always loved your sidebar pieces. Being outside is good, I hope you enjoy the parks.

I like both of those spy movies. We saw the Tailor one when it came out.

Does the impeachment trial start tomorrow?

I guess impeachment has started? I gotta work, can’t follow it live. Just following some twitter feeds. And also Republicans grilling Neera Tanden about her tweets; apparently she was too mean to Ted Cruz and Susan Collins.

OMG I love Neera Tanden. That’s freaking hilarious what she said. You made my day, DYB!

But yes re Rob Portman, excellent point about the sudden pearl clutching and getting the vapors over tweets. Kind of like Melania’s anti-bullying campaign.

And Republicans are able to do it with a straight face and with some (seeming at least) sincerity. Amazing.

I’m not even gonna bother watching. It’s good for the historical record but they won’t convict so that’s that

I’m with you, Fredster. I might try and catch the recaps in the evening.

I see on twitter that Democrats’ case so far is powerful and they played a video of the events that people are freaking out over??

Also, for laughs and giggles

The way goldfish brains work is you show them, say, a red circle and it triggers one set of neurons versus a blue circle which triggers another.

I wonder, re @27, whether this is going to trigger some of those Repub politicians’ brains into thinking, “ZOMG, if my voters see this maybe they’ll decide to vote against me if I pretend nothing happened?”

I guess we’ll find out if any of the no-no-no-nothing-to-see-here votes turn into “convict.”

@28 – I saw the video. It was truly chilling. There was footage I hadn’t seen before, plus the Democrats showed what was happening as Pence and the Senate entered the chamber. Just terrifying to see the crazies overrunning the police officers and trying to beat in the doors to get to Congress.

The only reason I can think of not to vote to convict after that, is self-preservation. Most of the Senators know that they, themselves, are also on trial. Every single one that supported Drumpf and spread the Big Lie (and it’s NOT just Cruz and Hawley) is equally indicted by the evidence. The outcome was completely predictable and they all contributed to it. This doesn’t even take into account their colleagues in the House, most of whom voted against impeachment. Imagine if they were all indicted by this trial, with Republican Senators’ votes. The horror!

I think it will be up to law enforcement to take care of all of them. It’s really horrific because the Senate is basically going to say that anything the President does is okay. I think there’s some legislation pending in the Senate now that would put some guardrails around that type of outcome – it’s just disgusting that the Rethugs have totally given up on law and order as a Party.

@29, I remember seeing pictures and TV of the Soviet Duma voting in lockstep as per instructions. And I remember thinking “what a bunch of gumballs, how do people get this way?”

I still haven’t figured out the answer, even now with the process up close and in real time.


I think McConnell did try to pivot away from Trump right after Jan 6, but the base did not follow him. It really is Trump’s party. McConnell wanted to go back to just doing “normal” shitty Republican things. But after watching that video – and it looked worse than before – I think Republicans are never going back to normal. This has become a White Supremacy Jihadist holy war and they will take down any politician who stands in their way. The only thing standing between them and us is the rule of law, like mb was saying. I hope it holds.

How will Republicans vote? LBJ faced a similar dilemma when he signed the Civil Rights Act. Do the right thing and lose the South for a generation or do the *politically* (but immoral) smart thing. And it’s been a lot longer than a generation that Democrats have lost the South – that’s how strong the racist streak is in this country. LBJ was courageous. There’s no way McConnell is going down that path.

Republicans are proving that they don’t care about what’s in the Constitution any more than White Evangelicals care about what’s in the bible.

Republicans are always making a big show of carrying around the Constitution just like Fundies carry around the bible. The cognitive dissonance is astounding – unless like Trump, they don’t read.

Totally agree, PJ. Well said.

Let’s leave Fredster’s post open for a while. You’ve all heard a lot from me lately!

@34, Whoa, DYB. Can you imagine? With everything else that’s going on, I hadn’t even thought about that!

@33 – sounds good, mb. I don’t know how you guys do it – writing all these posts. I really appreciate the effort it takes.

I slept til noon so missed the Dem part. I sat down with a cup of tea to watch it and it was dumps two lawyers, who both sounded insane. Apparently, one of them was a NY mob lawyer! I did watch the new video, and yes, it is horrifying. Even more than the first one. I also watched Raskin speech and thought it was very moving.

@26, Hilarious!

PJ @ 31, 32, extra good comments!

@34, Wow! I hadn’t even thought about that. Too distracted by the impeachment.

I have good news about my family. My big sis (who was having dementia-like symptoms) is doing much better on the regimen her new neurologist has her on. My mom says she talks quite normally now.

Also, my mom got the vaccine! I didn’t think she was going to, because she thought she should wait til all the working people and younger people got theirs, since she’s lived a long, good life. But she had a checkup appt and her doctor said they had one for her and urged her to have it. So she did, and said it wasn’t bad pain wise at all. She waited in the dr office for 45 minutes to make sure she didn’t have any bad reactions, then drove herself home! (She’s 91) She’s supposed to get the second one in a few days and her dr said she might have some pain from that one.

Didn’t watch any of the stuff today but was surprised at Cassidy. However he was still against the size of the stimulus, just too much money, right?

Annie, great news about your mom! My dad and his GF (79) are getting vaccinated today. Everyone 70+ is eligible to receive it, I hear.

Did y’all know that they recently elected a Democratic prosecutor in Fulton County, Georgia? Seems elections do have consequences – he’s opening a criminal case against Drumpf for three counts of election interference, two of which could be prosecuted as felonies.

I’m so impressed with your mom, socal! That’s great that she got the vaccine and good news about your sister too!

I was shocked about Cassidy, Fredster. I’m guessing he’ll receive enough punishments to not even think about voting to convict when it comes time for that vote. And yeah… now that the Democrats are in charge, time to start worrying about spending/deficits/the budget. Time to tighten our belts – those tax cuts for the rich are not going to pay for themselves.

Thanks for the news coming out of Georgia, mb! That’s great! One way or another, Trump needs to be held accountable.

@41: Cassidy just got reelected so he’s safe for 6 years.

I’m willing to bet when he’s up again for reelection he’ll make a hard right.

Plus there are any number of Trumpers here who are keeping this in mind for the next time. They’ll bring out a tape of what he had to say on this.

Cassidy’s seat is safe but we all know that Trumpers, like Berners, can make your life a living hell.

It could be a Breaking Bad situation:

Jesse: At least now we all understand each other. Right?
Walter: What do you mean?
Jesse: I mean, him and us. We get it. [makes a motion of slitting his throat] We’re all on the same page.
Walter: Now, what page is that?
Jesse: The one that says if I can’t kill you, you’ll sure as shit wish you were dead. [chuckles]

This being your last post (hopefully not the last, last post), you knew I’d have to fit in Breaking Bad somewhere. 🙂

@40 madamab, You have the wrong sex. Fulton County DA Fani Willis is a woman.

Roz in NJ/NYC

I decided to tape the Impeachment trial today and have been watching parts of it and wow, it is powerful and extremely disturbing. I just saw Claire McCaskill’s response to it. I have *never* seen her like that. She was visibly upset/shook. It really hit home for her.

I missed the whole Mike Lee references that Mike Lee was (supposedly) so upset about at the end tonight – Mike says, “it wasn’t true what they said I said!” It was a stunt to distract from the damning and devastating (as Michael Steele called it) case the House put on today. And Mike’s stunt was kind of working – this was turning into a big kerfuffle. So Raskin gets up and says (I’m paraphrasing) that’s fine. We’ll take it out. No problem. We don’t need it. This is much ado about nothing. LOLOL!

Raskin let go of the rope and watched Mike fall on his ass. It was beautiful.

Watching all that video of MAGAs in all their glory made me think, “what *do* these people mean when they say, “make America great again”? What would make America great for them? Does it mean going back to the good old days when you could call black people n*ggers and women c*nts, etc. and you would get a slap on the back instead of this current nose curling like you smell bad? What is their sweet spot? How far do they need to take it to feel ok? Lynching black people, stoning women, beating up gay people? Killing Jews? I don’t know. I don’t think they know.

All this time America has been in existence, there has been a gulf between what is written (the Constitution) and what has been in practice. In practice, all men were *not* created equal and never mind about the women – no rights for them. That’s how we started.

But then black people and women started holding America and its founding fathers to their word. “Y’all only have yourselves to blame. You wrote it. And you signed it. And now we’re holding you to it.”

Hells bells. No wonder MAGAts want to ditch it all. Take out their long guns and blow it all to hell.

I watched all but the beginning of the trial today. Well done, piece by piece with video and audio to match up.
Chilling video where Mitt, Schumer an Pence had very close calls and lots of video was shown for the first time.

Wonderful news about your family and brave mom got her vaccine.

MB, hope your parents vaccines went well. Btw, your WP motto “50% Glamour 50% Granola 100% Feminist” describes me perfectly.

Hey Roz! Thanks for saying that. I read the story and couldn’t tell from the name.

I think cultures/people are interesting but not really in a good way. Like I’ve said before, I prefer dogs. There’s just no ickiness with dogs. I called my dogs on shit and they called me right back on shit (but with love). They couldn’t stand being apart from me and I couldn’t stand being apart from them. We had each other by the balls (so to speak). We had each other’s heart in a vise grip and we all knew it. No one had the upper hand. It was fucking fantastic.

But with people, there’s icky shit and I feel it. Like those messed up Mother/Son relationships like Kyle Rittenhouse. My sister treats and talks about my 35 year old nephew like he’s 10 years old. He hates it. Gross. (I’m not sure why am I thinking about this now? but it’s like a neon sign). I’ve told him there are worse things in life. Like Father/daughter relationships. He snickers/snorts. Yes he said. I know. There are worse things.

Annie, that’s great that you relate to my WordPress profile. I have not changed it in 14 years, so I guess the shoe still fits!

I had that same experience with the Women’s March. There were a lot of rules like that. We all understood, as there were hundreds of thousands of us.

It feels extremely weird that the President (Joe Biden, the one who won) is not constantly weighing in on the Impeachment trial and tweeting about it (whoa…has he also been banned from Twitter? WTH?). Glued to the TV and what are they saying about *me*? Well, shit! They’re not even talking about me. Must phone in to MSNBC and raise some hell.

Also weird that Citizen Trump is quiet… He’s was cut off from Twitter, but he could go on Fox News any time he wants to. After he has screwed over (bigly) every person he has ever met, maybe he’s accepted that it’s just his turn in the barrel. I guess he’s ok with that. He’s not punching back 10 times harder. At the age of 90 (or whatever), maybe Trumpy Bear has finally grown up and is just quietly accepting the consequences of his behavior.

Josh Hawley and other members of the junior varsity like Marco Rubio (and also plus, long-in-the-tooth members of the J.V. squad like Richard Burr) were feigning indifference to what happened on Jan 6 (Brian Williams called it ‘nihilistic performance art’). The equivalent reaction to 9/11 would be like, meh, it was a couple of buildings. Yawn.


@43: Bryan Cranston did a limited series thing on Showtime about a New Orleans judge who makes some bad personal decisions. Last episode this week. Too much to go into here. Lots of shots of local area. So I wondered if anyone bystanders watching the filming shouted out: “Mr. White! Science!”.

So this is apropos of nothing but: I love watching/listening to Eugene Robinson of WaPo on the MSNBC shows and read his column when I can. So another time there was a Frosted Flakes commercial on with Tony the Tiger. Very similar voices. So is Eugene Robinson doing the voice of Tony the Tiger in the commercials?

Apparently I like using the word “so”.

@60 – LOL! He does kind of have that voice. I love Eugene Robinson too.

I love it when I agree with Hillary because, she’s always right.

So… I love the word “so”. I can’t get enough of it (truth). I remember someone (maybe on this site, starts with a “p” but I’m not naming names) did a whole post on his dislike of people using the word “so”. Especially at the beginning of a sentence. It really hurt my feelings. 🙂 (so… why the hell do I remember crap like that?)

Tony the Tiger!! OMG! I like him/them too (Tony and Eugene). I hated Robinson during the Hillary vs Obama primary, but now I get it. His whole being, his whole life experience, depended on/was related to Obama winning. Just like me with Hillary.

So now… I can see him clearly. He’s insightful and often funny. I like him.

I am definitely part redneck because I don’t care squat about all the awards Eugene has won. Those kind of things don’t mean dick to me. 🙂

@62: You know it, girl!! Sing it loud, Hillary. The jury is corrupted. Much like the jury for Byron De La Beckwith (what a name, gawd, *shiver*) regarding his assassination of Medgar Evers. Or the jury for OJ (sorry, but it’s true. He murdered people and got off). This is worse. The jury actually participated in the crime.

But, “We exonerate him, your honor”. Because we can. We’re all innocent of this crime against the United States because… alternative facts. Yeah, it’s a thing.

“What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening”. Donald J Trump.

JFC. This is a banana republic move beyond belief.

“Schoen told us there’s nothing inappropriate about [defense attorneys] meeting with jurors”

So… has he been disbarred yet? Considering that he doesn’t know the merest basics?

Quixote – this is beyond outrageous. Between the Senators and Reps coordinating with Drumpf and the terrorists during the insurrection, to the Senators not showing up today (15!), to the Senators strategizing with the defendant’s lawyers…how can this be happening?!

I wonder if there’s anything Schumer can do about the QOP who didn’t show up today. They shouldn’t be able to vote, nor should Cruz, Graham and Lee.

Fani Willis, Fulton County DA, is crushing it on Rachel! I can see why she won.

I saw her mb. I had the same reaction that you and Rachel did. Rachel said, “OMG. She blew. me. away.” She blew me away too. Holy shit she was impressive.

The QOP… I love that. They’ve given up any semblance of professionalism. They might as well show up in their underwear with a lawn chair and a cooler of beer.

Most of you probably never paid attention to the Hillary is 44/The Trumpet blog (the pink blog) but it has been shut down. ROTFL. That’s just personal fun for me.

I’m not watching the Trump defense shit show today…

Guys, Madonna is now part of the record in Donald Trump’s trial, in addition to his impeachment. Bless her!

I’m wondering about Luna. Hope she is ok.

@63: I remember someone (maybe on this site, starts with a “p” but I’m not naming names) did a whole post on his dislike of people using the word “so”.

I think that was here. I thought it was about reporters and such using it. And it was a thing at one point. Many of them were using “so” to begin their sentences.

Y’all it seems so strange not to see any news spots regarding Carnival/Mardi Gras this year. Bars are closed on Bourbon, can’t even sell beverages at a walk up to the bar. No parades but some krewes have done other things to attempt to make up for that. Hell I didn’t even buy a king cake this year.

I hesitatingly peek out of my nice cozy retreat with snuggling cats to look at news and blogs again …. The GOP are still rabid-rat pathological liars and Fredster’s stopped doing posts!

Here’s a pair of cute young foxes:

@77, PJ, Hillary is 44 — I have’t looked at that blog for ages. Well, over a decade at least. Did they turn weird?

Luna, good to hear from you! Thank you for the cute foxes!

Hillary is 44 went extremely weird. I’m glad you missed it.

@72: YES!!! Woot! Woot!

@75: Frester, that sounds really depressing… I am bummed for y’all!

PJ, it really is a bummer. I don’t go to the parades or anything but to shut down all the bars and then close Bourbon St and have cops to enforce that, just weird. However, Carnival last year was the thing that started the spread here. Hope this is only for this year. Fingers crossed on that.

Hopefully next year Mardi Gras will be extra spectacular!

D – that is hysterical! Go Madge! BTW hubby and I watched “Desperately Seeking Susan” a couple of weeks ago. He had never seen it and he loved it.

Hi Luna! Yes I know, maybe you should have stayed cuddling with the cats but it’s good to hear from you. Love those foxes. Gawd they’re adorable.

Fredster – so sorry about Mardi Gras. We’re also bummed out because here in the Bay Area, we usually make a huge deal about the Lunar New Year – celebrated by so many in the East Asian community. There is a parade and fireworks and food for days. Not this year.

Can you imagine being Kevin McCarthy and having this phone call with Drumpf while his killer mob is trying to break into your office and murder you? JFC. This behavior is beyond comprehension.

@81, 82: I am very optimistic about where we’ll be this time next year with Biden/Harris now in charge.

Wow, mb. McCarthy (like McConnell) thought “this is it, I’ve had it!” and tried briefly to break away from Trump… and then he goes to Mar-a-largo to kiss and make up. I just heard today that Lindsey also tried to break up with Trump after 1/6 (I missed that), but went scurrying back to the Trumptanic after he was heckled at an airport. Cassidy is folding on Impeachment, now that he is being threatened with a GOP censure.

It’s the Republican base. They started with a T (party) and are ending with a Q (Anon). They went from really bad to even worse. These are not people you would ever want to be around and there are a lot of them. Joy Reid was talking about a scary new poll out that says 4 in 10 Republicans believe political violence may be necessary.

I honestly believe that Trump would have loved to see his magats hang Mike Pence. Traitors must be punished severely! “You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart, right?” (Piano wire would have been better – like Hitler used – but rope is fine). “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution”. The death penalty seems reasonable.

Cindy Hyde-Smith would have loved it too. She loves a good public hanging. Oh wait… that’s only for black people.

I hadn’t known about this aspect of Tubman’s life. What an amazing woman!

Luna, good to hear from you. I hope you’re feeling better. That’s nice about Harriet Tubman. I can’t understand why Dump, his army of morons, and the rethugs in congress don’t care about their legacies after they’re dead. Dump will go down in history as the most corrupt, stupid and revolting president in history and his kids will be completely tainted by it. These magat reps and senators that have defended him to the end will be despised along with him forever.

@86: That’s great news!! Yes, truly an amazing woman.

@87: Yep, see no evil, hear no evil.

Fascinating info about Tubman! What a giant.

Luna, I hope you’re on the mend and will be feeling a lot better soon. I picture you in that little drawing with a bed built into a bookcase and cute kitties to keep you warm.

Bravo for Harriet the honored spy and hero.

His44 has gone whackjob since we all left. Rabid DumpFans, 180 degree turn from being a Hillary blog. I check back every now and then to see if any of the remainders have finally stopped drinking the koolaid…nope. Good to see them all upset though…gotta say.

Did anyone watch the trial today? The Dems were great, will the
QOPee-ers vote against Dump…they are too afraid of Dear@#$# Leader.
Tomorrow they vote.

MB, I have to steal your ‘QOP’, you always come up with the best names.


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