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Activist Wednesday: Waiting to Exhale

Posted on: January 20, 2021

Dear Donald…

Love and light to all of us today, Widdershins. Let us hope that we make it through whatever evil has been planned or conceived to be wrought upon this occasion of pure joy and hope.

Because it should be nothing but joy and hope. It should be an occasion we are all unequivocally celebrating. We should all be drunk on champagne at noon ET. But we can’t let out our collective breaths till we know our President, Madam Vice President Kamala, and new Senators Jon Ossoff, Raphael Warnock and Alex Padilla are sworn in.

Please, Goddess, please let the inauguration happen without another horror being perpetrated. Please. I don’t think we can take any more.

Open thread of course.

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Happy Inauguration Day! We made it! Thank the gods, we made it!

Yes we did, Ms. Mass! Happy Inauguration Day!

Yay!! He flew off to “My Way,” but Frank Sinatra loathed Trump.

BTW, Capitol Officer Eugene Goodman – who saved Mike Pence and the Senate – has been promoted to Acting Deputy Master at Arms of the House and is escorting Kamala Harris.

Rachel just pointed out that all three Trump Supremes showed up today. If they really think they can *ever* get the Trump stink off of them, they are as delusional as he is. That goes for Moscow Mitch too.

@4 hahaha!

Amy speaking now. Crushing it!!

@3: Officer Goodman receiving much applause. Rachel said, “he’s the real Black Panther.”

Kamala is wearing purple. Or a beautiful shade of blue. I can’t tell.

I love both colors.

@3 and @7 – I am so thrilled he is being recognized for his heroism!

Dear Roy Blunt: Shut up. No one cares.

@9: I’m on a 20 minute delay, so I got to fast forward through Blunt. Sweet. I watched the bitch’s mouth moving but that was it.

I caught up to real time. Damn that girl can sing.

@6: Amy is doing fantastic.

This may sound elitist (but please, I live in KS), but it is so awesome to see such talented people wanting to sing/perform for this inauguration.

This speech is amazing

@13 – PJ, hubby and I were saying the same. Really great performances.


I had CSPAN on and they never showed Hillary at all. For a while I wasn’t even sure she was there… Interesting choices by their directors on that…

Bittersweet feelings here. So glad Trump is gone, but so mad that this is how things turned out and HRC is not being sworn in for her 2nd term. I will never get over that.

Yeah,DYB. I had that bittersweet feeling too. But great to see her.

We shouldn’t ever get over what was done to Hillary. I think she is having the last laugh over Drumpf though. Despite all his “lock her up” BS and the Benghazi nonsense, she is there looking radiant at the inauguration, and he is running away in disgrace, with 2 impeachments and a possible conviction in the Senate looming.

She looked absolutely phenomenal btw, and her outfit was clearly coordinated with Kamala’s.

A great pic of Our Girl, Michelle Obama and Kamala wearing purple, a classic suffragette color.

My feelings exactly, DYB. The threat of a woman president just after a black president, made a big chunk of America lose their fucking minds and damn near push us over the cliff. So now I just have to be happy we didn’t go over – and I am… Ugh. I’m with you. I’ll never get over it either.

I’m thrilled with Kamala. I know Hillary is too. It doesn’t make up for 2016 and never will.

@20> They look fabulous.

Mitch McConnell looked livid. LOL

@19: What you said is true, mb. Your comment really did make me feel better. 🙂

I’m so glad PJ!

This moment, in all its glory.

I agree with the talking heads (usually, POC) who say trying to reach Trump voters is a lost cause. They have done bought the ticket to crazy town and they ain’t coming back. They bought the ticket TWICE. I mean, they *really* want to go there. Down the whirlpool of coo coo ville (white-man-rule bliss). It’s a choice they have made…

So okay then. Bye bye. Happy trails. Hope to Goddess you never again gain power. Wave that shitty Confederate flag in your basement.

Young people… Most young people will look at you like you’re off your nutter if you start preaching anti-gay, pro forced-birthing, pro gun or racial animus. They don’t get it (thankfully).

Republicans are dinosaurs. Darwin had it right. If you don’t adapt, you die.

Thanks to all of you for the photos of Hillary and Bill. I think Hillary’s colors clashed a little but she is beautiful.
“Forget red and blue (states). The theme of the Biden inauguration was “America United,” and the color of the day seemed to be purple — the shade that bridges the divide by bringing both colors together (not to mention one of the original signature colors of the suffragists, whose dreams are now being realized with the first woman vice president).

“Purple is the color of loyalty, constancy to purpose, unswerving steadfastness to a cause,” the National Woman’s Party wrote in a newsletter in 1913.”
– NY Times

Moments away now, Fredster. Moments away from Biden making it safely into the WH.

I’m getting ready to break out the brownies. And ice cream. Getting ready to go crazy.

Can we remove some of the Dump and children’s photos on the right side bar and put up this beautiful one of Hillary in purple? @26

Yes, I did stand in front of the TV and salute when the Bidens went into the WH.

Shadow, love your funny commentary about dump getting out on the last thread.

MB, great post! Such a glorious day! The inauguration was amazing, especially during the pandemic. Kamala is swearing in the new senators!

@29: Absolutely. America is the light of the world. But we went dark. When America goes dark, the whole world goes dark. They all felt it. And were repelled. And shocked. And in disbelief. It can’t be. Not America! (I wasn’t really shocked, because I intimately know the underbelly of America… the red states).

There are a lot of big, dark, corners of the world. China, Russia, North Korea (sending out a prayer there, dear goddess, are they beyond hope? their unbelievable suffering. I can’t stand it and Trump is in love with Kim Dong whatever). Just to name a few. Our Dicktator bowed to Putin. That’s undeniable. Trump loves sucking Putin dick. He will never *ever* say a bad word about him. Putin completely and totally owns that bitch.

But this is still America. Today proved it. The Cockroach forgot where he was treading. Don’t tread on me, bitch.

That Greta tweet is hilarious!

I’ve never been a fan of the Star Spangled Banner–don’t like it musically & don’t get the point of it, but Lady Gaga sang it beautifully.

Agree with you all about feeling bittersweet about Hillary. As always she was gracious and lovely. I thought that of all of the First Ladies that were there, and Kamala just shines.

My son sends this (he’s been blasting it):

@26, Hillary is beautiful. I cried. It’s a bittersweet moment because this should be her 2nd term. Biden and Harris will do a lot of good and it’s such a relief to have them in office, but they won’t be as good as Hillary would have been. However, no more Trump!

Apparently purple is for Shirley Chisholm, though none of the explanations I’ve seen give any more detail. Kamala’s is a blue-purple and IMO lovelier than a straight purple.

Kamala Harris is set to make history as the first female, first Black and first South Asian vice president, and she will take her oath in the color purple as a nod to Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman to run for president.

“Kamala Harris is wearing purple, something pretty significant to her. When she ran for president, one of her colors of her campaign was purple and yellow. That is a nod to Shirley Chisholm who ran for president as a black woman decades ago and has inspired her political career,” CNN’s Abby Phillip reports.

@40, ahh, thanks for explaining that.

We’ll definitely be dumping Dump! We need to put up pix of our new leaders and our beautiful HRC.

Absolutely DYB (17), madam (19), and Luna (39).


I got up very late this morning (up late last night) and was holding my breath as I opened my laptop to check the news. Whew! I was afraid that something would happen but it all came off. Kamala was lovely and stateswomanlike and the 2nd Gentleman looked good too. And of course Joe and Dr. Biden. How fitting that Officer Goodman accompanied Kamala.

OTOH the poetry didn’t touch me, though Gorman looked stunning. It is hard to imbue lines like “And this effort very nearly succeeded” and “we have our eyes on the future” with anything other than triteness. Yes, I am a literature snob (my 1st undergraduate degree was in literature.)

Yes, can those pictures of the Orange Caligula off to the right be removed?

I didn’t do as good a job as Fredster, but I did clean up the sidebar. Hope you enjoy!

Ah, the blog has been fumigated…wonderful, thank you MB and Fredster for posting humor though the darkest days.

Let the sunshine in.

I just have to say, today had so many inspirational moments- I feel lighter, more serene, happier.
Some of the acts of tonight’s celebration are like a shot in the arm.
Happy Inauguration everyone!

Katie Perry is singing Hillary’s campaign song in front of the Lincoln Memorial, dressed in white. Makes me cry.

The fireworks are beautiful.

Oh I will have to watch that later, Shadow!

Did you all see that grouchy old Bernie at the inauguration? This is priceless

McMass @49, Well said! I do feel less stressed and sad after today.

@52: LOLOL!! Thankfully, I missed grouchy old Bernie.

@47: Thank you, mb! You did good.

Hope you’re doing okay out there Fredster.

@mb, thanks for the clean up!

@57 Thanks for that, DYB. I haven’t, in general, seen it said enough!

I am really burned out and am very relieved the turd is out of the White House, but I still keep waiting for something horrible to happen. I am grateful all went well today, sad for our Hillary and am waiting to feel excited and happy…my emotions are all screwed up.

@57, 58, here’s another:

Love all the Hillary gifs and quotes!

Luna, that Ossoff quote is very special. I’m glad he’s reminding the world of the civil rights activism that Jews and Black Americans have historically joined in together. It’s such a powerful moment for our country in so many ways.

Amazing musical performance yesterday…I burst into tears halfway through. My emotions are all mixed up too!

Biden is already cleaning house. People kept saying Drumpf was going to make it impossible for Biden to do his job…I never understood that point of view. The monster is gone and he doesn’t get to dictate the agenda any more.

This sh*tbird was one of the key people Biden needed to fire ASAP.

I don’t want Spammy to eat me, so I’ll just say without a link that the traitor Drumpf put in charge of the military in the last five seconds of his ruinous reign has been put on “administrative leave” as of yesterday. Don’t expect him back any time soon.

Pelosi connecting the dots for the media: “Not holding the president accountable would be harmful to unity.”

Biden has fired a few people, including the chief White House usher who was brought in by Melania – someone who, naturally, worked for Trump’s hotels. Trump fired the black woman who was the usher at the time (the first woman to hold that position.) I also saw someone mention on twitter that Biden held a staff meeting with everyone at the White House (I assume the White House non-political staff) and told them that he didn’t know what was allowed under Trump, but if he saw anyone yelling or disrespecting another worker, he’d fire that person on the spot.

65 MB
Nancy is right, letting Dump get away with any more crimes just to appease the deplorables is why they have gotten away with as much as they have, and their leader has been above the law.

66 DYB

Biden…” told them that he didn’t know what was allowed under Trump, but if he saw anyone yelling or disrespecting another worker, he’d fire that person on the spot.”

That’s the kind of leader I like…shows his ethical cards on day one.
Go Joe, go!!!!

@66 – I saw that and loved it. He was dead serious.

I just felt a tiny earthquake, like the earth settling. Did you feel it MB?

No I didn’t Shadow! Wow. I’ll bet it was related to the one I felt.

Shinners, DYB and I have heard from Fredster. He’s okay but is sidelined for a bit. Hopefully he’ll be back soon!

Oh. M. G. I see Lisa going full Democrat soon.

As a reminder cause we haven’t talked about it much recently: the ERA would mean the Supreme Court cannot take away a woman’s control of her own body, as it would clearly be discrimination on the basis of sex.

@72, I had given up on seeing it happen!

Re: Murkowski, I’d be pleased if she went Indy and caucused with the Dems. Do you really think she might go Dem?

@72, Wut? Picks self up off floor. Is this real?

If so, I wonder how or if it would clash with Biden’s executive order on sex & gender discrimination which, since it includes ‘gender,’ lets intact males use girls’ and women’s bathrooms, changing rooms and showers and take over spaces in female sports when they self-identify as woman. Biden’s order affects only Federal facilities and organizations, but that’s still a large arena.

Don’t get me wrong — transgender people should not face discrimination in housing, jobs, education, etc.

Trans human rights do not include invading girls’ and women’s same-sex spaces. Gender is not the same thing as sex. Trans-identified males with penises are demanding and in many cases allowed to use female facilities where they will be with girls and women undressing and in other vulnerable activities. Females have a right to privacy. Trans-identified men are also demanding space in women’s rape-relief shelters and office. Vancouver BC dropped funding for Vancouver Women’s Rape Relief since they would not accept trans-identified men as staff or clients. The last thing a raped woman needs to be around is a man with a penis. Yes, about 85% – 95% of trans’women’ do not have medical or surgical intervention. Shocked me when I heard that. Then there are the trans-identified men with “girldicks” [sic] who think lesbians who won’t date them are transphobic and rant about the ‘cotton ceiling.’ Leave lesbians alone! They are same-sex attracted, not same-gender attracted! Whatever the hell gender is.

As for sports, strength goes down only ~5% with testosterone suppression. Even that doesn’t happen if males continue to exercise while taking testosterone suppression. Excellent informative article here:

As for ‘puberty blockers’ in children — these drugs are not reversible, and not approved for this purpose and their use is experimental in children. Kids can’t provide informed consent as they can’t understand the repercussions of treatment which leaves them sterile and predisposes them to various medical problems. In England, the judges in the recent Keira Bell (desister) case decided that she indeed could not provide informed consent to be treated, and Tavistock had pushed her and other children into “affirmation” treatment rather than counseling and patience. What’s alarming is that about 80% of kids thinking they’re trans have this feeling go away after a few years, and most are either gay or lesbian. There’s a lot of homophobia behind the rush to push kids or adults to transition if they’re attracted to the same sex. Another shock to me was that the risks of depression and suicide do not go down after transition.

Abolish gender stereotypes and let kids and adults wear what they want and love who they want (as long as it’s mutual and they’re of age).

I’m happy about all the other Executive Orders Biden has signed.

@63, yes, what Ossoff said was not only touching but inspiring. The Second Gentleman is Jewish, so I look forward to more positive exposure.

@71, Hope Fredster will be back soon.

This should have been removed during the deep cleaning. What the hell else are they going to find?

Luna @75, yes, that poorly thought out gender EO was in the stack for a long time. (Months? It was even mentioned in the campaign. As a good thing, no less.) As you say, the fight for women’s rights is fine with trans rights. It just doesn’t accept that women have no rights.

Another important thing to stress is that women don’t have a problem with trans people. The concern is that poorly thought out laws open the door to predatory men and/or exploitative ones (eg in grabbing sports prizes).

Until women’s skulls get cracked in mixed soccer, until women in prison get assaulted by suddenly “transwomen” prisoners, until enough trauma has been heaped up, on women as usual, there’s going to be a refusal to see the issues.

The UK is several years ahead of the US in legalizing that gender-not-sex stuff, and all these things and more have happened there. So now they’re walking the definitions back to sex rather than gender. Let’s face it nobody cares how we identify. Women are victimized based on their sex. So it’s the female sex that needs protecting.

(I know it’s required in the US to say it never happens. The same was true in the UK. As if men never become, say, scoutmasters or priests to prey on others! So women started compiling resource threads of examples of abuse of trans issues to get at women. Just one example.)

I am so pist at WP right now. Please delete one of the copies of Kaleo for me.
I have tried to post that song explaining how I feel like I am starting to crawl out of that hole created by Dump and crew. I can’t really write what I said or wp will not let it though. I didn’t cuss or anything,

I would love to see the ERA finally frickin’ pass, just wonder if the Rethugs and super religious would stop it. Doesn’t it have to be passed by a few more states and not Congress??? I know PUMPpac and the gang were trying to helpvpass it by pleading with the congress in the remaining states, back in the day when we actually thought Hillary would be our President.

Oh, I am in a less than generous mood right now…bbl. Hope Fredster is okay.

Females have a right to privacy.

I couldn’t agree more.

Let’s face it nobody cares how we identify. Women are victimized based on their sex.

—That’s right, women don’t need to have their only safe places trampled on. They don’t want to share a men’s bathroom with icky urinals and lurking men.

I’m fine with an extra bathroom for anyone. That way, it’s only one person at a time, seat down boys.

The 15 states that did not ratify the Equal Rights Amendment before the 1982 deadline were Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia.

Apparently Trump’s property & accounts are millions of $$ in negative equity, and lots of other odd stuff. I really hope he can be nailed on fraud or tax evasion charges by some government.

It looks like three more states need to ratify the ERA to make it pass. Looks like there is some action that has taken place in recent years, but it’s still needs to be solidly passed by at least 3 more states.

James Corden‘s Les Miserables parody

Luna @75, agree with you that trans should not be discriminated against, but there should be privacy accommodation for schools & public bathrooms & showers, etc. My hubs says that for at least 10 years, our school districts have been moving towards single-occupancy toilets and showers with curtains to try to please everyone, but its hella expensive for us taxpayers.

Also hope Fredster is well and will be back soon.

Quixote @78, Well said!

Luna @86, I read that thread. Classic pattern for money laundering to inflate assets like that. And then for tax purposes, they magically deflate to nothing.

Fraud in both directions.

Shadow, thanks for looking that up.

Where I just retired from, they made the bathroom situation as such:

-Women’s bathroom for many women
-Men’s bathroom for many men
-Single bathroom for one person of any gender
-Single room for a nursing mom, with a special coded lock for privacy.

Everyone was happy with this arrangement.

Annie, my pleasure.

@93, that sounds good.

I looked at that thread @86. Good lord. I think Quixote correctly diagnosed it. What a bunch of crooks.

Pretty bird break:

@71: Thank you for the update on Fredster, mb!

McConnell may detest Trump, but he’s every bit like him. He’s desperately trying to hang on to the reins of power even after he lost. He’s throwing a Trumptantrum.

“McConnell is threatening to filibuster the Organizing Resolution which allows Democrats to assume the committee Chair positions. It’s an absolutely unprecedented, wacky, counterproductive request. We won the Senate. We get the gavels.” Brian Schatz

@93, I’m fine with that too. I think most trans people would be also, and don’t want to invade women’s private spaces. Unfortunately some men aren’t OK with that. I’m reminded of the trans soccer player who wanted to shower with the women, even though he had his own shower to use (Hannah Mouncey IIRC). Or the trans teacher who wanted to use the girl students’ bathroom, even though ‘she’ already could use the women teachers’ bathroom. It’s disingenuous to say “we just want to pee” because if that’s all it is, go pee in the men’s room, especially since you tell us that male bodies aren’t a threat to women. As for trans-identified men saying they are lesbians — it’s enough to make me explode.

@97, McConnell thinks that the majority party shouldn’t get the committee chair positions? Lololol! Next thing, he’ll be worried about the deficit.

Luna, thank you (and thanks to quixote too) for educating us. I’ve never heard of this stuff before. It has been eye-opening.

I really liked the way Brian Williams ended his show. It was a video of “Quiet” only it was much better than the video I’m going to post because it had Amy Klobuchar, Christine Blasey Ford, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala, Sally Yates and others. Notable (and not surprisingly) was the absence of Hillary (unless I missed it). Even though she’s the one who sparked the Women’s March.

I’ve always liked Lisa Murkowski (as much as I can like any Republican). I see her (as somewhat) in the mold of Olympia Snow or Margaret Chase Smith.

She defeated the total bag of tea party shit, Joe Miller in 2010. She beat him with write-in votes and her name is not easy to spell! Like the loser tRump, Miller did not concede and fought the results in court claiming “voting irregularities” (sound familiar?). He lost… again. His case was dismissed. Anyway, I’ll always love her for that – saving us from Joe Miller.

From way out in left field…

Mark Halperin, the super creepy misogynist that used to be on MSNBC is now on Newsmax. Perfect. I would get nauseated every time he said anything about Hillary. He just oozed toxic ickiness. Of course the two idiots, Joe and Mika loved him. He fit right in with their praising of Trump and Hillary bashing in 2016.

And now he’s found a home. I doubt he’ll get fired from Newsmax like he did from NBC and Showtime for sexual harassment and misconduct. He’ll probably get promoted.

Whoa. Guess Melania is *done*.

PJ> Oh wow, Halpern on Newsmax is just *chef’s kiss*

@106, That’s promising that only 2 Republicans voted against Biden’s pick.

Looking forward to this!

House to send impeachment article against Trump to Senate on Monday

@105, 106: That’s great news!!

Wow… David Brooks?

Has Schumer merely said he disagrees with McConnell? Or has he actually swatted the treason weasel down so the Senate can get something done?

Meanwhile, the media have, as always, learned Absolute Zero:

Catching up on all the great commentary!

Re the ERA, I believe the Democrats + Lisa are advancing the theory that the ERA shouldn’t have passed its deadline and that when enough states have ratified, it should be added to the Constitution. This is something that Menendez usually does every year, but I haven’t seen bipartisan support this broad before.

I agree with a lot of the discussion about gender vs. sex. I don’t think it’s a good idea for women’s safe spaces to be invaded by men identifying as women. What I’ve seen overwhelmingly done from the bathroom perspective is one gender neutral bathroom, in public spaces and workplaces. I believe sanity will prevail in the other areas where women need privacy as well.

What we’re seeing in terms of gender definition now, I believe, is a lack of understanding of what being trans means. It doesn’t override your sex. It describes what you see when you look in the mirror and how you feel about yourself. It doesn’t determine who you love, either. You can be a man who identifies as trans and still be attracted to women – so you are not attracted to your same sex. That’s why the “T” was added to LGBT.

Kids who are exploring their gender to be trendy are not trans. True trans have a really rough time. I had a trans woman in one of the personal development seminars I took, and she said she hated herself because she wasn’t living her truth – she identified as a man and was facing a number of blockers in her life because of it. Over the course of the seminar she came out as trans to her family and changed her life. It was beautiful and we thereafter thought of Ruth as a man.

Re Lisa – she said after the riots that she is considering changing her Party affiliation. Indy would be safer than Dem because she was elected as a Republican.

I am so thrilled about the ERA. Like Socal, I had given up on it.

@42: I absolutely love that, DYB.

Trump had a stockpile of bleach mistakenly thinking it was a stockpile of Covid vaccines… It was an honest mistake.

Oh well, that bleach will be put to good use, cleaning up the WH.

Don’t you just love it (not) when white people whitesplain about racism in America? Fox News does it all the time. There’s no racism in America! This is not a racist country!

Morning Joke was saying that Fox News (the evening shows I think he was referring to) are still all on-board the Trump Train to Nowhere. I haven’t watched Fox recently, but it sounds like they’ve decided to start competing with Newsmax and OANN for the batshit crazy demographic.

The grouchy little old man with the mittens… that’s who Michael Moore, three of the squad, and the BernieBros thought should be president…

Bernie *has* inspired a lot of great memes though. So there’s that.

Hillary always gets the last laugh. 🙂

OK OMG. So remember the story that Biden fired the chief White House usher who used to work for Trump hotels and was a Trump loyalist? Well, turns out…drum roll…Trump fired the chief White House usher (remember: Trump loyalist!) and sent entire White House staff home. So when the Bidens arrived at the White House, there was no one to open the door…so they stood there for several minutes outside, waving to the press…

And – another impeachable offense for Trump:

Horrifying: one of the plans was to gas Congresspeople while they were in the tunnels under the Capitol.

@118: Wow. That is so pathetic!

@120: Whuuuuuuuuut?

There’s no end to it with these people, is there?

It really does get worse by the day – everything that is coming out. Horrifying is right.

Some of these deplorable criminals need to get long prison terms.

One sicko emboldens other sickos. Thank God our congress is safe and the building is okay,

I’m looking back at a time when Hillary’s emails were the biggest national security of all time. Now *that* was some *real* fake news. Propagated across all news outlets TV and newspaper. From “respected” news sources. That’s fucking scary when you think about it. The Big Lie, like all lies, must be said over and over. And it was.

Like quixote was saying @111 – I worry that the media has learned nothing. And maybe they purposefully don’t want to.

So will we ever get to see Trumps taxes? Maybe it’s a big nothing burger, like Hillary’s emails. And maybe it isn’t. Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you are able to find Trump’s tax returns (like Trump, just joking).

Maybe the Jan 6 insurrection is like Benghazi – a nothing burger. Nothing nefarious to how government officials acted or were involved. Let’s find out.

The only reason I believe we will get to the truth is because people are interested. It’s all about the bottom line with the media. The clicks, the TV ratings.

Biggest national security *threat* of all time.

That was worth correcting. And saying twice.

See Drumpfenfuhrer’s impeachment trial is going to have witnesses and evidence. How many Republicans will be shamed into voting for conviction? I really don’t know. They seem to have no idea how they have been exposed for the traitorous pigs they are.

For those who are still worried about Biden catering to Republicans for “unity,” he seems to be pretty realistic about what he needs to do by Executive Order. He’s undoing a lot of Drumpf’s dirty deeds, including getting funding back for non governmental abortion providers.

I think Biden is striking just the right unity tone. To me, he’s saying all people are welcome to have a seat at the table – you just have to be decent. You have to treat other people with dignity and respect. You have to negotiate in good faith. Otherwise, you’re out. And the EOs have been great.

I caught a glimpse of McConnell speaking on the Senate floor and I just had to laugh. He was more or less saying he’s trying really hard to work with Democrats. He’s been voting for Biden’s cabinet picks and having his GOP minions in the Senate treat Biden’s picks nicely. Honestly, it’s almost gag worthy. It’s like the domestic abusing husband showing up with flowers. It’s an empty gesture. Democrats don’t need their votes. They don’t even need them to act decently. Mitch is only doing it so he can keep the filibuster and go back to ruining/blocking every good thing the Democrats want to do. His recent good behavior is a play – he hopes it will sway Biden or public opinion or both.

Unity, politically, means a shared set of facts and a shared code of conduct. The Repubs trying to turn it into “Agreeing with everything we say. No debate” are just pulling another one of their semantic snow jobs to grab power.

Schumer strikes me as way too milquetoast for the moment. I hope Biden, or Pelosi, or Harris, or *somebody* gets him a spine transplant in time.

Schumer’s always been too compromising IMO. He’s the Majority Leader now — act like it!

This article makes it sound like because of Senate rules, McConnell still has the power to hold the country hostage. He has the power to hold the country hostage until he’s promised the filibuster – which would allow him to continue to hold the country hostage. I’d like to know if that’s really true. I wish Lawrence O’Donnell (who seems like an expert on the Senate) would do an entire show on this explaining WTF?

McConnell reminds me of this quote from Game of Thrones, “He would see this country burn if he could be king of the ashes.”

OK, time for a trivia break!

McConnell does *not* have the power to hold up the Senate. He’s *Minority* Leader now. A procedural vote to disallow filibustering on the organizational vote (which is what he’s holding up by … filibustering) would only require 51 to pass, as I understand it. The hold up seems to be Manchin and Sinema (both D) who Schumer could lean on. But apparently he considers that rude. Or something. (Yes, I’m being unkind. And impatient. For all I know, he is leaning on them. But obviously not enough.)

And I really do not get the attitude that zomg-the-Repubs-could-use-the-lack-of-filibuster-against-us. Of course they would. In a heartbeat. They use every single lever out there, legal and illegal. So slap the 60 vote requirement back on once you’re done passing your main agenda.

Once people’s lives are easier, they’ll vote the Dems back in. Mess about moaning over the filibuster, and it’ll be all-Repubs in 2022. Idiots.

Meanwhile, all across Russia people are turning out in hundreds of thousands to support Navalny. And being arrested by the thousands. (God, I despise Putin.)

There’s an unforgettable photo from Yakutsk, where people gathered in the teeth of -60F. (Of course, the police went out and froze their noses off too…)

Thank you for explaining that quixote! I think you are exactly right about both the Dems and the Repubs.

I think you’re especially right about what you said in your last statement. That’s McConnell’s game plan in a nutshell.

@135, Hoping that Navalny and his supporters will not be harmed. That’s unrealistic, I know. I want Biden to speak up about this human- rights abuse.

The media is back to the same old shit again. Learning from Trump doesn’t appear to have stuck. Now it’s ZOMG! Biden’s Rolex watch.

quixote, does “precedent” have a different meaning in Russian?


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