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Lazy Weekend

Posted on: November 21, 2020

Happy Weekend Widdershins!

Oy! Trump is still trying to stage a coup. Of course a melting Rudy Giuliani is not helping his cause. Nor is the fact that every time his lawyer get in front of a judge – where lying to a judge is a crime – they admit they have no evidence of wrongdoing in the election. But those are all just minor details in Trump’s scheme to destroy the country on the way out and the entire GOP is happy to play along. As one of them pointed out in an interview, since there was no “bloodbath” down the ticket in the election and they gained some seats in the House, they think supporting Trump is working. And so – here we are. Biden/Harris are asking private donations to help fund the transition. This is not actually unusual. Since at least the 1992 all Presidents have had to raise funds for the transition because the money provided by the government is not enough. (Seems like something they should fix, no?) But this is the first time, it seems, that the campaign has appealed to the people directly instead of just big donors and bundlers. Interestingly enough, a lot of the same people who complain about big money in politics on social media, are absolutely livid at the fundraising attempt because, they say, people have no money (fair) and Biden/Harris should just go to their rich friends… But these same people would set their hair on fire if Biden/Harris did that. So, everybody loses.

Millie Bobby Brown and Helena Bonham Carter in “Enola Holmes”

In any case, as a way to distract myself from the madness of it all, last night I watched on Netflix a charming movie called “Enola Holmes” that I highly recommend. Intended for a theatrical release, but landing at Netflix because of the pandemic, the film was co-produced by and starring Millie Bobby Brown – one of the breakout stars of “Stranger Things” on Netflix – it is an adaptation of a novel in a series about the youngest Holmes child, Enola (Brown), her two older brothers being Mycroft (Sam Claflin) and Sherlock (Henry Cavill). Helena Bonham Carter is their mother and other wonderful performances feature Fiona Shaw and Frances de la Tour. Millie Bobby Brown is marvelous as the young heroine and aspiring detective who finds herself abandoned by her mother and with two indifferent brothers who haven’t seen her in so long they don’t even recognize her.

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Thanks for the great post D!

I have been eyeing “Enola Holmes” for a while now. I will check it out!

Recently we watched “The Queen’s Gambit” on Netflix. Phenomenal movie about a young orphan girl who becomes a chess prodigy. Amazing performances by a wonderful cast.

Quiet day today!

California is mostly under curfew right now and there are a lot of closures. Ironic since I am taking the first actual vacation this year. #2020.

Pat Toomey of PA congratulates Biden/Harris on winning the election after the PA judge throws out Trump’s lawsuit “with prejudice.”

MadamaB> Curfews are odd to me. A virus spreads the same 24 hrs a day…

Thanks for the Great movie review DYB and the trailer. I am going to Netflix now.

Also, thanks for your review MB, that will be second on my list.

Since I just retired in July, I have a lot of time to find distractions, especially since the Vet my son works with just tested positive and we won’t be able to see each other on Turkey Day. Isolation just got worse and so has the Pandemic in CA.

DYB – I think the curfew is mostly to ensure people don’t cluster together in bars or at parties. It did help before to flatten the curve.

Shadow, so sorry! My turkey day isn’t going to be much either.

Yes MB, the 10 PM -5 AM curfew is a kick in the pants to all those people that mingle like it’s 1999 and seem to forget to wear their masks.

Thanks, seems like you and Hubby made it though Covid, so we are all thankful for that. Gobble, gobble.

My son also became a vegan about 6 months ago, so it isn’t like we were going to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal anyway. I eat what I want and he eats plants… 😉

My sister in law is a vegetarian. She always has tofurkey and side dishes.

Just came here to say DYB was right! Enola Holmes was delightful.

I just finished watching Enola Holmes, what a great movie. Thank you for letting us know about it.

Tomorrow, I will watch MB’s mentioned movie.

Didn’t think about Big Dump or the pandemic for that blissful block of time.

MB, tofurkey…my son insisted that we never have it. 😉 He said there are lots of better things today in the Bay Area.

Wish my son was at least a vegetarian, then I could at least make some good cookies for him. So far, only made a great pizza with plants on the top.

I’m a vegetarian and I do not like things which taste like meat. Didn’t really even before I turned vegetarian. Besides, tofu is wonderful if it’s cooked right. Stuffed squash can be attractive for Thanksgiving.

Recipes for vegan cookies, though given the amount of sugar in some of them they’re not low-calorie!

Luna, you are reminding me of this amazing vegan diner I used to go to in NYC down in Soho. (I was a vegetarian for three years but I gave it up when my dairy allergy became insurmountable.) The desserts at that bakery were to die for, better than desserts I’ve had at most restaurants. I think my favorite was a peanut butter chocolate cake.

For Thanksgiving it’s just going to be hubby and me on the day, so we are going to make what we want, not turkey. Our meal will be lamb, green beans almondine and some other veggies, rolls and (I think) a homemade dessert with oat and soy milk instead of the real thing. I can’t wait! I hardly cook anymore and this will be fun and relaxing.

It just struck me, a whole series of comments just about life. And some of the universe. and everything. You-know-what not front and center for the first time since, I think?, the Paleozoic or so. This is going to be a Thanksgiving where I don’t have to look for blessings to count! Even if it will be more distant than we’d like. We do have zoom, and next year. Anyway, suggestion for musical choices maybe: Feel The Relief 😆 !

I’m with you on curfews, DYB. I’m sure mb is right, it’s to keep people from continuing to drink into the wee hours and getting even stupider than they already are. But in that case, why not just forbid the consumption of alcohol after 6pm?

Speaking of curfews, have you watched this German heroes clip?

@14, I saw that! It’s great!

Oh, Lordy. The taxpayers have to pay for this 2nd recount too, since GA law doesn’t require the contestant to pay.

Trump campaign asks for recount in Georgia, which just recounted

Glad you enjoyed “Enola Holmes!” I hope they make sequels. I think they want to and this was a big hit on Netflix, so hopefully they will invest.

On a completely undelightful note I also binge-watched a documentary about the pizza bomb robbery. Remember that case? A man robbed a bank and had a bomb tied around his neck? He said he was forced to do it by someone. And then while he was sitting handcuffed on the ground surrounded by the cops the bomb went off – on live television. The documentary about that case is really fascinating, also on Netflix. So many twists and turns… Highly recommend it. Not “fun” because it’s real and someone was killed and the people involved are all out of their minds…but just a remarkable story.

I have no idea who any of these people are. Though I did see a photo that the SoS guy was in the room with Obama/Biden/HRC when bin Laden was killed.

This is adorable! I want this beaver!

Animal engineers! Their dams create fish habitat, wetlands, and help decrease the effects of floods.

Luna, thanks for the recipes and I was sure you were a vegan or a vegetarian before you mentioned it to me. 😉

DYB, what are you building in your home, an ark? You will have every cute animal on the planet at the rate you are going.
While you build, make sure you have VRBO rooms so we can come and share the experience.

BTW, thanks for the great tips on good videos online we can watch. I have two more on my list already.

The lame Dump, hiding in our House is gonna hate this –

Andrew Cuomo To Receive International Emmy For ‘Masterful’ COVID-19 Briefings.

( I learned a lot from Andrew and ‘enjoyed’ watching them.)

Nice post D, I will definitely watch that movie.

I’m leaning towards going vege. I’m not really hungry for meat anymore.

Good point:

I can’t imagine ever going vegan! I’m an Eastern European meat and potatoes dude. A meal without some sort of meat is never filling! One thing I find odd about a lot of vegan products is the makers try to make them taste like meat. It’s often part of their marketing for vegan burgers and stuff like that.

@22 Shadowfax, yes the ark is progressing nicely! I have guest cabins for my friends!

Yup, I’m a meat and potatoes half Irish woman and half Italian. Plants are a good side dish or one meal a day for me.

Wonderful that you provide cabins for your friends on the ark. Perfect place to enjoy life and forget 2020 and Dump.

The transition budget is being opened for Biden/Harris after today’s hearings with Emily Murphy.

@33: I wonder what really happened. And according to CNN, Trump is supporting it??

Maybe Trump got a call from someone like Erdogan or the person or persons he owes all that money to because Trump certainly wouldn’t listen to anyone in the United States. Someone told him to cut the crap on the transition and he listened – that’s the shocking part.

PJ, Putin missed a prime opportunity to humiliate Trump by congratulating Biden before Trump authorized the transition.

You’re right, DYB! Hahahahaha. I love that! The music stopped playing, and Putin found himself without a chair.

Putin is slipping.

The last line…

@38: That last line is perfect. What a big freaking job it’s going to be. So far, Biden is *actually* hiring the best people, but still… it’s going to take a ton of rebuilding.

In that sense, Trump really is a Republican – he hates gov agencies, but is desperate to run them. Run them into the ground. That’s how all Republicans are. They call it (ironically) being conservatives.

“conserve” definition: Protect from harm or destruction.

I am so glad all of Drumpf’s attempts to overturn the election have finally ended. It was inevitable, but so painful to watch.

Beavers are so cute but D, they are hell on arks!

Joe Biden has apparently picked a very impressive and diverse cabinet, including John Kerry as climate czar. I wrote a post a while back about Kerry’s new climate organization…apparently he has been an activist for decades. Al Gore has already strongly indicated his support.

I hope there is a web cam posted by all exit doors of the White House so we can see Humpty Dumpy when he scurries out with his tail between his legs.

I want huge speakers blasting for all to hear when they play this song –

madamab> I suppose a beaver on a wooden ark might be problematic, but we’ll find him a proper cage!


And this one too

Lookie here, he already has a crew to help him with the ark!

madamab> I suppose a beaver on a wooden ark might be problematic, but we’ll find him a proper cage!

John Kerry as Climate Czar? Huh. Not sure he’s accomplished much in this area other than advocating for it, which is of course worthwhile. However he’ll be really good on the international aspect, since he was SoS.

Biden better pick Jay Inslee as Interior, Energy, or EPA, or he’ll be ignoring someone who has years of executive experience running a large organization and who’s actually turned plans into reality. (goes off muttering about politicians who only see the East Coast and California…)

@38, “accounting of nat’l security interests” as in how much has been sold to the Russians?

As for repairing what Trump has done — a comparison with cleaning the Augean stables comes to mind.

Umm-hmmm. In the first 2 years he had a majority in the House and the Senate.

Former president Barack Obama on Monday rejected criticism that he had not been forceful enough in pushing the Democratic Party’s agenda, repudiating what he said was the view that he had spent too much time seeking to understand and work with his political opponents.

Luna @ 45

John Kerry as Climate Czar? Huh.

I was thinking the same thing. I have a list of people that had better get a position and Kerry wasn’t even one of my distant considerations.

@45: goes off muttering about politicians who only see the East Coast and California…

And then there’s that pesky 3rd coast isn’t there?

Baker native, LSU graduate tapped as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations

Unlike most of her predecessors, Thomas-Greenfield has 35-years of service in the U.S. Foreign Service, including assignments in Jamaica, Nigeria, The Gambia, Kenya, Pakistan, Switzerland, and Liberia.

I read the letter from that Emily woman. It was snotty! And full of “poor persecuted me” bullshit. Can you believe these trumpians? Who do they think they are? Katie Porter says they’ve called her in again tomorrow. Who knows what will happen.

@45, Luna, are you sure you want to lose your governor?

Rachel had a very interesting story tonight:

@45: From what I’ve read, it is precisely the international aspect that you talked about as to why he picked Kerry (that and Biden being comfortable with Kerry and having worked with him and trusting him). We have blown all trust with other countries and Kerry is trusted by foreign leaders (I believe). They will trust his word, knowing that Biden is not going to tweet something different in the next hour. (But I’m going to be honest and say I don’t care for Kerry (no play on words) or Al Gore even though I once did – sorry).

This is my honest opinion of Biden. He has turned the page on the good-ole-boys way of doing things. I think it’s pretty amazing for a white guy his age. I’m proud of him. Maybe it took his campaign being on death’s door and black people, in particular black women saving him. Whatever it was, I like it. I’m genuinely surprised. I think Mb saw something in him I didn’t see.

Bringing in Kerry is not like W bringing in all the old ugly cronies from the past. At least it doesn’t feel that way to me (and I’m a Biden critic, as you all know).

One last thing on this subject and it’s a sad thing. Why should other countries trust us when we might go right back to being a shit-hole country in four years? That part is devastating. All the other countries saw just how much support Trumpism has here.

I woke up at about 4:30 am, and I just decided to stay up… I’m thinking about Pat Robertson (of all people) and just how ugly he and white evangelicals are. 80-90% Trumpists. I’m trying to figure out how they reconcile their professed faith with what they do. (I’ve already stated how I feel about religion, but this is just an interesting question to me).

Here’s what I think. The worst message ever sent to white evangelicals is that Jesus died for their sins. So now they don’t have to do anything. Jesus picked up the tab. It’s all good. Instead of “what would Jesus do?” It’s “that’s Jesus’ job.”

Questions to White Evangelicals and their answers:

Q: What do you think about feeding the hungry?

A: That’s Jesus’ job. Jesus said and I quote, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger.” The hungry need to go to Jesus.

Q: How do you feel about helping the poor?

A: That’s Jesus’ job. Jesus said, “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.” See? They’re going to get the Kingdom of God! They just have to wait a little bit until they’re dead. I’m good with that. I have myself to think about.

Q: Do you think you/we/our country should help refugees?

A: That’s Jesus’ job. I can’t find a direct quote, but that sounds like something Jesus would be into. Those refugees need to find Jesus. MY job is to protect MY country from invaders.

All they have to do is praise magic Jesus all the time for doing all the work. Thank you, Jesus! For doing the shit we don’t want to do.

What a racket…

PJ, I agree that everyone should fear that in 2024 or 2028 America will elect another Trump. That’s why American reputation is damaged, I fear, beyond repair. It used to be that regardless of who won the Presidency, there was a stability in our approaches, even when policies were often different. Trump has done so many things in so many different areas to so many different countries that the trust must be shattered beyond repair because American voters – and particularly the Electoral College – may choose another Trump again. And another Trump will run and will be a more dangerous version of the current Trump. Everyone knows this…

Luna, one point on the Obama super majority in Congress – it wasn’t quite 2 years. Al Franken was not seated for many months because his election was so close that they kept recounting, etc. And then a couple of months after Franken was finally seated, Ted Kennedy died. So the super majority only existed for a few months between Franken being seated and Kennedy’s death. Kennedy was then replaced by a Republican after their special election. However, the criticism of Obama stands that he spent at least 4 years trying to appease Republicans. Even with fearing to announce Russian interference because McConnell refused to. His fear of what McConnell would do (not just with the election issues, but for the 8 years before that) was reprehensible.

Did you know that this year Hillary Clinton is an electoral college voter?

@55: DYB, you’re right about America. I wish I wasn’t alive to see it, honestly. This last election, I really did buy into the idea that people were willing to give Trump a try in 2016 – not really paying attention to who he really was. But then Trump showed us who he was – every day – for four years. His extreme need for attention made sure that *everyone* saw who he was. In.Your. Face. for four years. I thought America would recoil. I really did. That was my idea of America. I thought it would be a landslide. Trump against a moderate old white guy. All excuses off the table (the fear of women, the fear of a person of color, etc.). A totally safe choice.

That’s not what happened. Even more voters voted for Trump. They *liked* what they saw.

The idea of America wasn’t just shattered for other countries. It was shattered for me too. I was never disillusioned about the people of KS. I know who we are (despite moments thinking we were better than that). But I had total confidence that we were just a red speck on a huge big beautiful country that did not think like us. America the Beautiful makes me cry. I cry at the Star Spangled Banner. I loved America. The *idea* of America. Turns out.

The EC is why America can’t be great. Why America can’t be trusted. Why America is not beautiful. Without the EC, we would have never lost our way. No 9/11. No Trump. The majority would have corrected for the minority. The person with the most votes wins. Only a *true* democracy can work. And we do not have a true democracy.

I don’t see that changing – the EC. I don’t have faith in America anymore.

@57 – love the bio of Avril Haines! I wonder what happened with the bar?

Re John Kerry and climate change, he was the architect of the Paris Accords while SOS. So there’s that. And re rock star governors going into the Cabinet, I have a great governor and I hope Biden stays the hell away from him. We need him!

PJ, and it’s important to make the point that it’s Electoral College vs. everyone else. Someone did the math that though Biden has won by historic numbers in the popular vote, a shift of just 45K votes would have given Trump an Electoral College win. That is terrifying. The Electoral College is destroying America. (And the undemocratic Senate, a failed institution by design, even before McConnell took over.)

Yes MB, we have a great gov. and he is soooo handsome to boot. I think Gavin has his hands full with Covid and our massive blue state. I do think he may be interested in running for President some day.

DYB, I had no idea our Hillary will now have an electoral vote. Is that her cancellation prize for being screwed over in 2008 and having the Presidency stolen from her in 2016? Sorry, I am still bitter and until something good comes along for her, I will remain so.

@61 Shadow, yes I know how you feel and I agree. She was chose an electoral voter this year. Do they change them every 4 years? I think they do. I suspect HRC will work on her own projects, officially “retired” from politics, but helping selected groups and people rise. I know some people expect Biden to tap her for some post, but I do not think he will.

Yes it is, DYB. It’s Us (America) vs the EC. It’s insane that you have to win by 6 million votes in order to win by a few thousand. It’s insane that you can win by a half million (Gore) or by 3 million (Hillary) and lose by 537 votes (Gore) or 77,000 (Hillary). We have president-elect Biden by 45k votes as you said. All that is INSANE. BUT. only if you believe in democracy. Only if you believe in the idea of America.

I think McConnell exposed the ugly about the Senate (and man, is he the poster child for “ugly” in every possible way) – like Trump exposed the ugly about America and our presidential elections. It was always there – you’re right, DYB. McConnell just made it *obvious*. We have huge flaws in our system. But only seen as flaws if you believe in democracy. If you’re Moscow Mitch and Red State America and a Trumplican, you believe like Putin. Like Mike Lee. Democracy sucks! Might makes right. Win at all costs. The system is fine.

Kind of sounds Nazi-ish.

I wrote to Jerry Moran, one of our KS state senators. It was when Trump was taking children away from their parents. I don’t think I cussed. I was LIVID. Out of my mind livid.

So I may have cussed. I don’t remember, didn’t keep a copy. I’m sure I was somewhat tempered because even in the worst of circumstances, that’s how I try to be in real life. I didn’t bother writing to Pat Roberts even though he’s from my home town.

I thought I had a shot at getting to Moran. But it was a total waste of my time.

I saw someone mention on twitter, but not sure if this is true: cabinet members who have been approved previously do not need to be re-confirmed. Supposedly everyone Biden has officially nominated so far has already been approved, during Obama’s tenure? Is this true?

@49, Fredster, you are right about the 3rd coast which I’m guilty of forgetting. Thanks for reminding me. Thomas-Greenfield sounds exceptionally well-qualified. ZOMG! Qualified people! It’s a relief.

@50, annie, no, I don’t want our state to lose Inslee as Gov, but he’d do so much good at the national level. The Lt. Gov would take over and he’s a Democrat.

@53, PJ, and @59, MB, I agree the international field will be where Kerry can display his strengths. After thinking more, I’d much rather see Kerry in that position than Inslee. Inslee’d be better in translating policy into practice. There are some good possible candidates here for gov in the mid-level state and county positions who could move up.

Inslee won his 3rd term easily. What’s funny — and infuriating — is his Republican challenger (a small-town police chief) still hasn’t conceded! Another whiney Trump man-baby.

@55, DYB, Thanks for the details–I’d forgotten some of those. Overall it’s the No-Drama Obama and overly bipartisan aspect I disliked. I’ll never forgive him for his cowardice in hiding the info on Russian hacking and Trump in 2016. No place for bipartisanship when faced with a threat from a hostile foreign state.

The computer shop owner who claims he received Hunter Biden’s laptop has closed his shop and disappeared…

How much money did he get and who paid him?

@68 Luna, I didn’t remember those details about Franken and Ted Kennedy either, but it came up in some twitter discussions recently. Even with those details aside, Obama’s lack of fight did a lot of damage to the country in the long run.

Of course he pardons a white turkey.

The electoral college votes Biden won this year when he also won the popular vote by 5-6 million, are the same number of EC votes Trump won in 2016 when he lost the popular vote by 2 million. The EC is a ridiculous and dangerous version of gerrymandering but on a national scale.

All of us commenting on the craziness, autocracy, fascism over the last few years, the undemocratic EC, and loss of trust in the US — we’ve go plenty of company overseas.

Foreign observers shocked by chaos over U.S. election

… many observers are perplexed as they watch the country they have known and admired floundering in a constitutional crisis and growing mistrust of democratic institutions.

For many, it is a struggle to maintain confidence that America’s principles and ideals will prevail.

“People who know the U.S. are shocked it’s going on so long,” said Michal Baranowski, the German Marshall Fund director of the office in Warsaw, of the post-election uncertainty and Trump’s refusal to concede.
“The great lesson that U.S. allies have drawn from the past four years is that the American ideals of democratic freedom and openness rest on a fragile basis. American political institutions have proven more delicate than most international observers thought. As a result, we are always one election away from U.S. commitments coming undone.”

@65 – She is a breath of fresh air!! Go Linda!
@67 – hahahaha!
@71 – snap!
@72 – yes, that’s what I was afraid they’d learn from Drumpf’s tenure. That we can’t be trusted because we have this bullsh*t system that has been gamed for decades by one corrupt and criminal party, and it has allowed Republicans who lost the popular vote to steal the Presidency several times over the past 20 years. That we had norms instead of laws reining in the Executive Branch, and that all it took to almost bring our country to his knees was a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy to break those norms and escape the consequences.

We must win Georgia and we must make laws so that when a Trump-style Thug runs in 2024, none of what he did will be able to be done again. In particular, we need to do three things: 1) codify the wall between the DOJ and the Presidency into law, 2) make refusal of subpoenas a civil crime punishable by jail time; 3) make it the law that anyone running for President must release his tax returns; and 4) make it the law that no President can profit from a business as soon as they take office.

For Fredster, but we all need a break with cute mammals.

Ack — hit post too soon.

The pardons are coming. I guess Trump is not saving them for his second term.

Lol! Anyone else get this reference?

Luna, I don’t get it!


Interesting thread here on pardons.

DYB, it’s an Isaac Asimov Foundation series reference. Uh …. Asimov was a physicist as well as a science-fact and science-fiction writer.

Luna, I am a huge science fiction fan but somehow I didn’t read Foundation. I’m not sure why. My favorites were Ray Bradbury, Octavia Butler and Ursula K. Le Guin. Maybe I’ll actually be able to unclench enough to appreciate sci fi again soon.

New post tomorrow morning!

@65: She’s incredible! Fredster, I’m sure you’re proud that she’s from LA. I know I would be. I loved the Louisiana references.

@77: I think it’s a perfect ending for Flynn. This pardon will solidify that he has no honor. He was exposed to honor in the military, but he never inhaled. He had a momentary lapse – found himself being honorable – and RAN. Holding Sidney Powell’s hand.

@82: Looking forward to the new post! I really liked your ideas @73.

@83: Oh and PJ the trinity she’s referring to is this:

@86: That’s awesome! Now that’s a Holy Trinity I can believe in. 🙂 I didn’t know that.

@88: Whoa Socal! That’s incredible! That is so good to see.

I can’t stand Samantha Power (sorry to any people who like her). I honestly can’t. stand. her. She makes me want to vomit. Which is kind of an extreme reaction. For which I have no rational explanation.

It is so nice to see that Biden is not requiring his newly appointed people to bow and kiss his… um, ring. Biden is not going to be jealous of any of them doing a great job and getting good press for it. That’s because Biden is an adult. He knows their doing a great job reflects well on him. He has picked them precisely because they will sometimes tell him what he doesn’t want to hear. The truth. Something that’s been MIA for four years.

No more sitting around the big conference table demanding each one humiliate themselves by coming up with bigger and better superlatives to describe him. My GAWD that was disgusting. And no amount of mocking made Trump stop doing that. Sick.

And yet… almost 74 (now) million people… voted for him. If you’re a sane person, it’s impossible to get your head around that number.

Luna, that Doxie and baby together are so darn cute.

I am so happy I never bought a “MyPillow.” I was tempted many times and each time something inside said, “don’t do it. you’ll regret it.”

@88, No surprise that the troops don’t like Cadet Bone Spurs. Can’t call people ‘losers and suckers’ and then expect them to vote for you.

Give your cousins covid-19 for Christmas! Public-health safety precautions = standing in the way of family reunions? Or maybe tinsel is a virus inhibitor. Sigh. Never thought I’d see so much magical thinking by so many people.

Leaders in France and Britain on Tuesday announced tentative easings of lockdown restrictions heading into the Christmas holiday season while acknowledging that the coronavirus was far from under control.

The decision to reopen shops, resume indoor entertainment and allow limited holiday gatherings appeared to rub up against a consensus among scientists, who have underscored the risks of indoor socializing and have warned of the danger in lifting restrictions too rapidly.

But many European leaders seem reluctant to keep their economies closed or to stand in the way of family members seeing each other after a year marked by long periods of strict confinement measures and social isolation.

@87: If you haven’t heard of it, check out mirepoix:

On the trinity when I (which is rarely) cook and need it you can buy containers of already chopped at the grocery. That chopping gets tiresome.

@97: I will check it out Fredster! Thanks. And no, I’ve never heard of it before.

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