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Lazy Weekend: The Future

Posted on: November 14, 2020

Alright Widdershins, we don’t know what crap The Dump will do before January 20th, but we should try to take deep breaths and look forward to the new administration. Dump and Ghouliani and all those morons are not going to succeed staging a coup. Biden and Harris will be sworn in. We’ll see how the GA special elections go, but even in the worst case scenario, there are many things they can do. A non-partisan Justice Department will be a huuuuuuuuge thing just by itself. And if they’re smart, they will spend the next two years before the midterms exposing every corruption of Trump and every Republican enabler. Can you imagine what they’ll find on Devin Nunes alone?! They better not shy away from that.

Meanwhile, this is an open thread! Post your favorite music music about the future…

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I hate being the first pancake, but here I go.

My ultra-conservative sister is on my mind. I’m thinking about Georgia and the special elections. In other special elections in red states, she is always holding her breath. Scared to death that the scale is finally going to tip against her and her kind for good. And she always breaths a sigh of relief when it doesn’t happen. Phew! Satan (my name for it) is still in charge, no worries. (did I mention she is super religious?). She was very relieved when Joni Ernst was reelected.

People like her always have an excuse for the bad things they, the Republicans do. On kids in cages… “Well, the parents shouldn’t have been bringing their kids here in the first place. Trump is just trying to protect our country. At least he has the guts to do it.” Kind of like the German people’s attitude toward Hitler exterminating the Jews (I’m thinking) – he was the only one who had the guts to do what needed doing – in order to make Germany great again. But I let her go on… On Charlottesville and the woman getting run down and killed by that fucking nuts psycho-boy. “Well… they shouldn’t have been trying to destroy our history in the first place.” I’m thinking wtf? Like Germany should have statues of Hitler because that’s part of their history? (If they did, it would certainly help keep Jews in line like we keep black people in line here with our Confederate statues).

I try to avoid her. When she calls, I make her wait at least five hours before I call her back. It’s my little act of push back. She’s not worth talking sense to or getting upset about because she’s lost to the darkness and she likes it that way. I only want to defeat her. Go Georgia!

Oh PJ. I’m so sorry your sister is like that. And don’t worry, you aren’t the first pancake! It’s been established that’s Beata’s brother.

Love the post D! Madonna literally has a song for everything. Here’s the one I thought of right away.

Yes Madonna has a song for everything! LOL Or, do I have a topic for every Madonna song? Hmm…

PJ, sorry about your sister. My parents are the same way, although they are not religious. Just Russian. All they watch is Russian TV and are extremely pro Putin and pro Trump. They always tell me about the latest Russian take on everything: for example, Trump desperately wants to give Americans money to get through Covid, but Democrats are stealing all the money. Also in the early 2010s they were telling me Hillary personally instigated and paid for the Orange Revolution in Ukraine. That’s how long ago Putin and Russia tried to vilify HRC, while she was still Secretary of State. Putin was terrified of her running for President.

Thanks mb. 🙂 Unfortunately my sister is typical of Red State America. Everyone around here is like that. There are 70 million plus people like that. I feel like we’re in a 50/50 Mexican standoff. And like Beata said on another blog, 70 million people are not just going back under a rock. And also as you have said, mb – you are not willing to say those 70 million people are irredeemable.

I love that feeling. I love the idea of America. I still think it’s 50/50.

Thank you Beata’s brother!

DYB, that blows my mind. How did you turn out so good? It’s a miracle of wonders…truly.

Many Americans are in sync with the Russians on the Hillary hatred. They’re all on the same team.

Why? I don’t know. It’s sick. Hillary wanted to help all people and we can’t have that.

Great post DYB, yes, Madonna expresses herself in many current topics, or it’s always good to dance to one of her songs even if the topic stinks.

MB – So sorry you have Covid and glad you are doing well. Take good care and I hope you and your hubby without any problems. Let’s hope it gives you immunity through this bleak time.

My son works in a vet hospital and on the 11th of Nov. he and all his coworkers were told they might have been exposed to Covid on Nov 1st, 3rd and 6th…eleven days later.

When I asked him if they wanted everyone to get tested he said that it would be a good idea for those that had symptoms but not necessary for those that might be asymptomatic.

So, in other words they didn’t get the memo that asymptomatic people are also contagious and they also refused to say who the person was with Covid. They don’t know if it’s another employee or a pet’s owner. They cited HIPPA laws for not telling, which doesn’t make any freakin’ sense to me. To Hell with contact tracing and being able to stay away from that person.

More venting on my sister and her ilk. Thank you for letting me vent (sorry).

My sister… “And George Floyd – probably had it coming. I think he was a drug addict (it had nothing to do with the knee on his neck cutting off his oxygen). And Breonna Taylor sleeping in her bed…next to a drug addict I’m sure! And Sandra Bland disrespecting a police officer like that… (standing up for herself I’m thinking – seriously, did you see the way that jack-hole acted towards her? Mother F that pissed me off) ”.

Yeah, there’s always a good reason for the bad things they do. It’s an ugly shade of white and it works for them.

And that’s just the racism –

Then there’s sexism…

“All I ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks” RBG.

RBG was speaking for me, but not for my sister. Some people like their chains? I guess it releases them from any responsibility? Any independence? Any accountability? I honestly have no fucking idea how that works – I’m just guessing. These women go into a rage about feminists. They will never forgive Hillary for standing up for them, Lady G had that right. “Don’t make those women make you feel bad about being a second class citizen” (paraphrasing). God, what a douche.

I don’t know what drives 55% of white women to vote for Trump. But we did! Women for Trump. We outdid ourselves. Up from 53%. I will never, ever get over that. But it’s real. It sure is.

Hey, my brother and I get along just fine! I pretend he’s dead and he pretends I was never born. It works for us!

But… that 45% of white women are fierce – and they shouldn’t be underestimated. Being in the minority and having to fight their own kind. But still making progress. Amazing.

@9: Hahaha Beata!

I misspoke before (lied? I think you could say – not conscious of it at the time – but a lie nonetheless) because I don’t like the truth… I do understand exactly how it works with white women. I know why they do what they do. I know the evil game – inside and out.

PJ, my parents were complaining to me about BLM (violent thugs, obviously) and they said they didn’t understand why black people are always complaining. After coming to America for a better life, why are they mad? I said: “Uhmm hold on, they didn’t come here for a better life, they were brought here as slaves.” They disagreed and a huge fight followed. Mind you, we have a black child in our family; my cousin’s son is black. And my parents like him because he’s “one of the good ones.”

@8 Shadowfax, the test worked! I think. What were you trying to test?

Beata – hahaha!

D – thanks for sharing about your family too. I think what it shows is that where media is allowed to create its own reality, people who consume that media will fall into that really and it’s almost impossible to pull them out.

I will bet that right wing media is consumed in all of those households who support Drumpf. Just like your parents in Russia, D, watching state run media.

My feeling about racism and misogyny in white people is that it’s there, but doesn’t always cause people to vote Rethug. A lot of white people voted for Kamala Harris. There’s gotta be that extra ingredient, which I think is fear – fear that Democrats will do something horrible when in power. Without that fear, people are willing to hear about and discuss issues. With it, their ears are blocked and they just can’t think critically.

So yeah. Pfizer developed its 90% effective vaccine because of Merkel. Not Pence. I knew the Mango Moron had nothing to do with it.

I’ve said it before (and I’ll obviously say it again and again and again): it’s white FUNDIE women who vote for the Dump. Just like white fundie men. (In 2016 it was 90% fundie men, 80% fundie women. In 2018, their Repub vote was down by about 10% for each.)

Sorry about the shouting I’m going to do, but nobody seems to take this on board: IT’S BEING A WHITE FUNDIE THAT CAUSES DUMP VOTES. It’s not something about white women. It’s about white evangelicals. Evangelicals. White evangelicals.

Unlike black evangelicals, who you’ll notice do food banks and charity, the white fundie churches in the US were really pushed by the landowners before the Civil War to give poor whites somebody to look down on besides the landowners. Their purpose has always been preserving the Old Order, the sexism, the racism, the patriarchy.

The reason it’s important is because the solution is different if Dump-voting is somehow women’s fault (smells like misogyny to me, frankly) or it’s caused by a toxic belief system.

Minus fundies, a ***minority** of white women voted for the Dump. Unlike white men. Even ex fundies, it was still a slim majority of them. Why isn’t all the beating up aimed at them?!

(All of which relates to @16 as to what the extra ingredient is. It IS fear. There’s lots of research at this point showing that people go for authoritarian systems, religious or otherwise, based on their deeply rooted, biochemical levels of anxiety.)

Sorry about the beating up of white women. I know what they’re up against and what it takes to break out of it. Daily. You have to work at it everyday – mentally – working against the everyday micro-aggressions that keep white women in line. When I was complaining to my sister that our brothers would never accept *any* woman as president, she went silent. We were talking on the phone, but I could see her jaw drop. The idea of a woman president scared her silent. I blame it on our Catholic upbringing. You are safe when men are in charge and unsafe when women are. It takes a lot gaslighting. Pay no mind to your mother being more capable than your father. And don’t think about who you *really* feel more safe around. Don’t think about the men in your life and if they are really more holy than women. Look around you. Is that true? Seriously not! But DON’T LOOK I told you…

That’s how the game is played.

@13: That’s an amazing story, DYB. I have also pushed back and it just blows up. So I don’t do it anymore. I still really like that you did it anyway.

My brother had a really close friend who was black. It didn’t affect my brother’s sense of white superiority at all. Just like my outdoing him at everything didn’t affect his sense of male superiority.

Quixote, you’re right about that. And when I see sermons preached by that Trump spiritual advisor whatever her name is, it’s terrifying to me that there are millions of Americans who believe in what she and those other mega-pastors are doing. And there are, of course, countless “preachers” on a smaller scale who do the same thing.

quixote, thank you, I was just about to say about the same things! The blanket blaming of ‘white women’ is irresponsible. I hear more lambasting of white women than of white men Trump voters. If we look at the vote by state there’s a huge difference in % of white women voting for Biden vs Trump — take the West coast for example.

The 2016 vote by white women was only 48% for Trump, instead of the erroneous 53% figure. Urgh, can’t find the reference now. I should have bookmarked it; got it from quixote. Anyway, it’s still about 50/50.

People motivated by fear, as q wrote above, or by hate are the ones who fall in line for authoritarians.

(Just to be clear, PJ, that was in no way directed at you. I keep seeing the why-do-white-women-vote-for-trash stuff everywhere and jump on it whenever I have the energy. When I started holding forth, I didn’t even remember it was related to your message because you’re always very polite! The main thing that got me rolling was mb mentioning fear and that I’d just seen it somewhere else. So I imported my annoyance here (sorry!) with the question in my mind being white men have the biggest majority for the garbage, why aren’t you jumping on them??)

Also just saw an interesting article on Biden’s vote in cities where this popped out at me from Sachin Chheda:

“I’ve seen a lot of evidence that the Trump campaign went into the Latino community with kind of an anti-Black message, and went into the Black community with an anti-Latino message, and that they were really targeting and more sophisticated in their kind of scorched-earth campaign.”

I can just see them doing that. And I can just see it working, sadly. Same principle as setting poor whites against blacks. Or men against women. All of which they do too.

A reference: The Cook Political Report, Aug 19, 2018

“Using a data set from Public Religion Research Institute, Podhorzer broke out white voters by gender, education and whether they identified as evangelical. The gap between white voters who approve and disapprove of Trump by gender was 25 points. By education (college versus non-college) it was about the same at 26 percent. But the gap in perceptions of the president between white voters who are evangelical and those who aren’t was a whopping 60 percent!”

@25: Thank you, quixote. That means a lot to me.

Hey y’all, when get through some of this mess I’m going through I’ll do a major cleanup on the sidebar, clearing out the tRump stuff.

@28 – What a wonderful psychic cleansing that will be!!

Check this out. In your face, racists and misogynists!

Ok there’s a TORNADO warning in NYC. Tornado in NYC! WTF is happening?!

Oh no, D. Does NYC have storm shelters filled with canned goods, water, and artificial lighting? I don’t mean to sound uppity, be we in KS *own* tornadoes. (until one hits of course)

@31: be, but, bow. But. I choose but.

Republican relatives? Shun them. So much better for one’s mental health!

WA state will have new regulations tomorrow due to increased cases. In some counties there are 6 x as many cases as in June. This is per % of those tested, so it’s not just more tests being done. Most of the high increases are in eastern WA, which is fairly right-wing. Fortunately the population on that side is much lower than on the west/left side.

PJ, no no basements! I don’t even have a bathtub – I have a shower.

@35 Luna> Hilarious!

@37, a tornado in NYC! What is happening to this world? Hope you stay safe, DYB.

Is that rain or snow in the vid?

Luna, that was rain. The temperature outside plummeted in a matter of minutes and there was crazy wind.

Did you guys see Chelsea Clinton tweeted today that there were people outside her parents’ house today screaming through megaphones “Lock her up.”

DYB, yes…the test worked but my computer was acting up and finally went black. Had to crawl under my desk and test all the plugs, wires connections…finally got it fixed but not sure what I was trying to post.

Thanks for asking 😉 I do remember how amazed I was to hear of your Russian parents, their love of Putin and wondered how lucky we are you turned out to be such a strong Hillary supporter. Kudos to you.

Q I musta missed something, can’t follow the thought without knowing what a ‘fundie’ is?????


Dump has sure got himself some crazies. They had to run around and find an intelligent woman to threaten.

thing the Clinton’s have the Secret Service protecting them for the rest of their lives. Makes you wonder why anyone would run for office in our country.

Ok, there was a comment in spam, one in trash so I let ’em all out.

@44 Shadowfax> I think “fundie” is the “fundiegelicals,” Christian fundamentalists in the US, the ones who attend the megachurches and give billionaires all their money.

In court Trump lawyers say:

“This is not a fraud case. We are not alleging fraud… We are not alleging anyone is stealing the election…”

Good grief. I guess I dated myself. “Fundies” is what we called them in the days of clinic defense, way back in the 80s. DYB is exactly right: fundamentalists of whatever stripe, although in the US it’s some variant of Christianists.

@49, so if they’re saying in court that they’re not alleging fraud or stealing, why are they in court? Just for the social fun of it all?

?? Don’t people still call them fundies when we’re being informal?

Even on their death-beds, they don’t believe it’s Covid killing them…

@39- gosh, I was working alternate weekends and holidays in a fairly large city hospital until about two years ago. I fluctuate between feeling grateful and feeling guilty that I am no longer doing so. The stress must be extreme. I contacted some colleagues early on in the pandemic, but have been so preoccupied with the election, family illness, my non-clinical work, and other stressors that I have lost touch. It must be like landing on the beaches of Normandy these days.

Luna, *I* obviously thought we still called them fundies 😆

lililam, Normandy, indeed. But perhaps worse in some ways because what you’re doing is much slower and you have time to think.

That’s kind of funny to me. The Fundies discussion. I knew exactly who you talking about, quixote. Unfortunately…

I was catching up on MSNBC and I saw someone talking about right wing media and alternate realities. How it’s starting to splinter (as we were discussing on this blog before – about Fox). The rise of Newsmax and OANN and possibly Trump TV. The person was saying “we won’t just be dealing with one alternate reality, but 20.

It reminds me of the Christian faith and how it just keeps splintering. We have many versions of it in my small town of 20,000 or so. There’s a church called “First Christian” that a couple of my friends go to. I try to avoid discussions of religion, but Fundies always want to talk about it. They were going on and on about how wonderful their church was so I said… “Even though I don’t go anymore, I believe the Catholic Church was the *first* Christian church. I think all the other churches broke off from there.” (I was hoping to come off as non-confrontational, but I kind of knew I was being a bit of an ass – for all I knew I was just reciting the Catholic propaganda I had been taught). This woman (with a very high IQ mind you) said, “no, we were the first. That’s why it’s called “First Christian”. I’m ROTFL (inside my head of course). So all you have to do is call yourself the first and it is so??? Wow. Hmmm, I say. So the other woman was saying she knows what will happen when we die. I said, “you don’t *know*. You believe.” She said, no. “I KNOW”. Okay.

One more thought on this subject of Christianity dividing and dividing… I once lived in a part of KS that had an Amish community. They had horses and buggies, no electricity (except for the washers and dryers out back – pay no mind to those), etc. Anyway – the thing that blew my mind was that this already fairly small community split up over tires. True story! One group wanted solid rubber and the other group wanted air. It was a rift that can never be mended.

PJ> That story about the split within the Amish community over tires is kind of everything in a nutshell, isn’t it?

There’s one really positive thing I have to say about Amish people. They are not evangelize-ers. They do not come to your house to harass you and ruin your day. Plus, they are very polite. That’s a second thing. 🙂

Are you seeing the news that the Republican SOS of GA is saying Lindsey Graham pressured him to throw out valid votes? Graham is denying (“it was a perfect call!”) But the SOS is digging in.

Obviously Bill Barr and Mitch McConnell won’t do anything, but Graham should be charged with vote tampering and thrown out of the Senate. That is a huge scandal.

DYB – I agree, it is. The craziness of it all.

@60: Wow, DYB. Lindsey has finally and completely lost his mind. He hasn’t done well since the loss of John McCain. McCain was a moral compass he could hang on to – having no moral compass of his own. I think the dude is crashing even after his win. If I was a friend, I would call for a welfare check.


@65: Holy mo, DYB. It looks like some of the GOP have HAD IT with this shit. That’s awesome.

I always hoped that Trump would divide the Republican Party. Split it right in two. Like the Titanic. He’ll take the underbelly with him, knowing that the GOP can’t win without them.

I hope this battle between cockroaches continues. Go Georgia!!

@64 – whaaaa?! That is a naughty fluffy doggie!

This Lindsey Graham thing is shocking…not because he did it, which of course he did, but because a fellow Rethug is failing to cover it up. Now that Drumpf is losing his mojo they are not as afraid of him anymore, it seems.

Another of my posts seemed to have made it to the dust pan of WordPress. I commented on the smarty pants pet above and I don’t know what else.

I am so tired of staying in the house since March because we have such selfish idiots out side that refuse to wear a damn mask.

Rant over.

@68: I don’t see anything in spam, trash, or pending. shadow

@67: Great points, mb. I just saw where the Georgia SOS is now getting death threats. He sounded a little in shock that his own party would turn on him like that.

I’m still waiting to see if Trump can come out of his pout long enough to try and help the GOP Georgia senators.

@57- that reminds me of the rift in Mastiff breeders (which is full of all sorts of judgmental sects) between those who don diapers on their girl dogs in heat and those who allow them to go au naturale- I am in the latter camp, of course. Diapers on a Mastiff are not only comical and cruel in the same breath, but prevent the poor dog from performing their own very efficient self-hygiene and avoiding yeast and bacterial infections. Solid rubber vs. air? I guess the temptation to use air compressors would be too strong. I grew up back east near eastern PA and loved the Amish communities.

Lindsey Graham is digging himself in and I love it!

Re: Biden still not getting intelligence briefing – I guess Lankford doesn’t have the pull he thinks he does. I also saw someone mention that Biden said Harris – who is on the Senate intelligence committee – gets her briefings.

Did anyone watch Lawrence last night during his discussion of the trump appointed head of the GSA. Emily Murphy? She has the power of allowing the transition to progress, but is holding it up, purportedly to garner favors post trump world. I recall that she was implicated in sheltering trump from his dealings in re: moving a gov’t building downtown to favor his own real estate aspirations,

I just posted on Emily Murphy, but it seemed to disappear

Hi, Fredster- I tried to post a note about the GSA director that may have gone to spam thanks

lililam> It was weird, there were two comments from you in Drafts, so I had to move them to Pending and then to Approved. It’s odd that they weren’t just in Pending/Spam. WordPress is doing something weird.

Thanks DYB- who knows?

74: DYB – I didn’t know that about Harris. That’s good to hear!

I guess we can add that to the long list of good reasons why Kamala was an excellent choice!

@73: Wow! I love that too.

@75: I missed Lawrence last night. Thanks for the information on Emily Murphy – she sounds horrid.

@64, That dog has been trained!

69 Thanks for checking Fredster.

Another thing WP is lashing out at me about is by making me log in almost every day even though I leave my browser open to the blog.

I never had this problem until a month or two ago, and I am still using the same at-home computer.

Rant over. 😉

Maybe WP caught Covid…

@82, WP makes me do that often over at SD, but not here. Weird. It also recognizes my ‘like’ of posts here but not at SD.

New Randy Rainbow.

Trump is trying to sabotage WordPress as well!

Grassley is 87 years old. Also, Dianne Feinstein was videoed today walking around the Capitol and socializing without a mask.

I love Dianne, but glad she was shamed for not wearing a mask. She knows better.

Shadowfax @88> I can’t understand what was going through her head. She knows better. And on the day Sherrod Brown got into a fight with Republicans about not wearing masks in the Senate chamber.

MB, how are you feeling? I just caught up on last post. I hope you have the swiftest, no-symptom recovery.

Dianne has been a great senator, but I wish she would retire and let one of other great democrat politicians take her spot.

I saw Sherrod Brown talking about how politicized mask wearing is. I saw the clip of him asking his Republican colleagues to wear masks – out of respect for the safety of all the Senate workers. Sherrod was saying people don’t seem to have a problem with wearing seatbelts??? So what’s the problem? (I would add, they also don’t seem to have a problem not being allowed to open carry at Trump rallies. Guns keep people safe – right? The more guns, the safer you are; the only thing stopping bad guys with guns is good guys with guns. There could be hidden bad guys at Trump rallies. I’m just saying…). Our freedoms are limited in many ways – for the safety of everyone. Why is mask wearing the hill they’re willing to die on (and let those around them die on)? Who can understand this Covid love? But then, who can understand Trump love? I suppose if Trump told them to stop wearing seatbelts, they’d do that too.

Guess the Rethugs thought better of their tantrum and faced up to Biden’s insurmountable advantage of 148,000 votes more than Trump.

Republican appointees on a key board in Michigan’s most populous county Tuesday night reversed their initial refusal to certify the vote tallies in the Detroit area, striking a last-minute compromise with Democrats that defused a political fight over the process to formalize President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the state.

The unexpected twist came after the four-member Wayne County Board of Canvassers had deadlocked on the day of the deadline for Michigan counties to certify the vote — a move President Trump celebrated on Twitter as “a beautiful thing.”

I guess Lankford congratulated Kamala. I think he’s trying. Like you said though DYB, he doesn’t have any pull. I guess I’m interested in him because he’s right next door in OK – a state that is redder than KS. My senators haven’t done shit to push back.

Trump fires top DHS official who refuted his claims that the election was rigged

Somehow this vindictiveness is not going to make Trump’s conspiracy theories true. Reminds me of babies keeping their eyes shut with the idea that if they can’t see you, you can’t see them.

@94: I saw that Luna! Man did those two (Palmer and Hartmann) get it from people and rightfully so. As Trump would say, it was “a beautiful thing.”

@85: Thanks for the Randy Rainbow, Fredster!

I saw where Lindsey gave Kamala a fist bump on the Senate floor. What a duplicitous boob. He would suck *any* cock who has power – even if the person doesn’t have a cock.

I do like that he’s going to have to get used to bowing to Queen Kamala. But it probably won’t bother him at all. He was born on his knees.

I think Feinstein stayed one term too long, but then look at all the white male cadavers in the Senate. So…

But what the hell was that Lindsey hug about? Did she appreciate that Lindsey was civil about shoving through a woman who will set back women’s rights for decades? She really looked out of touch, elitist, and living in a safe bubble in that moment. It was sickening to me.

If anyone has a good defense for that, I’d be willing to listen.

If I could do it, I would jump into right-wing cesspools and stoke the flames of resentment/paranoia towards the GOP establishment. They hate the GOP-E almost as much as they hate Democrats. I would say things like, “The GOP is working behind Trump’s back. They support him in public, but they are plotting and scheming behind the scenes. They want to be rid of him. They are already jockeying for who will be the next king. Like Pompeo… He’s the worst backstabber of them all.” And it would true, too.

It would be a very “Game of Thrones” –ish thing to do. Also a very Russian thing to do. Playing on their hatreds like that. But I can’t do it…

Love the Randy Rainbow! How did he sing all of that patter without taking a breath? Damn he’s good.

Shinners I had a crazy 13 hour day at work. Will try to post tomorrow but may end up doing an activist Thursday!

DYB Yes, and Dianne is getting up in years and needs to be very careful. She is a great senator and I don’t want her to leave any sooner than she is ready.

MB, they are making you work 13 hours a day while you have Covid? That’s bs. Hope you are doing well and hubby too.

liliIam @75, I hope that woman goes to jail, I really do.

DYB @64, Omigosh, that is so funny! What a smart pooch!

@102: Mb, please take care of yourself. An activist Thursday would be great. So would an activist weekend. Or an activist Dec. 🙂

13 hours??? holy hell. I’ve never done that in my life, but I’m a wuss. But I’d still do it if I had to. I would have to “wuss up”.

Fredster, I am so looking forward to you taking out the trash on the sidebar. I know you’ll do it when the time is right. I’m *not* pushing. I mean that.

Just one favor… before you do it, please give me a heads up. I want to go out and buy some Trump Spam so I can fry it in celebration (but hell no, I’m not going to eat it). I wouldn’t give it to my dogs to eat either.

Can he be arrested for this:

@96: Yes, Luna, we need to come up with something to pacify Big Baby. Keeping his eyes shut and throwing a tantrum is not making him feel better. The adults who are supposed to make him feel better are NOT DOING IT. Fuck. He just keeps losing and losing and losing. 😦 The election. The court battles. Fucking Rudy. Loser. Useless. Lindsey is failing in GA… that mean guy in GA went public. Traitor. Lindsey didn’t change shit. Useless.

I’m thinking balloons. Like thousands of people releasing small balloons into the air making farting noises. That might work.

But… then they fall to the ground and die. Back to square one…

Annie and PJ – thank you for your kind well wishes! I continue to be asymptomatic and my quarantine ends on Friday. I tell you, I am so grateful I never felt sick, but on the other hand, I really appreciate how insidious this f*cker of a virus is. I wear masks everywhere, but man! Maybe I somehow gave it to someone else before I knew!!

@110, ahh, so happy to hear that!

I’m with Socal. I’m happy to hear that too, mb! You did the responsible thing wearing a mask. That’s all we can do.

People around here are not wearing masks again. Like it’s over. Just as Covid is really kicking it into gear. Licking its chops. I don’t get it. Never will. If I was faced with a serial killer and someone said all you have to do is put on a mask and you’ll greatly increase your odds of surviving. And you’ll also greatly help those around you survive too. I would be like, seriously? That’s it? What’s the catch?

@107: PJ, what you need to do is right click on Trump spam and click *view image*. Then do another right click on the image and choose *save image as* option and save it to wherever you wish on your computer.

John Oliver on how we all feel about 2020.

I believe Feinstein is Jewish. I also know that she attended Catholic school. Maybe that explains the embrace of an enemy. RBG embraced Fat Tony so maybe it’s a Jewish thing too. (that last sentence is really going to upset someone, I’m sure – no names, but it rhymes with Maddow). Both Feinstein and RBG are notoriously great – but maybe human.

I’m a self-excommunicated Catholic as you all know. It was a long break up. At one point, I had quit going to mass, quit going to confession, etc. My father was very upset about it. But I still had to go to Catholic weddings and funerals. I still do – that’s how I know about the shortage of priests and how they’re getting priests from other countries. So when I did go to mass for these special events back when my father was alive, I went right up and took communion. My father gasped. I was not in good standing with the church. But no one stopped me. I was not arrested. I’m supposed to sit in the pew and feel ashamed of myself. But I wouldn’t do it. Inside I was daring him to say something. But he didn’t.

Anyway, this whole thing about forgiveness and loving your enemies…

I have a sister (not the super religious one), who took advantage of me for years (I’m not looking for sympathy – honest). She took advantage of me financially and emotionally. She’s a con artist. She played on this notion of forgiveness. Offend, I forgive, re-offend, I forgive. Over and over. Wash, rinse, repeat. It was a form of domestic abuse. Finally, the Black Lady in the Sky showed mercy on me and directed me to books on narcissism. So that was the end of that. No contact, the books said. And that’s what I did. No matter what she said about me not being a forgiving person and a mean person, I just didn’t respond. I didn’t respond to her emails, texts or phone calls.

I am grateful to my sister for teaching me this. Forgiveness is earned. It’s not seventy times seven, turn the other cheek so they can slap you some more. That’s abuse. I quit playing that game. Thank you Black Lady in the Sky.

My issue with forgiveness is it must follow admittance of guilt and atonement. Certainly Scalia never did that. Not a single Republican has done that. They expect forgiveness and I don’t know what any religion teaches on that subject, but I don’t offer it. It has to be requested and earned in some way. Harris and Graham may have done a fist-bump because it would be rude otherwise, if he congratulated her on the Senate floor, was she going to reject the “hand-shake?” Obviously not. But that gesture is not the same as forgiveness. And Graham and Scalia and every other Republican has not asked for it and has not taken even on small step towards earning it. They can start with a public admittance of guilt and an apology. (They won’t.)

And Graham should be investigated for his behavior with the GA calls. Today we’re learning that GOP has been leaning on that GA SoS for months, including demanding that he endorse a candidate in the election (he refused.) Apparently they then said “We’ll see how helpful you are in November.” I guess we found *one* Republican with integrity. So far he appears to be the only one left.

Nancy Pelosi has been reelected House Speaker, in spite of best efforts people like Elissa Slotin. As someone pointed out, when Biden delivers his State of the Union, behind him will be Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi.

DYB – wise words. I agree, no, with Kamala. She was not offering forgiveness to Graham. She was saying f-you. She was saying, “I know exactly who you are and what you’re doing. So here’s my little f-you to you. (fist bump) But you go on and play your little games and I’ll play along too for the cameras. But we both know this is a fuck. you. Just so we’re clear on that.” She rocks.

Nancy has had to fight off foes foreign and domestic. Always someone coming to slash her throat. She’s one tough B. As in bird.

@120, states with 196 Electoral College votes have already passed the National Popular Vote Bill. If we could get it done only in the remaining states that have already passed it in one or both of their Houses we’d be over 270 and it would be a done deal. Texas and Florida could go bite themselves in the butt. What’s needed is just a few drops of national leadership!

Trump is intentionally sabotaging as many things as possible to make life difficult for Biden.

MB, so glad to hear you are doing really will with Covid and thank God you got the test so you could quarantine yourself and help save lives. Two thumbs up and there is a good chance you passed it on to zero people.

Oops, doing really *well with Covid.

Nancy Pelosi has been reelected House Speaker, in spite of best efforts people like Elissa Slotin. As someone pointed out, when Biden delivers his State of the Union, behind him will be Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi.

YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!

Glad we have Nancy Pelosi as Speaker again!

@120: That guy is so right – all the time.

Normally I don’t like these kinds of dog, but this puppy is awfully cute!

129 @ NW Luna

That is the perfect mask. I have told a few women in the store and in drive up windows that not covering their nose is not keep them safe, nor are they keeping me safe. They should just not wear a mask if that is how they wear it.

One woman even thanked me. I haven’t told any men yet, because I haven’t seen any men around me do this. Some of them just don’t wear a freakin’ mask and I stay far away from them.

Blue eyes on a dog kinda freak me out. I do love blue eyes on cats though. He is a fat little guy. Not my favorite kind of dog either.

@130 Luna> OMG Want!!!!

134 @ DYB

Another addition to DYB’s petting zoo.

@133 Oh FFS! If it’s not “Dems in disarray” it’s “Racist, sexist, homophobic voters — Why we need to understand and listen to them.” Vomit-inducing.

But I must say there are plenty of valid reasons to be worried about the Asian giant hornets, starting with decreased pollination and thus a shortage of most of the fruits and vegetables we eat.

Watching Trump aggressively drive his golf cart around looked so funny to me. Like watching an episode of The Mad Toddler (a series I just made up). I can hear the secret service people saying, “Yeah, we let him do that. It makes him feel better. He gets to pretend like he’s a big boy. But we don’t let him near an adult car. We’d never let him drive one of those.”

“You’re a child. And that’s what makes you so fucking scary.”

The Last King of Scotland

@137: I think you’re right, Luna. We need to cut off their oxygen and stop trying to understand them. Why are you racist? Why are you a misogynist? Why are you homophobic?

Who gives a shit, honestly. They are who they are. I assume it works for them in a vomit-inducing (as you say) way. We just have to defeat them. And we did. I think. Cracker Jack has yet to acknowledge he lost.

The rest of your comment is too scary for me to comment on.

@140 & @137, agree that the media pieces are just silly, at best. But it is worth understanding them for two reasons. One, you can’t solve any problems unless you can see what’s driving them. Two is more sinister. In order to manipulate someone, you have to know what makes them tick. Think Karl Rove. Or for that matter the Dump, when it comes to turning people into bullies.

As to how to “solve” those people, I’d say job 1 is turning off their media diet. They don’t understand things for themselves. They just do what they’re told when it feeds their anger. But job 2, for instance, would be applying a Universal Basic Income *to women* because they do the lion’s share of unpaid care work, and to low paid service / essential workers because they’re underpaid for their value to society. How does that help? you say. Well, the thuggos are oriented to power, money is a form of power, and by distributing it differently you’d get at some of the core of their attitude. (Plus redistributing would solve a million other social problems.) You’ll never get at the core of their attitudes by pointing out they’re wrong. It’s pretty obvious by now that reason hasn’t got squat to do with their motivation.

@141: I like your ideas. I’ve pretty much given up on them… I think they’re rotten. They’re killers. They won’t wear masks, knowing they’re killing people. They’re going for the BIG WIN. The apocalypse. It’s a death cult. And they want to take everyone down with them.

It’s a good thing FDR didn’t think like me. It’s a good thing you don’t think like me, quixote.

Why don’t you just say you want to take out all the black voters, Rudy? We know that’s what you’re thinking.

At the news conference in Washington on Thursday, Giuliani claimed without evidence that the campaign could roll back Biden’s wins in multiple states, including Michigan.

“It changes the result of the election in Michigan if you take out Wayne County,” he said. Wayne County includes Detroit, the state’s heavily Democratic, majority-Black largest city.

Some white people can’t stop fighting the Civil War. I think they see it as black people winning and white people losing. Not humanity winning which means we *all* win.

That’s how I was raised… white people, in their infinite goodness, *bestowed* rights on black people. Which means we can take them away whenever we feel like it.

Rachel just bared her soul about Covid and how Susan got it and how scary it is.

It’s so good to see her back on air, but it sounds like she’s had a terrifying two weeks or so.

@144 – PJ I am so sorry you went through that.

Sorry I’m so MIA folks. I’m pulling 13-hour days trying to close out this project. It’s almost done. I don’t know if I’m going to post this week but will definitely do one next week!

MB, don’t worry! We understand. And you should not be working so long or so hard with your health being under attack, IMO.

Hey mb – good to hear from you! I am so sorry you’re going through such a challenging time.

It’s amazing to me how ultra-sensitive some white men on the left are regarding feminism. I was just reading a comment from one such guy, rhymes with Bannon. He’s constantly boo-hooing and going into a rage about feminists. He is easily triggered. Reminds me of the (not-so-good) good old days at JWS. This guy immediately turns into a mad toddler whenever he is even remotely confronted with feminism. He despises even the word “feminism.” You can tell. That word totally gets his nuts in a knot.

They’ve been talking about Rudy on Morning Joe and how sad and pathetic he has become and how his family won’t step in and protect him from himself (with good reason, I have no doubt – I bet his family, his children and his ex-wives are saying, yeah, now y’all are getting to see the guy we’ve always known. Take a look. This isn’t something new). That brown stuff dripping down his face is how he’ll be remembered.

I keep focusing on his pinky ring and thinking about The Lord of the Rings and “precious” and what became of poor Gollum and that ring.

So this is day whatever and Trump is still holed up in his bathroom tweeting. Word has it, he’s not returning calls to Lady G. Or Barr or Pompeo. Trump is seriously distraught. He’s still texting Rudy, but that brown goo running down Rudy’s face… Bad TV!! Rudy is on thin ice.

(I’m totally making this up – you know that, right?)

Trump says fuck Thanksgiving. “I’m not thankful for shit!” he says. “Fuck this shitty country. No pardons for turkeys this year either. Fuck those fucking turkeys. This year, I’m pardoning myself!”

Thanks Luna and PJ!

Luna, re my health, I agree completely! On the other hand. I never had a symptom, and today is my last day of quarantine (10 days past the positive test result). I just think I was one of the lucky ones.

PJ, that Rudy goo was extremely creepy! And yet so emblematic of his meltdown.

Here’s some more (albeit anecdotal) evidence that the problem with these Trump voters is right-wing media. They just can’t believe he is a con man because their “news” sources back him up. They are told not to believe “Mainstream” media, although as we know, it already has a right-wing tilt.

Sometimes I think the internet is a curse, given how widespread conspiracy theories are believed by the gullible. And I agree with you, MB, about the right-wing tilt on the mainstream media. Just look at all the articles on misunderstood Trump voters.

If I can still get king cake I’m okay with this.

PJ @151 “but that brown goo running down Rudy’s face… Bad TV!! Rudy is on thin ice.”

😆 That was my immediate thought too!

Wouldn’t be the first time the Dump got rid of someone for not being a credit to the brand on teevee.

@152: That was quite an article, mb. Whoa. These people are nucking futs! I agree, it’s a right-wing media problem and the RWNJs keep looking for harder and harder drugs. Fox News was just a gate-way drug we’re finding out. Yikes and Lord have Mercy. Charlie Sykes has admitted they created a monster with Rush Limpdick talk radio and websites like RedState and the many available cesspools to go to. And no one knows what to do about it. You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.

@155: I know, right? And what a crew standing behind Rudy. More bad TV!

Fredster, I’ve never heard of king cake. I had to look it up. It looks YUM!

I had to get the oil changed in my car. I go to the dealership where I bought the car for lots of reasons, one being they have a nice waiting area. So I go to the waiting area and the only other person is this small, tiny really older lady (80-ish) who was wearing a mask and had a book. Just like me – wearing a mask and carrying a book. Fox News was playing on the TV. Fox News is always playing on any public TV around here. I took a chance. I said, “do you mind if I turn this (shit – I said that part silently) off? Her face lit up. “No, she said. I don’t mind at all.”

You never know about people. We had a fun, secret shared moment where we understood each other completely. A little break from our Red State hell.


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