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Posted on: November 4, 2020

So the excitement/angst continues.  Will Trump take it to the courts?  Will any of them accept the case?  Will the likes of the proud boys and other Trumpsters take it to the streets?

Other topics: we didn’t take the Senate, and lost seats in the House but still maintain the majority there.  How will this affect a Biden/Harris presidency?

Inquiring minds want to know.


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Should I have titled this as Part Duh?

Fresh thread! Thank you Fredster.

We didn’t take the Senate, true, but we could still get to 50. That would be quite interesting.

My take on the Biden-Harris presidency is that a lot of what Biden needs to do can be done outside of the Senate through Executive Order. For example, a national mask mandate, protecting Dreamers and re-joining the Paris Climate Accords. Trump has done a lot through EO and I expect Biden to unwind it all post-haste.

Thanks Fredster!

I’m skeptical that Collins and brown turtle, and maybe more of the R senators, won legitimately. Wasn’t Collins down in the polls?

Have to run. BBL.

@2: on the Senate I’m wondering if the numbers include the 2 independents in the totals? Honestly today I could not handle watching any of this. I was still awake when Morning Schmoe came on at 4:30 am my time. I heard his statement of we owe an apology to Hillary but you know what Joe? Too little too late bitch.

Damn, somehow the tweet got in there twice again. Not sure why but I deleted one of them.

@4 – yes I hear you Fredster!! I think it does include Angus King and the Bernout.

@8 Fredster, LOL

I agree that Collins – and Graham – winning is surprising. But the polling was ridiculously off, it seems. Jaime Harrison was too close. And Gideon was leading Collisn the whole time. I did see one of the twitter analysts say last week that he thought the big Senate flip for Democrats peaked 3 weeks ago. Maybe that’s what happened, and Collins’ worthless vote No on Barrett no doubt helped her. It’s disappointing.

So we still wait for the Senate race to be called in MI – a Democrat is very close with the R challenger, so hopefully we don’t lose that seat. (Especially because the R is a big Trumpkin.) 1 GA Senate seat (Warnock vs. Loeffler) is going into run-off in January and we are waiting to see what happens with Osoff/Perdue.

We’ll have another chance to take the Senate in 2022. Marco Rubio is up!

BTW, a moving truck was videoed outside the White House today! LOL

@8. Mood. 100%

Yes D! We cannot turn this victory into a loss. We have a long fight ahead of us. Every election we need to push and push and donate and volunteer so we can keep moving the needle towards progress. And, we need to figure out why the H*ll we can’t win these Senate seats. I want investigations into the voting in the states where the polling was “so far off”. Was it really?

The Rethugs are throwing Drumpf under the bus on his bogus effort to selectively stop counting votes. Heh heh heh.

@10 – hahahahahaha! Melanoma is getting the f out of there.

@9: I heard that a number of times about the polling being off. That’s two prez elections that has happened in. My w.a.g. (wild-assed guess) is some people told pollsters they were either voting for Biden or replied not sure when in fact they were going to be Trump supporters.

@10: Already stealing from the W.H. eh?

Someone finally did one of these. I made one once and it’s not easy.

@ 8

Hahaha, love it.

Would have loved it more if the body looked less like a husky male and Lady Liberty had on a pair of cute fuzzy, pink slippers.

@17: Guess there’s only so much you can do with photoshop…have no idea.

@16 That is a great one, Fredster.

Actually, I was just thinking of how appropriate a new Hitler rant would be and after looking on youtube, I came back and noticed what you had posted.

Yes, we will be calling him a loser, among many other worse names.

Yes! Gary Peters wins in MI. That one was iffy. If only we could take just one more! (Don’t think there’s much left to take tho’.)

LOL, Fredster. Now if you’re gonna post a picture of Stump, THAT’S the one to use!

@20 – Yes! Thank you Michigan!!


Stump’s filing suit in GA to stop the vote counting

Senator Peters holds onto office in Michigan.

Oh, sorry GAgal, I missed seeing your post. My concentration hasn’t been too good the last couple of days.

This is really weird about the new voters.

McGuffy won her election!

@21: That one was handy GAgal so I just used it, but thanks!

Yay, Sen. Peters! That’s great news.

I’m feeling better than last night.

Who has been really out of it today?

Among other things, I lost my glasses. Finally found them in the refrigerator. Isn’t that where they belong? Sure.

So relieved about Peters! Sheesh.

We are still waiting on the Osoff/Perdue numbers and Warnock/Loeffler (all in GA) are going into run-offs in January. Warnock is already fundraising. Osoff and Perdue were extremely close, with Osoff just under and Perdue just over 50%. If Perdue drops below 50, it’s a run-off.

@33: I’m a little giddy. Also a little teapot.

@28, What the hell, Florida?!? They always have to have some type of voter suppression and create a national spectacle.

I had a late afternoon appointment at a Kaiser med center (Woodland Hills), and as I was walking into the building, there a lunatic woman sitting on one of the concrete benches, screaming, crying, and waving her arm around while talking on her cell phone. She was saying stuff like “What can we do? We have to do something! We can let fucking California take him away from us! I keep telling you why! This fucking California is a blue state whatever that means!” And on and on in that vein. Hysterical because dump couldn’t win California and she couldn’t understand why, just that some had told her California was a “blue state, whatever that means.”

I noticed a security guard was watching her. These people are absolutely cultists. She reminded me of the Manson freaks in the 60s.

On the Senate:

“Control of the Senate now stands at 48-48; Alaska, North Carolina, and both Georgia races remain uncalled.”

@38 socalannie> Trump and his lapdogs kept screaming he would win California. I guess a lot of them actually believed it.

Ha ha! This one took me a minute…

@30> There’s a new Sheriff in town!

@41> Haha, it’s true though. Russian Asset Tulsi.

Tulsi took a dive? Karma.
Couldn’t stand the way she treated Hillary or Mazie. She also kissed up to Trump.

I am so tired of this election…wish Joe would win already.

@44 Shadowfax> Well, you can take a day or two off from election because then we get the run-offs in GA and then start prepping for 2022 and then 2024!


This is cool!

Damn this has been stressful. I’ve been stressed and extremely disappointed in the Senate races. Fucking Susan Collins???

But it’s nothing compared to the poor Trumpers… Like the poor lady in Socal’s story @38 (damn, that lady uses the f-word as much as I do) and the wackjobs I’m seeing outside of the Arizona place where they are counting the votes. The Trumpers are chanting, “Count that vote!” (yes, morons, that’s exactly what they’re trying to do inside. It’s a hard stressful job and you’re not making it any easier – fucking idjits). The Trumpers were also chanting “Fox News Sucks!” I’m with them on that one. If I was there I would yell, “And you suck too!” And then I would get hurt.

So… stressful time for everyone.

@34, Beata, I understand completely!

“I am a teapot” made me think of Diana Villiers’ uncle in the Aubrey/Maturin series of Patrick O’Brian, lol!

@4: I agree Fredster! Loved you calling him a bitch. It reminded me of Jesse from Breaking Bad calling guys bitches. I don’t know why I love that so much.

@48, and in another state — Michigan? Minnesota? — they were chanting “Stop the vote!” LOL.

As for “Fox News sucks,” I have to laugh extra long at that one!

And little Eric Trump in Philly (I think it was Philly) looked so upset. I thought he was going to cry. “There is vote counting going on here and were’ not going to stand for it!” (my words… of course)

@51: ROTFL. Trump has even gone to court to stop the voting in Michigan. Where Biden is AHEAD! So team Biden is going, yeah… we want to count every vote, but if you insist…

And then I would get hurt.

I’ve thought of that also.

Luna, I thought you would appreciate this. My dear friend in Delaware (gawd how long have we known each other? I knew her when she and ex-hubby were in Nola). Anyway she sent me an early b’day present of a Coleman camp stove! Fried spam during the power outages. LOL

Now I’ll start looking for some type of smallish foldable table that I can store until needed.

45 DYB
Haha, yeah I guess we are all on the political junkie roller coaster. I do remember that Big Dump started begging for campaign money the day after his election.

@56: That’s great, Fredster! Now you just need to find some kind of coffee pot that would work on that. You’ll need coffee to go with that fried spam. 🙂

People are so dumb…

@59: Heaven help Alabama. That was from the Senate race where Doug Jones was running against Roy Moore. So naturally they flipped back to their true selves and elected Tommy Tubberville.

Fredster, glad to hear you have a camp stove now. And of course you can cook other things besides Spam on it! Just make sure to have a stock of fuel too. One backpacking trip we ran out of fuel just as we were heating up water for after-dinner hot cocoa. Ooops! Cold breakfast the next morning, but at least we’d planned to head out that day.

@58: PJ I’ve thought about a camp style coffeepot.

@59, Gawd these Trumpists are so stupid. His open-mouthed face!

@61: I’ll need to shop around for some camping cookware. And as PJ said definitely some type of coffee pot.

It’s an open carry state and some of these white terrorists are armed.

I had wanted to catch some of the MSNBC coverage but they’ve got Chris Hayes on so no. I’ve had enough shit to upset me the past week or so. Don’t need him.

Fredster, you should be able to use regular cookware. Camping/ backpacking-type cookware is just lighter because you have to carry it while hiking. There are even lightweight stovetop espresso makers for backpacking, lol.

Oh my gawd, did you see that guy’s face?! I think that segment was from 2018 when Doug Jones beat Roy Moore.

Trump supporters are dumb as f’ing dirt. I don’t care if they have 10 degrees and 30 letters after their names. They have allowed their emotions to make them stupid. Socal, that lady who was screaming about California taking Drumpf away from her was a prime example.

100% counted in AZ and Joe has won!!! He’s at 264. If he wins one more state he and Kamala are going to be inaugurated in January.

Any. other. state.

Wooohoooo! Arizona is blue!

@70, Luna is that a corgi? So cute.

@59, Screamingly funny!

Fredster, so glad you got the camp stove. When we’ve had bad earthquakes or long power outages we use our propane BBQ to cook and make coffee and tea. I like the idea of getting a camp stove though, will have to look into that.

Is the Arizona thing really settled? CNN & MSBNC aren’t showing it.

socalannie, yes, that’s a corgi!

MB, I haven’t seen AZ called yet. Where did you see this?

I haven’t seen any news organization calling Arizona either way.

Yes, CNN has not call AZ for Biden either.

@73: annie I had been looking for a BBQ grill but was really wanting to wait for “off season” to look at them. Another reason for putting it off was I really couldn’t lock the side gate where it would go. I could push the latch through but it’s really easy to undo that. I’ve solved that by getting a lock from the power company that goes on the outside of the gate so the power company can come in and read the meter.

I’m not interested in a fancy grill but I do want a side burner. Our dear chat had mentioned one time when you’re in a hurricane prone area the side burner is a good thing to have. If I can get a smaller one that I can do some burgers, steaks, chicken etc. plus the side burner that would suit me fine. Although since I have the camping stove I might be able to forego the side burner.

The AP has called Arizona for Biden. AP is considered the gold standard when it comes to calling states.

CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC use a different polling agency than AP for election results.

FOX has its own system, which is believed to consist of squirrels and an abacus made of nuts.

@78 – yes Beata to both your posts!!!

Y’all, GA is going to determine control of the Senate with TWO RUNOFFS. I’m getting my phone banking sweats on.


81 Yes.

Trump will be handing out pardons to himself and his friends and will pick fights with other countries, leaders and try to disgrace Biden and Kamala as much as possible. He is already trying to stir up violence with his deplorables.

@82: Saw someone on MSNBC discussing whether tRump would go along with the traditional activities such as greeting the incoming President, the first ladies having a luncheon together, the ride to the Capitol etc. Hell he may not even show up for the swearing in.

@83, Urgh, if I were Joe or Jill, I would be very happy to skip the usual activities with Orange Caligula and his illegal-immigrant wife. Also would be delighted to not see him at the Inauguration.

@84: There are some things that normally occur during the transition that are more than just show but you know what? Biden had eight years as veep so I’m willing to bet his team can get through it just fine.

@81 – that is hysterical!!

Speaking of the transition, there is already a transition site. I kvelled quite a bit when I saw it even though it’s basically empty!

@87 – hahahahahaha! Oh that is good.

Yes, Bernie Sanders and idiots like “The Squad” cost us Florida and many Senate and House races with their “defund the police” and “Socialism Good!” nonsense. I am really glad Pelosi is saying this. I can’t believe those women were re-elected after all their shenanigans, especially Omar’s blatant anti-Semitism.

@88: I agree! That was a good article. Thanks for the link!

My God, Trump just tried to destroy our democracy. He is revving up his supporters for violence.

This man is sick and evil to the core.

I can’t believe Biden has a realistic chance of winning Georgia. Whoa!

I hope this bodes well for the Senate runoff races.

@90: I wish it was binding! I guess Trump is realizing there’s no way he can give up the rallies. UGH!

But like PA State Rep Kenyatta said, “We cannot in this moment, allow Donald Trump to have our joy.”

The orange piece of shit is going down and I’m damn happy about that. Plus his shitty family and all his shitty corrupt cronies. Gone.

Both Warnock and Osoff are heading to run-offs. Please goddess make it happen. If they both win, we have majority in Senate.

@94: Please! That would be incredible! Warnock and Osoff are both very impressive, but it *is* Georgia. Still, I’m a lot more hopeful now!

Yes, Dump loves his ego-feeding rallies. But his real problem is facing the foreigners who own him without the power of the US government behind him.

He’d be a definite flight risk for all the criminal charges facing him in the US, except the sorts of places without extradition treaties (Russia, Saudi Arabia) are exactly the ones who’ll hand him over to their bagmen, shrink wrapped.

Whoa, quixote. You’re right. I *really* liked the way you described it too.

Trigger alert!!!

Trump appears to know it’s over in 2020. The show being staged now is a preview of his 2024 reelection campaign. He plans to run again and wants to keep his base energized.

I heard this on PBS.

I see Luna already reported a version of this vomitous inducing story @90.

Never mind.

@98 Beata> I would not be surprised if he tries to run in 2024. But a lot can happen between now and then…

Dump is only ahead by 1400 in GA after partial count release in one county. That county has 5700 votes to count!! Biden’s getting 86% there. OMG Biden’s gonna win GA!!

If (I mean when)Biden wins GA, it’s done. I’m sure Stump will call for a recount, but f*ck him.

@102/103: So exciting! I would love to have GA be the state that puts Biden over the top.

And then on to the two Senate seats!!!

The times, they are a changin’.

@90 & 98: Others have said the same thing only to fade away. We can hope and pray that this was a one time aberration and folks won’t buy the b.s. the next time, IOW no one will want to buy what he has to sell.

@105: And don’t forget: he could also be dead or in jail by 2024.

Settling down to watch the news. Wow, it looks like we have to wait another day. Still, Georgia!?!? And he’s closing in on Trump in PA. So much to take in. My kid said that dump was a jerk at his press conference and walked off and that Jake Tapper roasted him.

Fredster, I also like to buy off-season.

@108, DYB, Oh damn. She’s so good.

That’s why we love our Hillary, she is super intelligent, honest and isn’t afraid to let you know it.

Another women that was the same way, sweet Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The Senate race in NC is still in play, isn’t it?

How many more seats do we need for a majority? I can’t remember. My brain is scrambled.

I’m surprised I still have fingernails left.

Beata, I believe we are 48 – 48. Alaska is still out. I’m not sure about NC. And Warnock/Loeffler are going to the run-off in GA and possibly Osoff/Perdue (though the latter is still not final.) If both GA seats go into run-off, that’ll be the last chance to have a majority. (50/50 + VP.)

Thanks, DYB.

It is so hard to keep track.

Fredster, you said somewhere earlier that Trump wasn’t going to go to the inauguration and then this came out:

@116: Why does that not surprise me?

I wanted a break from all of this so decided to watch Thurs. Night Football, 49ers/Green Bay. Hell, Green Bay was blowing it out by the 2nd half so scratched that idea.


@118 Fredster> Is that even English?

@119 socalannie> Hahahaha love it! I hope they are removing that designation above Trump Towers.

@121: LOL, yes it’s football English.

@119, Hah! My favorite of the replies to that tweet:

Raise your hand if you had the FAA as the first to call the election in favor of Joe Biden.

President Trump does not plan to concede even if Biden declares victory

Donny, no one cares anymore what you blather about. We’ll all be listening to Joe and Kamala! And if in January you don’t leave the White House on time, the military guys and gals will be happy to toss you out on your ass, you loser.

Comedy Central show Reno 911. Perhaps this is why results are so slow coming in?

Are we going to win Georgia?!?!?!

@126, Hilarious!

That Hillary video should be on repeat on every Fox News and Sinclair Media channel across the country, by Executive Order from President Joe Biden.

BTW – we could theoretically pick up four more Senate Seats. Two in GA, one in NC and one in Alaska.

J,J, and M, but I cannot abide listening to or watching Chris Hayes.

This is fabulous:

Bannon is permanently suspended.

@133: Hahahaha!

@130: That’s true, mb. The race is close in NC and James Carville thinks Alaska is a real possibility.

@127: GA is getting soooo close. Big Board guy is actually starting to grow on me (don’t hate me Fredster). He’s so excited and I am too.

I think John Lewis is getting ready to dance. I hope!!

I also really want to see PA flip. The votes are still coming in.

Biden will win GA. Votes left to count are in heavily Dem districts and will easily put him over the top. Stump can (and will, I’m sure) call for a recount if the margin is close enough. It won’t matter. He’s lost the election. Because of Georgia. *evil laugh*

@136: I kind of agree with that about Kornacki. Perhaps it’s Stockholm Syndrome?

I don’t know what time it is where all y’all are, but it looks like we’re all staying up all night 😆

The Dump’s lead is down to 665 votes in Georgia. John Lewis is dancing in a salute to Stacy Abrams, standing on the shoulders of giants. Her organization to increase voter participation registered 800,000 new voters in the state in the past 2 (?) or 4 (?) years.

@140: I feel like I need a break from it but don’t want to miss it if there’s a call on the election.

@138: GAgal – I would feel on top of the world if I were/was (I never get that one right) you.

I’ve never been there, but I have “Georgia on My Mind.”

@140: Hell yes we are, quixote. 🙂 It’s 3:15 in the morning here. I couldn’t sleep if I wanted to.

Absolutely on Stacy Abrams! And if get those two Senate seats – that will be her too.

@139: LOL! It sure could be Fredster.

@141: I don’t want to miss it either.

GA flipped at 3:32 am (my time). Holy shit that’s awesome.

Biden has a lead of 917 votes in Georgia. Hope he can get some more…meaning Big Dump has no pathway to win if Biden can keep the lead.

ESAD Newt!! Suck it hard Newt!! You started the shit and Georgia just vomited you out. What a great freaking moment.

Come on PA. Your turn. This could really turn into an EC landslide (considering our 50/50 divided country, it would be a landslide) after all. AZ, Nevada I’m looking at you. Even with the 70 million pounds/people of dead rot we’re carrying. Even with one foot hanging over the cliff, teetering over the edge. Even after completely blowing it in 2016.

I think maybe we can turn this around.

I’m looking forward to the moment when Trump looks around him… “Mitch won. Lady G won. All the others won. They’re all doing great. And I got screwed.”

I wonder what he’ll do with all his magats then.

Flipping GA and learning to like Kornacki.

What a difference a day makes.

Biden has taken the lead in PA.

I think I’m the only morning person on this blog.

I’m here Beata! It’s 7:39 my time.

Today is the day they call it for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, our first female, black and Asian Vice President. I’m beside myself with joy. And, it looks like none of Drumpf’s legal challenges have been accepted by any court, meaning they cannot be brought to the Supreme Court.

He lost! He lost! He lost!

Biden campaign.

MB, I am so excited, I can barely contain myself. We have won!

It appears that Trump’s lawsuits are not only being rejected, they are being laughed out of the courts. He has no friends. LOL.

@154, *that’s* what needs to be made clear to the meanest intelligence, (Dump’s. Who else?)

The only thing bullies understand is force.

Me too Beats!

And YES to 154!!! Love the shade.

Apparently Rush Limbaugh said that Biden has won. Someone responded that he’s glad Limbaugh at least lived long enough to see it.

Love that at 158 & 159!

Based on history, Georgia recount will probably not make a difference except to increase Biden’s margin of victory.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but if it is true, Putin would not be stepping down because he has Parkinsons. He’d be stepping down because he has Biden/Harris.

Well, the news looks wonderful so far. I’m going back to bed for a bit.

DYB @161, it *is* the Sun, which is pretty near National Enquirer level, but it could still be true. In which case I’m sure you’re right. Bad case of Biden/Harris 😆

@159: LOL! I’m glad too!! I bet that albatross (I mean, Presidential Medal of Freedom) around his neck is stinking more by the day. Loser!

I’m having schadenfreude for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don’t care if it’s premature. I’m eating.

What’s going to happen to Trump Tower in NYC? What’s going to happen to Jared’s 666 property?

The Trumps aren’t going to be able to step foot in NYC. Someone could shoot them on Fifth Avenue and get away with it.

Oh the irony.

@144: I liked him when he first started appearing on MSNBC and then he made a couple of (snarky?) comments about Hillary and I said “oh no, that’s not good”. I first saw him on Maddow and it was about the bridgegate thing of Chris Christie.

Then I read his Salon article about coming out so I liked him again-lol. So early this a,m. I googled and he has a partner/husband! The only thing I can say about that is “dear Kornacki husband – please get your husband some more/different pants!”.

@166: Was talking to Delaware friend last night about post-election tRump and commented that he may pardon himself over any possible federal crimes he may have committed but that won’t stop N.Y. state and Manhattan D.A. from going after him. Would love seeing that.

Prediction: After being kicked out of the WH, Trump will hole up in Key Margo Largo. He will force Melania to sing “Moanin’ Low” once too often. Then, all bets are off.

@167: That’s killer information Fredster! No way I would have guessed him as gay (why am I always out of the loop?). Dressing like that I mean. (I’m sorry if I’m stereotyping, but gay guys do usually dress better – right?). And if they don’t, their husbands would never let them leave the house looking like that (as you alluded to).

But he really has been the energizer bunny and he is sincere about his job and he’s good at it. Ali Velshi (who also does a good job at the Big Board) took over for him for about two seconds and Kornacki was like no – I can’t be sleeping during *this*. Move over, Ali.

@169: Oh Lord, Beata! 🙂 That killed me.

@171: He dresses like an engineering student or instructor/professor. All he needs is the pocket protector in his white shirt.

@173: Ha! I have learned something. Gay guys can be nerds. I didn’t know that before. 🙂

@167: PS… I don’t like the way he talks about Hillary. But it does seem to be a matter of clue-less-ness rather than outright malice. Just my take.

Some white gay guys really are misogynists (my theory on them – they tasted white male privilege before they knew they were gay and they liked it – it’s a drug that’s hard to quit).

Joy Reid was talking about the increase in the number of black guys voting for Trump (and I would add, the increase in the number of hispanic guys voting for Trump and the increase in the number of white women voting for Trump). Joy’s theory is that these people don’t want to end the Patriarchy. They want a piece of it.

Trump: “Get me Roger Stone! Hell, get me James Comey. I hate the guy’s guts (who doesn’t?) but he got me the WH. Where the hell is he? Oh… I fired him. I don’t care. I want him back!”

I wrote a post trash talking the white male patriarchy. Evidently, it didn’t like it and put *me* in the trash bin.

That’s okay. Nothing can rain on my parade today. Big middle finger to you, patriarchy.

@177, let me check PJ

Comment is out.

Luna, check DMs on twitter.

@180: Thanks Fredster. 🙂

@182: Yep, fuck your feelings. I’m *sure* they’re ok with that. When you fuck everyone else over, you’re totally ok when you’re the one who’s getting fucked. Because that’s just the way it works… Libertarian-ism, Trump-ism. Winners and losers. Sometimes you lose. I’m sure they’ll take it like that because they are *not* snowflakes.

@167 Fredster, who are you talking about?

I hope Biden remembers to say “this is a big fucking deal” when Kamala is sworn in. I hope Kamala remembers to thank all the women that came before her like Hillary did. I think she will.

@184: Kornacki’s lack of changes in his clothing for on air. Same brown/tan pants and same white shirt all the time. Gotta say at least he’s consistent.

Well hell, Tom and Jerry doesn’t come on here until 7pm central. Haven’t looked for Looney Tunes yet. Yes, I’m regressing and also need a break.

Still having migraine … nothing to do with the past several days, I’m sure.

Nah. It’s my brain hurting from all the Trumpists who voted for that grifter again.

It is 5 pm and I am already drinking. Lord, what a week. But Shinners, we are almost there.

For crying out loud…can someone please get some extra poll workers to not only help them out but also allow them to get a good nights sleep?

I am so darn sick of watching the news and hearing that Joe has received another 60 votes or 400 votes…when will this end?

Will this ever end?

Waiting for Godot…

Lordy, Shadow, part of me feels like I’ve been waiting for Godot since Anderson handed the 1980 election to Ronzo the Bonzo. 🙄

Hell yes!

The networks are scared of Trump! Cowards.

@195: I’m sure the networks don’t want to let go of their cash cow. They will milk it for all it’s worth.

“HEY! Stop it with the cow references! We have nothing to do with this shit.”
Devin Nunes’ Cow.

FWIW (and I know how people feel about him) but Bill Maher is going to have Malcolm Nance on his show. I’ll record it and watch just that.

I love Malcolm Nance. You’ve figured out how to do Bill Maher without the shitty taste in your mouth and I think that’s cool. I’ll watch Malcolm somewhere else.

I’m afraid offering Joe Biden to magats is like offering celery instead of brains to zombies. But he’s not Hillary! We’re trying to work with you!

Yeah, that’s probably not going to work. Magats want what they want. And they want liberal BRAINS!

Natch. They don’t have any brains of their own.

@200: Hahaha! True dat.

The media absolutely can call this election. The math is overwhelmingly in Biden’s favor in PA. It’s just insane that they are doing this because they are all afraid of Trump’s meltdown. Earlier today on ABC Stephanopoulos asked Nate Silver what he tells friends who text him asking what’s going on. Silver said he tells them that the outcome is clear. Everyone started laughing and one panelist said: “Then what are we still doing here?” Great question! Why won’t any of them actually say the words? It’s crazy!


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IOW Dumb = Happy?

Dems are coming for ya

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