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Posted on: November 3, 2020

Hello Widdershins,

It’s election day 2020 and here’s a thread for us to discuss and…celebrate (I’m crossing everything I possibly can.)

This is an open thread.

167 Responses to "ELECTION 2020"

I think this will be Trump at the end of today:

PJ> Yes please!

The Cartmans of the world always think they’re hurting people by going away. As if.

Trump has it so freaking easy. He’s holed up in the basement of a very nice facility. Think about poor Hitler! Holed up in a bunker smelling of sewage at the end…Or poor Sad-Ham Hussein in a spider hole. Or Gaddafi running for his life only to end up getting stabbed in the…

Walled in like the fortress of a banana republic dictator.

I saw a segment on Brian Williams last night that showed a number of cities (including DC) where businesses were boarding up their big windows. Not sure if they are anticipating violence from the Trumpsters or the left. Either way, hope it doesn’t happen.

Is that picture of the White House real? That wall would be madness!

I think this is the actual one they put up. Hope this resizes.

CNN showed some guys working on the fence for Big Dump. It was a black wire structure you could see though. Maybe it’s good to trap the mad man so he can be handcuffed and forced out of the People’s House when Biden wins.

Can you believe this coward is holed up in his bunker! So much for Joe Biden being in a basement…it’s all projection.

@7: Is that the real one? Looks like a wall of porta potties. How fitting.

@12: That’s supposed to be the real one.

@14, Trump voter.

12 @ Beata

Is that the real one? Looks like a wall of porta potties. How fitting.
Hahahahaha, good one Beata!

@10, Ari Berman is great. If you haven’t yet read his Give Us the Ballot book, it’s a well-written, informative read. Highly recommended.

Yes the one Fredster posted is the real one. There are multiple layers, fence and wall. And just news that the police in DC are starting to shut down roads around WH. It’s just so crazy that this is where we are.

And yes, someone mentioned businesses boarding up. In NYC some businesses are boarding up. And once again the NYPD is sealing off entire blocks where their precincts are.

This is beyond enraging:

@14: Lordy. The places some guys choose to walk their dog…shaking head.

I’m with Luna. That guy is definitely a Trump voter.

@20: That *is* enraging!!

As we all know, Trump cheats at everything. It’s the only way he ever “wins” anything. But a lot of the time, he loses. Even with the cheating. Like Hillary said, “how can anybody *lose* money running a casino?” It’s a rigged game for christ’s sake.

So I’m thinking, how must it feel to know you cheated your ass off, but you still lost? Like damn, I really am that much of a loser.

OT, but Seattle’s local “power couple” — Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe — are engaged!

Oh hell, hit post before seeing if the tweet pasted in! Here we go:

Here we go…. finally! I’m as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockers! I won’t sleep tonight. I’d be afraid to wake up and see possible bad news. I hope it is a humiliating landslide.

@24: That’s great! I know of them separately, but didn’t know they were together. AWESOME athletes.

Love that from Joe. Very cool.

I hope it is a humiliating landslide.

I hope so to GAgal.

Great photo of the altered wall. The posters are great, especially the one, ‘Fu@k your fence!’

I would be making massive posters to plaster all over that damn fence if I lived within 50 miles of the White House.

I hope someone makes a huge one with jail bars and Bid Dump crying on the other side.

@26: That’s one of my favorite sayings. 🙂

I went to bed in 2016 and woke up to a nightmare. A four year nightmare. I’m hoping it ends early tonight.

James Carville says it’s baked. That I can stop bed-wetting now. 🙂

But James also knows that Democrats never stop bed-wetting. What about the Senate races James?

@30: Hope the Ragin Cajun has called it right.

And god or goddesses give me the strength to get through having Kornacki and his big board.

Did you guys see this? It’s amazing.

Following the results on twitter is giving me a heart attack. On Florida people are legitimately going from “It’s great!” to “It’s terrible!” within seconds. Knock it off!

CNN counting the votes on FL is the same DYB. I am trying not to let my heart rate get on a roller coaster. It’s difficult.

Damn. McConnell beats McGrath. Disappointing.

Ok I can’t follow social media anymore. It’ll give me an aneurism. Basically everyone keeps going “Yikes!” “Ok that’s good” “OMG NO!” “I’m feeling ok about this” “Noooooooooo” etc. People need to stop. Everybody needs to stop.

Shadowfax, yes same. And then everyone starts going with “Well Biden didn’t need Floriday” and I’m like “Yeah that’s true but in 2016 we kept saying ‘Hillary doesn’t need that state’ until there were no more states left.”

So instead of seeing people see-sawing on a dime because some precinct reported – I’m just gonna check in every 30 mins or so. Unless those of you watching report here! Just the big moments!

GAgal, I guess the McGrath/McConnell fight was never a serious fight. No one seemed to thinks he had a chance of winning.

I have such a stomach ache over all this. When will the Dem states start adding to the Elect. College….ugh

Ginger ale is good for tummy aches.

Shadowfax, I know! But as some smart people point out, 2018 played out this way too… So I’m sticking to that!

I guess Cornyn has won? Ugh. But Hickenlooper beat Gardner, so some good news.

Checking in from work quickly to see how everyone’s doing. Same as me, it looks like! I don’t want to follow this minute-by-minute, or even half-hour by half-hour. I’m too reminded of 2016 when those state %s started mysteriously changing to a slight margin for Orange Caligula.

Thanks Beata.

DYB, at least at the moment Biden is looking better with NY and other eastcoasters.

@27, yes, Sue and Megan have been together for 3 years. Lesbian, not queer! Every happiness to them. Same-sex marriage was legal in WA state before the Federal change, so it’ll stay regardless.

OK, back to work.

I should probably stop checking twitter even every 30 mins. Nobody knows anything. It’s just wild flailing from one precinct to another. But – it’s not going to be a blowout. This is such a damning moment for America. That Trumpism is not rejected soundly, even if he loses, is just breathtakingly depressing.

Still to be decided: NC, OH, PA, WI, MI, FL, GA

Keep those in mind.

@45 – yes. How in the world is anyone voting for this piece of shit. It should be a big blowout!!

Also TX

And to follow-up my comment at 45> Someone on twitter was pointing out that this is all showing us just good of a candidate Hillary was in 2016. If after all the shit we’ve seen and without Comey, Biden is struggling – HRC was a sensational candidate.

On Florida, apparently a judge has ordered that all the ballots that were not delivered by today must be counted.

I haven’t been able to look much today. Am sick about McGrath. How could anyone in their right mind want that ancient, diseased, evil piece of crap McConnell over that bright, honest, heroic woman?

@45, Sometimes I wish we could just split into two. I’m so tired of this constant divisiveness and the electoral college.

I have a horrible headache and a stomach ache. I need to try to get some sleep.

This is so stressful.

I hear you Beata! *hugs*

Mark Kelly wins in AZ!

@55, Great! So that’s 2 flipped senate seats?

I didn’t hear them call that yet. But Doug Jones, Dem Senator in Bama lost to Tommy Tubberville a former college football coach. He could have had a prior job as ax-murderer and he’s still win in Bama.

And same for here. Bill Cassidy won reelection to the Senate. I only hope the repubs lose the Senate and Cassidy gets totally minimized.

I love seeing the wx underground forecast. Forecast low is 52 but it’s 49 right now.

Lady Lindsey going back to the Senate from South Carolina.

Shit on Lindsey, Cassidy and Tubberville. Would have thought Doug Jones would win again.

Biden wins CA & MN.

Someone posted that PA has only counted something like 13% of their vote. So the panic on social media from Democrats is insane. We are literally witnessing the very scenario every said: early counting would be very red and then as votes were counted it would shift. And nobody remember that anymore.

Fox News projects Biden wins Arizona!!!!!! This is huge!

They need a breakdown of how many of the counted votes are early/mail-in and how many are today.

If the numbers we’re seeing are just today’s in-person votes, then it ain’t over till it’s over. I saw that NH is including both earlier and today votes in their total, but haven’t seen it mentioned for any other state.

Amazing in Arizona!! And a pickup for Senate too.

Oops. Just saw it @66. Thanks, DYB!

quixote> The media is absolutely failing when they don’t point this out. It’s outrageous and not at all surprising. The media has been failing us for so long.

And each state has different rules about when these are counted, so for us mere mortals it’s impossible to keep up. Justin Amash, of all people, tweeted that MI is reporting almost entirely today’s vote and the early votes are only being counted now so the results will shift significantly as those numbers come in.

Korschmucky is doing a good job of explaining the same day vs. early vote.

Heard earlier tonight on PBS that no Philly votes have been counted yet. Some will be done by midnight; others not until tomorrow. It will come down to PA, MI and WI. We’ve seen this movie before.

Great news about AZ.

I can’t sleep.

Sleeping really may not happen tonight!

PA won’t be known for days!!! Literally days.

This is why Trump wanted all vote counting to stop at midnight.

I find Bob Ross on Joy of Painting to be very relaxing. Paintings of happy clouds, happy mountains, happy trees. Also baby squirrels. They are so cute.

I think I am losing my mind.

LOL Beata! Whatever makes you happy, go for it!

Biden wins Minnesota!

CNN has an alert that Biden is going to make a statement shortly.

@72: Exactly right. A clerk in the registrar’s office here said they don’t even open the ballots until after the polls close and then members of the S.o.S.’s office will scan them and include them in the totals. They will open the outer envelope and check the secrecy envelope. If they see something and early enough they will contact you and give you a chance to cure the error.

@73: And has to constantly bring up where Hillary did worse than Biden this year. Puhleeze.

I started to make that poll a lot more detailed and ask “how will you control your angst tonight and give a few choices like:

edible cannabis product
a good ole fashioned joint.

Waiting for WaPo to change their “expecting Trump win” graphic. (angry face)

Damn! AP calls OH and IA for Trump.

Some states, like Washington, count the mail-in/drop-box ballots as they come in, but then we’re all vote-by-mail. Some other states have regulations that that bar them from counting ballots until after close of polls or even until the next day. So a long ways off yet for decision in several states. Still hard to wait.

@87, Curse them with an amplified plague!

@77 – he was so delusional he thought he’d be ahead. Obviously he doesn’t want to stop the vote now!

GA says it will not be able to call its race tonight.

It is already tomorrow, is it not?

“Happy little clouds”

CNN has still not declared Arizona for Biden.

AP calls FL for Trump.

“Happy little trees”

Biden calls for patience.

Baby squirrels are so cute.

Cuuuuute critter to cheer us up!

Supposedly Big Dump is angry that some stations are calling AZ goes to Biden. They think they will not win Michigan and they will have a difficult time winning if they don’t get AZ.

Thanks Luna for the fuzzy little animal.

And another critter, not cute but sure is happy! (Excuse me, I need distractions tonight and I’m assuming y’all do too.)

Dammit. We’re not going to get the Senate.

@87: I think the same for MSNBC and they also said Joni Ernst won reelection. Shit! Not sure we’ll get the Senate.

I think the Senate majority is out of reach. That’s disappointing.

And Fox’s political director defended their calling AZ for Trump, so they don’t have second thoughts even though others have not called it yet.

Trump tweeted about closing Poles and I think he’s going to invade Poland.

I have not seen OH or IA called yet…did I miss it? I feel like my twitter page would be blowing up with yelling.

DYB, OH and IA got called for Caligula.

AP calls TX for Trump.

Texas just called for Stump. And he takes the EC vote lead for the 1st time.

Biden wins NE-2

Lordy. I wonder whether the military has colored charts and whiteboards ready to explain the difference to the Dump between Poles and polls?

They better, or we may have to get ready for WWIII….

AP gives Biden 223 and Trump 212

Can we not still win the Senate? What about Maine, GA and NC?

So the polls were wrong for Biden this time too.

Ugh, CNN projects Texas to Trump.

This is down to the wire and Big Dump has a real chance of winning.
That means that all those people that stood in line for hours and the massive amount of votes this time, a lot of these people were Trump voters.

MadamaB, it looks like Collins is leading in Maine. Georgia is going into at least on run-off, possibly two. And Tillis is leading Cunningham in NC. (Maybe Cunningham not being able to keep his pants on did have an effect.)

Shadowfax> Yes the polls were way off. Completely disgraceful. Both Nates and all the others need to be fired and shot into the Sun.

Shadowfax> I think we should still not panic. The states are going pretty much as predicted, except AZ (apparently) goes to Biden. (Assuming Fox didn’t screw it up; no one else has called it.) It won’t be a landslide, but hopefully it will be just enough to win. For now there is still a lot of votes to be counted, most of them from mail ballots, which have so far been trending for Biden.

Apparently Fox just called Omaha for Biden. Omaha! Either Fox is on crack or…


Also both Twitter and Facebook labeled Trump’s tweet about Democrats stealing the election as fake.

@118, DYB, I’ve seen tweets about the retraction of a retraction. Confusing as fck-all. Tho it could just be because Donny is screaming at them.

? DYB, did you just edit your previous @118 post about AZ?

Orange Twitler will be frothing at the mouth as he proclaims victory.

Now I’m really turning off the damn computer.

It takes Dump a long time to prepare for the camera…has to apply pounds of makeup, spray tan, hair color and spay for that mop. Find a long red tie that will hide his huge stomach and quit yelling at people that turns his face red.

My God, please don’t let this killer win this election.

Wow. Trump is ahead by 118,000 votes in GA right now. There are still 458,000 votes to be counted – almost all in Dekalb and Fulton counties in Atlanta. Fulton county will take longer to count, but they are both heavy, heavy Dem. Like totally.

So when the fat man comes to the mike, he is going to be angry and spread lies about the race being stolen from him.

Hey! Ben Ray Lejun wins the Senate for Dems in NM! I don’t think that was expected. (NM was called for Biden earlier)

Yeah GAgal, Georgia is a real nail biter. I’m waiting to see how crazy Trump goes at this event and then I may have to just stop this.

Here’s a thing for y’all: Frankencassidy won his Senate seat against an African-American challenger. Same for Lady Lindsey. And same for Cindy Hyde Smith in Mississippi. Seems like the old south is standing strong doesn’t it?

Good news about GA, tho. Doug Collins is toast! He can go spew his motor-mouth gibberish on Faux News now.

@130: that’s true GAgal, hope to never see him again.

Jeeze, he is gone off his rocker.

The music starts and the clown car rolls off the stage.

@120 Luna> Yes I took out that Fox retracted their AZ call. Apparently that was a false story spreading. They are standing by that. Interestingly the news side of Fox keeps bringing on their pollster people to keep explaining why they made the call. They are trying so hard and the blow-back must be huge. But their pollsters are standing by the call. So we’ll see…

Fredster, I do agree that racism is a huge part of it. I just saw a number that white women voting for Trump actually went up from 53% to 55%, although the calculations must still be ongoing.

The thing is, the racism and white nationalism dominating politics is not even a uniquely American problem. Look at Brexit, look at Hungary, look at Le Pens’ success in France, look at Italy, etc. It is a world-wide phenomenon.

Someone said this morning Joe and Mika said that a lot of people owe Hillary Clinton an apology. Did anyone see this? Is it true?

Wow. HRC finally getting her apology! And Joe had it so much easier than she did. Kid glove media treatment, everyone aware of Drumpf’s massive unfitness, no James Comey or Wikileaks. He’s still just eking it out.

Michigan just turned blue folks. Joe is going to take it.

As for the Senate, I don’t think we’ll know till GA is done. I think we will have two runoffs. But we gained at least two already – Colorado and Arizona. As for NM I’m not sure if that was a flip! Need to check it out.-

Someone pointed out that the only Democrat to flip a seat in Florida was endorsed by HRC. It’s clear that Biden did not want HRC to campaign for him and Covid gave everyone a great excuse to ignore that. But it’s obvious his team were staying as far from HRC as possible except for her fundraising. What is clear, though, is that there were places where her campaigning for him would have helped and some important communities in Florida were among those. Biden and his team misunderstood 2016 almost as much as Bernie misunderstood it. They all thought they were superior, but the facts are vindicating HRC in real time.

@139 – wow. Didn’t think of that. Great point.

Did y’all see this?! Look at where these ballots are.

@140> This is scandalous. This should be the lead story on every channel and on front page of every paper.

Yes, I have been thinking of how the Biden campaign has not asked Hillary or Bill to campaign for them. They relied on Obama and very few others. They acted as if the Clinton’s had some stink on them for Hillary’s not pulling off 2016.

She’s a damn woman, that’s why she couldn’t win. Bernie and Joe both said they could have easily won over Dump. Joe didn’t have Comey and Putin come out in all out assault.

Until Hillary gets an official apology, these boyz can go to Hell.

@144 Shadowfax, I agree. The lack of rallies because of Covid kind of made it hard to notice that Hillary was not campaigning for Joe. She did some fundraising, including one with Harris. But no official campaigning. Clearly Joe and his team wanted to have nothing to do with her. But – as even Joe Scarborough confesses above (with the tiniest of nods from Mika) – they owe HRC an apology.

They can all go to hell, whether or not they apologize to HRC. Comey with them.

These men never put two and two together to see what support Hillary actually had. The people on the news kept and still do keep saying, “A lot of people do not like Hillary.”

Because of how Hillary was treated caused the Woman’s March and later inspired the Me Too movement.

Hillary has been taken for granted and pushed out of politics. I am livid about this.

Am I still bitter, Hell yes.

Absolutely Luna.

CNN finally calls WI for Biden.

@147 Shadowfax, I agree 100%. They all completely bought into the narrative that “people just don’t like her” and “anybody else would have beaten Trump easily.”

DYB, yes…and now even if they don’t admit it…they caused Hillary to retreat from politics.

@149, DYB, whew!

WaPo: Michigan official expects unofficial results within 24 hours and says they’d withstand a Trump challenge.

Biden’s up by ~3 million, not counting WI. Fcking EC.

I am starting to feel a little more hopeful that Biden might pull this election off. If he continues to win in the three states he is leading, he will have enough EC votes to win.

We need another cute animal pic. These are Javan scops owls (Otus angelinae)

Dump is a dirty, corrupt a-hole. May Karma smack him hard for all his $hitty deeds.

There are now Republicans storming poll counting locations in Michigan. And Trump is declaring a win in PA even though they are not close to being done counting.

CNN calls Michigan for Biden. We are 17 electoral votes away.

@158, DYB, the alleged party of law and order reacts with violence to the democratic, legal process of county all the votes. Don’t know why I’m still halfway surprised by the depth of their fascism.

Biden wins Michigan.

DYB sorry, didn’t see your post first.

Biden has a real chance of winning…I am trying not to get too excited.

@144: Yes, I have been thinking of how the Biden campaign has not asked Hillary or Bill to campaign for them.

Do we absolutely know that for sure? However otoh I believe Gore didn’t want Bill Clinton campaigning for him.

Biden is absolutely going to win. He has multiple paths now because he won AZ and Maine (3 votes) and NE-2.

I wish there were live feeds in the White House so we could watch Trump go nuts when he knows he is going to lose.

Going to put up a new/continuation of this post/topic in just a few.

@165 – Yesssssss!!!

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