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Lazy Weekend ~ Happy Halloween

Posted on: October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween Widdershins!

I’m writing this post early in the week just in case Hurricane Zeta decides to cause us more grief than any of us here in Louisiana really want to deal with.  And on top of that we get to deal with the **!@@@# roll back on the clocks this weekend.  Ugh.

So let’s check out some spooky Halloweenish songs.

* * * *


* * *

I have no idea what to call this but it has skeletons so

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

I love they put this to a Betty Boop cartoon

* * * *

Okay, an abbreviated post due to getting ready for Zeta.  By the time this posts Zeta will have moved away from us and I hope it hasn’t left us with too much of a mess.  From what the local mets have been saying this one will be less of a rain event and more wind.  Of course that’s what knocks down power lines.

Also, don’t forget:


90 Responses to "Lazy Weekend ~ Happy Halloween"

Sounds like the eye went right over New Orleans. Hope you’re coming through it all okay!

Happy Halloween Shinners!

Happy Halloween! (glad it’s over…I’m becoming an old party poop).

Fredster, hope you’re doing okay.

Just checking in briefly. Saw a blurb from the power company that they say they’ll have power restored by Tuesday. And I love when you go to the outage map they show a bit for their stock price. Yeah, fuck that.

@4: Being without electricity totally sucks. Thanks for checking in, Fredster.

I saw this new ad on AM Joy and thought it was really good.

Glad I didn’t see one of these in my neighborhood last night!

Fredster, I’m so sorry that you are going though yet another hurricane and power outage. What a horrific year this has been!

I’m looking forward to celebrating a big Biden-Harris win soon. I have not been able to get a decent night’s sleep for days. Heck, who am I kidding? I haven’t slept well since November 2016. Four years, four freaking years.

I hate Daylight Savings Time!!! Screws stuff up for days, weeks even. Hate it!

I am NERVOUS!!! This election can’t be over soon enough. I’m hitting the hard stuff these days. That’s ginger ale for me. No DIY home improvement projects in my current carbonated state of mind. A sugar high and no sleep spells disaster. I’d probably cut off my leg or something.

Peace out, Widdershins.

Okay, I’m back.

Is it my imagination or is time slogging by like a sloth with a gimp?

Can’t we just fast forward to postelection for the Blue Wave celebration?

@11: I should not have used the word “gimp” in any context. It is a cruel and hurtful word, I know. My mother was crippled by Rheumatoid Arthritis for many years. I am terribly sorry for being so thoughtless.

I voted absentee about a month ago. Across the state, lines for early voting have been long. Indiana will probably go for Trump again but one never knows. Biden-Harris signs are up even in rural counties.

The 5th District Congressional seat (representing wealthy, mostly white, mostly Republican suburban communities north of Indianapolis) is expected to flip to Democrat Christine Hale. It is an open seat, held for years by right-wing nut job Dan Burton (if you don’t remember him, consider yourself lucky). The Republican running against Hale is a Tea Partier. If the 5th District goes Democratic, it could be a good sign that Republican suburbs across the country may flip Democratic as well.

Hey Beata!

I feel you on the lack of sleep. I can’t wait till this nightmare is over.

Having said that:

P.S., PJ, I loved the Taylor Swift song! I hear young people are voting in record numbers. Come on Gen Z, you got this!

A great anecdote from one of my best friends, who has a daughter of voting age. The daughter is in college out of state and was delaying a request for her absentee ballot. Finally her college friends sat her down and did a voting intervention. They made her put in the request and when the ballot came, they sat with her till she filled it out (straight D) and dropped it in the mail. 😍

Many college age students voting here. Volunteering, too. They are energized. It is encouraging.

@15: That’s a great story mb!! A voting intervention. 🙂 That’s so awesome. (I use that word too often, but when it fits it fits)

Great to see you, Beata! It’s okay to use the word gimp or gimpy when referring to an animal. Or yourself (which I have had to do on occasion. I had a very gimpy left hand for a while. I just encouraged it saying, come on, gimpy. I believe in you. You’re doing great. etc. It responded well, so I guess it didn’t mind).

Daylight Savings Time – adding another hour to the torture – was just cruel. 2020’s last (hopefully last) kick in the teeth.

That’s really good to hear about the college age students in your area!

Checking in once again. Got a txt message from Entergy power company saying that due to more extensive damage they’re pushing back the date for restoration to eiither Nov. 4th or 5th. Yet the intersecting street that we can easily see does have power. That’s enough to drive you over the edge.

Ok later, maybe. I’m counting on my neighbor who has a generator to charge the laptop for me. However the battery is almost shot so it doesn’t hold a charge for long. That’s on the list to get a new one when this nightmare from hell ends (if it does).

Is it my imagination or is time slogging by like a sloth with a gimp?

In my imagination too, Beata!

As to gimp — I’ve never heard that word used to describe a limp before. A ‘gimp’ is a decorative cord used in sewing. I had a mental picture of a sloth with a satiny cord wrapped around itself! Then I thought you might have just mistyped the ‘g’ for ‘l’. Interesting how regional some expressions are.

Fredster, glad you have a neighbor with a grill and one with a generator. Hope the power comes back soon. The US is a 3rd-world country in this regard — can’t even prepare for foreseeable situations like post-storm power outages.

Change of topic for a break.

Fredster, glad you have a kind neighbor. I hope your electric comes back soon.

Luna @22, that is astonishing!

Hi Beata!

I’m exhausted from stress, and can’t wait til this is over.

@19: Maybe in the future, we’ll call it a Trump or Trumpy. Referring to anything that is not functioning properly.

I’m guessing Trump/Trumpy will also mean shitty in the future. As in, “that was a real trumpy thing to say” or “I’m sorry, but that suit looks like trump on you” or a Canadian saying, “Damn, I was worried. You good folks turned into a trumphole country there for a while”.


I got so bummed out after that text that I took 1/4 of a klonopin. So I was sitting there semi-dozing and I heard the tv come on. Sat up saying Huh, what? And yes it was true!

The next thing I’m getting ready to do is to fix a pot of coffee. Haven’t had any in DAYS!

This helped me to feel a little better:

@26: Yay!!!

@24/25: Hilarious! Creative use of language! I love it. Thanks for the much-needed laughs, PJ.

@23: Hi, Annie!

The stress is indeed horrible. Even my poor cat is feeling it. She has lost her appetite.

@27: The thing I missed most about not having electricity (other than heat and me and my dogs freezing our asses off) was COFFEE!

Here’s to you, Fredster!

@30: Thanks Beata. 🙂 I hate to complain when people go missing (even though I do sometimes whine about people missing /mb, DYB/ – sorry…) given that I myself can go missing for no rhyme or reason.

That soup-dillyicious thread was so much fun!

Anyway, it’s really good to see you posting – for however long you feel like it.

I like this version of the ad better because it has the Cha-Cha guy in it. Damn, that guy’s a good dancer. Loved his shirt too.

@32: Definitely PJ, I may have two pots so I can kind of catch up,. LOL

Where the hell is quixote?

Oops. I’m doing it again… I just like hearing what she has to say. (I’m talking about her like she’s not listening).

Maybe I’ll stop whining tomorrow or Nov 4 or 5 or 6. Hopefully!

@35: Drink up Fredster! I’d have a cup in each hand.

Yay Fredster!!!

New Randy Rainbow

Yeah, I probably need to get a little *less* crazy. I know. But those wild dogs in my head are ready to run. When I come home from work and I let my dogs out I sing “Who let the dogs out” and they go nuts.

@40 – Wow – I was literally dancing in my office by myself to that one. He outdid himself!

Hi PJ! I just dropped by so I did hear what you were saying behind my back!

Not much to add because (don’t hate me!) I’m not stressing. Ignoring news, playing in the garden, thinking deep thoughts about The Perfect™ arrangement of little succulents in their new bed, and such-like. You know. Important stuff.

Sent my vote in three weeks ago. Everybody I know has voted. Nothing to do but wait and eat ice cream.

Halloween is my birthday. I am many moons old and somehow, my son made this one of my best, despite Covid, lots of love and kindness.

Any who, I have been hunkered down doing art, a place I run to when the world of crazy gets to me and I can blissfully forget for a little while. Sorry I have been kinda MIA for the past few months, it’s just my survival method when I don’t see concrete hope in the future.

I am really freaked out about tomorrow. I am afraid to be too excited that Biden will win, it just brings back too many emotions from 2016 when I still believed that good and experience and justice would win over an evil, a liar and criminal.

Where are the songs that we can play these days to express how we feel? Here’s one that helped us in the mid and late sixties.

Now that I went back and read this post, I had quite a few laughs – especially at the one with the tarantula dog costume. I would have been like one of those young women screaming my head off while running away.

Fredster, you went for a long time without power…poor guy. If you are going to live in LA, you need to start saving each month to get yourself a small generator. Stay safe and enjoy your coffee.

Looks like I’m not the only one that is somewhat freaked out about tomorrow. I hope it finally ends up that he is clearly the loser. I am sure I will be on the blog a lot tomorrow…

Luna, thanks for that look into a cell. That is really, really complicated. Amazing.

@43: I *knew* it!

Good for you! Sounds really nice – yes, important stuff!

I did finally remember to sneak over to SD to see if you were talking over there and voila. There you were. 🙂 I liked what you had to say.

Thanks for popping in and catching me talking behind your back. 🙂

@45: Trust me, that’s on my list. Need to figure out how and where to place it so I can run cords into the place.

Good Fredster, I’m glad to hear it’s already on your todo list. If worst comes to worse and you don’t have something like a garage, maybe on a porch by a window, unless you are not on the first floor.

I know what you mean about running out of power and then deciding enough is enough.

So are we getting any sleep tonight or what? Actually, I’m exhausted. I also need a chiropractor. All this stress is making my back feel like it’s being squeezed in a vice.

@49: I know what that feels like! About your back. It’s like Satan himself has reached his claws in and grabbed my spine and squeezed – like a vice as you said. Right in the thoracic curve area (I had to look that up). Very painful.

Not getting much sleep. Me and the other PJ – Pat Johnson – are holed up in our separate locations watching The English Patient on a loop. Like what else can you do?

@50: LOL! Can you imagine being Trump’s singing instructor and trying to teach him Do-Re-Mi? Trump would be like, “No, no, no. It goes me-me, me-me-me, me-me-me-me. You know it and I know it. Stop being stupid.”

@51 PJ> “The English Patient” you say? I’M ON MY WAY!

@49 & 51: I know what you mean. Probably for me it’s because I’ve been kind of sleeping in my recliner. I’ve popped a couple of Aleve and it helps somewhat.

Come on over, DYB! I’ve got popcorn.


@55, 57, let this be an omen of the Blue Wave of 2020!

Guess he’s not going down without a fight.

@49, no, DYB, we’re not getting any sleep without meds. Probably tomorrow night the same.

I believe that our entire voting system is completely fucked. Five people in bloody Dixville fucking Notch are an all important story to our braindead media every four years, the purple states are the ones who get to really choose the president, and the rest of us cast ceremonial votes.

Are there any movements to get rid of the EC?

Way to go Dixville Notch!! Looks like it’s going to be a tsunami.

@59, I bet Jackie Chan could scale it! 🙂

Fredster, so glad you got your power back. Relish that coffee!

@62: Excellent point, Socal. The EC does not belong in any democracy. We would pearl clutch if it was another country doing it.

We lament every four years but it never changes.

Oops! Sorry Fredster, didn’t see your post @55.

@63, I could play that song on my electric guitar when I was a little kid.

59 Fredster

What it looks like to me, having an 8 foot fence around the White House grounds is – he knows he is going to lose the election and he doesn’t plan to leave. He thinks he can throw enough roadblocks out that sooner or later, people will give up and just let him be prez anyway.

We have huge cranes, a military and the constitution on our side.

Oh, we also have bunker-busters and tranquillizer guns that can take down a rhino.

I don’t know why, but this song seems pertinent somehow:

@66: I’m totally impressed! For real.

I could roller skate to that song when I was a kid. The rink owners would see that things were getting a little out of hand and they would play that song and say “ok, just go crazy”.

@62, 65, The National Popular Vote Compact! Washington state has passed this and I think California. States with Republican majorities aren’t likely to pass it because it gives each voter an equal voice.

National Popular Vote Compact … award[s] its electoral votes to the presidential ticket that receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The compact has been adopted by 15 states and the District of Columbia, which equal 196 electoral votes, according to National Popular Vote, a nonprofit that advocates for the compact. The pact will go into effect once states with at least 74 more electoral votes enact it. At least one chamber in eight additional states with 75 more electoral votes have passed the bill.

Americans have historically opposed the Electoral College method and prefer naming winners based on the popular vote, according to a 2019 Gallup poll.

annie, no biggie about the double comment thing.

I was direct messaging with DYB and told him about drinking coffee and he asked “so late?”. I said hell yeah, haven’t had any for 4 or 5 days and besides I’ll probably stay up late anyway just because I’ve got lights, internet, and cable back. LOL

We’re not a big state so it does make this even more impressive:

Early vote shatters records in Louisiana, with nearly 1 million casting ballots ahead of Nov. 3

Unclimbable wall? Snort!

@70: Blue states want to fight fair (they think a Trumper’s vote should count just as much as anyone else in their blue state) but red states do not want to fight fair. They think it’s just peachy keen that Trump won by 77,000 votes or so in three states but Hillary beat him by 3 million.

I live in a red state. My vote doesn’t count in a presidential election. My state is fine with that.

@71: Yes! When you have to go without electricity for a while – a long while – you *really* appreciate it when it comes back on.

@76: Holy hell. I had no trouble with my own ballot getting there and getting accepted. Why? Because my vote doesn’t fucking count here! “Sure little ole miss. Step right up and cast your ballot and we’ll count it!” (snicker)

Hillary is on my mind still. I think she’s winning, because it was never about her. I love that about her. Sunglasses on.

@72, that is very impressive! I do think our side has done everything humanly possible to defeat dump.

@78, that was pretty.

I got some sleep!

Unfortunately, my internal clock did not “fall back” so I am waking up at 4am EST.

It’s Election Day in America! Sun coming up! Blue sky everywhere!

One more & I’ll see you guys tomorrow:

@50/52: When I first graduated from college, I taught preschool. I had one little boy in my class who would steal everyone’s toys and sit in the middle of the room with the toys piled up around him, yelling, “Me, me, me! Mine, mine, mine! Now, now, now!”

A future Trumpy, no doubt.

Made a batch of Cincinnati chilli to enjoy with the SO tonight. I’m feeling very optimistic today.

Blue Wave! Bring it on!

I slept like a log last night and am feeling a wave of determination, love and decency sweeping this country. I believe the tsunami will dwarf our wildest expectations.

As Fredster would say, laissez les bons temps rouler!

Beautifully said, MB.

Love the picture of Bill and Hillary. Both are wearing blue!

@86: I love that picture too! Go Blue!

So here we are…

So DYB never showed up last night (sniffle). But that’s okay (sniffle).


It’s a beautiful day here. I hope that portends good things!

You know… I’m really going to miss Trump’s guppy mouth. But the thing I’ll probably miss the most are his accordion hands (wtf was that about?). Like if someone could put that to music, it would help me get over the loss.

Oh wait, someone already did:

New election post! Come on up!

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