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Activist Wednesday: Kamala and Karma…

Posted on: October 7, 2020

We’ll see both in action during the Vice-Presidential debate tonight.

Our Kamala dissecting a possibly ill and unpopular Pence on national Teevee is bound to be quite powerful. As we know, she’s not afraid of Evangelical Ken. And Karma will be showing up in the form of Plexiglass separators between the candidates, and actually requiring the attendees to follow CDC guidelines – testing, masking and social distancing. It’s about freaking time.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the media without some heavy mansplaining as to how hard Kamala’s job will be. Witness the inexplicably-still-talking David Axelrod set the bar far higher for Senator Harris than for Biden. (He doesn’t mention that the bar for Drumpf was set so low it passed through the ground and hit the earth’s molten core.)

Biden profited from low expectations in the presidential debate, which were set in no small measure by Trump’s incessant “Sleepy Joe” trolling. It made Biden’s job easier.

Harris enters the debate in the reverse position. Much is expected of the charismatic US senator, a skilled interlocutor who debated frequently during her own campaign for the Democratic nomination.

She also faces the same double standard women contenders do about tone when they bring strong attacks. The low-key Pence is an underrated debater. Four years ago, he was widely seen as winning the vice presidential debate with Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, during which Pence deftly parried Kaine’s attacks on Trump and launched his own against Hillary Clinton.

Ya know something Davy? I don’t think Kamala is too worried about Pence and his smarmy lies. She knows exactly how to handle those types of men.

“Think carefully about your response.”

The debate will be in Utah, and the moderator is a woman! Pence is going to freak and call for Mother!

But seriously, I think this is going to be well worth watching. Here’s all the info.

140 Responses to "Activist Wednesday: Kamala and Karma…"

Why is he not out of appeals?

This is an excellent Randy Rainbow!

So did they ever list the topics for the debate? They didn’t have them when I posted the info on the sidebar.

I guess not much prep this way:

Unlike the presidential debate, topics are not being disclosed ahead of time.

Thanks for the info, mb and Fredster!


I wonder if raccoons can carry covid?

@3: That was fantastic! OMG. I loved it!!

Nat’l Weather Service/Hurricane Center “cone of uncertainty”.

The Coneheads! hahahaha! One of my favorite SNL skits.

Good to see you’re keeping your sense of humor, Fredster. Because damn – y’all have been through (still going through) high anxiety times.

Pence gives me the creeps *really* bad. And that’s before he opens his mouth – then it gets so much worse. I will be taping the debate so I can fast forward through him. ICK!!

I’m sure Kamala will be great as she always is.

And speaking of creeps…David Axelrod – the left’s version of Karl Rove. I’m with you mb. Why is that creep still around?

Randy and Patty are great in that!

Putting up the plexiglass sends a similar message — that we shouldn’t forget that these are extraordinary times. Even though Harris won’t say this out loud, it also sends a message that she doesn’t trust Pence not to be infectious. As well she shouldn’t.

@9, I’m worried that the raccoons will catch covid from the WH rats.

@15 – Damn right!!

This just came in one of my med e-newsletters, though a little late for some states. is a site with info for disabled voters on each individual state’s requirements for absentee/mail-in voting — registration, dates, forms, etc. Has some direct links. Look really easy to use.

Great Randy Rainbow, Annie.

@12: I’ve been thinking about that for awhile whenever I hear or see “cone of uncertainty” from the wx people.

@13: I’ll add David Plouffe in there also. I call him Plouffey.

Good post of that news correspondent roaring at one of the Trump supporters.

Raccoons can get really mean.

A few years ago, a raccoon tried to attack me as I went out on my patio. He had the damn gall to hiss at me and try to threaten me with his tiny hands and claws.

That was the wrong thing to do. I went inside and got a broom, went out and roared at him, screamed at him to get off my property as I swung my broom like a sword at him…he was pist. We got meaner and meaner until I had him running for the hills. He was lucky I am not a gun owner.

@21: LOL, Fredster. Plouffey. Yes, good addition.

Also Robert Gibbs.

I think Trump must feel a kinship with raccoons. He has reverse raccoon eyes, tiny hands and he can get really mean.

If Trump keeps taking steroids, is he going to end up looking like Jerry Lewis?

I’m sure Putin is pleased.

Here’s another.

Don’t forget pre-game show on MSNBC before the debate.

I remember the Kaine/Pence debate. He can sure spew the BS, but every time he lied he would look at the floor when he answered. A sign he was lying and knew it. If y’all remember, Kaine and Pence were allowed to sit through out that debate. I think Kamala will rip him to shreds.

@29: I think they’ll be sitting this time too. I wonder if Mother will demand that she sit between them.

@30: Great one from Malcolm Nance! That’s hilarious.

Yowza, how much dexamethasone did they give Trump?
Hope the parent tweet shows too.

Oh hell, hitting return too fast.

Peace starts off as a liar and a weasel.

Well she is already destroying him and laughing at his outrageous lies.

This is going downhill fast for Pence.

I am watching the debate on SlingTV, so many people are watching that the video feed keeps playing in small pieces with long pauses.

Can’t wait to view the new Randy Rainbow! Next commercial…

Ah, not Peace, but Pence above 😉

Oh his sappy voice is so phony.

She is ready to jump down his throat.

Pence is spinning a rack of lies.

“He’s a businessman.” HAHAHAHA!

Page is not enforcing the rules- she allowed Pence to continue way beyond the time

Shut your yap, Pence!

“Rise in wages” Oh Bull. Shit.

Shut. The. Fck. Up.

What a pig.

“He interrupted me.”

He is such an arrogant liar. Kamala’s laughing at him and he hates that.

Pence is taking credit for the ‘clean’ (cough, cough) environment.

Turn his mike off when he goes over!

What is the moderator doing? Once again #epicfail

She should stop saying, “Thank you Mr. VP”, she should strike a loud gong and say, “Enough!”

Very powerful answer from Kamala about China. She really knows.

The moderator is not enforcing the time limits — she lets Pence rant on and on.

QUIT SAYING THANK YOU vp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Go Kamala, teach Pence a lesson…

Fly on Pence’s hesd!

@58, He draws flies like ….

No Susan. I need to make this point.

What the fuck. SHUT UP.

This is disgusting- just say STOP. He reminds me of a Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman.

Ah yes, the historical lost of the popular vote but getting the Electoral College. Lost the popular vote by the largest % ever.

Damn. So close. Soooo close. Pence managed to throw in a Hillary attack with just 3 minutes to spare. So close.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that red-eyed ball of condescension has the Rona.

@64: I got mesmerized by the fly so to sum up the debate:

And apparently the original version of the song has the N word in it.

Did Pence’s fly have a Covid test? He was smuggled in from the WH to try and infect Kamala, but had gotten his tiny fly feet stuck in his hairspray.

🤣🤣🤣 I won’t be surprised if he tests positive for COVID

69 | contrask

I love the nano fly brought a tiny campaign sign with him for Biden/Harris.

Wow. NEJM rips off its staid suit and endorses.

Finally watched the Randy Rainbow! That was amazing.

OMG the Biden tweet….whoever is running his social media campaign, A+.

Wicked burn:

Biblical references to flies (selectively chosen of course)

Psalm 78:45

He sent among them swarms of flies which devoured them, And frogs which destroyed them.

Psalm 105:31

He spoke, and there came a swarm of flies And gnats in all their territory.

Exodus 8:21

“For if you do not let My people go, behold, I will send swarms of flies on you and on your servants and on your people and into your houses; and the houses of the Egyptians will be full of swarms of flies, and also the ground on which they dwell.

Exodus 8:24

Then the LORD did so. And there came great swarms of flies into the house of Pharaoh and the houses of his servants and the land was laid waste because of the swarms of flies in all the land of Egypt

Not good Mike;

@77: Damn, Fredster. That is fucking excellent!!! Applause! Applause!

After reading the comments here and elsewhere, I’m not going to watch the debate. The sight of Pence and his repulsive, condescending tone of voice is more than I can handle (even using FF). I didn’t watch any of the post-game either.

It does sound like the fly stole the show. LOL! I think that fly was whispering to Pence, “while you’re doing *this* shit, people are voting. And voting. And voting.”

Mother can’t stop that.

@78: I think I heard Steve Schmidt on MSNBC say something about flies in the bible so decided to do a search.

Pence and Mother are supposed to be such gooood Christians, you think he might have done a double take (if he wasn’t aware of the fly at the time) and then saw it on tape?

@80: And Wow, what you found on your search!

Yep – hopefully he has an “oh shit” moment after seeing it on tape. God is trying to tell him something. “God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”

PJ, see what you missed in the post-game show?

Shorter version: Meet Karma, baby.

@82: Whoa! I hate that I missed that, but thank you for sharing it! I love Nicole Wallace more every day. That’s just awesome.

@84 – they had Joy Reid, Rachel and Nicolle doing the debate pre- and post-show. It actually made me cry a little because of Kamala’s historic moment.

They were all awesone. Nicolle was great as Fredster mentioned. Joy Reid made some great comments about how that interrupting, scene-stealing sh*t Pence did was way too familiar for women.

@85: My three favorite ladies in television! Dammit.

I let my complete and total disgust with Pence deprive me of – as you said – Kamala’s historic moment.

So I’m taking a moment now to embrace, revel in, and appreciate Kamala and her presence as our VP candidate on that debate stage.

The cockroach can go fuck himself.

Yep, faked background.

@90, Trump said “Liberate Michigan” and encouraged these thugs.

@92: Snort. That’s not going to go anywhere.

Trump has said nothing about the Michigan militia either

@93, agree. Should have started it in Jan 2017.

Socalannie — this is for Laker. IIRC he likes goats? Ellinor is getting her thick, fluffy winter coat! Ellinor is also the name of a mountain in the Olympic Mtn Range.

@97: That is great news! At the same time, Republican donations are drying up like a raisin in the sun. heh It seems no one wants to give money to la-hoo-sa-hers.

On the Megan Whittemore story…YIKES.

I saw pictures of those guys and they have “superior race and gender” written all over them. Ha!

It would be comical if they weren’t so dangerous.

There’s no way Barr does not have Covid-19. Right? How could he not get it when he was standing so close to Kellyanne?

@99: How the hell did I screw that up? Gretchen Whitmer. I wasn’t even close…

Must be the steroids.

I have been kind of on a (drug-free) high since this morning.

This morning, I saw Elizabeth Warren on Morning Joe. The sun started to shine in through a window or a glass door about 3 minutes in. It rapidly got brighter and brighter until you could hardly see Elizabeth. Rays of light shining on her. It started when she started talking about healthcare.

God photobombed her interview! That’s what it looked like – even Joe kiddingly said, “you look heavenly.” Evidently, God really wanted in on that conversation about healthcare!

I don’t know if this link will work, but I’ll try. It was a trip!



I was excited in 2016. Now I’m rage-voting.

I am loving all the fly jokes.

Good for you, mb! Rage-vote away! I can’t wait to get mine which should be Oct 16 or 17. There is zero chance that Biden can win here, but it will make me feel good!

@103 – hahaha! Extra points for the Zoolander reference!!!

The thing about Mike Pence that makes me really angry is the righteous, fake Christianity. Back in the middle ages he would have burned women at the stake and broken people on the rack. And he would have done it with a song in his heart. He is evil.

Well said, DYB! You’ve got his number – that’s who he is – a wolf in sheep’s clothing – evil. Honestly, I want to defeat Pence as much as I want to defeat Trump. Maybe more.

I just saw Rachel Maddow talking about Mother defying the rules by not wearing a mask at the end of the debate. They are just like the Trumps except they cloak themselves in religion. Which is more sickening imo.

This feels like the moment when the Trump-tanic has hit the Covid-berg, but everyone on board still thinks everything is going to turn out ok.

My son and I mailed in our vote today. We went to a place that was supposed to have a drop box in my neighborhood…but nothing was there yet. So we put it in the mailbox outside the post office. I am going to try and track it.

From Lakerwade: Luna, thank you! That is a beautiful goat. We all love the great nature videos you guys post.

Will this finally wake the Republicans up to how incapable Trump is? Sorry, rhetorical question.

@111, Glad Lakerwade liked it! Mountain goats are beautiful creatures, and I love seeing them too.

@107, DYB, Pence would be the Grand Inquisitor while running a brothel full of trafficked children.

GAgal @103, Hilarious! The fly jokes are great! I’m glad the fly has a twitter account.

@115, LOLOL! Spot on.

117- the D.C. Department of Public Health needs to get involved. I heard someone propose that they get involved in White House contact tracing, since the WH was failing miserably in that regard. I would hope they have jurisdiction, but I am not sure how that would interplay with all of trumps “immunities”. What an ass he is.

@118, there were a couple of WaPo articles I saw about DC officials trying to work with the White House but the WH was either not returning calls or saying the DC public-health folks didn’t have jurisdiction or some such BS. (Hard to remember all the BS Trump admin’s been putting out lately.)

Luna – perfect description of Pence!

In olden times, Drumpf would have been the drunk in the corner, trying to assault all the serving wenches.

Trump/Pence and the Republican Party put a mirror up to our face. This is how ugly we really are. But we can change that. Just like Germany did. Will we? I don’t know. I will do my part and vote.

There are no political signs up in my neighborhood. When I go outside my neighborhood, there are no signs there either (this is unusual). If you’re a Trumpist, you don’t want to admit it. It would be like putting up a swastika for everyone to see.

If you’re for Biden, you don’t want psychos coming after you.

So everyone is staying really quiet. Holding their cards close to the vest. It’s a bit eerie.

@112 re Dump saying he won (past tense) the (future) 2nd debate: is that for real? Or the Onion?

If he really said that, more proof (as if we needed it) that either the dexamethasone or the dementia have got him.

@123, yes, he really did. He was never good with numbers, as lots of people pointed out in replies.

I can’t believe that Hurricane Delta is going to hit the La. coast in almost the same location as Hurricane Laura did before. We’re under a tropical storm and storm surge warning here in nola area.

One of the local wx guys said last night that a buoy out in the Gulf recorded/reported a 30 foot wave out there near the center of Delta.

Fredster, I saw a guy interviewed from LA who said he had replaced everything in his house (TVs, furniture, etc) 5 or 6 times. I can’t imagine that.

@126: I really feel awful for those people in that area. Even though there are wx events everywhere I’m not sure I could do that multiple times.

I don’t think there are going to be anymore Trump rallies or debates or interviews.

He will still phone in. He will still produce videos in front of green screens. He will still tweet.

Until even those stop. We’re nearing the end folks. He is literally running out of breathe.

@127: There’s no way I could do it even one time. We get tornadoes here that wipe out whole towns. Other people get fires and earthquakes. Other people get hurricanes. I guess people have no choice but to pick up the pieces and carry on. I guess I would too if I had to, but I’m not sure.

@129: Well I’ve moved back here after Katrina but there was a long gap in between. But two hurricanes hitting the same area in one season. I don’t know.

I can’t imagine going through one

@131: I just went to a small market up the street. The winds are picking up and I saw a few small branches on the street – there’s a recipe for power outages.

Fredster, I know you love NOLA but all these hurricanes are frightening.

It does seem as though you are in a relatively ‘safe’ place there????
I hope so.

@134: Yes Shadow it’s pretty safe here. We are getting bands of rain and gusty winds. And honestly I cannot recall a time when we have had this many storms that have seemed to target us. It seems like it’s an odd year in that fewer of them have headed up the east coast (not that I’m wishing anyone else get them).

Fredster, are you very far from Lake Charles were that tweet was video’d? Hope you stay safe, dry, and that the power doesn’t go out.

Fredster, hope all goes well and misses you and dies out. What a horrible year this is.

Luna, it’s a couple of hundred miles to Lake Charles. Annie I can’t wait for this year to end.

We had some pretty heavy rain at times, as the bands of rain rotate around the center. The good thing is that it’s moving at a good clip.

So here’s a thing: I never thought I would have to learn how to spell the plural of dominatrix.

And the archbishop of Nola ordered that the altar be burned.

I think that’s a good thing because I seriously doubt the parishioners could ever look at it again without shuddering.


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