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Early Weekend post~Is there a doctor in the house?

Posted on: October 2, 2020

Good weekend Widdershins

We interrupt your normal musical weekend for breaking news

As “they” say, the chickens have come home to roost.  Trump and Melanie were diagnosed with the rona.  The announcement came at around 1:00 this morning and by the late afternoon apparently symptoms had progressed to the point that he was medivacked on Marine 1 to Bethesda Military hospital this afternoon.  It appears at this time that Hope Hicks was the “superspreader”.  The number of people who have tested positively has grown exponentially which makes sense in a White House that frowned on wearing masks.

Among the people who have tested positive positive:

  • President Donald Trump
  • First lady Melania Trump
  • White House Communications Director Hope Hicks
  • Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel
  • Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah
  • Three White House reporters
  • One White House staffer
  • The Rev. John Jenkins, president of Notre Dame University (Jenkins was at the White House Saturday, when Trump introduced Judge Amy Coney Barrett as his Supreme Court nominee. Barrett was a law professor at Notre Dame for 15 years before Trump nominated her to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit.)


Other tidbits:

  • Pence and “mother” tested negatively (for now?) He’s been jumping up and down shouting “I’m ready, I’m ready” but so far Trump has not turned over the keys to the kingdom, at least not yet.
  • Supposedly Trump was “spooked” when he got the rona diagnosis.
  • There has not been a meeting with the Gang of Eight from Congress to update them on the situation although I believe that would be a normal procedure.
  • Trump received a “full dose” of an experimental antibody cocktail under “compassionate use” criteria.

In the good news category, Joe and Jill Biden tested negatively for the virus, and I am very happy to hear that.

Take the conversation wherever you wish but including gossip is good and cheap gossip is even better.

Infamous open thread.

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Twitter must be on fiyah because it’s taking forevah for the post tweet to propagate out.

Great update, Fredster, thanks! God, what a year! I’m still reeling.

Your list needs to be updated for Sen Tom Tillis.

And I can’t resist with a bit on music for that

Add Sen. Thom Tillis, NC, to the ‘rona list. Yes, he’s a Republican.

Noticed that some articles are describing Trump as “slightly obese.” (snort!) No “slightly” about obesity.

re: Thom Tillis. Oh hell and I just wrote this. Oh well, as I said, “among the people”.

What I’m concerned with is the no meeting with the gang. Those are the leaders of key House and Senate committees and leaders.

With Trump in Walter Reed and this White House’s tendency to “not” discuss anything about his health this comes under the rubric of national security and they need to be kept informed.

Don Junior says he has never seen his father so sick. That is saying a lot, since Don Junior’s father is one sick SOB.

I can’t find a link to this comment but I did hear it on the teevee so it must be true.

Was the man walking out of the WH into the helicopter a fake Trump and was the real Trump put on board earlier on a stretcher?

Who has seen Alec Baldwin lately? I know I haven’t. Coincidence? I think not.

Off topic: There has been an increase in DIY home improvement projects during the pandemic. There has also been an increase in heavy drinking.

Another one bites the dust – Kellyanne Conway.

Karma is on a ROLL!

@12, I’m getting tired of playing tiny violins. Just kidding!

Kellyanne too? Hope was walking near Jared in one video. Anyone check on him yet?

I really don’t want anything untoward to happen to them because I want them available for their perp walk in orange jumpsuits.

Yep, Claudia Conway said it earlier, but now Kellyanne herself confirmed it on twitter.

Two tiny violins playing for Conjob. Karma for sure.

When Hope went on the two planes the other day, she grabbed the right hand rail all the way up the steps. Right behind her was Jared, and yes, he was holding the handrail right after she did.

The only way we won’t end up positive is if he has already had it, asymptomatic before.

I’m betting Jared will be the next to test positive. He was right next to Hope going on the plane. And if Jared has it, Ivanka will too.

Another thing I heard on tv today was that people usually don’t have symptoms right away, normally it’s about 3 or more days after they get C’Rona. Trump might have given it to Hope and everyone around him.

Conway was really close to Bill Barr too at that event.

18 Sorry Beata, I didn’t see your post.

@13: I’m getting calluses on my thumb and forefinger, but play on I shall!

Just another day in N. Calif. with horrible air quality from the fires. Can’t spend any time outside. How is it where you are Luna and Annie?

Thread on why giving the Regeneron drug is wacko outside of a clinical trial.

@21: This is probably bad, but I’ve already started making a “wish list” and Barr and Jared are at the top.

@19: Hahahahaha!

Hey, what do we call Pence’s wife if he becomes president? “First Mother”?

@21: Can you imagine the complications Barr would have if he tests positive? The man is more than “slightly” obese.

@10, Good one Beata! Whole fam loved it.

@15, Fredster, #24 is for you!

@29: Well, I can certainly fantasize about it.

Yeah… being “slightly” obese is like being “slightly” pregnant.

@25, it’s much better down here in Ventura County but we have a ways to go.

I wonder how Trump will take it when they tell him no Big Macs, quarter pounders or KFC while in the hospital?

@30: I want the perp walk for sure.

Aw shit, Brian Williams has Michael Moore on his show. At least I have it recording and can ffw through that later.

@34: I also want the perp walk. But what’s the harm in Covid kicking their ass a little bit before hand? They have been spitting in Covid’s face and now he’s pissed.

As long as Karma gets them in one way or another, I’ll be happy.

Here is Karma’s song to the GOP MFers:

Baby there ain’t no mountain high enough
Ain’t no valley low enough
Ain’t no river wide enough
To keep me from getting to you babe

Bill Stepien, Trump’s current campaign manager, tests positive for Covid-19!

Oh for crap’s sake. Cunningham is running against Tillis and is polling well. And now this… He sent sexual messages to a woman who is not his wife, he admits.

@38: And another one! The hits just keep on coming. What a nasty little slime ball he is.

@39: CRAP is right! Dammit. We don’t need that kind of shit right now.

@25, Shadowfax, here most of the smoke is in higher layers of the air so it’s been OK. That changes tonight and tomorrow, then supposedly it clears again. Hope things improve soon for you!

@39, Hell! Why can’t these men keep it in their pants and off their phones!

Amen @ 44 and 45, Luna and socalannie.

Everybody knows our phones and all that is hackable. Don’t use your texts. Use one of those apps where the texts vanish after a few mins. Sheesh.

And same here on following protocol. Meanwhile I’ll occasionally get bored and check Vimeo where for some strange reason people publicize their interpersonal money transactions and so many of my friends are paying other friends for “dinner” and “drinks” and I’m like: What is happening?!

publicize their interpersonal money transactions


@39: How stupid can you be?

@43: Can’t read the damned article unless I sign in or something.

@49: Well I actually had a sign-in for WaPo but even after that it wanted me to subscribe to be able to read it. Too bad.

Flotus meanwhile continues to recuperate at the White House.

@51: Let’s get this party started.

I hope one of his faithful followers has the good sense to send little Donnie a Trumpy Bear for comfort. He could hold it tight and it would be like giving himself a hug.

When my nephew was 3-4 years old, he had to have his tonsils taken out and it was scary. The hospital provided any kid undergoing surgery a stuffed bear and it really did help him. He clung to that bear for 2 years – it was his best friend.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has tested positive for Covid. That makes 3 Rethug senators now quarantining – Johnson, Lee and Tillis. Lee and Tillis serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Johnson does not. But if all three are unable to vote to confirm Judge Amy Sister Wife by Election Day, it could be a problem for the Rethugs’ Master Plan, could it not?

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.

Nobody here on Saturday morning. Guess you are all drinking heavily and doing DIY home improvement projects.

Carry on.

@49, 50, I have a subscription — examples of “mismanagement” are many; here are the highlights:

…two people familiar with his condition who, like others interviewed for this story, spoke on the condition of anonymity to candidly discuss a sensitive matter.
As Trump’s condition deteriorated during the day Friday, the president and his team ultimately made the decision to send him to Walter Reed preemptively — and, from a public relations perspective, when he was still able to walk to Marine One on his own, according to one outside adviser in frequent contact with White House officials. They feared the possibility of a further decline, and what that might mean, both for the president’s health and his political optics.
The White House outbreak thrust Washington into a state of heightened alarm Friday, with uncertainty one month before the election about the health of the president, whose age of 74, as well as additional co-morbidities — obesity, high cholesterol and slightly elevated blood pressure — increase his risks of a negative outcome.
…The White House’s handling of the period between the first known symptoms — those of Hicks on Wednesday — and the president’s infection, which was confirmed about 1 a.m. Friday, is what experts considered a case study in irresponsibility and mismanagement.
…Inside the West Wing’s narrow corridors, where staffers for months have worked in proximity largely without masks, what had long been an atmosphere of invincibility turned into one of apprehension and panic. “People are losing their minds,” said the outside adviser.
First, aides fretted about their own risks of exposure. If the president got infected, so might they.
Then they considered the political implications, coming so close to the Nov. 3 election. “We don’t want to be talking about coronavirus and now we’re talking about coronavirus,” the outside adviser said. “The hit writes itself: He can’t protect the country. He couldn’t even protect himself.”
…Trump’s decision to proceed with the fundraiser after the known infection of Hicks, someone with whom he had extended recent close contact, went against the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other public health authorities.
“They knew she was positive and they still let Marine One take off with the president. Why didn’t they ground him? That was the break in protocol,” said Kavita Patel, a practicing physician and former health adviser in the Obama White House. “The CDC’s protocol clearly states that as soon as anybody, i.e. Hope Hicks, was confirmed positive, anybody she came into close contact with for at least 48 hours prior should have at least isolated.”
…In another breach of standard protocol for controlling the spread of the virus, not everyone who had come into contact with the president was immediately notified by the White House’s contact tracers. Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who had been helping Trump with debate preparation earlier this week, said Friday afternoon that he had not been contacted. In addition, at least one journalist who tested positive after traveling with the president this week also had not heard from the White House as of Friday afternoon.

@55, Beata, I’m here and clapping my hands!

@54: Thanks for the information, Beata! More good news!

I am *definitely* happy clappy this morning. 🙂

The White House relied on a rapid test, but used it in a way it was not intended.

But one product they use, Abbott’s ID Now, was never intended for that purpose and is known to deliver incorrect results. In issuing an emergency use authorization, the Food and Drug Administration said the test was only to be used by a health care provider “within the first seven days of symptoms.”

The ID Now has several qualities in its favor: It’s portable, doesn’t need skilled technicians to operate and delivers results in 15 minutes. Used to evaluate someone with symptoms, the test can quickly and easily diagnose Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

But in people who are infected but not yet showing symptoms, the test is much less accurate, missing as many as one in three cases.

I read a comment where the person was speculating that RBG must have had a “come-to-geezus” meeting with God about her Supreme Court seat.

Maybe Ruth is going to get her dying wish after all.

Shut your bridge, man, and put a mask on it!

Chris Christie, bigger-than-a-semi and filled with more gas, has tested positive for Covid.

I’m trying hard not to be nasty, but, well, it’s not working.

Add Christie to the list of those who have tested positive.

Roz in NJ/NYC

Add Chris Christie to Team Covid! (another “slightly” obese fella). He was on my list!

Who’s next? Who’s next? I wonder if Las Vegas is setting odds and taking bets on this.

Beata, Roz: Y’all beat me to it!

@61: Beata, you are CRACKING ME UP!!

Idea for a new game: Guess how many will get coronavirus from Trump’s superspreader event!

Yay Chris Christie got it. ABC News had Christie on as their political pundit for the debate. Even though he was on Trump’s debate prep team. (That’s probably where he got it. He later admitted they were all locked in a room together for days.) So now ABC News has to quarantine their staff and anchors?

Also, you know how officially white house keeps saying Trump is doing great and various GOP personalities say he’s in great spirits? On background though…

@66: Good idea, Luna!

@67: Way to spread your nasty germs, Christie. Sheesh.

Is it time to officially declare “The Donald” as low-energy?

Ha! I came here to post about Christie. That’s another man who is in a high-risk group. So many tiny violins, we’ve got a string section in an orchestra!

I am with Fredster. This government cannot be run by a man in the hospital with a deadly virus. Pence is a horrible person but at least he is standing up and healthy.

The transfer of power to Pence is one of my worst nightmares.

“So many tiny violins, we’ve got a string section in an orchestra!”

Hahahahaha, mb!

So far Trump is not handing over to Pence as acting president. He was supposed to be “working” in offices at Walter Reed. Riiiiiight. I’m sure he’ll clutch onto power until he’s unconscious. He’s reported as afebrile now and has tweeted a couple of times.

Isn’t’ that totally appropriate! The perfect title by a creepy drug addict author. Karma, baby!

Pence tested negative again today. No news about Mother.

I know. I despise him.

@78 Luna> That is correct. American reporters are not capable of covering this government. They continue to operate under the assumption that “it can never happen here.” And that has been true of every fallen regime. It can never happen here until it already has.

@74: Good analogy .

The doctors on the MSNBC talk shows all seemed to agree that something is off in the timeline as described by the White House and even all the reporters agree that this White House has been, uh, “less than forthcoming” when discussing tRump’s health.

@80: DYB, well said. You have better insight into the situation than most of us here. We haven’t experienced anything like this before.

@56: what experts considered a case study in irresponsibility and mismanagement.

Quelle surprise, they don’t know what they’re doing.

@83 & 80: JJ&M, don’t scare me anymore than I already am.

NFL postponed this week’s game between New England and the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs after positive COVID-19 tests on both teams. ESPN reported on Saturday that Patriots quarterback Cam Newton was among those contracting the disease.

It it the second game this weekend that has been affected by COVID-19. The matchup between Pittsburgh and Tennessee was postponed because of an outbreak on the Titans; it is now scheduled for Oct. 25.

The NFL is so greedy in trying to play all these games but Miss Rona said I don’t think so.

“We haven’t experienced anything like this before.” Umm, yes we have. Just not in the US.

Beata @55: “Nobody here on Saturday morning. Guess you are all drinking heavily and doing DIY home improvement projects.

Carry on.”

That had me rolling on the floor. So true!

@87, quixote, I still can’t fathom why people believe it won’t happen to them even though it or something very similar has happened to other people and in other countries. What is it? No knowledge of history? Lack of critical thinking? Lack of ability to extrapolate?

@88: Luna, I majored in Russian, East European and Jewish History in college. I know what has happened to other people and in other countries but I still thought “it can’t happen here”.

@87: “Nobody here on Saturday morning. Guess you are all drinking heavily and doing DIY home improvement projects.

Beata, I conjured up the image of liquor and power tools and…well it was an ugly picture.

@88 & 89: I think a lot of us didn’t believe it could happen here because this is exactly what we fought against in two world wars.

And, “consent of the governed”.

Beats – you know Mike Pence better than we do. I agree it would be horrible! Not a lot of non-horrible options right now unfortunately.

This meme…oh my goddess.

@89, @90, Beata and Fredster, I didn’t either but once Trump was selected to the White House, I changed my mind.

@93: I foolishly thought the Senate would hold, not on the impeachment vote, but just to stand up to him on other outrageous stuff. Of course found out differently. The one possible good thing about tRump: he has utterly destroyed the Republican Party.

Who would be stupid enough to have a history of asthma and never bother with a mask? Chris Christie.

@92: I think that may be the best thing I’ve ever seen.

@95: He probably thought he could bully the coronavirus into submission like he did (or tried to do) with teachers. Asthma, Smasthma. Only losers worry about things like that.

Like a lot of little fat boys, Krispy Kreme is having to learn the hard way.

Trump just made another “proof of life” video. It’s not a single take, there are cuts in it. And he’s paler than an albino.

@98: Trump sounds short of breath in that video. Wheezing a bit. And, yes, he’s very pale.

How do we know if the video was actually shot today at Walter Reed? Could it have been done earlier at the WH?

That’s a good question Beata. We don’t know when it was made.

@94, although I knew Trump was bad, I didn’t think the Republicans would go along with everything. I’d hoped they had some integrity. I also though Mueller would do a much better job. So much for that!

Just as we suspected. WaPo:

A senior administration official confirmed that Trump was given oxygen at the White House on Friday before going to Walter Reed

@103: Luna, saw a thing on twitter yesterday that this person thought he was on an oxygen when he was leaving the White House, hence the long delay with Marine 1 on the ground. The person had a picture of Trump walking toward the helo and circled some bulges in his jacket and something in/on the back of his suit. Also mentioned he always wears his jacket open and it was closed. ??

@104: Dimensions of Inogen G5 portable O2 generator:

Height: 8.15 IN.
Length: 7.19 IN.
Width: 3.26 IN

@101: He’s my spirit animal too!! OMG that was great. Thank you for posting that!!

@94: “The one possible good thing about tRump: he has utterly destroyed the Republican Party.”

That is an *extremely* good thing. T-Rump didn’t start it, but it looks like he’s going to finish it. We must give credit where credit is due. He and the Republican Party are going to go out in a blaze of Dumpster Fire Glory.

@98, 99: That really sounds encouraging – especially the “paler than an albino” part.

White as a ghost?

More infections… Worth remembering that in addition to the Trumps and Kellyanne and all the other cretins, 3 White House reporters are sick and previously it was 11 WH employees (not political).

Just realized why tRump is so pale: He doesn’t have Hope Hicks or whoever else to put on his spay makeup.

They probably buy it here:

@110: That is awesome!

@113 the SNL open – am I the only one who didn’t laugh even once?

@114: I didn’t think it was funny. Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of Trump is impressive though. It’s gotten even better over time.

In spite of my attempts at humor on this thread, I am feeling very unsettled these days. It’s a dark time for our country. I want it to be over. I want something that feels like normal again. I want my mother and some nice toast soldiers.

Socal – I appreciate you posting the SNL open. I *always* want to see it whether it’s good, bad or indifferent. Thank you – for real.

That being said, I didn’t think it was very funny either although I did enjoy the “Kamala Harris” entrance.

Beata – I really appreciate your humor. It helps a lot. We all need breaks from the darkness. I’ve actually been feeling hopeful lately. Like the tide is finally turning. Trump getting Covid may have a lot to do with that optimism. And if the Goddess or RBG up above somehow stops Mitch McSoulessShitRatFucker from ramming through Amy whats-her-ass, I will be so high I might have to be hospitalized.

Jaime Harrison brought his own plexiglass barrier to put between himself and Miss Graham at their debate.

This medical update on Trump is total bullshit. Either Trump is pulling a con or he’s very sick.

Contrask – I think he is very sick. Reading between the lines: he needs oxygen regularly, is on a steroid to counteract the cytokine storm, and his lungs are compromised.

It has defied all logic that he hasn’t gotten it before now given how reckless and arrogant he’s been. As a 74-year-old man with pattern baldness and obesity, he does not have a good chance of recovery. That’s based on how we have seen this thing progress.

I think we will soon have a North Korea type situation with Ivanka standing in for KJU’s sister. I just hope they are too lazy, distracted and incompetent to do too much damage before the election.

One thing is for sure….I don’t see how the Handmaid is getting confirmed. Too many Senators are sick.

But Ivanka is on my list! Jared, too.

My guess is that they both already have Covid and are asymptomatic super spreaders.

@104, 105, Fredster — I saw the same thing. The photos weren’t clear enough for me to be really sure, but there was enough weird about his clothing, and possibly — it’s fuzzy– a tube up over his ear into the mask which could be from a small O2 machine.

Today they’re saying Trump could be discharged as soon as Monday, but also that he needed O2 yesterday. No way are they d/c’ing him tomorrow!

@110, I don’t get it.

@113, I really didn’t like the portrayal of Biden. He’s not like that. Also Trump was tepid compared to his real performance at the debate.

122- I agree. Woody Harrelson was much better at Biden- funnier and more likeable despite some of the acerbic wit. Carrey was awful- it was inaccurate, unfunny and demoralizing. Baldwin was ok, but the times are so eery and awful. Is this the darkn before the light? Some of the light seems irretrievable.

Luna, that’s the kid from the movie, “The Sixth Sense”. The kid who said, “I see dead people.”

@124: Thanks for the info, PJ. I thought it was the kid from “Home Alone”!

I had not even realized that it was the new season for SNL since they had been running a ton of repeats. That said, nah, it wasn’t that good.

@121: There has been nothing but lies and obfuscations about his health even when he was running for the office; that statement from his doctor in New York to the first W.H. physician, Ronny whatever. Even the timeline for when he was possibly exposed and then tested positive. It’s all bullshit.

OMFG, How many people got exposed right here with this stunt?

Fredster, I just saw that news report. He got in an SUV and rode past supporters outside Walter Reed! How irresponsible and reckless! It’s beyond nuts. And he apparently has a new video out. I haven’t seen it.

Saw this the other day.

RT There's an E-6B Mercury off the east coast near DC. I looked because I would expect them to pop up if he tests positive. It's a message to the small group of adversaries with SLBMs and ICBMs.

Tim Hogan (@TimInHonolulu) October 2, 2020

The embed didn’t work correctly but you can click on the pic.twitter to see it.

Look at the vehicle he’s in. No way is it the Presidential SUV. It looks old and doesn’t have tinted windows

@129: Why in the world am I the least bit surprised that Trump is behaving in an irresponsible and reckless manner? Isn’t that his MO?

This is a very bad movie. I need to head for the fire escape.

I thought the same. But Jim Carey is OK for Biden

This is a physician at Walter Reed:

But the ratings are through the roof! Amazing! Fantastic! No one has ever seen anything like it!

I’m beginning to think the entire week-end at Walter Reed is one big stunt. If so, he’s now managed to disgraced one of the nations finest hospitals and staff.

@133: Contrask see my reply to this on twitter.

How is the media not calling on him to resign? 100 newspapers called for Bill to resign when he lied about extramarital sex. Trump has killed over 200K and sickened over 7 million people. He is a modern-day mass murderer that kills more people every day.

Why can’t they just tell the truth and tell him to get the hell out of our house?!

I have a funny feeling that Big Dump is really afraid he will die. Drive by to thank his flag waving supporters for their ‘Love’. Dresses up in a suit to be seen but looks terrible in his bed, hooked up to oxygen, spiking a fever. Taking every drug he can talk his doctor in to.

One of his best friends was sick with covid and quickly died from it.

Dump has either had Covid longer than Thursday, or he has had severe symptoms really soon after testing positive.

I see real fear in his eyes in his videos and drive by.

If he gets well from this deadly virus, I doubt his attitude will change.

CA kept their promise. Said they would start to mail out everyone’s ballots on Sept 3rd. I got mine yesterday!!

They even sent a map of the official drop boxes in the County. There are lots of them.

Has anyone taken their flu shot lately? I had mine yesterday and have been really sleepy for the past two days after getting it.

Anyone else have this symptom?

Hi, Shadow. I agree with you re: trump’s fear of death. I think that is why he has taken advantage of those three aggressive treatments. I don’t think that decision is purely one made by his medical team.

I got my sample ballot the other day, but no mail in ballot as of yet, but there are quite a few drop offs in our area.

I am due for my shot this week. Will let you know.

Thanks for the updates Lililam, hope your shot goes well.

Haven’t had my shot yet but I’ll let y’all know if I have any similar symptoms.

I’ve been binge watching American Horror Story on Amazon Prime.

This is Jessica Lange as Fiona Goode, Supreme of all witches and head of the New Orleans Coven.

And this what she did to Donald J. Trump.

“It moves rapidly, Bob. It moves rapidly and viciously. If you’re the wrong person and if it gets you, your life is pretty much over if you’re in the wrong group,” Trump said.

@148: PJ, didn’t you like my Fiona gif and the song?

I loved them Fredster! “That’s freaking brilliant” is what went through my mind. Both the gif (love her!) and the song (love her too!).

Sorry I didn’t comment about it before – I was preoccupied thinking that Trump really could die this week. Then I went to bed and had sweet dreams – slept like baby – which is weird.

@137: Beata, I’ve been thinking about what you said about ratings…

Earlier I said that the press committed “colossal malpractice” in 2016. That’s true if you’re looking for the press to be the truth-teller. To cover the news in a credible and responsible way. At that, they failed miserably.

But looking at the press from the standpoint of ratings – or clicks – they did a masterful job. Trump was great for ratings. Bashing Hillary was great for ratings.

Trump understood this better than anyone. And when he says the press is going to miss him when he’s gone – for once in his life, he’s telling the truth.

Shadowfax> I had my flu shot 2 weeks ago with no side-effects. I usually take flu-shots pretty well (knock on wood). This time not even a sore arm for a day.

Kayleigh McEnany (Kellyanne Jr.) tests positive for Covid.

Trump says he’s returning to the WH this evening.

May Karma continue to to do her good work. Hoping Barr is next

@156: I hope Trump has a lot of one-on-one meetings with Barr – up close and personal. They need to catch-up!

This also might be a good time to invite Putin to the WH.

@155: I’m thrilled for the staff at Walter Reed Medical Center, but I feel really bad for the non-political staff at the WH. I’m sure they thought they’d have a much longer reprieve than this.

Of course, there’s still a permanent reprieve to hope for… I could certainly be wrong, but I don’t think C-19 is done with him.

“Acting crazy?” How can you tell?

From that article above:

Every day Fred Sr. would go to the office in Brooklyn and they would give him blank papers to sort through and sign

Isn’t that what this Trump was doing the other day?

Town Hall tonight with Joe Biden and Lester Holt at 8 pm Eastern on NBC and MSNBC.

@161 watching. Thanks.

Here is an interesting site that is tracking early voting by state.

Vaccines give your immune system specific info so our immune systems can start making antibodies. I think that’s really cool that our bodies take this nudge, or map, (or whatever metaphor) and then do the hard work of creating the right antibodies. Some people will get a little tired afterwards. Think of it as your body having to work hard!

I suspect there is a mini-ICU set up at the White House.

@124, Oh, I didn’t see that so didn’t know. Thx.

Came back tonight from an overnight trip in the mountains. Glaciers, lakes, autumn foliage, blueberries, blueberries, blueberries! Picked almost 3 pounds to bring back. Blueberry pie tomorrow! Blueberry pancakes and muffins! Good to have something pleasant amidst all the crap.

Just saw this voter-suppression decision in the WaPo:

The Supreme Court on Monday night agreed with South Carolina Republicans and said mail-in ballots must contain a witness’s signature, something federal courts had said should be waived because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The high court made one concession, saying ballots already sent in without a witness should be counted. Tens of thousands of ballots have been sent to voters across the state.

@161: Frester, my recording screwed up of the Town Hall. Maybe I can catch in on C-SPAN or somewhere else. Did you watch it?

@163: Whoa!

I’m sure that Trump is in charge of his medical care – not the doctors. And in this case, I am enthusiastically supporting Trump. If I could talk to him, I would say, “Trumpy, don’t listen to the doctors. You know more than they do – you know you do. Just like you know more than the generals in military matters. Actually, you know more about everything than anybody. *You* know it’s true and *I* know it’s true. So PLEASE, don’t listen to the doctors. It’s a matter of life and death.”

164 Luna, thanks for the reminder about how vaccines work and I kept telling myself that since I normally don’t have any reaction to a flu virus, maybe this was a little more hard core.

Sounds like Fredster and DYB didn’t have the same reaction, so maybe it is just my reaction. I am back to normal today, so that’s good.

Did anyone notice that Big Dump went back to the WhiteHouse, took off his mask and needed to have the photographer give him a do over on all the shots?

He also had his hair died today and had a ton of orange makeup on. He looked like a walking corpse.

Kayleigh McEnany…

Another one bites the dust.

@168: PJ, try the website msnbc dot com. You may be able to stream it there.

Just checked and it is there in one and two minute snippets. You’ll see one series of them and scroll right to see the rest of them.

Thank you Fredster!

@175: No problem.

quixote check email when you can.

This is great:

Super-spreader has been super-spreading.

@180: I hate that it’s happening to those workers and probably because of the stupidity of the congress critters.

Meanwhile I’m still hoping that John (no-relation) Kennedy gets a nice dose of it himself.

@180; Is he the one refusing to be tested or is that some other Republican dinosaur?

And…another one gets grabbed by covid-19!

‘Rona has sure been busy!

178 | DYB
October 6, 2020 at 10:59 am

This is great:

That really is GREAT! Thanks DYB for posting it.

That actor is on Homeland, he and his wife are perfect in this ad.

Jeeze Louise, Big Dump is the Super….spreader.

He needs his own orange cape with graphics of the virus cells with spikes on them, orange and red.

Super Spreader, murdering Americans, thousands per day.

@180: Haven’t heard that he’s not getting a test but that would be like him.

In other matters:

I feel bad for the regular people who get hit with the adverse effects of Trump’s malign carelessness.

@189, should have posted:

Right in keeping with abortions for mistresses.

@188: There’s a cheery thought.

Is 2020 over yet?

2020 is like Trump on steroids.

I wonder if “getting Trumped” will become part of the American lexicon in the future. Like “getting Munsoned” from the movie “Kingpin.”

Oh man… you totally got Trumped on that one.

We have not turned the corner on the Coronavirus. But it really does feel (at least to me) like we are turning the corner on that equally dangerous virus, Trumpism. Things are not looking good for Trumplicans… I try not to count my chickens before they hatch (especially after 2016) – and it’s still 2020 which means we’re still in a world of shit. I’m just saying, it feels like things are finally moving in the right direction.

This is strictly anecdotal, but I’ve noticed a significant increase in mask wearing around here since Trump got Covid. Like overnight, everyone is suddenly wearing masks. I don’t think these super red Americans are buying the Trump line that Covid is easy to lick…They’re scared.

Fredster, hope you stay safe!

@198: Luna, it’s getting old. This is like the 6th time we’ve been included in the cone of uncertainty. Told a friend on the phone last night some of these things need to go up the east coast – not to hit anyplace there but go up that way and turn out into the Atlantic.

I’ll close comments on this post since MB has a new one up.

Comments are closed.

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