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Early Activist Wednesday: Debate Open Thread!

Posted on: September 29, 2020

Okay y’all, I’m blogging from a hotel room and working on another crazy project. This is gonna be short and sweet.

Open thread, of course!

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New debate open thread!

Hubby is watching on CNN where they are going to do a live fact check.

Oh my Gawd. Chris Wallace needs to speak up. What the hell is this.

I’m not watching. Wallace said it’s not his job to fact-check.

Biden really went to town on that Covid-19 question.

Oh D – I’m not talking about fact-checking. I’m talking about Drumpf not f*cking shutting up. Joe actually had to tell him to do it because Wallace won’t!

Joe just brought up injecting bleach 😀

Wow. Chris is totally letting Drumpf run this whole thing. It’s embarrassing.

Biden should refuse to do any more debates unless they agree to cut dumps mike when his time is up. I knew he would do this.

He just babbles. Unfuckingbelievable.

Glad I’m not watching it…

In the pre-game, Steve (pants) K – yeah I know… was showing on the big board that Hillary did quite a bit better than Biden is doing with black and Latino voters. Unfortunately there are a fuck-ton of white people living in Wisconsin, Michigan, and PA. – desperately trying to hang on to that white male privilege thingy.

Biden is doing much better with whites – which is good, but also kind of sickening.

My brother was an Obama, Obama, Trump and now Biden voter. He was never really “for” anyone – he was just against Hillary (or any woman wanting to be president). He thinks his Biden vote will make up for his Trump vote. It won’t. He’ll never get that Trump shitstain off of him. Never. That stink is forever.

I’m recording it and I’ll watch it later.

Hillary was awesome in the pre-game. No surprise there.

Just watching the clock until this is over so I can go to the post-game.

Joe called Dump a Clown. Unbelievable that this passes as a debate.

I have a big button that says, “Elect a clown, expect a circus”.

Dump was an angry, loudmouth, idiot.

Joe stood his ground but Hillary did a better job in her debates with that badgering crackpot.

BTW the next debate is a town hall.

From comments I’ve read here and elsewhere and also from the post-game show… It sounds bad. Trump must have put on a real shit show. Shitting all over everything and everybody non-stop.

It does sound like Biden did ok. Even though I didn’t watch the debate, I’m sure Biden was playing by normal debate rules. And Trump wasn’t.

Trump needs an opponent who will kick him in balls and keep kicking until he cries. That person would be Kamala Harris.

Dana Bash, of all people, said it was a “shit show.” That seems to be the common consensus. The big line that’s getting attention appears to be Trump telling Proud Boys to “stand by.”

@18: That will be much better for Biden! He’s really good at connecting with people and Trump sucks at it. I might actually watch that one.

@20 – Trump openly incites violence all the time. He’s such a sewer rat of a “human being.”

DYB, @113 last thread — Me neither. Don’t know if I’ll ever be able to.

Wallace said it’s not his job to fact-check.

Mr. Wallace, you have just admitted you are no journalist.

Back from an overnight backpack trip. Missed the debate, which was fine with me, as I feel both nauseous and furious if I have to hear him.

Saw one comment that Trump basically tweet-tantrumed thru the entire debate. Sounds like he sure did. Dakinikat over at SD described him as a “rapid raccoon.” One WaPo critic described him as a “thug.” Yep, that’s right.

MB, I really hope your house didn’t burn!

Ok, I just finished watching the pre-game show with Maddow, Wallace and Reid. Hillary was on there and I’m glad she didn’t go into the “I told you so!” even though she is well entitled to do it.

Ok on to the debate and thank goodness for ffw buttons.

@13: PJ I see you’ve picked up my terms. LOL

I stopped watching the debate and deleted the recording. Chris Wallace got walked over by Trump while Biden went by the rules.

If we ever have prez debates again after 2020 the Commission on whatever should just remove Fox from being in contention to moderate a debate. There’s CBS,NBC, PBS, ABC who could provide the moderator. Oh and they need to give the moderator or someone the ability to turn off mics when their 2 minutes are up.

Next “debate” is a Town Hall format, so we’ll be spared a lot of the Trump blather he did Tues night. Each candidate gets 2 min to reply. If Trump interrupts Biden’s turn, yes, the mods should cut his mike.

Forgot to add this:

Even more alarming to some Republicans, Democrats are also returning their ballots at higher rates than GOP voters in two of those states where that information is available: Florida and North Carolina.

Love me some Republican tears.

@34: I sure did Fredster! I thought they were perfect. 🙂

@31> I love that Luna!! I appreciate the other tweets you posted too.

@36> That’s a great one, Socal! I appreciate all your tweets too.

Fredster, did you see how I copied DYB’s “>”? I’m a copycat of things I like. 🙂 But I’m stopping after this because it’s kind of his signature.

From what I’m hearing, it sounds like Trump was putting on a Reality TV/Professional Wrestling “show” to entertain his hardcore little MAGAts and I’m sure they loved it. Nicolle Wallace was saying that he prepped (rehearsed) for this performance.

No one else was amused or entertained.

@33: Yes, Hillary was very focused on the here and the now and looking forward. I find that my mental and emotional health is much better when I do that too (although sometimes – many times, I can’t help myself).

DYB and Luna were talking about not reading Hillary’s book or watching the documentary. I haven’t either although I had planned to someday.

I still haven’t watched the movie “Recount” so… not sure that day will ever come.

Just got up – checking to see if I’m bruised anywhere. That’s what watching the debate was like – watching an abuser. I loathe that man.

@39, 40: That is fantastic news, Luna! I have broken out my own tiny violin and am playing “My heart bleeds for you.”

Yes, let the repub tears flow! Raindrops from heaven.

If you guys don’t follow Heather Cox Richardson, please check her out. She’s a History Professor at Boston College and is top notch. Here is her summary of the debate:
September 29, 2020 (Tuesday)
My house is blissfully quiet, but my ears are still ringing.
The first presidential debate of 2020 was unlike anything we have seen before. CNN’s Jake Tapper said: “That was a hot mess, inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck.” “He was his own tweets come to life.” “We’ll talk about who won the debate, who lost the debate … One thing for sure, the American people lost.” Conservative pundit William Kristol called it “a spectacle… an embarrassment… a disgrace… because of the behavior of one man, Donald Trump. The interrupting and the bullying, the absence of both decency and dignity—those were Donald Trump’s distinctive contributions to the evening, and they gave the affair the rare and sickening character of a national humiliation.”
Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?
In a normal presidential debate, both candidates try to explain their policy proposals, jab at their opponent, and convince undecided voters to move in their direction. If this had been a normal presidential debate, its weight would have fallen on Trump, who is significantly behind Biden, to win voters. Biden’s goal would simply have been not to lose anyone.
If we were calling this like a normal presidential debate, Trump lost. He did not move the needle in his direction. Biden won; he did not lose anyone.
But this was not a normal presidential debate.
Trump long ago gave up the pretense that he wanted to win a majority of voters. For months now, he has made no effort to reach outside of his base. Instead he has focused on solidifying and radicalizing it. As his trade war with China and the coronavirus has weakened his support, he has given massive grants to farmers, promised checks to 33 million elderly to help pay for prescriptions, splashed transportation grants around, and recently even offered grants to lobstermen who have lost business because of the trade war.
Trump set out tonight not to convince undecided voters to support him, but rather to harden his supporters and encourage them to disrupt the election so he can contest the results until the solution goes to the Supreme Court where he hopes a majority will rule in his favor. He laid it all out tonight.
His performance was no accident. He came out determined to dominate the debate in much the same way as Fox News Channel personalities or talk radio hosts dominate their shows. He interrupted, argued, lied, and generally sucked the oxygen out of the room. He cheated, refusing to follow the rules that he had agreed to, thus demonstrating that he would not be bound by the rules everyone else had to live by. He bullied moderator Chris Wallace of the Fox News Channel into repeatedly appeasing him by saying, for example, “Mr. President you’re going to be very happy, because we’re going to talk about law and order,” and “Let me ask — sir, you’ll be happy, I’m about to pick up on one of your points to ask the vice president.” Trump was attempting to demonstrate his dominance.
He went on to echo the grievances and lies that his supporters have come to believe. Ignoring the more than 200,000 Americans dead of Covid-19, he insisted he was the victim of Democrats’ lies about the disease. When Wallace tried to rein him in, he attacked him for being unfair, although Wallace never once fact-checked Trump’s lies.
If Trump had a strategy at all that involved voters, it was to try to keep them from backing Biden. Trump kept yelling at him about “Law & Order,” as he likes to tweet, and kept trying to drive a wedge between Biden and the more progressive wing of the Democratic Party, finally saying to him: “You just lost the left.”
Trump tipped his hand, though, when Wallace asked: “Are you willing, tonight, to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and to say that they need to stand down?” Trump demanded names of such groups, and Wallace named, among others, the Proud Boys, the hate group that helped to organize the riot in Charlottesville, Virginia. After hedging, Trump finally answered: “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by! But I’ll tell you what, somebody’s got to do something about antifa and the left.” “That’s my president,” the head of the Proud Boys posted on the social media chair that will still host them. Within an hour the group had new shoulder patches designed with the words “Stand Back and Stand By.”
Trump called for his supporters to act as poll watchers to prevent a fraudulent vote. He is losing badly in Pennsylvania, a state he needs, and tonight he lied that Philadelphia election officials refused to permit his poll watchers to observe voting. “Bad things happen in Philadelphia,” he said, “bad things.” The truth is that seven satellite offices where voters can register and apply to vote, complete, and drop off mail in ballots opened in Philadelphia. Poll watchers are not allowed because there is no polling taking place. Trump’s calls for poll watchers are pretty clearly calls for voter intimidation.
Tonight, again, Trump refused to commit to accepting a Biden victory, saying that he could not agree to fraudulent results. He suggested the election could take months to solve, and that he “definitely” wants the Supreme Court, including his new nominee Amy Coney Barrett, to “look at the ballots.” (Democrats have said Barrett should recuse herself from any election-related cases; Republicans say that is “absurd.”)
It was a performance designed to show a strong man who is calling out his armed supporters to enable him to seize an election he cannot win freely.
But Trump performed as he did because it’s all he’s got. He has no policies, no platform, no plans that he can sell to the American people, and no attention span either to govern or to explain how he wants to govern. So his only option is to dominate. Even he knows that ploy is a desperate one. Tonight’s tell was actually in his dominance play itself: overt bullying like he displayed tonight is actually a sign of weakness and abuse, not of true power.
The bar for Biden going into this debate was low: since he is so far ahead, he simply needed not to lose votes. But he did well. First of all, he managed to retain his train of thought, which was no easy thing with Trump interrupting and lying and yelling, clearly trying to derail him and, at the very least, bring out his stutter. He put to rest Trump’s insistence that he is failing mentally.
Despite Trump, Biden also managed to explain some of his policies, too, as well as pointing out that more than 200,000 Americans have died on Trump’s watch, and that he has done the economy no favors. Under Trump, he said, America has become “weaker, sicker, poorer, more divided and more violent.”
But Biden’s strongest moments were ones Trump teed up. When Biden defended our troops from Trump’s “losers” and “suckers” comments, citing his son, Beau, who died of cancer after his service in Iraq, Trump missed the opportunity to acknowledge Biden’s loss, and instead repeatedly attacked Biden’s son Hunter, who struggled with substance abuse. Trump insisted—incorrectly—that Hunter was dishonorably discharged from the Navy (in fact, he was administratively discharged), and tried to smear him. Biden looked directly at Trump to say that Hunter had a drug addiction he is managing, and Biden is proud of him. While Biden spoke as a father defending his son, his message will resonate with the 20 million Americans who are battling addiction.
Most important, though, Biden made the debate about the country and the American people, not about Trump. While Trump listed his own grievances, Biden spoke to the camera, asking Americans what they needed, what they think. He promised that we can accomplish anything if only we work together. He urged people to ignore the chaos and vote. “Vote whatever way is the best way for you,” he said. “Because he will not be able to stop you from determining the outcome of this election.”
Biden also refused to be scared off by Trump’s threats not to honor the election results. He brushed them off, saying “I will accept it, and he will, too. You know why? Because once the winner is declared once all the ballots are counted, that’ll be the end of it.”

Since Bloomberg is the real billionaire in the room, and I’m pretty sure there’s a way to do it, I wish he would pay for, say, a fifteen minute video for Biden of him speaking and answering Chris Wallace’s questions since he was cut off so many times by Trump during the “debate”.

Comments from the Commission on Presidential Debates:

The Sept. 29 presidential debate deteriorated into bitter taunts and near chaos, with Trump in particular repeatedly interrupting Biden and talking over the moderator, Chris Wallace.

A day later, the commission released a statement saying it will consider changes to the debate format and will announce those shortly.

“The Commission on Presidential Debates sponsors televised debates for the benefit of the American electorate. Last night’s debate made clear that additional structure should be added to the format of the remaining debates to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues,” the statement read.

DYB @51 Blair Erskine on “why she’s undecided” hahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahaha

(Oh man, my stomach hurts)

Frankly, I’d rather have a screaming goat.

@54 Fredster> For the debates the thing they should make standard is that when a candidate is not being asked a question – the mic is turned off. For everyone, all the time, as a rule. This way they can’t complain about bias. It’s not an unreasonable rule. (Well, it is generally because most people aren’t idiots, but Trump is making it necessary.)

Quixote> I love Blaire Erskine! She’s hysterical!

I agree with Luna on the screaming goat and Katie Porter. She is very very very very good.

Another tiny violin for the Rs.

Belligerent Trump debate performance stokes fears among Republicans about November

@61 Luna> This is a rhetorical question, but have all these Republicans been living under a rock for 4+ years??

@62, DYB, Living in the slimy cave underneath a very large and ugly rock.

@63, She. Told. Us. So.

Hillary is brilliant. Who is Kal Pen?

D @52, I’ve seen that before. Has anyone identified it? Is it some kind of glue patch for his rats nest, or some kind of gizmo that injects stimulants straight into his brain?

I just saw Bob Woodward talking about how McConnell and Schumer, and Pelosi and McCarthy need to come together to stabilize the electoral process. Bob said we are “teetering” (the president is fucking our democracy and congress needs to step up). WTF planet is Bob living on? And in what year? Republicans haven’t acted in good faith since Nixon. They’ve only gotten worse over the years. It went into warp speed with Gingrich, but they’ve been playing dirty tricks for a long time. I wonder if Bob remembers McConnell refusing to sign a bipartisan statement on Russian interference in 2016? And Bob thinks *this* is the guy (along with McCarthy – I mean, my God – McCarthy???) who is going to save our democracy?

Fuck off, Bob.

DYB @59
Awesome! Thanks for posting the video of our Hillary.

I love Katie Porter and her whiteboard. She runs circles around these nitwits and her figures stare them in the face so they can’t just makeup shit and change the subject.

@71: Hahahahahahaha! My version: The Pope tells Mike to fuck right off.

@72: I”d like to have seen Pompous-ass’s expression when he got *that* news.

That photo even looks like “Please just no”. LOL

The RePugnant Party has been actively and aggressively suppressing the vote for years. Does that sound like a Party interested in democracy? Uh….no. Like Putin, they only want the *appearance* of a democracy because they think that gives them legitimacy.

Just like their Dear Leader, they are afraid. They know. In a fair fight, they would lose.

@73: You and me both! LOVE the name “Pompous-ass”!

@74: That is a perfect caption for the photo! That’s exactly what it looks like.

@70 shadowfax> I totally agree on Katie Porter. And I hadn’t thought of why that whiteboard is so effective, but you are right: it puts the numbers right in front and it’s harder to charge the subject. It’s a great tool.

@68 PJ> Yes, Woodward is living in a different decade. How does anyone *make* McConnell do anything?

On the Pope – recently Pompeo attacked the Vatican for, I don’t even know what. But he did. Now he wants an audience this close to an election?

This is funny! From the New Yorker by Andy Borowitz:

[CLEVELAND, OHIO (The Borowitz Report)—Donald J. Trump somehow seemed unlikeable and obnoxious in his first 2020 debate performance, despite extensive pre-debate coaching from Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani, campaign staffers have confirmed.

After the debate, staffers were baffled that Trump could appear so off-putting and odious after being prepped by two of the nation’s most beloved and appealing public figures.

“Call it an aura, if you will, or a kind of magic, but Chris and Rudy have that special sauce that makes people want to hug them,” one aide said. “We all thought that, by putting Trump in the same room with them, some of their fairy dust would rub off on him.”

“It didn’t happen,” the aide said. “Chalk it up to the mysteries of politics.”

In the wake of Trump’s abysmal performance, the campaign is replacing Christie and Giuliani as coaches for the second debate. “It’s more important than ever to make Trump likable, and that’s why we’re bringing in Mitch McConnell and Devin Nunes,” the aide said.”]

@78: Moscow Mitch has chosen his side. Woodward needs to stop believing in unicorns and fairy-tales. It’s insulting.

This is the same guy (Bob) that was encouraging people to try and understand the Trump voter. Please.

Bob wrote a book – it’s a good book – shed some light on some things. Now he needs to fade away imo. Because he’s not helping.

Veep debate info at top of sidebar.

@81: I watched the whole thing and it was sooooo good.

I loved it when the Clintons were asked if they could be any animal for a day, what would it be? And Hillary said, “elephant”. Yes! And the reasons she gave for that answer were the exact ones I would have given. God, I love her.

Just one more (albeit, tiny) reason I want to see the Republican Party disbanded – they have NO business having the elephant as their mascot.

Bill said, “Orangutan”. 🙂

@85, charged with 4 felonies apiece. Uh-oh! Bring out yet another tiny violin.

@82, that is splendid!

We’re in the middle of a run of lovely fall weather here. The smoke from California fires has made it’s way up here. Most of the smoke layer is staying up high so it colors the sky and sunrise/set and very little is near the ground, so low level of air hazard.

@81 – Oh my goddess, D. That was spectacular! Best I’ve heard since Nilsson. I love that New York is giving RGB so much love!

Speaking of Birgit…

Loving all the Hillary videos. She gave such a great answer. Any woman who tries to make the world a better place is putting herself in the dual crosshairs of misogyny and wealthy interests invested in the status quo.

Love the Borowitz Report and the Clintons w/Corden. They look like so much fun.

Luna, my Mom said the same as you. Beautiful Fall weather but the smoke is coming back.

Sooo, Hope Hicks has tested positive for Covid and she has symptoms.

Big Dump and his dingbat wifey have decided to go into quarantine while waiting for their test results.

Fingers crossed he has a reality check.

@93, ??? But it’s all a hoax!

The USA has an asinine system for selecting a president, and it’s not just the Electoral College. So if you be be able to flip a House seat in your area, please help!

there is a remote chance that neither Trump nor Biden will be a clear winner in the electoral college.

In such a scenario, deciding the presidency falls to the House of Representatives, but in a rare twist mandated by the 12th Amendment after the contested 1800 election, each state’s delegation counts as one vote. So Montana and Alaska, with just one at-large representative, count the same as California with its 53 members and Texas with 36 members.

The victor must receive at least 26 votes, a clear majority. Trump, in recent days, has proclaimed he is ready to fight in courts if he should lose the race, and that he is ready to force the matter all the way to the House.

Waaaaaa! sez the man-boy.

As debate commission considers rule changes, Trump signals he’ll reject them

93- If trump tests positive, maybe he will blame his poor debate performance, his poor poll numbers, and his tax returns on brain damage from the ‘Rona.

Y’all…Trump and Melanie – I mean Melania – HAVE CORONAVIRUS!!!

Either this is true or he’s using it as an excuse to get out of debating. Either way it’s a win for America.

MB, let’s see if the fat man is going to inject himself with bleach. About time reality hit him over the head.

And let’s pull out another tiny violin! Thoughts and prayers! Womp womp! Hahahhahaha!

Might he be faking it to be “asymptomatic” and claim it’s no big deal? I wouldn’t put it past him.

Masks…what masks?

How do ya like them apples!

Do you believe in science yet, or do you need some symptoms?

Try a light up your buTT, or drink some disinfectant.

I hope the Biden’s don’t get it. I wonder if the whole nasty clan will get it also. A lot of people on twitter think its fake–like he will drop out of the election and being prez and then Pence will pardon him.

I’m hoping Queen Karma is making an appearance.

Y’all, there’s an entire 747 full of people who are their pants right now.

@108, Yes, plus CNN said he did a private fundraiser someplace in the NE in the last couple of days, where they all sat around a table. ‘Private fundraiser” sounds like super rich to me. They must be pretty pissed off. God knows how many people dump could spread it to, he could be the biggest super spreader of all.

Trump may be the one who gave it to Hope Hicks. None of them wear masks, they’ve all been in crowds, so who knows about the contacts and chain of infection? Oh well, hardly anyone gets it.

Luna, very true! He looked ghastly last night at the debate, sweating profusely, acting weirder then usual. He may have been very ill. I’m so worried for the Biden’s.

@110: Good point. I was watching CNN and MSNBC until a short time ago and docs on both networks said the WH uses that Abbott test and according to the docs the test is known to give a high number of false negatives. I hope they had to give him and Melanie the “good” test and that they shoved the swap all the way up as far as it could go.

The news folks were also asking if Pence has been tested since the news broke. There could be some real schadenfreude here. LOL

President Pelosi sounds wonderful to me

Yeah, that rapid test has low specificity. Hoping Madame Speaker keeps safe and healthy for when she needs to take over. I mean if.

@105: “I’m hoping Queen Karma is making an appearance.”

I think she is, Socal. And when Karma makes an appearance, I “Stand Back and Stand By” and watch her go to work.

@114: Sounds wonderful to me too! I’m pretty sure there won’t be any pardoning going on.

What an October surprise! And on the very 1st day of October, no less.

Coronavirus LOVES hubris. It eats hubris for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was wondering when C-19 was going to get around to showing Trump some personal love and affection. After all, C-19 owes its success to Donald J Trump.

I’m concerned about the exposure risk to so many elected officials that are elderly. They are saying Biden will be

tested this morning

And I’m suspicious. It was just announced that Rona McDaniel has tested positive. Anyone else think their positives are just another hoax?

I heard Biden, Kamala and Dr. Jill are all negative for the ‘rona.

Womp womp!!! Uncontested election 😀

Oh and by the way, on Tuesday I was asking hubby “How the hell does this idiot not have Coronavirus?” Turned out he did!

@122: That crossed my mind also contrask. He’s such a coward.

He probably realizes now that he’s going to lose in November and in January won’t have any way of avoiding prosecution from at least New York state and city.

Apparently Orange Caligula “It’s a Hoax” now has a cough and fever. Well, he’s got good insurance.

The COVID diagnosis for the President is concerning as he is in multiple high risk groups: elderly, obese, low income

I was at doctor appointment in early summer and they tested me for some reason, it was negative, and hurt like hell. They jam this hard swab way the heck up your nostrils. I felt like it was in my sinuses.

Ouch! I haven’t had any tests, but I’m beefing up on vaccines. Did my flu shot & dose 1 of the Shingles vaccine. Don’t do those on the same day like Native1 did – bad choice.

Chris Wallace is on Fox right now confirming that the Trump family arrived late at Sunday’s debate to avoid being tested by the Cleveland Clinic as required by the venue’s rules. They knew!

MB @126, we’ve been wondering the same thing. The WH will have to be completely fumigated before the Biden’s and their staff move in. I feel bad for the regular WH employees, having to work there during this terrible presidency.

Contrask @131, thanks for the advice.

Luna do I need a shingles vac if I already had shingles?

Hi, Widdershins. Anything been going on lately?

Contrask @132, OMG!!! That’s a bloody crime! They purposely spread it to the Biden’s. They all deserve to be prosecuted. And what the hell did the moron offspring have to go for? They had no business there.

Yes, everyone over 50 get the Shingrix vaccine! It’s 2 doses. Even if you’ve had shingles before. It’s not 100% — nothing is — but it’s much better than the older Zostavax. I’ve seen a few patients with bad shingles and it can be excruciating. Also if it’s near the eye it can cause vision damage.

socalannie, that swabbing you had to endure was the right way to do it. If only a shallow swab that could miss the virus. At least that’s my understanding with the swab tests as they are now.

Must get off Twitter for today, but some of this is so damn funny!

Just saw this on CNN: They are taking Trump to Walter Reed Medical Center. Guess Melanie can tough it out at the W.H.

Big Dump is heading over to the hospital. He is in trouble.

Maybe that’s were they keep the flashlights and bleach.

Sorry, I have no sympathy for this man that has caused over 208,000 American deaths.

If he lives though all this, I hope he at least finally realizes how serious this virus is.

They’re taking trump to Walter Reed!!!

Marine One (helicopter) landing on South Lawn right now. They’re not using an ambulance.

Luna @139, thanks for the info. I had shingles in ’03 and it was the worst pain I’ve ever had, worse than childbirth, worse than my worst headaches. I laid in bed for 3 days weeping. My little boy took care of me while hubs was working. I took an Rx antiviral and pain meds. I was up after a week, and had some mild nerve damage from it.

And Contrask, thanks for warning about getting flu & shingles shots same day.

Wow, Trump to Walter Reed already! I saw it here first. I don’t get CNN or any other cable news.

Keep reporting, okay? I want to know what is happening.

@148: The camera shot shows the helo parked fairly closely to the W.H. bldg. and appears to be blocking any possible camera shots of him coming out of the W.H.

@147, Ouch, annie! That must have been awful.

@149, so no photos of him carried out on a stretcher, eh?

@149: So you can’t see if he is walking out under his own power?

On top of all this, WA state definitely has at least one hive of the Asian giant hornets, and now around 4 people have found hornets on their porches.

WaPo says Trump’s condition has worsened during the day.

Also, Pence is now quarantining.

He got special treatment. There is a very small and expensive supply of this combo of MAbs.

“Following PCR-confirmation of the president’s diagnosis, as a precautionary measure he received a single 8 gram dose of Regeneron’s polyclonal antibody cocktail,” White House physician Sean Conley said in a statement.

Regeneron manufactures the drug, a cocktail of two monoclonal antibodies, from hamster ovary cells. It’s meant to reduce the virus’s lethality by boosting a patient’s immune defense. Early data from the drug’s trials are encouraging but preliminary. When it works, it can prevent an illness from progressing to the point where a person may need to be hospitalized or put on a ventilator.

In a statement, Regeneron confirmed that it provided the president with the treatment after his physicians filed a “compassionate use” request, a rare exception to the drug’s use, which at this point is mainly confined to clinical trials.

“In addition to the clinical trial supply and product being manufactured under an agreement with the U.S. government,” the statement read, “there is limited product available for compassionate use requests that have been approved under rare, exceptional circumstances on a case-by-case basis.”

@154: Not sure if that story about Pence is accurate. I heard it on Indy news but can’t find another source to confirm it.

@155, should have emphasized the point that since this drug is only in a clinical trial phase it’s experimental and we have little indication if it’s helpful. Pilots studies have only a small number of subjects.

@156: Pence’s doctor now says Pence will not quarantine because he has not been in “close contact” with Trump recently.

@152: He walked out on his own and then got off at Bethesda on his own.

@155 & 157: Of course he got it because he’s so special.

I’m really fighting here to not be any more nasty. It’s a struggle.

2020 has got the be through soon!

Luna @153, yikes. I have a nephew & his wife in Blaine, and my little sis lives close by in Nooksack.

Trump did walk out on his own, but someone made the point that his – as Brian Williams called it – “proof of life” video was pre-recorded. If he’s ok, why didn’t he stop to make that speech to the press on his way to the chopper? That pre-recording looks like a hostage video. And he’s pale.

Also, contrask > 2020 is over soon, but remember “Mad Max” takes place in 2021. So.

Also that dose Trump got of the experimental drug was about 3 times the regular dose. He got the absolute maximum. If he’s feeling great, why go to such extraordinary lengths? And btw, someone pointed out that this morning on Fox some quack doctor was talking about this drug. It was on one of the programs Trump always watches. That’s probably where he even heard about it.

For Fredster>

BEATA! Woot woot. Good to see you! Finally we have some some good news. I’m sorry if I’m nasty but I really, REALLY don’t care. The man is a mass murderer and has sickened 7 million people with no idea of what the lasting effects will be. In the middle of the horror HE has created, he is trying to take health care away from 10 million people. There are no words for how purely, deeply evil he is.

I really don’t care if he lives or dies, as long as he stops being President. I’m just done and over it.

Luna – that critter is NOT CUTE.

…a cocktail of two monoclonal antibodies, from hamster ovary cells.

WTF? Poor hamster.

I think it’s a good idea to use Dump as a human Guinea pig. Get out the bleach and flashlights boyz…

Apparently Claudio Conway is saying on TickTock that Kellyanne is coughing a lot at the house. At the SCOTUS announcement super-spreader event, Kellyanne sat behind Melania, in front of the president of Notre Dame and to the left of Mike Lee – all of whom tested positive today.

NEW POST in just a few seconds.

DYB, I see you found ‘proof’ that they are using an extra big bottle of the best, Clorox on him.

MB, I feel the same way, no sympathy for Big Dump…he deserves to pay for his bad deeds and 208k+ deaths.

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