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Meh-it’s a weekend-color it blue

Posted on: July 25, 2020

Hello Widdershins
is anyone having a good weekend?

I’ll admit that I’m not.  In fact haven’t had a good last few days.  It’s just due to all the bullshit that’s happening around and with us now.  Honestly, I haven’t seen one damned piece of good news in the last week or so.  I’m “off my feed” in that I have to think “You need to fix something to eat” and then I have to think long and hard about that. I needed to go to the bank yesterday, inside, and had to make an appointment!  When I got to the door they asked me a series of questions and then they let me in.  What a world.

While it’s true that poll numbers are looking very good for Biden, I don’t trust them.  I have a good reason not to trust the numbers:  2016.  To express it in “country format”, that learnt me real good.

So yes Fredster has the blues and with that let’s look at some blues songs.  If I’m down in the dumps might as well make  y’all feel the same.

* * * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

Cuz Bessie was so good at it how bout another

* * *

* * *

And what would the blues be without Billie Holiday?

* * * *

Awrite, there ya go.  I really don’t expect any musical contributions to this however comments are always welcomed.

As always, the infamous open thread.


150 Responses to "Meh-it’s a weekend-color it blue"

I can so relate Fredster. Everyday things seem like such a big chore for me. I really have to kick my own ass to make myself to do anything. Like getting down to the last can of dog food. 1,2,3!… Hup, hup. You know you have to do it girl. Can’t let Boba starve. Myself, I eat whatever. Such a dark cloud we’re living under.

@2: Nice GAgal.

Hey Fredster, I finally watched the first two episodes of “The Alienist” because I’m close to tomorrow when I get two more episodes. Happy to see they are airing two episodes at a time. Showing a little mercy…
I thought it was as good as the first season (jmo). Which is a hard thing to do. Usually, the second season sucks.
I love that they have real life people (actors portraying them) from that time period like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Teddy Roosevelt.

@5: That’s what I did too PJ and already have those next two set to record.

Misery loves company. Not that I’m glad you’re blue (except in a political sense), but it does make me feel like I’m among likeminded friends!

@7: It’s just that every damned day (well so far not on the weekends) it’s just another assault on the psyche. I know tRump isn’t smart enough to be doing this on his own but who’s helping him on this, Putin? He’s former KGB so yeah that would work.

As you know we have a “timer” in the sidebar that shows the number of months until the election. Freebie wordpress is kind of limited. Nosing around I saw I could try to somehow add hours but again it didn’t work and sometimes that because of the theme that’s being used.

However, I did find I can add an actual timer in the new (and *not* improved) block editor. The problem is that it has to be on a separate page. So let me see if this little poll can be added in this comment.

A countdown with actual timer

Hey, it worked! I’ll leave this up for a few days since some folks don’t come around much on the weekends.

@8 Assaults on the psyche. That is so true. It’s hard for me to go to sleep and harder still to stay asleep. I know I’m not alone. Even Trumpists are feeling the trauma even though that’s the only part they’ll admit to. The trauma, not that Trump is causing it. Or C-19. They just pretend like it isn’t happening even though they are absolutely feeling the effects that it IS happening.
But I think you’re right about it not just being Trump, Fredster. Putin too. And other evil leaders. It’s hit a critical mass and taking a toll on all of us.

@11: That was the best term I could come up with at the time and I was using this definition:

the human soul, mind, or spirit

I really don’t believe I’ll feel any better until the election, Biden wins it, and then he’s inaugurated. And if the opposite happens and tRump gets a second term…well it’s all over with then.

@12: That’s exactly how I feel.

@12, @13, shows you how much of a fusspot I am. I won’t feel better until he’s inaugurated and the very next minute starts signing reversals of every single one of Dump’s Executive Orders. The next day he would initiate a review of every judicial appointment, including to the Supremes, and make sure all the ones marginally or less qualified according to the ABA are nullified. Just to be clear, being a rapist equals unqualified.

And that, in my world, would be just the beginning.

Just the thought gives me hollow laughter. But anything less is only slowing the slide into the abyss. Mind you, a slower slide is preferable to falling right off the cliff.

@14, quixote, agree!

@8, “assaults on the psyche” — it’s exactly that.

Sorry for being offsite — I’ve been out in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness for a week. Ahhhhh. Just got back yesterday night, and find that Trump/Barr has sent his goon agents to Seattle and is keeping them here despite the objections of our mayor and all the other officials around (who are all Dems). So far Trump’s thugs are staying out of view. So far.

@14: The next day he would initiate a review of every judicial appointment, including to the Supremes

But lifetime appointments. I know district federal judges can be impeached and removed but I don’t know about judges on the Courts of Appeal or the Supremes. And I mean literally, I don’t know.

Ok folks who haven’t taken the poll, please do so.

Luna, hope you had a great time and you were able to recharge your batteries.

@14: That’s why I think Biden’s VP choice is so important. It needs to be someone who will push him on those things. Of the women being considered, I think most if not all of them could do that.
Biden’s never been a big warrior for change. Pretty complacent about the way things are (because as a white man, the way things are have been good to him). On a lot of things, I think he would say, “eh, water under the bridge.”

@18: I think, well I hope that yes pressure from his veep plus pressure from the Dems in Congress.

@19: Yes Fredster! We’ve got to have the Senate to really do anything.
I’m going to refrain from criticizing Biden anymore…just a gut check on my own-self. Trump is slicing up America and we first have to stop the bleeding. Biden has got to win.

@17: I voted Fredster!

Actually I don’t even want the R party to survive post Trump. Let it disappear for ever.

Madonna, obviously:

Voting — neither option quite expresses my views. I don’t find it hard reading the main page! I probably would check the timing page given a direct link to it. However, if it takes any fuss on your part, Fredster, I’d say don’t bother. We’re unfortunately all too aware of Trump in office until he’s gone and gets his ass hauled off to prison. He’ll be doing evil until the last possible minute.

Here’s something blue, for how we’ll feel after the grifting traitorous rat gets hauled out of office.

@23: I’m with you! I used to be one of those people who sincerely thought the two parties kind of balanced each other out and both of them offered some good things (I’m from KS after all). Not anymore. The Repub Party has been heading towards Trumpism for a long time. Getting worse and worse with every election.
I love watching Rick Wilson when he’s on TV! He is a total trip.

Hah, DYB! I was just going to post that other Ella “Blue” tune but you beat me to it!

More of Desmond’s melodic alto sax.

Luna @33> That’s the big one!

Early-ish Bruce.

I’m with Luna. (Hi, Luna! Good to see you around, although I too would much rather be high up at some alpine lakes!) Either way is good, timer or no timer. All too aware of how many decades must pass before the Big House can be fumigated.

@30: DYB, that reminds of Joe Versus the Volcano. I really loved that movie. 🙂

@44 PJ, I never saw it, but I do remember when it came out!

@28: Luna, I phrased that badly in the poll. And that’s another thing that wp decided to change. Polls used to be done with polldaddy. Now it’s some other thing. I probably could put a link in the sidebar and that would open the timer page in a different tab.

Trying to create a timer actually became an exercise of “I’m gonna get this done come hell or high water”.

D, you are on fiyah!

Ok, timer is there. Check the widgets on right side

Oh, you knew he wasn’t gonna do it.

Trump postpones first pitch at New York Yankees game

The President cited his “strong focus” on the coronavirus pandemic and the economy as reasons for the delay, but still promised, “We will make it later in the season!”

Now that NY lawmakers voted to open NYPD personnel files, we are finding out that NYPD employs criminals.

@49> Shame on the Yankees for inviting him. My guess is he backed out because he knows some of the players will kneel and then he’ll have to keep pretending like it’s ok. Because he certainly won’t confront them about it.

@51: Plus I think he realized he’d look like a fool even trying to throw out the pitch.

@52> I’m sure Lindsey Graham would tell him looks sexy.

@52, Hahahaha! (snort!) Hahahhaha! I try to imagine Trump throwing out a ball and all I can see is it requires so much effort that topples over!

@52, 53, 55: Thanks for the giggles! I was snorting too. I don’t know why, but jokes about Lindsey especially hit me hard.

@55, that *Trump* topples over trying to throw the ball.

@50, WTAF??? ‘Bout time this gets the light of day.

@50, 59: The truth is coming out. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

I don’t know if anyone here grew up Catholic, but there’s this thing called “getting the giggles”. Church is a very serious thing. You’re supposed to be very reverent all the time. It’s very solemn. But sometimes you would look at your friend or your sister and your mind would just kind of snap and the giggling would start. Almost impossible to stop. If one of you was able to stop, the other one would start it up again.
It was the funnest thing ever but also very bad. You were definitely getting in big trouble.

It’s getting cloooooooser to you, Donnie!

Hey all. We spent most of the weekend on finding our next home. I think we were successful. Send me positive vibes!

Fredster I totally agree. Every day he and his goons try to turn this country into a madhouse. He wants us all to be as angry, frightened and powerless as he feels every day. It is so wearying to keep it together in the face of this assault on truth and reality.

I agree everything is going to be terrible till Biden gets inaugurated and (with Quixote here) starts getting to the bottom of all the corruption in the Senate and the Drumpf family and cronies. They all have to be rooted out. And if the corruption finds dirt on Kavanaugh and Gorsuch, so be it. Let them be impeached!

@50 – wow. I am so glad this is coming out. Thank you #BLM for energizing all of this activity!

Check out this article. These are the goons Trump is sending into the cities. An elite unit of Border Control called BORTAC who are above the law. Defund these assholes!! These are his people.

…the nightmare scenario Tomsheck had heard expressed by his bosses almost a decade ago – of border patrol becoming a nationwide militarized force operating outside constitutional constraints – was becoming real.

Jenn Budd spent six years working as a senior border patrol agent until 2001 when she blew the whistle on a station chief who was himself smuggling drugs. She was offered promotion in exchange for her silence on the subject, but resigned in disgust.

In her years as an agent she got to know Bortac well. She remembers them as the “biggest guys, like the jocks in a football team. They live in tight groups like the Navy Seals, spending their time in military-style training.”

In Budd’s experience, Bortac agents are among “the most violent and racist in all law enforcement”.

The quasi-military nature of the unit goes beyond their training, percolating into their state of mind. “They don’t exist within the realm of civilian law enforcement,” Budd said. “They view people they encounter in the military sense as enemy combatants, meaning they have virtually no rights.”

Sending you good vibes mb!
I have this feeling that Kavanaugh will be in big trouble if the tide ever turns. There is something seriously wrong with him. Like I wouldn’t be surprised if he one day puts his wife in the hospital.
Like Maya Angelou says, when someone shows you who they are, believe them.

Kavanaugh is one of the reasons I so intensely want Susan Collins to lose. What a rotten egg she turned out to be. Good charlatan though. She fooled people for a long time. Including me.

One more thing about Susan Collins… It was SO HARD for her to do the right thing and vote against the health care skinny repeal of the ACA. You could tell she was so stressed out about voting against McConnell. It took of LOT of heat from her own constituents for her to do it. Comparatively, she looked so relieved and happy to please Mitch on Kavanaugh. “This one I can do.” she said. “No problem.”
Jeff Flake also really made me sick on the whole Kavanaugh thing too. He likes to think of himself as such a good guy. But the vote speaks for itself.

@62. These numbers:

Preventing the next pandemic will cost $22,200,000,000 a year, …

In other words, 0.6% of the 3.6 trillion the US spends annually on health care.

We’ve also spent 3.6tn (and counting) on battling the pandemic and protecting the economy. That’s about 162 years’ worth of prevention spending at the level below. Pretty good ROI.

That’s the entire game right there. 162 years’ worth of prevention blown in less than a year because the usurpers at the top couldn’t be bothered with it.

It is so wearying to keep it together in the face of this assault on truth and reality.

Yes, that’s it exactly. Everyday life is sometimes an uphill slog but add in all the stuff that can be directly attributable to this thing that’s in the W.H. and yeah it can put you in a funk.

Coronavirus in Louisiana: State adds over 2,300 cases

I don’t understand it. Where are these cases coming from? What are ppl doing or not doing? Most of these new cases were around the Baton Rouge area. And classes start at LSU soon.

The governor hasn’t mandated mask wearing but just about every retail place I’ve gone to has signs saying you must wear a mask to enter.

A little levity courtesy of John Oliver.

That was hilarious Fredster!!

Tom Cotton: “as the Founding Fathers said, it (slavery) was the necessary evil upon which the union was built.” Tom’s theory is that if you just look at slavery in the right light, you can really see the positive side.

Yes Tom, slave labor was also really good for building up the Third Reich. Using slaves was really good for business in Germany. Jews even had to build their own death camps so as not to waste precious resources.

Tom ends with, “the union was built in a way, as Lincoln said, to put slavery on the course to its ultimate extinction.” So really, slavery was necessary to end slavery. WTF?

@77, PJ, “necessary evil” to build the union? Odd how the first few states/commonwealths didn’t have slavery, then. But I’m expecting the GOP to be logical and I should know better.

Looks like the long knives are out for Kamala.

She had no remorse’: Why Kamala Harris isn’t a lock for VP

No one disputes she’s the frontrunner to be Biden’s No. 2. But there are lingering doubts, primarily over the issue of trust.

@78: “Odd how the first few states/commonwealths didn’t have slavery, then”
Excellent point, Luna. I hadn’t thought about that.

@79: I hate to see that Fredster. Ugh.

@79, Kamala’s crime was debating Biden and laughing. Women aren’t supposed to laugh at men, ya know, it looks untrustworthy.

It’s a bunch of bullshit. The pundits are doing the ol’ “Dems in disarry” and searching with a magnifying glass for anything.

MB, congrats on finding a new place to live! Hope it works out well for you.

@82: If anyone knows how the political game is played it’s Biden. He knows that was all song and dance for the debate audience.

Biden has way too much “good ole boy” in him for me. A smiley, glad hander.
A “glad hander” from the Urban Dictionary: A smarmy individual, who hugs a lot, gets too close and is generally overly friendly in an irritating way.

Well crap…I’m criticizing him again. That sure didn’t last long…

At least I’m not laughing at him, which like Luna said, is a crime.

@ 83: That’s funny!!

Tom Cotton is one of these weird aliens in a human suit who just needs to asphyxiate in our strange atmosphere already and leave us alone. But all that aside, the important question, why did he have to get a suit with an Ivanka-length neck??

Josh Marshall has some actual facts about what revolutionaries were thinking c. 1775, and necessary evil was apparently not one of them. Another historian (woman whose name I’ve forgotten, Mary -something) pointed out that the Southern elites were actually quite pro-British. But England had passed an anti-slavery law in 1772 and was going to enforce it in the colonies.

So the South joined the revolution to avoid that English law!


@89: I loved you description of Tom Cotton. That was awesome! And funny!!

I didn’t know that about the Southern elites. Gobsmacking is right! Wow.

@89: pointed out that the Southern elites were actually quite pro-British.

Possibly because the Brits bought their cotton.

@86, Oh, I agree Biden’s not thinking Harris would be ‘unloyal.’ Once the dust settled from the primary and with Biden as nominee, everyone settles down to work for a win in November. All the real Dems, that is, which includes Harris but never Bernie Sanders.

@89, I didn’t know that, thanks for the history. @91, agree, it’s probably because England was a huge market for Southern cotton.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

@95> But he sent more to Portland?

On the Kamala Harris hit-pieces: there were several, from Politico and NY Times. (Most of the Times’ political desk came from Politico…) I think it’s actually a bad sign. I think there’s a chance this is actually being done on Biden’s behalf to make excuses for not picking her. I know he’s been in the business long enough, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he nursed that grudge. Picking or not picking Harris should be fairly easy: he knows both her and Rice extremely well, on a personal and professional level. Nobody has done more to campaign for Biden than Harris has over the past few months. Every appearance she makes, she uses to elevate Biden. Even when she got an award a week or so ago, she used her speech to elevate Biden. He has accepted all of that, including appealing to the “KHive” personally. If seeing that, and knowing Harris personally for many years, and the fact that Harris has been vetted by the press (and the “Alt-Left”) already hasn’t clinched it for Biden by this point – I think he’s looking for excuses to pick someone else. (In any other year we’d know who the VP is; Covid delaying everything is giving Biden extra time.”)

@98: In any other year we’d know who the VP is

Perhaps not D. From wiki:

On July 22, Clinton announced via Twitter that she had chosen Tim Kaine as her running mate

although: Kaine had been the preferred choice of Clinton since at least February 2016

@99: And honestly I had to look it up. I didn’t remember.

Harris was my first choice in the presidential run. I sent her money, wrote letters of support, etc. I was devastated when she dropped out. Then I moved on to the next shiny thing… 😦

But you make an excellent case DYB. It should be a no-brainer.

Something James Carville said kind of stuck with me though… He said Joe Biden will pick someone he’s comfortable with. And Joe IS an old white guy. That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if he picked Karen Bass who is closer to his age and isn’t overtly assertive. White guys are used to women being very careful about *what* they say and *how* they say it rather then just being direct…

But I hope Biden has already chosen Harris and is just waiting for the right time to announce it. Harris would be the best person to take over if something happened to Joe and that should be the most important criteria.

@102: But picking someone closer to his age is what he shouldn’t do. If he wins he should be a one term Prez and needs a younger veep to run in 2024.

Oh well, all supposition anyway.

One thing about Bass is she’s said she’s will not run for President. So picking her would be signaling GOP (and the Alt-Left) that the race is wide open in 2024.

@105: Good point.

@109, Damn humans and their drive to kill other species. But a very cool discovery!

@97, Dunno why the Fed thugs were pulled out of Seattle. Trump really doesn’t like Gov. Inslee, who has been fairly blunt about Trump. Maybe doubling down where he’s already intervened, but doesn’t want to risk getting into a new area? I can’t think like Trump or Barr so won’t even guess their reason.

@99, I didn’t remember either.

The kidnappings by unidentified “agents” and unmarked vans started today in NYC. With help from the pigs at the NYPD.

@103 and 105. Excellent points!
I just never underestimate the fragility of the white male ego…And Joe is an “Average Joe”. I think Kamala could be a bit intimidating to him. It’s not Kamala’s fault, it’s Biden’s fault. But maybe deep down he doesn’t want things to change *that* much.

Ok, I’m going to try to stop being pessimistic now…

I like Karen Bass. Actually, I like all the women being considered. DYB, you and Fredster have convinced me that Bass would not be a good choice. I appreciate your input and insights.

@111, Uh-oh. This is very, very bad.

At any rate it does keep the GOP guessing whom to attack.

Joe Biden said Tuesday that he will make a decision on his running mate by the end of the first week in August, adding at most a week to his initial self-imposed deadline of Aug. 1 for determining his campaign partner.

“I’m going to have a choice in the first week in August,” he said Tuesday, “and I promise I’ll let you know when I do.”

Biden’s team earlier in the day played down the former vice president’s initial Aug. 1 deadline. “He may have announced it, but I think it was always more of a goal,” said Rep. Cedric L. Richmond (D-La.), a Biden confidant and a co-chair of his campaign.

@111: It gets scarier everyday! The Trumpvirus is spreading… I don’t have to worry about the Trumpvirus coming here, but I do have to worry about the Coronavirus. If there was protest march around here, it would be about having to wear masks.

The Fed-O-Thugs are in NYC? Are the CRAZY?

Re Biden, my first thought re his veep pick was he won’t want someone who’ll outshine him.

And it’s damn hard to find a woman who’s achieved a lot who wouldn’t. Especially Harris who has a large helping of charisma to go with all the smarts.

Be nice if he did what the country needs.

@115: That’s a good point because you know they can’t wait to attack. That thought helps me be a little more patient…

The Dump walking out because the only doc he could find is big on alien DNA. :lolololol: (How does she even know they *have* DNA? Next we’ll hear she’s been around the galaxy with them!)

@119: I saw that too quixote! OMG.

The best case scenario would be a Biden/Harris ticket getting elected, but functioning as a Harris/Biden ticket once in office. I mean Joe was a pretty good Veep.

@117 – Biden was outshone by Obama and he didn’t seem to mind. I think he has a lot of humility.

@121 – YES.

@117, @122, yes. Besides, men very rarely think that a woman can outshine them.

OMG, Nancy Pelosi called Bill Barr “a blob.”

I think it’s important that Harris is a woman vs. Obama. Being “outshone” by a woman is something else. Biden has tried to become President several times before. Last time he was told to stand down *for a woman,* who considered him a friend and he repeatedly denigrated her and her campaign after the election. Now if he wins, I’m not convinced he’ll want to be outshone, especially not by a woman.

@124: Is that perfect or what?! Hahahaha Nancy kills me. Absolutely kills me.

@125: Well said. I was watching Cory Booker singing Kamala’s praises tonight but also saying the other women would be great too. That’s how you support women.
I’ve never seen Joe do that kind of thing, but I could have missed it…
Joe’s going to have to learn how to do it now. I believe he will work at it, but it’s not going to come easy.

@125, DYB, hmm, yes, I can see your points. I hope Biden’s realistic enough to understand he does need a younger VP who’s a helluva lot more than a figurehead, because there’ll be a helluva lot of work to be done.

I’ve seen some blacks comment that they find Harris getting a VP spot to be a slap in the face and an insult since she’s qualified to be POTUS, and that they won’t vote for Biden, and that blacks can endure a 2nd term of Trump since they’ve endured worse in the past. I can’t understand this. Even if you don’t like either candidate, surely voting for the least-bad candidate is what you should do. Also, a 2nd term of Trump isn’t as bad as slavery, agreed, but will do tremendous damage to most Americans, to foreign relations, and to the environment. These purists make the good the enemy of the perfect. They are selfish.

Have I said lately how much I detest Bernie and his ilk? With everything we have at stake, they’re going to act like furious toddlers.

I was just thinking about what Fredster (I think) said about Joe being at this for a long time and DYB talking about how long he has wanted to be president. I think it’s why he said he would pick a female VP because that’s where the political winds were going. And I’m thinking now he’ll pick whoever he thinks will help him win and he’ll sing her praises to the heavens if he thinks it will get him into the Oval Office.

@128: That is crazy and very selfish. I agree.

@129: Bernie and his ilk. Crazy and very selfish once again.

@117: Okay I’m in a mood. That being said I wouldn’t even try to presume what he wants in a veep; whether he would be outshone or what. But also, the veep presides over the Senate. Imagine what fun that would be with Harris.

@128: I’ve seen some blacks comment that they find Harris getting a VP spot to be a slap in the face and an insult since she’s qualified to be POTUS

Well someone needs to tell them she didn’t win the nomination. Also, if the ticket wins she gets to be the first woman veep and also the first black/AA veep. I’m not gonna ask “how much do they want” but it would be a pretty impressive step.

It’s not just about replacing Trump. It’s about replacing Bill Barr and Mike Pompeo and Mark Esper and Betsy DeVos! The whole corrupt Cabinet.
Like Rick Wilson said, “Everything Trump Touches Dies”. And Trump is able to touch everything as President.

You’d think covid would have taught everyone who’s teachable that, no, you won’t necessarily survive further time under the Dump.

@133: That would be ENORMOUS fun!!

@136: Exactly!

Damn, even the Canadians are tired of this shit.

@136: I guess that’s the problem: too many un-teachables. Even in corners where you wouldn’t expect it…

I was just thinking about how much I want to see a Harris vs Pence debate. Talk about fun!

Pence is such a liar, but he does it in this solemn, religious man kind of way. “Why would I lie to you? I’m a man of God.”

Bill Barr lies in such a bland way that is also sickening. He doesn’t get worked up (like Trump or Pompeo) he just keeps on blandly lying and lying and lying.

@139: Trump is trashing America’s reputation and a reputation is a hard thing to recover. We’re a “Dump” now. I think it’s going to be a long time before other countries trust us. Generations I think. Like, “when will they do it again?” The next election?

@143: The people who voted for Trump thinking “wtf, what can it hurt?” should have learned a lesson from this but somehow I doubt it.

@144: I don’t think they care about it…America’s reputation. I mean a lot of them don’t. Some Trump voters were wtf, let’s give it try, but way too many are Nationalists. They’re the ones who go to Trump rallies.

But like Berniebros, who love to throw their fits on big stages, C-19 is raining on their parade. No more Trump rallies. A sliver of a silver lining… It’s just not the same, doing it by Zoom.

This is the country that produced FDR. The guy who brought us out of the Great Depression. The guy who entered WWII which led to defeating the greatest evil there ever was.

Now we produced the guy who thinks drinking bleach is a good idea. Who thinks a doctor who talks about alien DNA has an “important voice.”

I mean, my God. Putin is smiling. “My how the mighty have fallen.”

This is the guy who throws paper towels at a real human catastrophe. This is our American President! WTF?

How did America sink so low? When I get in moods like this, I watch “A Dog’s Purpose” because my mind just can’t take it. It’s my version of the Canadians watching cartoons. It’s my relief valve…

Louie Gohmert – who refuses to wear a mask – tests positive for Covid-19. He insisted on telling his staff in person, thus exposing them.

Oh and the Feds are leaving Portland. I guess Trump is not getting the press he wants over it.

@149 – Awesome!!!

New post!

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