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Lazy Fourth of July weekend

Posted on: July 3, 2020

Happy holiday weekend Widdershins

And also a happy fourth of July to you.

It’s great that it falls on a weekend.

If you’re going to be out and about be safe.

And if you’re going to be home and having a cookout watch that grill for any flareups.

Discuss anything you feel like discussing, if anything at all.  Perhaps just cook, r-e-l-a-x, and take it easy.

Open thread.

87 Responses to "Lazy Fourth of July weekend"

Not sure if this will work from fb or not.

Well, if July brings a Sharknado, at least we’ll have some help from birds!

@2: I thought about those movies. LOL

He was just out for a stroll in Lakeview.

WA state now has masks required of all businesses and customers. No mask, no service. This was already the case in one eastern county which has rapidly rising cases but cases are going up in many counties now (especially the rural/redder ones). All further opening up has paused.

@4, Hey, it’s a free country!

California is doing something similar re masks, but the deeply gonzo SoCal counties (e.g. Orange) have said they’re not enforcing or only slightly enforcing or whatever it is.

I just cannot get my mind around the concept that it feels good to run off the cliff because you can. I guess three weeks from now reporters will be getting quotes from them in hospitals saying, “Gee, I guess it’s not a hoax.” “Why didn’t anybody *tell* me?”

@6: I thought that cop was really dumb to kick it.

Apparently, Hillary on some show or other pointed out she would have done a better job as President. And the web is pointing at this and going “ooh. did she say that out loud?”

All I can think is “Hello? DUUUUUUUUUUH.”

(Hell, *I* who has never been able to do more than one thing at a time, would have done a better job.)

That alligator would have done a better job!

With Hills we’d be under control and halfway to a(n inexpensive, federally covered) vaccine by now.

@10: You definitely have a point there about the gator.

@10: With Hills we’d be under control and halfway to a(n inexpensive, federally covered) vaccine by now.

El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago keeps talking about vaccine soon. I’ll honestly say I’m concerned he’ll try to cajole FDA or whoever to approve some *thing*, call it a vaccine and there will be hell to pay with side effects,unintended consequences and other miscellaneous fuck-ups.

I have been feeling jumpy and anxious all day today so when I got back from the store I took a 1/4 of a klonopin. I’m gonna let that work some and then fix dinner. Don’t care if it’s after 12:30 a.m. or not. LOL

A strategic thinker I know said we can bet the Dump is going to announce A Perfect Beeyootiful Vaccine about 4 weeks before the election.

I bet he’s right. It fits with the Turd’s whole MO. Remains to be seen whether the country is still stupid enough to run with anything he says.

Trump’s beeeeyouuuutiful vaccine will be called Trumptect and be $2,000/shot. Javanka will be on the board of directors of whatever Pharm company makes it.

Mexico closes the border!

Happy 4th everyone! Love all the critters.

I fear you are all right about the vaccine. It makes perfect sense. Of course developing a vaccine is DOING something about the virus, which so far he has resisted with every bone in his body. So everything he has done has been to deny COVID-19’s existence – a vaccine would acknowledge it.

This is a great thread by Steve Schmidt.

And yet, even now, there’s no overriding need to get rid of that monument to what should be the past embodied in that word: “men.”

Happy treason day ya’ll!

May it be the last!

@19, you read my mind — I had the same reaction.

@19: And yet, even now, there’s no overriding need to get rid of that monument to what should be the past embodied in that word: “men.”

I’m confused q. Are you talking about Schmidt’s tweet on the Declaration, or the 4 guys on Mt. Rushmore?

I guess y’all saw that Don Jr.’s girlfriend tested positive for Covid?

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, tests positive for coronavirus

@24 – yes, her and Herman “999” Cain.

I have no idea why Drumpf and Pence don’t have it. Maybe demons are immune.

Great ad #BenedictDonald

Yes, he said this last night (and I’m loath to put up anything with him).

Okay, so we’re all straight on this, he’s a satirist.

This one is for Luna.

Y’all, some college kids are throwing a party in my apartment complex. It’s outside. Not a single mask anywhere, people yelling in each other’s faces.

How stupid can you be? I read that this thing can last 3-4 months, if you catch it and live!

I love the fake MAGA guy! Sadly people did tell Native Americans to “go back where you came from” yesterday. They are dumber than dirt and racist as a kludge of Klu Klux Klan.

Drumpf loves Las Vegas. Tacky AF and full of people throwing money out the window for entertainment purposes.

@23, I say “both.”

@33: Y’all wanna work on getting rid of something why not work on removing the carving on Stone Mountain in Georgia.

@30, love that kitty!

@36: I thought you would like that one Luna.

Fredster @23, I meant Schmidt. He’s the one living now who has every opportunity to know better.

The carvings themselves? They’re a product of their time, which we all are. It makes sense to understand them that way. But given the medium, they’re likely to last a lot longer than people even remember what they’re portraits of.

@38: The carvings themselves? They’re a product of their time, which we all are

Their time: In 1963 Walker Hancock was selected to complete the carving, and work began in 1964. The carving was completed by Roy Faulkner on March 3, 1972.

If that’s the case then Schmidt gets a break for saying “men” because that was a product of its time too.

Sheesh, Fredster. If it was anybody else it would feel like you’re being purposely bellicose.

Mt Rushmore: pre WWII. I didn’t even know finishing work had been done on it in the 1960s. Plus that hardly changes when the main work was done and who thought of it and what the thinking was like at the time. The guy who did it with a weird name I can’t remember was, I think I just saw this somewhere, connected with the KKK. Even in that time, that was inexcusable. But the statues don’t express that aspect so I’m not talking about that (before you bring that up!) The statues express that Norman Rockwellian grandiose Monroe Doctrine vision of triumphant Americanism which I never had any time for, but it *was* the taken-for-granted thinking in the 30s and 40s.

Schmidt: His tweet is dated July 5th 2020. If his quote had required using words we no longer use about blacks, he would have flagged it or substituted something acceptable. He could have done that here:

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all [people] are created equal…” It’s not difficult. I’m commenting that too many don’t seem to feel the need. I’m commenting on how much it grates to have people unthinkingly using default male while we’re presumably being very aware of bigotry. We’ve forgotten a big one, is what I’m saying. You strike me as way too aware of things not to have noticed that.

@42: Ok, something is zooming right over my head. Isn’t he just quoting what’s written in the actual document? That’s what I took from it quixote.

As far as Mt. Rushmore I never gave that any further thought than it was a carving of the heads of four Presidents; which Presidents were chosen and why, I didn’t and still don’t have any idea. I mean, it’s in frickin South Dakota a place that is definitely not on any bucket list of mine.

And about Stone Mountain…I climbed up that sucker as a kid and it liked to have killed me even then. And when I and my two school friends got to the top, we looked out, around, went to some visitors place there and then mercifully took the tram down. I was a kid and honestly gave no thought as to what and who was carved on it.

So not trying to be bellicose or obtuse.

So I’m wondering if those were some of the special cookies they have available in Colorado?

@43 – me too, Schmidt is just quoting the Constitution. I think we all agree here at TW that the Constitution needs an amendment to explicitly enshrine the rights of women, yes?

Love the deer and family! And the kid doing Drumpf is awesome.

@45: Yes, I think he was just doing the quote and wasn’t thinking of anything else, not intending to be sexist or anything remotely like that.

Shadow, check ur email when u have a chance. Sent to ur work email.

This was an actual letter to the editor printed in the The Advocate, the only statewide paper in the state:

Gov. John Bel Edwards and the “experts” say we must avoid people in general to slow the virus spread.

Not stop it but just slow it.

Now everyone is supposed to wear the “mask” to accomplish this task. People that are not sick should not have to avoid other people who are not sick. How do we tell the sick from the not sick? A proven method is to have the sick and those that test positive for the virus wear a yellow virus symbol, about 3 inches in diameter, on their outermost garment high on the left breast and left back just below the shoulder.

Then the well could avoid the sick and about to be sick.

Problem solved.


retired airline pilot

Denham Springs

I’d like to think it’s satire but really I don’t know.

(Aargh. You people. My point is that quoting the outdated language of the Constitution without making any attempt to show that it’s outdated is a slap in the face. And just to be clear: I’m complaining about Schmidt, not the people here.)

And, yes, this whole business of not being able to tell reality from The Onion headlines is becoming Very Wearing.

@49: Ok, it’s the Declaration and not Constitution, right? And, we task you quixote with taking the whiteout to the document. LOL

@50: I don’t believe Denham Springs in Livingston parish is like this anymore but it used to be a hotbed of kluxer activity.

Oh, and new image on the sidebar toward the top.

(It’s not about me taking the whiteout to it. Or anybody. It’s about flagging and/or not quoting the offensive language. To show that one recognizes how badly it misses the equality target by using it. Please stop missing the point.)

Fredster, thanks for the writing invite, I will take a rain check if possible. Right now I am just trying to keep myself occupied with mask making and whatever I can to not get totally depressed with the news.

Liked the gator in town, but those folks had better watch out. I was in some park in one of the southern states, women were dressed up in big, long skirts and there were gators laying in the grass every where. I ended up getting chased by one that was at least as big as the one in your video. Never have run so fast in my life…all the way across the park until he slowed down and gave up on having me for lunch.

Those gators can really fun fast when they want to, no joke.

Hope everyone had some sort of Happy July. I watched the fireworks on CNN, only good thing big dump did, pay a lot of our tax dollars to put on a huge fireworks show, then NY was great too.

@54: Ok q, I’m not gonna keep going on this. I”ll agree with you.

@55: Shadow, that invite is always open. Just let me or mb know if you want to take us up on it.


I love that little boy, he is great!

Okay, thanks Fredster.

Anyone here live by Dump tower? Just wondering is ‘Black Lives Matte’r painted on the street there as a middle finger to Big Dump?

@60: Don’t know about living by T.T. Wonder if any of his kids have a place in there?

@60: I guess it’s possible that he still has a place there even though is official residence is Florida.

Should we start doing a “word of the day” for him?

Fredster, I am hoping that letter to the editor was satire. Please Goddess!

And speaking of rather on the nose:

@64 Robert Mann, a prof in the School of Mass Communication at LSU had that in his twitter feed. I read it and it was one of those things where everything drains out of you because you really believe something like might be possible.

@64. @65 Yup. It’s funny / notfunny because it’s true.

Ennio Morricone has died. RIP Maestro.

New Randy Rainbow!

@67: I saw that D! Both him and the Broadway actor.

Randy helps us to get thru this crap.

Well, one more thing to add here.

Fabulous Randy Rainbow!! I forget which song he’s parodying…

Here’s the original of the Randy Rainbow video…

@75> It’s one of the few Randy videos where I actually knew the song! Since I don’t love Broadway musicals, but have seen “The Little Mermaid.”

Also, how do you like them apples?

@76: Kind of goes against their/her beliefs doesn’t it?

Well, here we go again with this stuff:

New Orleans coronavirus testing site hits capacity in 2 minutes; Jennifer Avegno explains why

@76 – was Stacey Abrams happy? (Sorry I couldn’t resist)

@78 – 150 tests for a major city like NOLA? That’s disgraceful. F you Drumpf!!!

In other “Unexpected Outfits Who Got PPP Loans/Grants”:

Grover Norquist. Him of the let’s-drown-government-in-a-bathtub-because-who-needs-it fame.

@79: Oh no, mb. That was just one testing site in the city. However it’s due to this:

The city had to turn people away on the first day that testing capacity was lowered to 250 tests per day, a move aimed at helping the city’s testing providers preserve test trays, droppers and the chemicals used in test processing.

So we’re gonna be going through shortages of things again. Haven’t we already done this? Why again? Oh that’s right because tRump doesn’t give a fck and he’s moved on.

@80: And Jared’s family’s business got a hand out too.

Poor little Thor, his name should have been Sisyphus.
All that work and he looks so disappointed.

I love Randy’s wig and it’s great when he shows clips of Dump being pathetic.

@83: And I love that he’s either a cream or English cream doxie. He’s got long-haired doxie ears but looks like maybe his body got clipped or groomed? I love the creams but those are $$$.

Here’s a pic of a cream or English cream long-haired doxie.

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