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Activist Tuesday: Good Thing That Email Lady Isn’t In Charge…

Posted on: June 30, 2020

Or we could have had a President who was not trustworthy on national security.

Carl Bernstein for CNN:

One person familiar with almost all the conversations with the leaders of Russia, Turkey, Canada, Australia and western Europe described the calls cumulatively as ‘abominations’ so grievous to US national security interests that if members of Congress heard from witnesses to the actual conversations or read the texts and contemporaneous notes, even many senior Republican members would no longer be able to retain confidence in the President.

Yup, that Hillary sure was dangerous, with her private email server that never got hacked and her three emails that were classified retroactively.

The insidious effect of the conversations comes from Trump’s tone, his raging outbursts at allies while fawning over authoritarian strongmen, his ignorance of history and lack of preparation as much as it does from the troubling substance, according to the sources. While in office, then- Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats expressed worry to subordinates that Trump’s telephone discussions were undermining the coherent conduct of foreign relations and American objectives around the globe, one of CNN’s sources said. And in recent weeks, former chief of staff Kelly has mentioned the damaging impact of the President’s calls on US national security to several individuals in private.

It’s a great thing that we have such a terrific negotiator with Drumpf in charge. Four outstanding years as Secretary of State clearly taught Hillary nothing about relating to people. Besides, der Drumpfenfuhrer has all the best words.

Next to Erdogan, no foreign leader initiated more calls with Trump than Macron, the sources said, with the French President often trying to convince Trump to change course on environmental and security policy matters — including climate change and US withdrawal from the Iranian multilateral nuclear accord.

Macron usually got “nowhere” on substantive matters, while Trump became irritated at the French President’s stream of requests and subjected him to self-serving harangues and lectures that were described by one source as personalized verbal “whippings,” especially about France and other countries not meeting NATO spending targets, their liberal immigration policies or their trade imbalances with the US.

But his most vicious attacks, said the sources, were aimed at women heads of state. In conversations with both May and Merkel, the President demeaned and denigrated them in diatribes described as “near-sadistic” by one of the sources and confirmed by others. “Some of the things he said to Angela Merkel are just unbelievable: he called her ‘stupid,’ and accused her of being in the pocket of the Russians … He’s toughest [in the phone calls] with those he looks at as weaklings and weakest with the ones he ought to be tough with.”

I feel so much safer knowing that big, strong man is in charge, instead of that female who, let’s face it, does possess a vajayjay – a sure sign of untrustworthiness, especially when trying to deal with foreign adversaries.

In his phone exchanges with Putin, the sources reported, the President talked mostly about himself, frequently in over-the-top, self-aggrandizing terms: touting his “unprecedented” success in building the US economy; asserting in derisive language how much smarter and “stronger” he is than “the imbeciles” and “weaklings” who came before him in the presidency (especially Obama); reveling in his experience running the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow, and obsequiously courting Putin’s admiration and approval. Putin “just outplays” him, said a high-level administration official — comparing the Russian leader to a chess grandmaster and Trump to an occasional player of checkers. While Putin “destabilizes the West,” said this source, the President of the United States “sits there and thinks he can build himself up enough as a businessman and tough guy that Putin will respect him.” (At times, the Putin-Trump conversations sounded like “two guys in a steam bath,” a source added.)

There’s so much more to read, and I recommend you do so. But honestly, Widdershins, I’m done.

Tawk amongst yerselves!

48 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: Good Thing That Email Lady Isn’t In Charge…"

McGrath wins Kentucky Dem primary; McConnell showdown awaits

I know you’re all amazed too that so many people have been surprised at how bad Trump is. How could they not have had a clue? That he’s still in office tells us how poorly our government’s system of checks and balances works.

McGrath wins is a huge relief! Getting McConnell out is as big a priority as cleaning the moral landfill off the Oval Office carpet.

That’s quite some article. I saw socalannie’s comment in the last post. Every one of us here has always been clear on what he is. And yet, at least for me, some of the garbage still comes as a shock. I did not know the bad phone calls were a constant thing. There was the report of a terrible one with Scott Morrison (PM of Oz) shortly after Dump’s installation in Jan 2017, but then that died down. The shock is finding out how far beyond failing he is and how useless the checks and balances have become, as Luna says.

@4: The shock is finding out how far beyond failing he is and how useless the checks and balances have become, as Luna says.

When the legislative branch, the Senate, is complicit in helping tRump, those checks and balances are pretty useless.

So very glad McGrath won! First, because I believe she has a much better chance of beating McTurtle in Nov, and second, because I wanted a woman candidate who’d put in the groundwork rather than some johnny-come-lately man.

The email lady says…

I also am shocked at how bad it is, even though we knew he wouldn’t be able to handle the job of POTUS. How can Republicans know all this and still choose to support him?

I am happy for McGrath too, especially because the rainbow and unicorn Brigade were against her.

And as usual I agree with Email Lady because she is Right About Everything, Infinity!

Holy sh*t. They’re gonna impeach Barr. GO NANCY!

Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! A political toady shouldn’t be AG.

“Deplorables” was too damn kind.

Great post MB. I read Bernstein’s article last night. We all expected the worst from dump, but who knew there was a whole other layer below “worst.”

Also glad that McGrath won. Am skeptical that the Bernie guy could have beaten the turtle in KY.

Love the Hillary tweets.

@11 – Luna – they are traitors, every last one of them. Trying to steal the election and not even hiding it.
@13 – totally agree. The Twitter Bros are apopletic that “corporate Dems” won and not a single one of their JD primary challengers won a d*mn thing. Ryan Knight (ex “Proud Resister”) has now decided to leave the Democratic Party. I expect a full MAGA conversion soon.

@14: I saw that about Knight and the JD, who gives a shit. What part of no one wants their bullshit don’t they get?

Also, Oklahoma voters passed expanded Medicaid by a ballot initiative. Good for them.

@14, MB, Just as in ’16 when the anti-Hillary ‘Democrats’ went over to Trump.

One of the real disadvantages of age is you know from personal experience what some of the consequences of actions can be. And if you’ve managed to reach old age without first starving to death, you’ve definitely learned that half a loaf is better than none.

Mod Dems are very much in the half a loaf camp. JDs are fed up with “settling.” (That’s assuming their “Revolution Now!” platforms are in good faith, which isn’t a terribly evidence-based assumption, but bear with me here for the sake of argument.) So how can the costs of not “settling” be communicated to them?

It’s a question that bothers me a lot, coming as I do from a family that spent decades as refugees because the Mensheviks were too boring for the Bolsheviks who didn’t want to “settle.”

The red rose brigade sure doesn’t want to hear from a bunch of gray haired grannies advising caution before they ruin people’s lives. Nor do they care enough about what happened before to see that their methods don’t actually work.

So how on earth could one talk to them so they understand that the total cost of ownership, including what comes *after* the Revolution, is not what they think it is?

I knew Trump would be bad bad bad. I am, however, surprised that no Republicans ever turned on him. I thought some would, even if not all of them.

This new Project Lincoln ad is incredible. I have to say, I know these guys will be attacking us in 2024 as they campaign for whatever Republican, but their contribution to this campaign is invaluable. Because these Republican fuckers are assassins. They are ruthless assholes. Democrats need to be making these kinds of ads against Republicans.

Charles Booker is garbage

@19: Spoken like a spoiled brat.

@17: So how on earth could one talk to them so they understand that the total cost of ownership, including what comes *after* the Revolution, is not what they think it is?

Good question. Could someone explain to them “People looked at “A” and looked at “B” and a majority chose “B”. ”

Could they understand the concept of the candidate with a larger number of votes wins?

I wonder if you could show them by colors?

@19, Spoken like a Berniebrat. I am past tired and sick of these purist types make the perfect the enemy of the good, who voted for Nader in 2001 and aided Bush in stealing the election, and keep doing the equivalent at every election. They didn’t get their favorite so they foul the nest for everyone. They think pragmatism is selling out.

@11 The Republicans need foreign interference to help them win. They are all compromised. Remember the Russian hackers also hacked Repubs and the RNC before ’16, they just never revealed those. IIRC Rubio was the only R when asked about the content of certain Podesta/DNC emails said (paraphrasing here) ‘I’m not going to comment on stolen emails because they hacked mine too!!’

@18 Our frenemies at the Lincoln Project are kicking ass. I hope they run it during Fox & Friends so Dump is sure to see it. Of course he’ll probably just call up Pootir Poot so they can laugh about it together.

Trump’s guy Tuberville, who is running against Jeff Sessions in the primary, had a small bus incident…

@28: Oh lawdy, the former Auburn football coach, Tuberville. Guess he can now say his campaign is on fiyah.

I really don’t know how to explain voting and democracy to Bros. They seem to be oblivious to reality. Although that color coded map is quite striking!

Project Lincoln is fantastic AND I read tonight that they are working to help Dems take the Senate.

Of course we know they are only doing it to save the Rethug Party from dying out completely. But I’ll take it for now!

Forgot to post this tweet of the year.

What the ever loving… Department of Homeland Security? Federal Protective Services? (whatever the hell that is) Immigration and Customs Enforcement? Border Patrol? And the frickin’ Coast Guard? They got nothing better to do than guard statues? This is what a $760 billion dollar budget to the DOD is funding. Defund the DOD!!

@31 Hilarious comments under that bin Laden tweet!

@32: Federal Protective Services

To prevent, protect, respond to and recover from terrorism, criminal acts, and other hazards threatening the U.S. Government’s critical infrastructure, services, and the people who provide or receive them.

In a nutshell, they guard federal bldgs.

We gonna be dealing with this s.o.b. for another sixteen years.

Russians grant Putin right to extend his rule until 2036 in landslide vote

Another way to think of it: Four U.S. Presidential terms.

Ben Franklin was right. They should have taken the wild, wily, intelligent, and social turkey as the nation’s emblem. It wouldn’t lend itself to that framing.

@38: Wonder if Stephen Miller had a hand in that design?

Trump administration makes it easier for drugmakers to profit from publicly funded coronavirus drugs

In its race to control covid-19, the federal government is spending billions in agreements with pharmaceutical companies to subsidize development of medicines. Consumer advocates say agreements with drug manufacturers drop key taxpayer protections.

“The government has limited its ability to intervene if the pharmaceutical companies … charge unreasonable prices for the resulting covid-19 vaccines or treatments”

@28, Oooh, that photo of the Trump truck on fire is a gift to Dem campaigns and cartoonists!

It’s a hoax! A hoax I tell you!

Herman Cain, the former pizza chain executive who ran in the Republican presidential primary in 2012, has been hospitalized with covid-19 less than two weeks after attending President Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa.

While it is unclear where Cain contracted the disease or how long he had it,… Cain, who co-chairs Black Voices for Trump, was pictured maskless and not socially distancing at the event.

@44 Luna, I love to see it! I also confused Herman Cain with Ben Carson.

Woof. Told y’all Drumpf was a Nazi.

New/weekend post up

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