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Lazy Weekend Music~Summer

Posted on: June 27, 2020

Good weekend Widdershins

So actually the summer solstice was on the 20th, last weekend, but I was just feeling too lousy to fool with much of anything.  Better late than never.

Summer is truly here for us.  At the time I’m writing this the temp is 90° with a feel like of 101°.  Indeed that merits an oy!

Summer songs; here ya go.

* * * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

Bonus clip:
That time Gustav Mahler could not come up with a theme for a symphonic movement
Mahler Symphony 1 in D Maj 3rd mvmt

(I love the way this conductor emotes)

* * * *


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51 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music~Summer"

Why is John Stamos playing with the band in the “Kokomo” video?

@3: Cuz he always wanted to play with The Beach Boys ?

Nice choices D.

Unmusical me. Nothing to add. If I could remember which song it was, the only summer one that pops into my mind has a line about “fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun, until Daddy took the T-bird away.”

@7: Know what you mean. It’s a pain in the ass trying to come up with this shit every weekend.

@10 Nice of you to do it though! Give us a place to come and rest our weary selves!

The masks are for sheep guy: just goes to show how pathetic my imagination is. I would never have guessed you could turn masks into a culture war thing. But pretty much one comment from the Dump, and away they went. Straight into insisting on getting infected. Masks may be for sheep (although I’ve never actually seen a sheep in a mask, so not sure about that), but I guess they’re definitely not for lemmings.

So did anyone listen to the Mahler clip and did you recognize the theme (albeit in the minor) he used?

@14 Fredster, I don’t what specifically what tune you mean. Mahler did use a German folk melody in the 3rd movement, in addition to is own original material.

And I love that conductor, Christoph Eschenbach. He was a child piano prodigy, became a super star soloist in the 1960s and 70s, before taking up conducting. Now he mostly conducts and occasionally still plays piano with chamber ensembles and accompanies instrumentalists and singers. (I don’t think he plays concertos anymore.)

@15: Listen again to the opening by the string bass D. It’s a round. The conductor, I love the way he just “throws away” the grace note in the oboe solo.

Fredster> What is a “round?” It’s a famous in some parts of the world nursery rhyme or something? I’m not familiar with the original.

A lot of conductors have entertaining styles. Leonard Bernstein was very emotive. Today someone like Philippe Jordan can put on whole dance routines on the podium.

D, it’s Frère Jacques except in the minor.

But then not everyone has the slightly warped mindset of Gustav Mahler, who somehow thought that plunking the children’s round “Frère Jacques” into the funereal third movement of his very first symphony would impress the public.

The pulse of Mahler’s march is set by two soft, alternating notes on the kettledrum. The melody, contorted into a minor key, is handed first to a solo double bass. A bassoon picks it up, then a tuba and a flute. Quietly building momentum, the tune is passed around the orchestra, with occasional sardonic commentary from the oboe.

Later, the melody is elbowed out of the way, as if Mahler, in a nod to his Jewish roots, ushers in a raucous klezmer band to sashay through the orchestra. And, for good measure, he inserts a quote from a morose song, “The Two Blue Eyes of My Darling.”

Fredster, I’m not familiar with Frere Jacques!

Nice post Fredster! D, love the guy who graduated “MAGA yells loudly” from YouTube University!

Here’s my contribution.

@19: D, here ya go:

Omigod. I know a song new to DYB? !!?? I have arrived!

the mouthbreather @23. A true mascot for mouthbreathers everywhere.

@24 LOL

The Supreme Court continues to astonish – in a good way. Chief Justice John Roberts votes with the liberals to strike down Louisiana’s abortion law, which requires that any doctor performing an abortion must have hospital admitting privileges. If the law were upheld, it would have limited Lousiana’s abortion clinics to one for the entire state, with only one doctor.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana Abortion Restrictions

@27 that’s good news! Aren’t there, like, 3 or 4 of these types of cases? States who want to make abortion unavailable with ridiculous restrictions. Does this decision mean those suits may go nowhere? Dare we hope, I guess, is my question?

@27: That requirement was written very similarly to the one that Texas tried a few years ago. The decision was 5-4 with Roberts joining the 4 “more liberal” judges. The case against the law was brought by a Womens’ Clinic in Shreveport which won at the District level and then that decision was tossed by the 5th Circuit C.o.A. because of course the 5th Circuit C.o.A. would do that.

Depending on the wording of any similar types of laws/requirements q, I think this decision would stop them going any further.

New Randy Rainbow.

They are doing pretty much the same here.

Don’t ever ask “what else can happen” because we will surely find out.

Flu virus with ‘pandemic potential’ found in China

@31, was wondering how much Gilead was going to charge for its newly patented and approved drug which costs about $3 per dose IIRC. America — best healthcare in the world for the profiteers.

@32, here too but since there’s no enforcement of the fireworks ban in Seattle, it’ll be a war zone. Hope my house and the car don’t get damaged or burned. I’ll try to be out of town, but I should get some sedatives for the cats.

I love Randy Rainbow! Was this his first dance break? So adorbs.

I am bummed about the 7/4 fireworks, but I get it. Bummer that the nightly fireworks are happening. Some of the folks on my team are losing sleep.

Wow, the drug companies are awful. Freaking con artists taking our money and then charging ridiculous prices for the drug we paid for!

As you all know, I have maintained for a long time that it is entirely possible Drumpf won’t be the nominee in November. As his poll numbers continue to tank and his rallies draw anemic attendance, even he may be starting to realize his chances of being re-elected are dim and dimmer.

@35: Luna’s gonna run away to the woods. 🙂

@36: I’ve heard some of the talking heads saying the same thing while others have said no, he’s a fighter. Really? But it may depend on what Putin tells him to do.

*Not* making fun bcuz this is a gurl.

I know this isn’t gonna show just part two but here ya go.

All is resolved!

Forester, those are hilarious! I especially love the young woman @41 with her CD wallet!

LOVE those videos Fredster!!! I have certainly done the “dammit wrong side” dance at the gas pump, but I have to admit I haven’t done it that many times in a row 😀

@43: Yep, me too.

Fredster, love the post! Great tunes and wildly entertaining videos!

@43 & 44: Especially when the vehicle is a rental, that’s when it’s confusing if you didn’t check it out first.

@46: The sources did cite some instances in which they said Trump acted responsibly and in the national interest during telephone discussions with some foreign leaders.

And a clock is right twice a day also.

I’ll say it again. Randy Rainbow is a national treasure.

Something I learned a couple of years ago about gas tanks on most cars. When you look at your gas gauge, there will be a little gas pump icon on either the right or left of the gauge – indicating which side the tank is on.

That Bernstein article is something else. It’s infuriating that his top cabinet members knew he was delusional, yet ‘did their time’ until they couldn’t take it anymore, and left quietly. Duh! If the POTUS is delusional invoke the 25th!! Hate ’em all.

The article we’re all talking about is the subject of my post, which is coming in 2 minutes! I’ll close this one out.

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