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Lazy Weekend~Posting early and calling in sick

Posted on: June 19, 2020

Happy weekend Widdershins but early

I’m posting this early (Friday) because I’m feeling under the weather and that’s putting it mildly.

Discuss whatever is on your minds.

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Edited to add Happy Juneteenth.


84 Responses to "Lazy Weekend~Posting early and calling in sick"

We have an air quality alert for today Ozone alert so…I’ll just keep myself inside since I’m already feeling crappy.

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality is forecasting an
Ozone Action Day for Orleans…Jefferson…St John the Baptist…St.
Charles…St Bernard…St Tammany…and Plaquemines Parishes…in
effect until midnight CDT tonight and from 7 AM Saturday to midnight
CDT Saturday night.

Oh noooooo. I hope it’s something unserious that goes away quick!

@2: Been feeling like this for a few days, nothing specific. I wrote this ahead of time and was going to replace it if I was feeling better but that’s not happening. And the last place I want to go right now is a doc’s office. Unfortunately he’s not set up for telemed, telehealth, whatever it is.

Man, that’s all anyone needs right now. Take care of yourself, and I hope it blows over soon.

@4: Covid numbers have gone up in the state and the reported number of cases in my parish is 598. I want to say that’s not likely but who the hell knows? Maybe it’s just a case of good old malaise.

Hope you feel better soon, Fredster! Get some rest!

It looks like Drumpf and Barr tried to fire someone who didn’t come to play.

Fredster, hope what you have isn’t serious and you’re feeling better soon. I’ve been under the weather myself this week, severe headache and chest pains, so I called my doc and she told me to come right in. They had me park in the “covid” section and a nurse took my temp and listened to my heart, then they moved me into the bldg and a room and gave me a good physical–including the covid swab. Holy crap did that hurt! I had tears coming down my face. Anyway, the good news is, I don’t have covid, I’m feeling better and they’re having me visit cardiology next week for a heart checkup, but obviously nothing drastic going on. This is a crappy, depressing year. Praying the covid goes away and we get a vaccine.

@6, I saw that. Something shady going on.

@7 – Annie, I am so thankful you don’t have Covid-19!!! Sorry you are under the weather as well. I hope you feel better soon!

More on the Berman situation this morning. Basically, they can try to get rid of him, but he can appeal to the courts and while the courts are deliberating, finish the work he’s doing that Drumpf and Barr are trying to stop.

Andddd…OF COURSE Drumpf can’t stop Bolton from publishing his book.

The crazy thing is that SDNY AG, Berman, was appointed by the Dump to be a rubber stamp after he got rid of Preet Bharara.

Even some of the toads he appoints are capable of learning on the job and saying ‘this far and no further’!

I’m shocked.

There’s got to be a landfill’s worth of garbage on the Dump buried at SDNY, considering how everyone who gets even a glimpse of the pit seems to be incapable of continuing as a Friend of Dump. And these are Olympic-grade sleazebags!

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering how the Dump’s push to pass around covid to own the libs is playing elsewhere, here’s an excerpt from New Zealand media. The article is talking about when NZers can expect to be able to start traveling overseas.

However, Fiji also suffers from being popular. I was there just before lockdown, and there were Europeans and Americans in abundance.

Fiji Airways has direct flights to the United States and Asia, and our officials will be keenly watching if Fiji decides to open up their borders with those countries. If it’s just New Zealand and Australia, flights are likely to resume this year.

But, what happens if Fiji then decides to let Americans fly in? Our government won’t be happy to see Kiwis mingling with other foreign tourists, especially from the likes of the US.

I am not making that up. That is a direct quote. How the mighty are fallen.

quixote, my understanding is that Berman was put at SDNY by a judge, not Trump. Which is why Trump can’t just fire him the way he fired Bharara.

And Steve Schmidt this morning after Trump retweeted Schmidt criticizing coward John Bolton.

Fredster, hope you’re feeling better soon!

Annie, wishing the same for you!


Shit keeps getting worse:

President Trump on Saturday fired the top federal prosecutor in New York, a day after U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman had made clear he would resist an effort by Attorney General William P. Barr to remove him from office.

Barr informed Berman of the president’s move in a sharply worded letter, informing Berman that his deputy, Audrey Strauss, will serve as the acting U.S. Attorney in Manhattan until the Senate can confirm his replacement.
Barr wrote that he had hoped for Berman’s “cooperation to facilitate a smooth transition” in the office as Trump nominates the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Jay Clayton, to fill the job permanently.

Instead, Barr wrote that Berman had chosen “public spectacle” by resisting the effort to remove him. “Because you have declared you have no intention of resigning, I have asked the President to remove you as of today, and he has done so,” Barr wrote.

Y’all I dm’d with contrask since she lives in Oklahoma and I believe somewhere around Tulsa. Said I hoped things would go okay with “the visit” and that he’d do his thing and leave. She said she was hoping that also but had a feeling things may go bad. I sincerely hope not.

Welp, what happened to the big rally? They took down his plastic box at the outside event and cancelled that plus looking side at BOK arena seeing lots of open seats in the top level of that place.


@20, eeenteresting!

Glad Contrask is okay!

I heard Drumpf got rolled by Gen Z and K-Pop fans. On the DL they requested thousands of tickets to pump up the numbers. I saw a panorama on Twitter, it looked like a few thousand max. Almost the entire upper deck was empty!!!

@21-22: I was watching aghast and amused when they showed the literal plastic box he was going to be in at that outdoor rally. I mean, yeah, he’s not afraid of no virus.

@22: Contrask and I shared cat pics and of course a pic of Luna the sentry Corgi.

I watched some of the coverage of the rally- one of the most marked things I noted was the degree of boredom in the faces of the crowd, as if saying “I risked my life for this?”. It was a real dud and Trump was his usual stupid, despicable self. What a joke. I saw one lady lazily eating popcorn, looking like she would have had a better time at a movie theater. Hopefully, after sitting in the solitude of home while being unemployed, some of these people may be gaining insight into the real character of their idol.

enforced time to think … Could it be?

If that’s really what happens after enough boredom, it’s suddenly gone from being a waste to a +10,000 social good. We’re going to have to figure out how to make it a regular part of life!

@25 & 26: And of course it was the fault of everyone else and not his Turdness. Demonstrators blocked access to the screening points (one reporter said yes they were there but folks could get by them), the media “scaring” people away with covid news, ad infinitum.

Welp, here ya go: a graduation party in nola and a handful of bars in Baton Rouge. One of the reasons we can’t have nice things (like living unafraid of some damned disease).

@29: It’s never him, always someone else’s fault.

@24, that much have been fun!

@32. That Lieu ad! I’m sitting by myself in an empty room, laughing my head off. Brilliant!

@32 LOL. He should have then proceeded to lift the glass with his OTHER hand, just to show that he can.

If the world was even 1% normal, this (from the BBC) would make Congress force Dump to resign.

The president’s comments were made in an interview last Friday, which was then published by the US news website on Sunday.

Axios says that when Mr Trump was asked why he had held off imposing further sanctions on Communist Party officials over the issue of the camps, he said: “Well, we were in the middle of a major trade deal.

This isn’t Bolton saying he said that. This is the Mental and Moral Landfill himself.

@36: From the BBC article:

Asked why he did not use the Global Magnitsky Act – passed by Congress in 2016 to counter human rights violations – Mr Trump said “nobody’s mentioned it specifically to me with regard to China”.

First I don’t know if that’s a lie or not. Second, he wouldn’t have done it anyway.

We are going to have our own version of a dust storm here in S.E. Louisiana soon. There are some images from the Caribbean at the link.

The good thing is it helps to stifle any tropical development. The bad thing is it’s just going to play havoc with air quality.

@37, this is the guy who thinks Finland is in Russia. He hasn’t got a clue what they’re even talking about. And his stock answer in those cases is ‘I don’t know about that’ ‘the Magnitsky Act was just the coffee boy’ etc…

@38. Yikes! That’s not one but two ginormous dust clouds blowing over from the Africa. They’re usually more like streamers than continent-size blobs!

@39: Completely forgot about the Finland/Russia deal. There is just so much shit with this guy it’s almost impossible to keep up.

@40: Check out some of the pics at the linked site q. There’s one photo from I think, Barbados and some other areas. Actually I wish it would come later in the tropical season when more storms are likely.

@38, That’s a helluva lot of soil erosion there! Saharan Dust Bowl.

Police say deaths of black people by hanging are suicides. Many black people aren’t so sure.

Gee, I wonder why? I’m white and I think it’s damn suspicious. Also, Sen. Paul is being a racist jerk again:

Congress is still considering bipartisan legislation that would make lynching a federal crime — but it can’t even act on this largely symbolic move because Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has argued that the language in the bill is too broad and the law may be wrongfully applied.

@44: Not sure how bad/heavy it will be here. The local mets are saying it will give us some beautiful sunrises/sunsets. But maybe I’ll just stay inside and they can show me pics of it.

I noticed something was off with the Reuters newsfeed over on the sidebar. Did some checking and apparently they’ve done away with it. 😦

Hey all! Got promoted today and I am out celebrating. Will post on Wednesday!!

Congrats, MB!

@48: Congratulations. Hope it makes up for that pay cut you had to take earlier with the virus mess.

Good for you, mb! :celebratory firecrackers:!

quixote, looks like Bayou St. John.

Maggie never disappoints.

@53, Filing under the “What liberal media?” tab.

@54: Exactly. When/if Biden wins, Maggie loses all those contacts she’s made in the tRump White House.

As y’all here know, I’m the opposite of a Biden fan, and will always despise the sexism of getting into a race that already had four (four!) women better than him running.

But besides all the cheating that stole the vote in 2016, there was definitely a large glob of voters too misogynist to vote for any woman so far out of “her place” as to be running for President.

And we’ve seen the beginning of the repeat this time around, when Kamala being a “cop” was terrible earlier, but is okay now that she’s a potential Joe sidekick.

Anyway, the point of all this (I do have a point) is that in the interest of science I’ve been asking less biased people than me if they think the country’s misogyny is *still* strong enough to put the Dump back in the Oval after everything he’s made obvious to everybody.

The feeling in my small sample is “Yes, probably.”

(Shock. Horror. Endless screaming.)

So the only way to get rid of the Misogynist Psychopath is by catering to lesser misogynies.

More disgust.

I guess this is where we find out if homeopathy works.

All of which is not really to comment on the Haberman clip. I didn’t watch it because I can’t stand her. She seems to have decided that the way to be a Cool Kid is to be a Tool for Trump, so in my world nothing she has to say is worth one second of attention.

@56 & 57, What I’m thinking too, though I think since we have a white male candidate I’m more optimistic than you that he’ll get enough votes to make up for the voter suppression and vote-hacking the Rs will do.

Oh, and homeopathy doesn’t work but the placebo effect does, lol.

@56: if they think the country’s misogyny is *still* strong enough to put the Dump back in the Oval


Luna, check ur DM on twitter.

I hope you’re all better by now, Fredster. Annie, I’m so happy you don’t COVID-19. Congrats, madamab, no doubt the promotion was earned and then some. Maggie Haberman? I hate her. I gasped when she said Biden was a flawed candidate AND he was running a flawed campaign. This in the age of Trump! Legacy Hire Haberman. I wish Andrew Cooper would stop giving her so much airtime and obvious respect. Maybe they went to the same prep school?

@63: Definitely feeling better Sue. Just guessing but I think it was probably sinuses bothering me. I had some of those headaches that are sort of right between the eyes.

Got a chuckle out of a comment by one of the local wx ppl concerning the African dust. She mentioned reduced air quality and said “to deal with the air quality issue do what you should be doing all the time you’re outside: wear a mask’. LOL

@60, another depressing data point to add to the chorus I’m hearing.

and Luna @58, that’s exactly my point. by getting the non-psychopath-misogynist vote, Biden will probably squeak by despite all the cheating we’re obviously getting. Which would mean it really was essential to nominate the fossil. Which black voters saw more clearly than other groups way back when. They can etch another notch in the who-gets-it stakes

*Love* the brass band on the bayou! There’s no place like N’Awlins.

@68: I wish the clip had been longer. And they even had keyboard!

It’s not really funny but I’m laughing.

Glad to hear you are feeling better Fredster. Annie, I hope you are too.

Loved the floating brass, the stumbling, thumbs up white head and all the posts, and congrats to you MB!

Lot of drama going on in my life, also retiring on July 1st and still stuck in the house…sometimes tune out to everything for awhile to keep my sanity.

Their Dear Leader is still a dick and criminally stupid.

The pandemic is horrific and the young people without masks in large gatherings makes me livid.

Hugs to all.

Shadow! Great to see you! I hope the retirement is by choice, and good news.

Thanks all, very much, for the promotion congratulations. Fredster, no, it doesn’t quite make up for the pay cut but it will certainly help a lot!

MB, yes my retirement is by choice…I want to do my own thing and not have some dim-whit staffer as a boss any more. I could have retired earlier, but enjoyed the people I worked for and with. You can tell where I work by my email address. Decent retirement and I can do more art and go where I want when the world is in a better place.

@72: Hope those folks make up the full difference soon MB.

Congrats on your by choice retirement Shadow. That’s always the best way: on your terms.

OMFG: I was watching the recordings of Maddow and then Brian Williams. It wasn’t enough that the people at that rally in Phoenix were jammed into the church but beforehand they were milling around and someone got the brilliant idea of having those big misting fans spritz them as they were waiting to get in.

I don’t know this for a fact (Luna may have some insight?) but just guessing, I think the water droplets might actually make any virus-laden respiratory droplets from people fall faster. I.e. the misters would actually reduce the viral load in the air. ??

@76: Interesting point. My first impression was all these folks were there with no masks and should anyone yell, cough or whatever their own droplets would be mingled with the mister droplets.

Oh and quixote, check email.

Great news Shadow!! Congratulations.

Just had to show once again the glory that is Kamala.

@76, sounds like a physics/meteorology problem, but I agree with quixote in thinking that any aerosolized fluid would coalesce with the water drops and so be too large to be easily breathed into the lungs.

Fascist judges.

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan cannot scrutinize the Justice Department’s decision to drop its long-running prosecution of President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn and must dismiss the case, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday.

In a 2-1 decision, the court said it is not within the judge’s power to prolong the prosecution or examine the government’s motives for its reversal in the politically charged case. Flynn twice pleaded guilty to lying to federal agents about his pre-inauguration contacts with Russia’s ambassador before the Justice Department moved in May to dismiss the charges.

@80: I happily stand corrected by our two STEM ladies. 🙂

@81: And we’re gonna have more of these type rulings ahead thanks to tRump, McTurtle, and Don Mcgahn filling the courts with all of these right wing judges.

If we get the WH and the Senate we can fix SCOTUS by adding a couple more justices – that’s been done before. However I’m not sure if we can do the same to the district and appeals courts but I don’t see why not.

New post up by mb.

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