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Activist Tuesday: Some Things To Cheer Us Up

Posted on: June 16, 2020

Droopy Dawg

Yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld the right of LGBTQ workers to equal protection under the law. THIS Supreme Court! The decision was 6-3. The usual assholes dissented: Alito, Kavanaugh and Thomas. (I hear Kavanaugh was seen crying into a beer afterwards, whereas Thomas had his usual Coke.)

This would be enough amazingly and shockingly good news for one day in this hellscape of a year. But wait, there’s more!

Justice Neil M. Gorsuch and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. joined the court’s liberals in the 6-to-3 ruling. They said Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination “because of sex,” includes gay and transgender employees.

The decision was a surprise, and not the only one of the day. Even though the court’s conservative majority has been strengthened, it announced Monday that it was turning down a batch of challenges from gun rights groups eager to expand Second Amendment rights. And it rejected the Trump administration’s request to review California’s attempts to provide sanctuary to undocumented immigrants.

Between this, and Suddenly Swing State Ohio set to send out absentee mail-in ballot applications to all registered voters for the November election, and the fact that Joe Biden took in over $80M last month (the biggest haul ever), well…it feels like the avalanche of sh*t that happens every day in 2020 just paused, briefly, for a shining sh*t-free moment.

Tawk amongst yerselves!

40 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: Some Things To Cheer Us Up"

Really glad to read that the gun law challenges and Trump’s attempts to force California to deny sanctuary to those yearning to breathe free were turned down!

Wow! What an uplifting post! Thanks MB! Love all that good news. I’m glad Gorsuch & Roberts did the right thing. For a change. I would love it if we win back WH & Senate and the Dems impeach kkkavanaugh the krooked.

We all laughed our heads off at this funny tweet:

MB @25 last post: Thanks for explaining that. I agree with your thoughts on the subject.

You’re welcome Luna! And Annie, thanks. I love that Biden video!

Wonder what’s going to happen here?

Thanks for the positive post Madamab! We’ll get rid of the Orange Menace. It’s just taking sooo looong…..

Kellyanne Conway finally drank the blood of an innocent…she’ll need more virgin blood to fix her eyes though…

Btw #9 is real.

@9, Now we know why she’s hasn’t been in the limelight for a long time.

@4, so hilarious!!!

@9, What happened was several thousands of $$ in plastic surgery.

@14 Luna, yeah that was not cheap. I wonder if George will now vote for Trump. He’ll need the tax cut to pay for that.

Oh, in the last couple of days I’ve seen some headlines about a cheap generic drug that helps in covid-19. It’s just dexamethasone, a type of steroid used in cases of inflammation and it only helps if the patient needs to be on oxygen or a ventilator. You have to read several paragraphs in to get that info. But no doubt some people will try to get it and some companies will jack up the price.

For patients on ventilators, it cut the risk of death from 40% to 28%. For patients needing oxygen, it cut the risk of death from 25% to 20%. … Dexamethasone does not appear to help people with milder symptoms of coronavirus who do not need help with their breathing.

@11, that thinking is right up there with Trump not wearing a mask in that factory because he wanted to look the workers in the eye. Gah! They can’t even think of half-way plausible lies.

Well, well. Imagine that! Pity Bolton’s only writing a book now instead of speaking out earlier. Coward.

Trump asked China’s Xi to help him win reelection, according to Bolton book. “I would print Trump’s exact words but the government’s prepublication review process has decided otherwise.”

The memoir by former national security adviser John Bolton, obtained by The Post, portrays an “erratic” and “stunningly uninformed” commander in chief, and lays out a long series of jarring encounters between the president, his top advisers and foreign leaders.

The administration is seeking to block the book’s publication by alleging that it contains classified material.

Mental-health break: Kittehs! Spotssssss!

@19, this is a mental health break! So adorable! The one at the top has its little mouth open like its miaowing.

Those kittehs are soooooo cute!

@7 – Good for Pelosi. The threat to public health is serious and since you can’t trust the Thugs to tell the truth about how they’re feeling, let them stay outside if they can’t follow clear safety protocols.

@9 – Kellyanne is trying to look as cute and young as Kayleigh. Sorry sweetie, the evil has taken hold and you can’t plastic surgery that away!

@18 – Lucky for Bolton Drumpf is keeping his d*mn book alive. The window of my interest has long passed. He gets none of my $$$!

Conway’s face has always been odd. Every time I see pictures of her, my mind keeps trying to scramble out of an Uncanny Valley. She always seemed to be held up with pins, none of them in quite the right place. Judging by David Duke, that’s what happens with “work” as you age. My guess: she went and had the attachment points fixed, because now she’s just in an Uncanny Gully.

I like Donald Trump’s niece.

@24, good point. If a man her age had the facial wrinkles shown in the left photo no one would ever think to make a comment.

Just judging from that picture of KellyAnne, that plastic surgeon did a fantastic job. It looks like she had several things done, but certainly collagen injections to make her face fuller. I’ll have to see how it looks when she speaks and smiles, etc. With her job in communications, I’d say that was money well spent, no matter how much it was.

“Was that a nerve?” Haha!

@26, lots of women in communications jobs don’t have Conway’s money, and sexism is what makes people think women should have young faces while a man’s aging face shows character.

@28- who knows why she did it and she is a godawful person, but at least she looked like who she was. To me, she looks like an entirely different person- what does that do to someone’s self-perception? Will she now become an entirely different person?

Some good news and some bad news:

The Supreme Court blocks Trump’s attempt to end DACA, but a Richmond, Virginia judge extends order barring removal of Lee statue indefinitely.

@30 – Luna you beat me to it re the Supreme Court. I am in tears right now.

Fredster I think you got a good representative for LA!

Our GIrl throws shade.

@33, Oh, hell. Scanning tweets too fast and I thought it was HRC’s. Still funny though.

@32: Sadly, not my congr district. 😦

@33 Hilarious! It’s funny because it’s true.

I apologize for not being here more but just not feeling worth a damn lately.

Anyway one of the weather guys from a local channel (really ought to call him the wx boy since he’s all of 26) said he had not realized he had his ceiling fan blades turning the wrong way for summer and he included a graphic. A little checking on my part and my fan was the same. I turned the fan off to switch the blade direction and eek! That sent me to the store to get one of those five ft long swiffer things for the blades. Anyway here’s the graphic also.I apologize for the size. Couldn’t make it any smaller and still be readable.

That is news you can use! I never knew that. Can’t believe it never occurred to me, having lived in warm climates mostly with ceiling fans all my life.

@38 Same for me q! I leave the thing on all the time just to move the air some. I knew it had a button to reverse the direction the blades were turning but haven’t used it.

Weekend post up.

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