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Activist Wednesday: Of Course…

Posted on: April 15, 2020

It’s women who will be Drumpf’s final downfall.

The Mango Moron could never handle women who refused to fall into a faint when he stalked into a room, curls of hair from his merkin floating daintily around him. And now that he’s flunking the leadership test the coronavirus has presented, it’s women who are calling him out for doing so.

First, Hillary Clinton trounced him in 2016. (No way he won the electoral college legitimately.) He has been obsessed with her ever since. When the Democrats took the House in 2018, Nancy Pelosi became the next powerful women to foil the Narcissist-in-Chief. Remember all the way back in January of 2019, when this country was reeling from a shutdown – and it looked like the government was never going to re-open?

Pelosi beat him like a drum.

Flashback 40 days and Nancy Pelosi’s return to the speakership was a hard-won prize marred by Democratic grumbling.

After the midterm elections, 15 House Democrats signed a letter urging their colleagues not to support Pelosi for speaker: “We promised to change the status quo and we intend to deliver on that promise.” To recapture the gavel, Pelosi had to promise to be a “transitional” speaker, and many Democrats felt she only regained the role because there were no compelling alternatives.

t’s not that House Democrats dismissed Pelosi’s skills as a legislator, but what they needed was an answer to President Trump, and that didn’t seem like a role Pelosi was suited to play.

But in recent weeks, Speaker Pelosi proved a powerful foil to Trump, politically humiliating him in a way no other public figure has. Today, Trump buckled, agreeing to reopen the government in exchange for absolutely nothing, just days after he agreed to Pelosi’s demand to postpone the State of the Union.

How did she do it? She understands Drumpf, as so many women have always done.

Pelosi has long held that Trump is weak, easily confused, and easily baited. That informed her strategy. Along with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, she baited Trump into saying, while the cameras were rolling, “I will shut down the government. I am proud to shut down the government. I will take the mantle.” In interviews and meetings, she tweaked the president, calling the crisis “the Trump shutdown” to Trump’s face and suggesting the billionaire thought furloughed workers “could just ask their father for more money.” She was betting that Trump would overreact rather than turn her into the aggressor, and he did.

And that was just the first time she dominated him. There was, of course, the whole impeachment process, which the press seems to have forgotten as soon as the GOP acquitted him, but which We The People remember with deep gratitude.

So while so many men who should know better are are cowering and allowing themselves to be bullied into doing incredibly stupid things, women have decided they are not taking his sh*t anymore.

Case in point: female reporters, like Paula Reid.

Yesterday, the CBS reporter Paula Reid was determined to ask him about it at a White House press conference. “How do you close down the greatest economy in the history of the world when, on January 17, you have no cases [of Covid-19 in the US] and no deaths?” he replied. “On January 21, you have one case and no deaths. Think of that, we’re supposed to close down the country?”

In the exchange, the president highlights his decision to close US borders to China, and suggests that Democrats, in particular Joe Biden, accused him of xenophobia at the time.

But Reid was not convinced. “The argument is that you bought yourself some time. But what did you do with that time? You didn’t use it to prepare hospitals, you didn’t use it to ramp up testing. Right now, nearly 20 million are unemployed, tens of thousands of Americans are dead,” says Reid.

You want more? Okay, how about this? This article is from February and is really terrific; here are a few excerpts.

The most profound change in American politics today and in the years to come will result from a massive movement of women into the Democratic Party. As this realignment takes place Hillary Clinton may well go down in history as this century’s equivalent of Al Smith. Al Smith was the Democratic nominee for president in 1928 and the first Roman Catholic ever nominated by a major political party. Although he lost the election, his campaign presaged the movement of Catholics into the Democratic Party in 1932 when Franklin Roosevelt won the Democratic nomination and the presidency. Smith’s race was initially considered a failure, as was Hillary Clinton’s. But her defeat has set off a chain reaction likely to lead to a realignment of party coalitions and relative political strength in 2020 as sweeping as FDR’s victory in 1932.


The shocking defeat of Hillary Clinton at the hands of the overtly misogynistic Donald Trump put the existing trend into hyper-drive. It broke upon the national scene in cities across the country with previously unseen numbers starting with the Women’s March the day after Trump’s inauguration. Then it surprised almost everyone when it led to the election of a Democrat to the Senate in Alabama in a December 2017 special election. That result, which stemmed in significant degree from defections of Republican women in the state’s cities, suburbs and college campuses as well as a massive turnout of African-Americans, was quickly dismissed as an anomaly since the Republicans had nominated a sexual predator and pedophile as their candidate.

But no one could ignore the size and national impact the same shift had on the outcome of the midterm elections in November 2018. Exit polls that year showed women favored the Democratic candidate for Congress by 19 percentage points (59% to 40%), while men favored the Republican candidate by four points (51% to 47%). The resulting gender gap of 23 points was the widest one in the last twenty years.

I want to be clear here – I am not in any way disrespecting our wonderful Widdershin men, or any other men who are doing the right thing and standing up to Drumpf.

But damn, women are having a moment. And I am all the way here for it.

Tawk amongst yerselves!


88 Responses to "Activist Wednesday: Of Course…"

More about the climate change aspects of the coronavirus from the Guardian. BTW I love the Guardian, I have started a small monthly contribution to that news outlet.

From the previous post, we discussed the former Prez calling tRump out and we forgot to add Jimmeh from Plains Ga. Need to include him also and yeah, he’d say something I bet.

Do we trust white women to do the right thing this year??

This is all just so depressing. Biden was basically my next to last choice (just ahead of Bernie. And not counting the quacks like Marianne Williamson.) He should have sat this year out. But alas. And Bernie is embracing him in a way he never did HRC. And it makes me angry and depressed that this mediocrity is (hopefully) going to be President. And it just didn’t need to be like this. None of this should have happened. *sigh*

@4: D, I consider Biden a place holder just to get tRump out. He’ll do one term (fingers crossed) and be out.

Sorry to be vicious, but that seems to be what I’ve become through all this. /*endless screaming, you’ve heard it all before*/ Anyway, what counts as the hopeful outlook for me is that he picks a GOOD veep and then has the good sense to die within months. (I’d say resign, but I think he’s way too full of himself to do that.)

And, of course, that the rational wing of humanity is controlling both Houses of Congress, too. And a lot of state legislatures and governorships, so that the 2020 census doesn’t go down the toilet.

I don’t want much, do I?

I’m with you, DYB.

He should have sat this year out. But alas. And Bernie is embracing him in a way he never did HRC. And it makes me angry and depressed that this mediocrity is (hopefully) going to be President.

The real sting is that “hopefully.” We’re all forced into *hoping* for the mediocre old baggage to win.

Warren has endorsed him.

@4 & 6: He should have sat this year out.

I’m supposing you meant this cycle because he nor anyone else can run next year. Look: it appears this is what we got. And unlike that LA Times opinion writer, voting for him isn’t going to kill you. However, not voting for him or not voting at all may give us tRump for another four years and that indeed does have a chance of killing you.
Just my opinion of course.

I didn’t watch it but apparently tRump just threatened to adjourn Congress.

Luna, check dm on twitter.

I’m pragmatic — anything to get Trump out. But it burns me to the heart that Biden (Biden furcryin’outloud?) will be the next president. It should be Hillary and I will never forget, never forgive.

Trump thinks he can adjourn Congress? Hey Mitch, have you finally had enough of the Orange Nero?

Fredster, as I said somewhere else (skydancing?): Biden nauseates me. Nausea is better than being killed by a psychopath.

It’s important to remember that truth is what’s in short supply. (Not on this here blog!) So regardless of the psychopath, it’s important to remember that we’re

— being forced to vote for the dregs of the field,

— the only reason he’s there is because of sexism.

— The only reason we have a Dump for a president is because of sexism.

— Biden is a symptom of the *problem*, not the cure.

— If we’re ever going to climb out of this hole, it’s important to recognize it for what it is.

Luna, no self-respecting wolf would get within a mile of that shambling mess of an Administration.

What’s this about Orange Jabba adjourning Congress? I hadn’t even seen that yet!

Man, I just can’t keep up.

Damn, I was hoping Fenrir would agree to sully his fangs on Trump.

While some administrators get grifty and selfish over PPE, the rank-and-file healthcare workers are trying to do their jobs. Here’s one story about a few of my colleagues (also nice to hear this 96-y.o. survived the infection):

“A 96yo patient with a history of dementia and severe hearing loss was admitted to the hospital and found to have COVID. We wanted this patient to be able to communicate with his wife who was unable to visit. Through hard work and persistence, we were able to help facilitate IT boosting the Wifi signals in the nursing tower so that it could support video-chats for all Veterans admitted, Speech Pathology acquired an i-Pad, and Audiology fit the patient with new hearing aids the day he got his first negative test! That day the patient was able to talk to his wife via Facetime for the first time in 2 weeks! He reportedly asked “how long has it been since I’ve seen you?”…. told his wife she is beautiful, and there were tears on both sides of the chat.”

Excellent post, MB! I hope women will turn out again this year. Hubs is always telling me about meeting republican men that hate trump. Maybe they’ll sit it out or vote for Biden.

I am also stunned that we ended up with Biden, a has-been with baggage. What a weird series of events that gave him this chance. Well, anything to get rid of dump. I hope he chooses Kamala.

I heard that dump was threatening to adjourn Congress–can he do that? Also heard there’s some rethug faction that wants to recall Gavin!?!

@22, That’s lovely.

MB, thanks for the link on the last post. That’s about what I expected.

That groundhog is hilarious. Brazen little critter.

@16: All of those press and photo people at that event and no one could grab a photo of that? Disappointing.

@17: If Biden wins and it’s still an if, I think he’ll be a one term Prez so that makes his selection of a veep even more important. And that means no Elizabeth Warren.

Maddow interviewed Warren again, asking about her endorsement and whether she’d accept the veep role if asked. I’d say don’t ask. There are far better women choices Biden could choose from.

what do you see as the problem with Warren, Fredster? The way the Repubs could paint her as a wild-eyed socialist? Or that she doesn’t have the showmanship gene? (I get that impression. I’ve never seen videos of her, so I have no idea.) Something else entirely?

As everybody here may know, my pick was and is Kamala Harris, so I’m hoping it’s not Warren. But in my case I’m pretty sure that’s just a feeling, not based on any actual pros and cons.

Yikes. Apparently Dr. Oz got into the teevee machine to say excess mortality of 2%-3% due to having kids go to school again “might be acceptable” to some people.

People are interpreting this as 2%-3% extra kids dying. No, it would likeliest be the parents and grandparents (and teachers) they pass it to.

But even so. Not cute kids, but we’re close to 30,000 deaths already. One percent of that is 300, 3% is 900. That’s a lot of people, Dr. Oz, even if you do mean those of us past our sell-by dates.

@29: No, not a wild-eyed Socialist. And we know that she is wicked smart, as they say. However, look at all of the primary results: she failed miserably. But so did Biden until he didn’t. I’m just not sure she brings anything to a ticket that despite everything else, still needs to get those 70,000 or so votes that Hillary did not get in the midwest for whatever reason.

I like Harris also and she would help in Michigan, the Detroit area, Wisconsin around Milwaukee and possibly even Pennsylvania around Philly.

Let’s keep Warren in the Senate where she’ll do good work if we regain the majority there.

@31 totally agree. If Biden needs help in the Midwest, which I don’t think he does, a better bet would be Amy.

I truly believe his best move is to energize the base, and I don’t see Warren doing that. Kamala would, though, and it is a safe bet her seat would stay blue.

I just love karma being such a bitch.

Lawyer for Central pastor and church bucking stay-at-home order hospitalized with coronavirus

Reached in his hospital room Thursday while taking oxygen through his nose, Wittenbrink said he did not feel ill during the church events and has “no idea” how he may have contracted the virus.

“I went to Albertson’s twice a day. I went to Sam’s. I went to Walmart. I went to Lowe’s. I used the gas pumps. I mean I just wasn’t careful. God knows where I got it. The bad thing is I might have spread to somebody. I feel bad about that, ” he said.

Yes you very well may have spread it to someone else you pompous prick.

^^ So I think I know where the lawyer may have gotten the virus.
Member of defiant Central church dies from coronavirus illness, but pastor says it’s a lie

Spell (the pastor) also disputed that Orillion’s death was due to the virus, despite the coroner’s determination. “That is a lie,” Spell told WAFB.

Hey, Effin Bird, who’s this “we” you’re talkin about?

@37: That bird is pleading the fifth.

@36 – that is correct. Unlike Stacy Abrams who had the attitude that she was too good for the Senate and deserved VP! Pardonez-moi?! What national office has she held? She needs to take a seat next to Pete, Beto and AOC!

@39: I like Stacy but yes she needs some national experience. She’s young and has time to gain that.

Astounding that the Bernouts need to be told this. But they do. Letter To the New New Left from the Old New Left:

On April 13, 2020, Senator Bernie Sanders urged his supporters to vote for the presumptive Democratic nominee, former vice president Joe Biden. Writing as founders and veterans of the leading New Left organization of the 1960s, Students for a Democratic Society, we welcome Bernie’s wise choice—but we are gravely concerned that some of his supporters, including the leadership of Democratic Socialists of America, refuse to support Biden, whom they see as a representative of Wall Street capital. Some of us are DSA members, but do not believe their position is consistent with a long-range vision of democracy, justice, and human survival.

Now it is time for all those who yearn for a more equal and just social order to face facts. All of us have charged for years that Trump is the leader of an authoritarian party that aims for absolute power; rejects climate science; embraces racism, sexism, homophobia, and violence; holds the democratic process in contempt; bids to take over the entire federal judiciary; represses voting rights; and violates plain human decency on many fronts. These are the grounds for our solemn determination: a common effort to unseat him is our high moral and political responsibility.

Now we fear that some on the left cannot see the difference between a capitalist democrat and a protofascist. We hope none of us learn this difference from jail cells.

@41: Oh GAgal, stay away from The Nation. That’s the lala land of Katrina vanden Heuvel (or as I say vanden Hoover). She birthed Chris Hayes and others of his ilk like Sarandon and Tim Robbins. Those people are so far out there the Enterprise from Star Trek can’t reach them.

Nonetheless, good article.

“We hope none of us learn this difference from jail cells.”


Oh Fredster, I know who the Nation is. Hate ’em with a passion. Much like they hated Hillary and they certainly hate Biden, too. Yet, here we are.

@43; Yah true.

@44: Okay, wasn’t sure if you were aware of the pub’s background or not.

We have a new bingo game over on the sidebar.

The Quarantine Bingo?


Especially, “Nope.”

Ain’t no “we,” Effin’ Bird!

I liked “realize that checking the news and s.m. all the time gives you anxiety”.

Was on a web conference yesterday where a neuro-immunologist from the NIH spoke of a case in which a patient was still testing positive for covid-19 five weeks after symptom onset. She was recovering well. Hope that lengthy period of viral shedding is an extreme outlier.

@36, well said, Sen. Harris!

So yesterday I did have to physically go into the medical center because it’s my clinic day and there’s one telehealth visit I have to do in my office (never mind the technical reasons, long story). I walk up to the employee screening line wearing a cloth mask, because I can’t stay 6 ft away from people. Although they have 6ft markers on the ground, this hoop-tented walkway has screeners closer to people-to-be-screened than that. Also, the walkway is an exit from the building so people walk right through heading out (brilliant design). Most aren’t wearing masks.
Screener: “You’ll have to go to that tent there to be screened.”
Me: “Why?”
Screener: “You’re wearing a mask.”
Me: “We’re supposed to wear masks when we can’t social distance. Don’t give me that.” Yes, I was snippy.
Screener: “I just work here.”
Me: (Look of understanding)
Screener in tent: “Why are you wearing a mask?”
Me: “We’re supposed to.”

Update from work on latest precautions. Now they’re testing all the patients admitted, not just the ones with symptoms. In the meantime, standard precautions for asymptomatic patients (= no masks).
Question from employee: “How will employees who’ve worked with an asymptomatic patient before their test came back positive be notified?”
Manager: “Not sure yet.”
Seriously, management, you haven’t thought about how to tell us if a patient we’ve had contact with is positive? Or is that if you’re going to tell us? Yes, I have a bad attitude.

@54 /*raises hand*/ He’s not. He’s a squatter.

@52. You’re 100% justified having a bad attitude! They’re trying to kill you! Not out of malice. Out of PR and because doing the right thing is just too much bother. I’m willing to bet the admins making those rules are working from home and *never* have to come in.

Luna I am so so sorry. The incompetence is terrifying!!

And @52 – meeeeep!!

@52: on testing all patients. I’m willing to bet some of that is due to that segment Maddow did. If I can find that on youtube I’ll either email it to you or dm it.

Luna, check your dm on twitter.

The only problem, no way to expose your lungs to sunlight 😦 . Or, there is. But although the operation might be a complete success, the patient would die.

Anyway. Being a bit flippant there. Very interesting data since it tells you a bit more which surfaces to be paranoid about.

@60: If it’s heat and humidity that kills it, we’ve got it covered here.

How many of you have never once put the title of President in front of Trump?

@60 But although the operation might be a complete success, the patient would die. *snort*

Enjoyed chatting with an in-patient hospital nurse today as I was finishing up some annual training. To get PPE (1 mask per day regardless of how many patients they must have the PPE storage area unlocked by a supervisor and sign out for the PPE. They get asked “why are you wearing a mask?” if they wear a mask in the hallway or in rooms where patients are not positive for covid-19. Droplet precautions for MRSA have been cancelled. If one nurse voluntarily helps the nurse assigned to a patient who later turns positive for covid-19 they are urged not to bring up that information. “Oh, I really wouldn’t bother to say that if I were you — you were only in there a minute.” They are urged to work when sick if symptoms are mild.

A patient admitted late Dec/early Jan for exacerbation of CHF, w/lots of coughing was never tested despite nurses urging testing, isolation, and use of PPE. “Oh, it’s just CHF coughing; no need for isolation or masks.” Patient placed in 4-person room and then the 3 other patients got sick as well as several nurses, with a bad URI (upper respiratory infection) & cough lasting 8-10 wks. 1 patient in the room died (he had multlple comorbidities). Original patient recovered, was later tested and pos for a non-covid-19 coronavirus. Sounds very much like the viral illness I and co-workers in my part of the building got in Feb with cough, URI symptoms lasting a couple of months. My voice has almost gone back to normal but I still cough at night. It’s not covid-19 but why spread any infection?

Damn management to the lower reaches of Hell.

at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, [Nurse] Gulick and his colleagues worried that caring for infected patients without first being able to don an N95 respirator mask was risky. The N95 mask filters out 95% of all airborne particles, including ones too tiny to be blocked by regular masks. But hospital administrators said they weren’t necessary and didn’t provide them, he said.

Then, last week, a nurse on Gulick’s ward tested positive for the coronavirus, which causes COVID-19. The next day, doctors doing rounds on their ward asked the nurses why they weren’t wearing N95 masks, Gulick said, and told them they should have better protection.

For Gulick, that was it. He and a handful of nurses told their managers they wouldn’t enter COVID-19 patient rooms without N95 masks. “I went into nursing with a passion for helping those who are most vulnerable and being an advocate for those who couldn’t have a voice for themselves, but not under the conditions we’re currently under,” Gulick said.

The hospital suspended him and nine colleagues, according to the National Nurses United, which represents them. Ten nurses are now being paid but are not allowed to return to work pending an investigation from human resources, the union said.

They are among hundreds of doctors, nurses and other health care workers across the country who say they’ve been asked to work without adequate protection. Some have taken part in protests or lodged formal complaints. Others are buying or even making their own supplies

@59, Problem is that it’s hard to expose indoor surfaces to sunlight. Most human work sites are indoors these days. Also, what about all those areas with lots of sunny days but plenty of covid-19 infections? We need more specific information.

While you’re at it, Donny, how come their gawds haven’t come through with a cure yet despite all the thoughts and prayers? Huh?

Trump consults faith leaders on phased-in reopening

@68, Omg. Another nurse?!? Heartwrenching is the word. That was a beautiful violin rendition of Amazing Grace.

We are disgusted by St Johns in Santa Monica. (I spent the first two weeks of my life there btw) Surely 3M and the corps that make these masks have been manufacturing them around the clock. Where are they all?

Luna, sent you an email with tracking # of box.

If sunlight gets to it, you could probably use UV lights indoors. (The strong, medical kind.)

It’s awful, unconscionable what they demand of nurses and others. We’re all in this together, i thought. Except for administrators, I guess, safe in their bubbles.


It’s unconscionable but not surprising that people are continuing to.disrespect nursing, which is still mostly a female profession, with a high preponderance of WOC. I am so sorry for what they are going through, and glad that it is getting some media attention and legal heft behind it.

My company is proactively preparing for a very bad dip in revenues. We didn’t let people go (except those who had already had poor performance reviews), but we did enforce a pay cut across the board. It is a huge blow to me and my husband in terms of building financial security. Thankfully I still have a job, and we will be fine, but I am a huge planner and I am afraid this scenario wasn’t something I thought would happen. Losing my job, yes – but not still being employed and yet, making less money than I was when I first came out to SF.

@70, annie, received! Thank you so much!

I’d want confirmation from a couple of reliable sources before believing that about Stacey Abrams. Seems totally out of character. And totally beneath her level of intelligence, if nothing else!

mb, sorry to hear about that pay cut. SF is a very expensive city in which to live.

I’d been thinking about retiring soon, but not now (like lots of other people). Spouse-person’s practice has dropped to about 1/4 of usual level, so lot less income coming in for us. On top of all this, the major bridge connecting the area in which I live to the rest of Seattle and to the freeway is closed. Turns out it’s showing signs of structural failure and they want to reinforce it before it falls down. Then they’ll see about repairing or replacing it. Solution not expected until 2022. What’s even worse is the smaller drawbridge underneath it is also showing stress, so they’ve limited traffic on it to buses and trucks and banned passenger vehicles. My commute time has tripled and once the stay-home regs are lifted it will quintiple. I’m sorry for anyone trying to sell a house here in the next couple of years! OTOH, I’m not sick. And maybe Prez Biden and a Dem majority will get infrastructure repair funded the way it should be.

@75, Apparently it’s also in a Rolling Stone interview, but I couldn’t quickly find a transcript.

As for listing the Ayn Rand novel “Atlas Shrugged,” as one of her favorites – an admittedly unusual choice for a Democrat, Abrams says that she rejects the author’s “selfishness theory,” but nevertheless says: “When we stop celebrating innovation and genius and thought and creativity … then we run very real risks as humans.”

I hear thunder in the distance and checked radar. We have rain coming! We have been in a slight to moderate drought here so it’s welcome

Pffft, lol, whatever you want to think.

He can’t even copy how other people put on those masks! Surely someone showed him or he watched a briefing, eh? But Republican.

@80: Have a feeling that last item played a big part.

@71, strong UV lights. Ah, bililights! What they put neonates under when their bilirubin is low. Lol, but it’s what I immediately thought of!

Hey all, I’ll have a weekend post up sometime later.

Awwww, a cutie!

New post up top

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