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Posted on: March 28, 2020

Welcome to the weekend Widdershins!

What a mess everything is. I mean…everything is terrible. And our Orange Leader is, well, you know. So – let’s try to lift each other’s spirits up a bit! Post something – a song, a clip from a movie, a poem, whatever – that makes you smile!

This is an open thread.


53 Responses to "Lazy Weekends"

How bout some Betty White

The NYT. 4 years too late.

Okay, you’re right Fredster…we are in deeper shit than we would have been with President Hillary Rodham Clinton, or Gavin Newsom, or Cuomo or the WA gov. or about 50 people I can think of off the top of my head.

I am on a project to try and make me feel better, hopefully make others feel better and keep some folks safe. I am making protective masks that I will give away to people that work with my son at an emergency animal hospital, friends, family and to health care workers if I can before I burn out or go broke first.

I am not just making masks that will end up being almost as safe as the N95’s or at least surgical masks, but making them out of the most beautiful material I can find. I want to make people feel a little bit happy when they put them on, and the masks will be of super quality, tightly woven cotton with cute dog and cats on them or beautiful flowers that are like watercolor paintings. It has taken me awhile to get the materials online, some of my own sewing stock and have to be inventive when it comes to the fitting and the bendable metal piece that is by the upper nose.

I hope all of you stay safe, find something that makes you happy while you are grounded and know that things will get better.
Hugs to all of you.

@6: That sounds like a wonderful idea shadow. Would like to find someone around here who could do that.

Oh and it was DYB who did the post this weekend. I’ve sort of been in a funk with all of this and I need to step back on watching all of the MSNBC shows…maybe try to limit myself.

Sorry, I forgot to see that DYB made this post…just want you to know that instead of posting happy music, I am knee deep in materials and listening to a program on Britbox while I work.

@6, oh those sound very nice, Shadow! I am starting to sew some surgical-mask-type fabric masks. I’ve sewed for years and have a stash of material, and fortunately I had some elastic too. Checked on line today and no surprise, the scalpers are marking up elastic to ridiculous prices.

What are you using for the nose area reinforcement?

****rude noise****

So here’s a NYT reporter going on about her boyfriends experience with covid-19 — or she thinks it is, but he was never tested.

even the ER doc didnt bother testing my bf, just said it was obvious he had it.”

went to an urgent care…found pneumonia on an Xray, told us to go to ER. …
Here’s the regimen that worked for him: Tylenol extra strength every 5-6ish hours, prescription anti-nausea + cough medicine, pulse oximeter to check oxygen levels at home, Pedialyte for hydration. Z-pack for pneumonia has helped.

“Z-pak” is brand name for azithromycin, an antibiotic. What do antibiotics work on, people? Bacteria! Yes, bacteria! What do antibiotics NOT work on, people? Viruses! That’s right, they do NOT work on viruses!

Great post D! Yes, we all need to keep our spirits up anyway we can. Love the Randy Rainbow and those funny Brit pieces. That reminds me, the family wants to watch Nuns on the Run.

Shadow, that’s great what you’re doing. Are you still working from home as well?

Fredster, loved your funny skits also. Carol Burnett show was great.

Luna, the old guy dancing with his dogs was terrific!

Luna @4, I read that a few days ago. If we ever get a Dam prez, senate & congress again, we need to badger them to try to change the balance of the SC & get rid of the horrible Electoral College.

Did you guys see this? Good article about the pandemic:

@16 Annie that was the best article I have read about the pandemic. Thanks so much for sharing.

And forgot to say, D, thanks for the funnies, and Shadow, that’s incredibly inspiring. If you want to share your work on the blog, please let us know!!

Shadowfox, that is lovely what you are doing!!! Did you see that about a week ago Christian Sirriano volunteered his sewing staff (who are working from home, Siriano is paying them) to start sewing face-masks for NYC? Cuomo accepted their offer. And there was a brewery in Brooklyn that said they’d start making hand sanitizer instead of beer.

@20: Hope that brewery doesn’t cut back too much on the drinkable alcohol. We need that too. LOL

We love our snake of a Governor.

I’ve sort of been in a funk with all of this


My reaction has kind of surprised me. I think I’m doing fine, trying to stay safe, dealing with problems as they come up. It all sounds a lot like adulting, not something I’m known for. And then at night my brain just whirrs and I can’t sleep and then after maybe three hours I doze off for a bit and then wake up again and just wait for some reasonable hour like 5 AM.

But on a conscious level I don’t feel stressed. It’s a strange inversion: my head is shouting “RUN” and my heart is saying, “Don’t panic.” Seems like it’s supposed to be the other way around!

@26: I know that *theoretically*, statistically, I should be okay. I’m single, doing social distancing whenever I go out and that is as little as possible. But…it’s in the back of your head how awful this is. And it would probably help a ton if we had someone in the White House who wasn’t a complete liar and also had some competent people in the administration. Just sayin’.

I was okay this month, but as April is flying towards us I’m getting scared.

I don’t mind the “isolation” thing at all. I’m not a party animal in my regular life anyway, so it feels like something I’ve been practicing for my whole life! Of course the fact that you can’t have a friend over for dinner is crazy (and necessary). But overall I’m not stressed by that. I am freaked out by three things though: 1) the malevolent force in the charge. It’s not just that we are dealing with a dangerous and deadly virus, but we also have a malevolent psychopath in the White House who is actively trying to harm people. It’s worse than just ignoring the problem… 2) I have several nurse friends and they say NYC hasn’t peaked yet, they anticipate that in a few weeks. (Few weeks!) And most people in the ICUs are between 20 and 49. One friend says people go down so damned fast. She said they had one 21 year old who was gone within 6 hrs of checking in. A good friend of mine has lost 2 of his friends within 48 hrs of them feeling a symptom, and both of those friends were marathon runners in their early 40’s, to they had steel lungs. This thing is dangerous. If it comes after you, it’ll come after you bad. And 3) I’m afraid about the long-term consequences to our economy and way of life. Work is going to suffer for everyone and the feds won’t take care of it (see again: Trump, Donald and his Party.) People are going to start losing homes and I may well be one of those people. It’s all the unknowable things that are terrible.

@29: I don’t mind the “isolation” thing at all.

Same here. Don’t mind that part in the least.

People are going to start losing homes and I may well be one of those people.

Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen D.

@29 – D I empathize with all your concerns. And, on top of that, my extraversion is causing me great anxiety re the social distancing. I feel like there is electricity jumping off my skin. At the same time I am lethargic and uninspired. Great combo!

I’m with the hermits here, the isolation part is the only part that’s okay. Somebody said he feels for the extroverts. For him, the equivalent would be having to partying for New Year’s in Times Sq. *every day*.

So, from the great distance of a different orientation, I do sympathize, mb!

9 NW Luna

Hey Luna, we should share tips on the masks and glad to see you are making some too. I know what you mean about finding elastic, thankfully I had some in my stash too. I haven’t sewed in decades so doing this is making me feel like I am doing something to help out while grounded. I did purchase a roll of elastic from China, supposed to get here by May, seems like we will still be in the middle of this terrible mess by then, so might just come in handy to make even more masks by then.

For the wires that bend at the nose I ordered some covered wire that you can use on plants, you get a roll with a cutter, but it isn’t stiff or strong enough so I would have to triple the layers of wire.

The other thing I bought on Amazon were 5 inch twist ties. I got the white ones that are covered in plastic so they could be washed. Not sure what kind of wire it is, hopefully it doesn’t rust in the wash. I have to triple up the ties or they are also too weak. There might be something better, but I am not sure what.

Someone on a website uses pipe cleaners, so I ordered some of those two, but they haven’t arrived so I haven’t tried them yet. I know those things from the past, have real pokey end wires, so if I use them, I am going to use a pair of needle nose, (rounded) plies to form a tiny circle of wire at each end so they don’t poke.

I am making the surgical style and the N95 style masks too. For material I am using tightly woven cotton tea towels. I get them on Amazon. I am going to pass on two links, one in the next post that tells what are the safest materials to use.

Pass on any tips you can and sending a big hug.

This is one of the type of tea towels I am using.


Below is the article I found on what are the safest fabrics to use.

I find that doubling up on the tea towels is easier to breath out of with the N95 style mask, and not as bulky as a double layer of that type of material used in the surgical masks style.But I am making both styles.

What type of material are you using?

Actually this is my cat every pre-mealtime.

Just reading though the rest of the blog posts…

Social, yes, I am still working at home. I am very lucky to still get paid to work at home. I plan to retire July 1st, so I am enjoying rolling out of bed and having no commute while I work in my fuzzy slippers. Our large meeting are on zoom and it is nice seeing everyone’s face in their own living space.

Who about you, are you staying safe down there?

As an introvert, the current social situation is business as usual for me excepting the library closures, lol. Lots of digital resources though.

One of my neighbors out walking her dog the other day was complaining she was bored. She likes doing things face-to-face with lots of people. “Bored? What’s that?” I almost said to her. I can read, write, listen, walk, garden, watch birds, spin, knit, imagine, interact with cats, sew, learn something… lots of things to do. If I’m bored it’s my own fault (as my mother used to tell me).

Shadow, I’m using some tightly woven cottons and silks 🙂 and doubling or tripling the layers if the fabric’s less tightly woven. Some years back I intended to try art quilting and bought a bunch of thrift-store garments just for the material — have some amazing finds. Thanks for the links; now I have over a half-dozen of pattern ideas. Read an article that covid-19 infection appears to be predominantly from virus that gets only as far as the nasopharyngeal area rather than in the lungs — so materials which block only the bigger droplets can still be beneficial.

20 DYB

Designers keeping their ‘doors’ open to have their staff make masks and a brewery making hand sanitizer is the kind of spirit I love most about the American people.

Funny thing about is that by helping others in a crisis such as this, it helps heal that feeling of helplessness that sets in when you have been grounded in your own home.

39 Luna, half a dozen pattern ideas…wow, I would like to see some of those. I have thought of making some face shields too…waiting for materials to arrive from Amazon…on that idea.

Did I see you spin? Are you talking about making your own yarn, (me too), or on a stationary bike.?

I bet you found some amazing fabrics for a quilt.

I’ve used up my free articles so can’t access the story, but this headline!

Man claiming to teach pit bull to drive arrested after high-speed chase, troopers say

@29,DYB, that’s grim.

@41, Shadow, yes, I spin yarn! I use handspindles, the same sorts of old-tech tools used by the Greeks and the Vikings and the Turks and the Peruvians. I have a spinning wheel but lol haven’t used it yet because the spindles are so convenience and portable, plus then I can spin standing. Tell me about what you’re doing!


I spin on an electric spinner. I don’t like the looks of a big wheel and I like something tiny. Although I once saw a wheel made out of glass and it was a beauty. Spinning is something I have been doing during the winter months for only a couple of years, also bought a carder to make art batts, that’s freakin’ fun. I only use wool fleece and add ins. It is such a blast. Seems we have a lot in common. 😉

Shadow, you have a carder! ((envious)) Is your e-spinner a Hanson? Or one of the newer 3-D printed ones? Also, are you on Ravelry? I like spinning with merino and Polwarth, also silk, camel and alpaca. Yes, I tend to favor the luscious-y fiber! Also yak/silk which can be find difficult to spin because the yak has such a short staple. I’ve collected mountain-goat sheddings on my hikes in mtn-goat territory, and have spun the down. It is soooo light and warm, just like cashmere, once all the guard hairs have been removed. Prepping it is a pain though.


I have one of these:

I’m with you on the merino and polwarth and I also like Finn and BFL. Amazing the people and goods you find on Etsy. I buy my fleece there because I live in the Bay Area and there are no sheep near here that I know of. Wish there was. Finding fleece from mountain goats on a hike is pretty sweet.

I wish we lived closer so we could get together. 😉

Defense Dept. tells military bases to stop reporting case totals

CDC considering recommending general public wear face coverings in public


Hey all, I will post tomorrow morning. Hang in there .

Hey y’all. Had a doctor’s appt this afternoon and then they phoned in a local script plus doing mail order on my maintenance meds. When CVS called to say script was ready I asked if they had the prevnar 13 pneumonia shot and maybe flu vaccine ( was kind of doubting that one) and the pharmacist said yes to both! So when I went to pick up the script I got both shots, one in each arm at the same time. Big mistake. Stopped by grocery afterwards and while I was in there started feeling flushed and almost like a fever.

So called a friend of mine who did the same both shots at same time and she said yeah that happened with her and she felt kind of lousy for a few days. Yeah, perfect time for that.

@51, just the pneumonia shot by itself, and the flu shot as well, both get my significant other the same way. Seriously under the weather for about two days. No symptoms other than just being very tired and letharigc.

Better to have that, though, than to not have the shots! And better yet, in this situation, to have got them in one visit rather than two.

All we’ll expect from you in comments is icons of tired faces 😀

@52: q, when I was talking with my friend I asked her if she had ever had reactions before to either flu or pneumonia shot and she said no, but also like me she had had the previous type of pneumonia shot. But I’m not going to complain (but of course I will), I’m just thankful they still had some of the flu vaccine left.

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