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Weekend post~more dis n dat

Posted on: March 21, 2020

Stay 6 feet apart

Good weekend Widdershins

So, here we are with a leaderless, rudderless, federal government that consists of a man who is the purported President*, who just reels off untruths and lies at a daily “briefing”, and then attacks a reporter for giving him a softball question.  I believe I agree with Rachel.  Don’t broadcast this bullshit live.  Tape those and show later if you must show them.

Currently we have seventy million Americans who have been told to stay home.  Illinois was the latest to do so but it surely won’t be the last one.  I expect Louisiana’s governor to do the same soon since we have one of the highest rates of infection on a per capita basis.

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Because why not a saxophone group called Nuclear Whales?


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55 Responses to "Weekend post~more dis n dat"

All quiet on the Widdershins front.
Guess y’all are out socially engaging and such.

@1, Went for a short hike yesterday. Did not find the oyster mushrooms I was hoping to find in an area which they’d fruited in last year about this time. Still, it was a nice lowland hike in sunshine. Lot of Pacific Wrens singing. Tiny birds with more song than body!

@3: Wow, getting message that error occurred. My connection has been slow today. I bounced the gateway but I don’t think it’s on my end of things.

Aw, Fredster, would we do a thing like that? Us hermits? (Well, maybe not all of you.)

Pacific wrens ignore the laws od physics!

Was able to view and hear the video on the youtube website.

Pacific wrens can sing on the in-breath and on the out-breath! I still think of them as Winter Wrens (Troglodytes troglodytes) and only recently have they been put in their own species (T. pacificae). IMO their song is more liquid and enchanting than the Eastern population even though my Sibley bird book says the Eastern is “more musical.”

Thanks for fixing the youtube.

Those “flushable” wipes shouldn’t be flushed.

Americans coping with the coronavirus are clogging toilets

Many Americans seem to be following the recommendations of public health officials to clean and sterilize countertops, doorknobs, faucets and other frequently touched surfaces in their homes.

The problem? Many are then tossing the disinfectant wipes, paper towels and other paper products they used into the toilet. The result has been a coast-to-coast surge in backed-up sewer lines and overflowing toilets, according to plumbers and public officials, who have pleaded with Americans to spare the nation’s pipes from further strain.

Something I like to do with my spare time- online jigsaw puzzles.

@9 You know the Dr. Strangelove scene where the Dr. is desperately trying to hold his own hand back from strangling him?

I have a lesser case: desperately. trying. to keep fingers. off. caps. lock.

Anyway. Screaming here. People are such idiots.

@11, I often get that way anyway, and now it’s even more frustrating. That’s the unfortunately problem when you’re cursed with critical thinking and analysis skills.

@14, oh this one’s so much better:

@15: I had dvr’d the morning news and then watched it later. In my parish the number of cases has gone from three to twelve. Don’t know all of the circumstances but with those smallish (for now) numbers that’s really illustrative of how this thing can take off.

Governor here issued a stay-at-home order statewide that goes into effect officially tomorrow at 5 pm but he asked that if you can do it sooner that’s better.

Was gonna catch the local news at 5:30 Central but tRump and Pence on spewing out more falsehoods and plain lies. Fuck them both.

@11. It’s people like that who cause mandatory lockdowns with arrest-on-sight orders.

Give me strength, indeed.

At Lambeth House in nola, believed to be site of first cluster of covid 19.

Love the Effin Bird!

You knew this was going to happen and probably will here also.

I’ve read about triage. In a way, we’ve all been near a kind of very slow motion version of it whenever someone dies for want of something which could be available.

In our world before this, it was generally because some billionaire was hoarding. (It occurs to me, if we want to understand how billionaires can sit on their money in the face of the desperate need in the world, it’s pretty much the same reflex that makes ordinary folk rush off and hoard toilet paper.)

But what’s different now is the resources — the medical equipment — just aren’t there because we couldn’t / didn’t prepare for this. Like someone who has to decide which child to feed because there’s not enough to go around.

Bloody terrifying. Soul destroying.

Hope they’re triaging the triage. An otherwise healthy 70-y.o. will do better than a 50 y.o. with COPD, DMT2, and CAD.

What quixote says. It’s all so stupefyingly ridiculous that poor planning–no, lack of planning– has resulted in this.

@24 & 25: And here’s another thing: We might have fared better with all of this if that fucktard in the White House wasn’t so determined to wipe out anything related to what Obama did. Plus add in his stupefying ego and refusal to just stop lying.

Oh and look over on the side at the Reuters article about him deciding whether to “reopen” the economy after 15 days. He got that brilliant idea from some jerk on Fox News. Heaven help us.


Trump cannot block critics on Twitter, federal court affirms in ruling

A federal appeals court in New York on Monday let stand a ruling that prevents President Trump from blocking critical voices from the Twitter account he uses to communicate with the public.

The full U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit denied the Trump administration’s request to revisit an earlier holding that Trump violated the First Amendment when he blocked individual Twitter users who were critical of the president or his polices.

“Excluding people from an otherwise public forum such as this by blocking those who express views critical of a public official is, we concluded, unconstitutional,” wrote Judge Barrington D. Parker.

@26: Oh good!!

@30 – they are giving him the Hillary treatment, I see. Heaven forbid they should cover an actual Democrat being Presidential.

I agree with all of you, I am so incredibly outraged by the sheer venality of this administration.

Y’all saw that magnificent Margaret Sullivan op-ed in WaPo about how they have to stop covering the Dump live because he’s just holding propaganda rallies, not pressers?

But Biden isn’t worth covering. /*endless screaming — and I do mean endless */

And for those who aren’t angry enough yet… News on how the Brits, also suffering under a pompous, cosplaying head of state, deal with women’s need for health care in contagious times:

All women and girls will be able to take both sets of abortion pills at home when needed, and doctors will be able to prescribe them from home.

Meanwhile the Dump wants to *reduce* physical distancing while the US has the steepest curve of increased cases of any country so far?

And that’s to “help” the economy?

I guess Ivanka has trademarked a coffin company, or something.

@35: Here ya go:

And not sure now, but they used to own a company that made hospital beds. Good time to invest, right?

@34, Bad as the right-wing Brits are, they’re still better than the American Rethugs.

@39: Live stream here:

@41, LOL!

@mg, @DYB, are you all right? All the other Widdershins who have been self-quarantined and not posting lately? @socalannie, @shadowfax, @GAGal, @catscatscats, @sweetsue, @ Oh, I’m bad with names. I really am. When I introduce myself to patients I say that and then explain I’m better with faces, but that excuse doesn’t work online.

My Gov Inslee turned his recommendations — which amounted to a shut-down/shelter in place — official tonight. 48 to close ‘non-essential’ services. Unfortunately the ‘essential’ services still have enough loopholes you can drive a truckload of toilet paper through them.

Fredster @36. Oh. My. God. That was supposed to be gallows *humor*. I didn’t think I was merely reporting. God help us.

@46: Shall we have a gander at the classic collection?

One might be interested in the “President-carved top”.

Once manufactured by the Marcellus casket company in New York, it was hand made by them and was known as the Marcellus Masterpiece. Highlights of this model are:

Solid Mahogany Construction
Time-Honored Craftsmanship
Silverbeige Velvet Interior
Distinctive Carved Top Inlay
Georgetown Stain
Hand-Rubbed High Gloss Finish
Distinctive Shell Design
Swing Bar Hardware
FailSafe® Liner
Adjustable Wood Bed and Mattress (very important to the deceased loved one)
Pre-Interment Warranty
Living Memorial® Program

Wow, I spend a day at work and we’re posting Trumpian coffins! Luna, I am hanging in.

I will put a post up tomorrow morning. Like many businesses, my place of employment has been thrown into a frenzy of activity as we work on keeping our heads above water and protecting our peop!e.

I am proud of Schumer and Pelosi as they keep the Rethugs from cutting the last remaining threads of the social safety net.

@51: All in jest mb, all in jest.

Just one set of hotels in nola.

Major New Orleans hotelier furloughs 500 workers, sets up grants amid coronavirus closures

@50, But it needs Trumpian gold plating!

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