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This and that – midweek

Posted on: March 17, 2020

Hi Widdershins!

I see our last post is getting long and is probably taking time to load, so I’m starting a new place-holder for continued, uninterrupted chatting.

Bernie got his ass kicked again; Biden won Florida and Illinois by huge margins. Ironically Bernie’s awful campaign first tried to suppress the vote by telling people that if they vote they will get Coronavirus and die. And now that they lost BIGLY, they argue that low turnout makes the results not acceptable. They are the biggest hypocrites currently alive.

How is everybody doing? Are you staying in the house? Working remotely? Avoiding crowds? NYC is a ghost town after all restaurants were closed last night. (Only delivery and take-out are allowed.) Gyms are closed, even electronic stores are closed. There are rumors that they will shut down the subways too… Only food stores and pharmacies are open now…

That old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” Well, how much more interesting can the times get?

This is an open thread.

99 Responses to "This and that – midweek"

@1, DYB, LOL! I had copied the “stunningly inept campaign fronted by an absolute terrible candidate” from your comment on the last thread to bring up here, but glad to see you posted it again!

Stunningly bad candidate, indeed. I’m expecting the “rigged” whining to start if it hasn’t already. I’m still chortling over the shocked, I mean shocked! Seattle Berniebros who are flabbergasted that Bernie lost the WA primary when he won the caucuses here in 2016. I am gleefully reminding them that he lost the (nonbinding) primary in 2016 too. 🙂

Grrrr. Something ate my comment. I was just making fun of the Berniebrats again.

I love that the Burnout is getting his wrinkled old ass kicked. He needs to concede pronto. Take his heart meds and go home, he will live longer for giving up and so will we.

I live in the Bay Area and am sheltered in place. Working from home a week and my son is putting his life at risk working in a veterinary hospital. (I hate that he might get it!) He also wants to do my grocery shopping for me so I stay in the house. Good thing that we can go outside for walks, etc when it stops raining or I would be going nuts. It’s okay for a few days but knowing that your life is at risk over 65 and being around people is like suddenly becoming a freak of nature. I have to work at not letting this get me down.

I turned on CNN tonight and when they started talking about the virus, I could feel my fear picking up…had to turn the channel.

I have no idea what the streets are like here, haven’t been anywhere for four days.

Hang in there DYB and everyone here…we will get though this together. A big hug to all. Stay healthy.

Never mind. Some sort of weird cyber delay.

I was trying to work remotely today but spent more time on the phone with the help desk trying to figure out the connection problems. At least I can email the educational presentation I’m working on back and forth from my work to home emails if all fails; no PHI in there. Probably the system is simply freaking out over all the connection demands on it now. I do have a day in clinic Thurs so I’ll just have to see what that schedule is like.

Stay safe Luna.

Hey all! Thanks for taking the post, DYB, I was just getting on to write something for tomorrow, but now there’s no need!

I am LOVING the absolute double-digit SHELLACKING that Biden is delivering. Bernie needs to f’ing drop out NOW.

I am currently sheltering in place with hubby. I am working from home and all our clients have now embraced the reality that we are working remotely.

I am on the management team for our SF office and we are really working hard to make sure people still feel connected to us and their colleagues. Videoconferencing is our main tool for this, but we’re also using instant messaging (Slack) to work together.

I am spending a lot more time texting and FaceTiming friends. Let me know if we want to do a Widdershins videoconference! I can set it up. 🙂

Thanks, Shadow. You too.

@8, a Widdershins videoconference! Very cool! I’ve used Zoom for videoconferences with community groups. For work we use Skype or AdobeConnect which I believe require more formal interconnections. Have never used Slack.

endless screamingAll they had to do was vote for the woman.

I have to Zoom in at 9 AM tomorrow for a work meeting. Hope my home earphones and mike work…no one to practice with until tomorrow.

I am up for a Zoom Widdershins conference call. That would be great to finally meet you.

Let me know if we want to do a Widdershins videoconference! I can set it up.

Nah, not ready for my closeup.

dyb, check your msgs on twitter.

Neener, neener, neener… Bernie got his ass whooped!! Again. Once more for ol’ times sake.

Let me put a bit of thought into the videoconference! BTW Fredster, you don’t have to turn on your camera. It can just be like a phone call. 🙂

Love that Bernie Math!

(goes off chortling again…)

Bernie Sanders is reevaluating his campaign. Per Twitter.

It’s incredible how resoundingly he is being rejected. By the groups he has claimed as his own – white working class – all over the country. Sanders, his campaign, his supporters and every TV pundit, completely misunderstood the 2016 primary results. They thought Sanders appealed to the white working class, those rural unicorns. It turns out that he was just the beneficiary of misogyny and 30 years of Clinton-hate. And his revolution may be loud on the internet (amplified by the Russians), but it goes out with a whimper in the real world. Turns out revolutions are hard and getting kids to leave their parents’ basements is even harder.

Bernie also completely misunderstood the Democratic party. He thinks (still thinks) that everyone is as ego-centrist and selfish as he is, that every candidate would stay until the bitter end. Bernie thinks that everyone wants to be just like him. Turns out most Democrats want what’s best for their party and the country. It’s something Bernie will never understand because he doesn’t want to belong to anyone. But all the candidates dropped out and backed their party’s leader of the votes. Bernie can’t process this information, it does not compute. He anticipated that everyone would stay and split the vote and he would sneak in and win. That was literally his entire campaign strategy. Nobody on this team anticipated that the party would unite behind the person getting the most votes. Bernie’s tiny brain doesn’t get this. So when they started dropping out and endorsing Biden (Lord knows he wasn’t anybody’s first choice, or even second choice, or even third), but that’s what parties do. That’s what “unity” means. To Bernie is looks like collusion. His tiny brain does not understand camaraderie

@19 – DYB – that is such a strong analysis. Spot-on. I think he will be dropping out soon. He just can’t point to a single argument for him to be the nominee.

19 DYB

I agree 100%

All these years the old coot was putting Hillary down, saying HE could have won against Dump in 2016.

Hillary won the popular vote with both hands tied behind her, with Comey and his FBI derailing her campaign, with Dump and his pets, Putin, Alt-right and every wacko on the planet trying to silence her.

May they all go to Hell and watch their Big Dump make a big effin’ splat!

Got to Hell Bernie, your revolution was always fake news!

*GO to Hell Bernie. (Oops)

@19: And his revolution may be loud on the internet (amplified by the Russians), but it goes out with a whimper in the real world.

Exactly! People have seen this show before and don’t want anymore of it.

At one point last night on CNN they had a group of “experts” or something talking about the route in Florida. One of the folks was a member of Obama’s team, forgot who, and he said the dreaded “Bernie should drop out now”. There was a woman there who was something or other with Sanders. Had the biggest frown and angry face. She said Sanders should stay in as long as he wants to stay in (heard that before) and the Obama person said no, this is now the national race and people should united now behind Biden. Sanders woman was asked if Biden was the nominee would she support and vote for him. Sanders woman had this condescending look on her face and said “of course I will”.


@19, Spot-on analysis, DYB!

Somehow, he or the kids will make money out of this:

President Trump on Wednesday invoked the Defense Production Act (DPA), a set of emergency powers that will give the federal government the ability to ramp up the production of medical supplies such as masks, ventilators, gloves and other equipment to help the U.S. medical system respond to coronavirus cases.

@27: Easiest thing to do Bernie is to just say “I’m suspending my campaign”. See, not difficult at all.

Headline writer thinks Bernie can negotiate from a position of power.

Bernie Sanders signaled Wednesday that he was open to ending his presidential run

@30: Somewhere in a quiet corner Chris Hayes cries and sobs.

Stopped taking him srsly a loong time ago.

Mysterious how those young voters, at low risk from covid-19 and who’ve been hanging out in bars saying they’re not worried, suddenly got so worried they didn’t show up at the polls.

@33: Yeah, very interesting.

The La. lege has adjourned, forgot for how long, but I want to try contacting my state rep (Rep, sadly) to tell him it’s beyond time for the state to move to vote by mail. I think the sec of state has time to implement it for the Nov. election.

DYB @28 about that Chinese scientist. Wow. Is it just me or has karma speeded up?

37-Karmic bite in the ass.

A Georgia State Senator has tested positive and has stupidly (of course) exposed the others.

All of Georgia’s state lawmakers were urged Wednesday to self-isolate themselves for weeks after a state senator who participated in a Monday vote disclosed he tested positive for the disease caused by coronavirus.

State Sen. Brandon Beach said he was screened for the disease Saturday when he sought medical attention for a cough and mild fever, but that the test results didn’t arrive until Wednesday.

In between, the Alpharetta Republican said he felt healthy enough to join dozens of legislators, staff members and reporters for a one-day special legislative session at the Capitol to grant Gov. Brian Kemp broad powers to respond to the pandemic.

In the the email from Senate officials, an aide to Duncan said that Beach, who wasn’t initially identified, had exhibited symptoms dating to March 10. That sparked outrage from some legislators infuriated by Beach’s decision.

“I’m shaking with rage. We were told if we had symptoms to refrain from going to the Capitol on Monday. Senator Brandon Beach knew he was exhibiting symptoms since MARCH THE 10TH!” wrote state Rep. Scot Turner on Facebook.

“I have an elderly hospice patient at home. He irresponsibly stayed all day at the Capitol on Monday and exposed all of us.”–regional-govt–politics/georgia-state-senator-tests-positive-for-coronavirus/ieL8pvOR1KHzy9woAeGFHL/

The class I’m taking met by zoom today. Would be happy to zoom with you all!

@18, LMAO!

@19, You nailed it, D.

@21, Well said Shadow! Future presidential election historians will look at Hillary’s achievements and marvel at them. Pity we’ll probably all be dead by then.

Fredster @32, Ditto that. Thanks for the cute animal pix!

GAgal, omg, that’s awful. Did you guys see all those Spring Break dunces frolicking all over FL? And MSNBC said that 7 red states were doing NOTHING about coronavirus. No shutdowns, no shelter orders, nothing. I think they were: TX, OK, TN, WY, ID, MO, MS. Shameful.

Now that I can’t go to the gym, I suddenly feel the urgent need to go!

@42: That’s usually the way it works doesn’t it annie? LOL

And it seems to always be the packs of cheese. Grrr.

Hi, everyone. Has anyone heard why Fauci has been a no-show for two days?

@33 Luna> Nail on the head! That revolutions of young people not afraid to party for spring break and in bars, but voting? “Don’t wanna get sick!”

And I agree with Fredster on Hayes, Hayes is such a Bernie fan-boy, it’s embarrassing. Maddow is too, but she’s less obvious.

lililam> I’m seeing people on twitter ask the same question. I don’t see why Trump would have been mad at Fauci though, since Fauci has been covering for Trump.

“Now that I can’t go to the gym, I suddenly feel the urgent need to go!”

Me too!

Tulsi Gabbard ends her campaign and endorses…. Joe Biden.

2020, you’re drunk, go home.

@49: 2020, you’re drunk, go home.

Could we start over please?

Just curious, has anyone else had any internet connectivity issues? Mine has been slow at times and then just drops completely for a short time.

@35, 36, what fine creatures!

@37, typical R scum. Doesn’t think about anyone else.

@51 Fredster, no internet problems here other than the ordinary quick glitch.

@55: Hmmm, mine just took a long time to reload this page and I have a decent connection speed.

You’ve probably seen that 3 (so far as we know) Rethug senators have dumped stock early.

@51, probably all the people trying to work from home.

Did I already mention that my work told us that when we were in the office we should log in to the remote access portal so they could stress-test the system? So I did that, and couldn’t access the electronic medical record. (eyeroll)

I hear from several people working for different companies that the remote access process is full of glitches.

The medical ctr where I work has of this morning tested <300 patients (both in- and out-patient) with 9 positives so far.

Just read in one of my medical newsletters that about half of covid-19 cases have gastrointestinal symptoms. Was in a paper by Chinese scientists just published on-line in an American gastrointestinal journal. Didn’t copy exact reference from my work email. So diarrhea, abdominal discomfort may be symptoms of covid-19. People with GI symptoms had more rapid onset, worse course, and higher fatality than those without GI symptoms, which makes sense.

@58: couldn’t access the electronic medical record.


@59: Welp, that explains the (no pun intended) run on toilet paper.

No end to the depravity. No end.

@62: What a steaming

I had to reply that a virus is an act of evolution!

Good thread.

@66> Well, in NYC they started allowing restaurants to deliver alcohol (which previously was a no-no.)

@67, well, that’s a plus!

@65, I read that thread. I didn’t understand all of it, but it was interesting. My son & I had the H1N1 in Jan 2010. It was horrendous. Poor Wadester had a massive grand Mal seizure during it, he had to go on keppra, which really wrecked his life. Hubs never got it at all.

66 & 67, haha! Love that. Especially the toilet paper bonus.

Luna & Q, is it possible Laker & I have Immunity to H1N1?

Heads down at work, but one comment on the GOP Senators: it is part of what”s wrong with the system that Congresscritters are allowed to own stock. They should not have it. They get a pension, a good salary and free health care for life. If they want to be rich, they should go into the private sector.

I went to the grocery this morning. Store had announced they would have an hour for older shoppers to shop from 8 am to 9 am. Problem was the store opened at 7 am! So, anyone and everyone was in there. Lots of empty shelves and the meat section looked like one of those grocery stores from the Soviet era. No ground meat of any variety. They had pork products and I was able to get one pack of chicken breasts. They had packaged lunch meat. No bananas at all. They did have bread so I grabbed two loaves and a pack of hot dog and hamburger buns. I guess I’m being optimistic and hopeful that I’ll get some ground meat somewhere.

Oh and they did have cranberry juice and I already have a bottle of vodka here at the house so there’s that.

@72: It also included Feinstein mb.

socalannie: yes, you and Laker are very likely to both be immune to H1N1. If it comes in different strains, then only the strain you got. I don’t know enough about those viruses to know if they dome in variants.

Hunker down and stay as safe as you can! Which applies to all of us!

mb: what’s to stop them investing in US Treasury bonds?

That would even be appropriate!

Fredster- the Feinstein involvement is fake news as per Dakinikat. It was her husband who sold biotech stock at a loss, likely one sector that increased in value s/p the outbreak.

Feinstein says her stocks are in a blind trust and she did not attend that Coronavirus meeting.

annie, I agree with quixote on the immunity.

Also Feinstein’s husband sold at a loss and the stock even went up some after he sold it. Yes, it was in a blind trust. Of course the Rs and the BernedLeftBros don’t want to acknowledge those aspects.

re Feinstein. Ok, I just saw her name also mentioned.

Here is where I saw the mention of Feinstein’s name.

@73, that was poor planning by the grocery store. Maybe that’s why the other stores with special hours I’ve read about have usually been offered at an ungodly time first thing in the morning.

That meeting the R senators went to before selling stock? No Democrats were invited and they didn’t know about. (saw this earlier in a couple places — too much going on I can’t remember where now)

@84: That could be. Like I said, I knew their opening time was 7am so I thought it odd that the special hour would be an hour after they open.

Got a txt earlier Friday from a friend in Bama. He got laid off/furloughed from this plant that makes some kind of stuff for cars they assemble in other Bama plants. He was a recent hire so that could be part of it but I would not be surprised if the place is closed entirely for everyone. Car plants are shut down so it kind of makes sense.

That’s too bad for your friend. Probably is because of the auto plant closures.

Hmm my comment disappeared.

Check this out from Joe Biden. He is going to do a daily briefing soon.

@90: That’s exactly it Luna. The auto plants don’t need whatever widgets his company makes if the auto plants aren’t making cars.


Hard facts presented by Katie Porter’s sister, a doc in Texas.

Gonna set a new post to come up in a little while. Just a heads up.

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