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Lazy Weekend Music~Erin Go Bragh

Posted on: March 14, 2020

Good Weekend Widdershins

So is it a good weekend so far?  For me, dunno yet.  I’m doing my best to ignore the pandemic at least for the weekend.  I’ve put the tv on one of the music channels tuned to “light classical”.  I just don’t want to hear anything more about Covid 19 or the blatherings of El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago nor his butt-kissing Surgeon General.  So let’s just enjoy some toe-tapping St. Paddy’s Day or other Irish songs.

* * * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

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108 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music~Erin Go Bragh"

No love lost for Haberman but:

@1, thought you didn’t want to hear anything about covid-19? 🙂 Now maybe the kids will realize they should be careful too.

@2: LOL, it was in my twitter timeline. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@6, Perhaps they think Guinness is a preventative!

@7, “going out in public without masks or gathering in crowds was noticeable, frowned upon and even rebuked.” Very different from here.

Saw an article saying people who are Republican are more likely to say and act as if corvid-19 is no big deal. Individual ‘freedom’ uber alles, regardless of if that freedom puts others at risk. Similar to their attitude about guns.

I had seen the R.R. but figured someone else would post it.
Thanks Luna.

I had two boneless pork chops left that I did shake n bake on last night along with black eye peas. Cooking some mac and cheese to go with that now and will just enjoy the comfort food.

Oh good Lord.

Love the tunes! And the new RR is awesome.

You know, before I clicked the link on the TP video I thought to myself, I’ll bet it’s white people. Sure enough – and trying to take it away from a black woman too. Jesu Christe!!

I avoid any videos of the Dump like the plague, but I make an exception for Randy Rainbow. So this is actually the first time I’ve heard those by now famous Dumpish words.

How is it possible for anyone not to see him for what he is? He’s like the bad folk in a fairy tale who, every time they open their mouths, a toad comes out.

Except for the counterweight RR provides, I’d have to be in the bathroom, scrubbing off the taint right now.

Okay, Coach Oeaux gonna tell us what to do to handle the coronavirus. Listen carefully, and I mean *carefully* because you may not quite understand everything that comes out of that gravelly throat and voice.

Here’s another PSA.

@14, still, the black women had several packages of tp in their cart. Obviously hoarding, though not worth fighting about IMO.

@18, what a sweet floofer!

LOL lol lol! Didn’t seem to affect Biden!

(sets up candles to Hecate)

Oh Luna – I was thinking of the woman whom the other two women were attacking in the video. She just wanted one package of toilet paper and the other two were beating her up. The ones who were hoarding, were not black, although they may have been POC? Maybe I overgeneralized.I

Re Bernie, it sounds like he is preparing the ground for another wipeout on Tuesday, and perhaps a withdrawal.

PS, love the floofy advice!

@24, oh mb you’re right, I was wrong. I stopped watching when I saw the cart full of tp and one of the black-haired women had her back to the camera and I jumped to conclusions (an unwise thing to do). Watched it the whole way now. That store clerk should have made them put back some packages and not let them hoard. Some stores are enforcing limits.

@26 – got it! And I think at the end that is what the store clerks were doing, when they were on the phone. I think they were calling in
reinforcements because the woman hoarding the TP would not move.

Watching the briefing now. The idiots are playing catchup now and pretending everything will be fine, but at least the messaging is getting a bit more urgent (from everyone other than Drumpf of course).

I think the non-AA women in that clip sound like they may be Hispanic of some type. At least it sounded that way to me.

The little weather thing on my laptop says it’s 83 here so that’s gonna kill off all of the virus right? At least according to tRump.

Second death in La. and total cases up to 91.

@30 – Don’t worry Fredster, the federal interest rate is now cut to almost zero. And, we have almost total control of the virus.

[massive eyeroll]

@31: Got an email that a regional grocery chain, Winn Dixie, is changing their store hours and closing at 9pm. The local store was open until 11pm. People have commented that going to the store is as bad or worse than when folks down here stock up for a hurricane. Lordy.

Not surprised.

@34 – ugh, I saw that. SO NOT SURPRISED. Trump only knows how to promote his brand and grift in order to enrich himself and his cronies.

@37: And I bet he would have tried to get it tied to his or friends’ companies if he could have.

Geez, just went to Walmart online to try to do grocery pickup. No pickup times available for next two days!

@30, That’s much better than Seattle, which had approx 12 deaths when there were approx 30-something pos tests. It started in a SNF with older people who were atypical not only of the general population but also atypical of community-dwelling older people. This weighted the ratio of deaths to cases for higher mortality than if the first cluster was in the general population.

Or, as I was joking to an out-of-state acquaintance the other day, sings “my pandemic is worse than your pandemic.”

@35, errrrrrrr… What are they going to do, hold up people for their sanitizer and toilet paper?

@34, 37, you’ve heard about the launch of Jared’s brother’s company which simply tells people where they can get tested (while charging an arm and a leg I bet). Can’t find the article now.

Biden says he will pick woman to be his vice president

And, who is the most qualified women in the United States??? Would he pick our Hillary or would he be afraid she would show him up???

I have been working from home a week now. Pretty cool for awhile.

But, today my handsome Governor Newsom said us seniors had to stay in our homes and he closed all the pubs and most of the Universities and schools are closed.

Stores are empty, no TP, no Purell because some idiots think they can get rich by selling them off to the public. Amazon dumped their asses off of their site.

Dump is causing people to die from his stupidity.

Buckle up, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Glad I have my PUMA friends though thick and thin.

Stay safe and healthy.

Protect Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Jared’s hastily assembled testing company? @42. Apparently that’s why Dump & Co refused the WHO tests. They wanted to wait till Jared was in a position to profit from it.


There is no bottom with these people. Deplorable is much too kind a word.

@45, apparently it’s Jared’s bro Joshua, but we all know it’s the Trump extended family of grifters. Can only hope that people see his company only tells people where they can get tested, and people realize they can find that out their own damn selves.

Shit. Inslee’s not waiting for Trump to do what the CDC has recommended today.

Yes, it’s just a gee-whiz-let’s-map-the-test-sites for you, if I understand it right. (I’d be floored if Kushner could run a test diagnostics company that actually did something.)

And just so he could be relevant, they held up actual tests to actual people.

Beggars the imagination.

And, good God, that business of buying the German scientists to get a monopoly on a vaccine.

There is no bottom.

They have the mentality of earwigs.

I knew that when Jared got involved, grifting had to be the reason. That whole crime family is nothing if not predictable.

Shadow, be safe! We old PUMAs gotta stick together.

I would like to see the entire dump clan arrested. dump looks like death warmed over btw, even more than usual. Wouldn’t be surprised if he has it.

So, I still haven’t been able to purchase tp, lysol or lysol cleaners, masks, paper towels, Kleenex, or hand sanitizer, although we did find a few free hand sanitizers that we were given at the NAMM Show and had forgotten about. A guitar maker from NY called D’Angelico gives you hand sanitizer, lighters and joint papers with their logo on them, god bless ’em. I think we’ll be okay for food, drinks and prescriptions. Crap. I forgot to go to the booze store and buy a bunch of booze.

I read someplace today that the virus can’t live past 77 degrees. That’s probably not true, right?

@18, love that fluffy Samoyed!

@35, It figures.

A couple of weeks ago, Adam Schiff said that a recently former staffer in his office had symptoms of the virus. Looks like it may have been Daniel Goldman, as he left about that time.

@40: But the rate here is increasing. City health director said this:

City Health Director Dr. Jennifer Avegno said the spread appears to be faster here than elsewhere.

“It appears the rate of infection is increasing here in New Orleans more than in other cities,” she explained. “The trend that we are seeing cannot be ignored.”

That could be because of how people were jammed together during Carnival and Mardi Gras itself. Just a guess on my part.

@43: Shadow the NYT had an article on that jerk. I put it in the previous thread.

Here it is:

Did anyone watch the debate last night? Based on the post-mortems, it sounds like Biden showed he was Presidential while Bernie just tried to push his agenda. Either way I am pretty sure Biden is going to crush Bernie tomorrow.

Haven’t read Fredster’s link yet, Annie, but my first thought was, “it survives in the human body at 98F, so, no, can’t be true.”

Fredster, I wonder if the faster spread in NOLA may be due to % of people who crowd bars, restaurants, streets at public events etc.

@60: That’s a good possibility. I think it was Saturday there was a large gathering of people in the Irish Channel by this one bar for St. Patrick’s celebration. News shows and online media showed people just milling around (no six feet distance) in the streets. Finally NOPD had to run a couple of cars through there just to break them up. This after the guv said no gatherings of more than 250. It was a mixture of all ages.

And here’s a thing you never see down here: bars/clubs must close at midnight with a (wait for it) last call at 11:15.

@62: Oops, latest from the guv:

Louisiana is closing bars and limiting restaurants to take-out, delivery or drive-through service only as the state continues to ramp up restrictions to limit the rapid spread of the new coronavirus in the state.

And then this:

The Louisiana Legislature is suspending the session until March 31 in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the latest in a series of dramatic measures taken by state leaders to slow a rising tide of cases in the state.

House Speaker Clay Schexnayder and Senate President Page Cortez announced Monday afternoon they have agreed to temporarily adjourn the session until the end of the month.

So I guess there is a bright side to this

@57, latest is he’s being investigated for price gouging. Hope they charge his ass and haul him away.

“So I guess there is a bright side to this”

😆 !

@66: That would be delightful.

Good: We can’t have RBG falling ill.
Bad: They were going to hear Trump’s tax return cases.

@67 – Meep!

Can I just vent a bit? I really don’t think the people in my office are taking this threat seriously enough. We could literally have 1 million people die and we are in the hot zone here in CA, but they are acting like emergency management procedures are optional and “evolving.” I think I am the only one in the office who has emergency procedure development experience yet a couple of the young ‘uns are treating my advice with a massive amount of disrespect.

@72, mb. People are just so massively stupid it beggars belief. At my significant other’s college, the chancellor (a waste of space who is himself in the old age risk group!) was going to cancel lectures, but let labs go on for another two weeks.

I’ll give you one guess which environment requires closer, unavoidable contact.

Luckily, events and Gavin Newsom overtook him, but still, just one example from an ostensibly educated person.

At some point you just have to use your knowledge to protect yourself (call in sick if you have the sick days, lie through your teeth if you have to but social distance like your life depends on it. It may well.) And if the others refuse to be sensible, well, idiots gonna idiot.

@73 – sigh. Thanks quixote. I feel better. Misery really does love company! 🙂

All – I’d like to leave the St. Patty’s Day post up tomorrow, since I can’t imagine improving on it! I’ll do my post on Wednesday.

People say Bernie will never drop out till the convention, but, I think he’s going to do what Elizabeth Warren did. At first she said she was going to stay in all through the end of this month, but then she dropped out after Super Tuesday. I expect tomorrow to be devastating again for Bernie, and then we’ll see if even his enormous ego can make a case for staying in.

I was talking a short time ago with my neighbor from the former neighborhood. She’s an ophthalmic tech and she said they still have patients scheduled but expects they’ll shut down soon. We were talking about shortages and she said she couldn’t believe that they can’t get isopropyl alcohol, sani wipes and a third item-forget what. Said those items were on back order at the med supply house.

@72, agree with quixote. Too many people think because it’s never happened in their lifetime before it’s never going to happen.

We should have a well-equipped national stockpile of various items needed in an emergency — whether earthquake, tornado, pandemic, etc. I know the US does have a bit of a stockpile but not enough.


Justice Dept. abandons prosecution of Russian firm indicted in Mueller election interference probe

The stunning reversal came a few weeks before the case — a spinoff of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s probe — was set to go to trial.
Assistants to U.S. Attorney Timothy Shea of Washington and Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers cited an unspecified “change in the balance of the government’s proof due to a classification determination,” according to a nine-page filing accompanied by facts under seal.

Prosecutors also cited the failure of the company, Concord Management and Consulting, to comply with trial subpoenas and the submission of a “misleading, at best” affidavit by Yevgeniy Prigozhin, a co-defendant and the company’s founder. Prigozhin is a catering magnate and military contractor known as “Putin’s chef” because of his ties to Russian President Vladi­mir Putin.

Seattle will provide $800 each in vouchers to more than 6,000 families to help them buy food, cleaning supplies and other household goods at Safeway supermarkets during the coronavirus pandemic, Mayor Jenny Durkan said Monday.

Pending City Council approval this week, the funding will come from Seattle’s sugary beverage tax revenues, the Mayor’s Office said.

@79, screwed up on the bolding, sorry.

@77: change in the balance of the government’s proof due to a classification determination

Probably because Barr decided to classify something in there as “super-duper secret”. Putz

No biggie there Luna.

From here.

“We don’t even have enough basic masks and gowns,” said one employee at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in New Orleans.

“Tons of patients are coming in that clearly have this virus and can’t get tested,” said the worker, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “And they’re going out and about and exposing people. We don’t have enough test kits, we don’t have enough protective gear for physicians.”

@84, Hahahahaha! Oh, the woke Berniebro techboiz be hurtin’ tonight! I’ve been watching Biden’s % keep inching up. He was gaining after 1 day.

@85, Physicians? Fcking physicians? What about the nurses, who spend more time face-to-face with patients?! Also what about the rest of the staff? Goddess I’m afraid to log in to my email tomorrow. Or go into clinic. We need hazard pay. (yeah, like that’s gonna happen)

One more reason to move to New Zealand.

The Government has released initial details of its support package for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

The $12.1 billion package includes $5.1b for wage subsidies, $500m for health, $2.8b to support the country’s most vulnerable – including a $25 weekly benefit boost – and $600m to the aviation industry. Finance Minister Grant Robertson said that this is one of the largest COVID-19 responses in the world on a per-capita basis – nearly 4 percent of New Zealand’s GDP.

“Our actions in the next 30 days will be split into two phases: immediate actions include a public information campaign, upscaling testing, boosting Healthline, surging containment and isolation procedures, establishing community-based assessment clinics and a system focused on meeting workforce demand and PPE (personal protective equipment) needs.”

The Government will also introduce a COVID-19 leave payment scheme to incentivise self-isolation by employees, the self-employed and contractors, a $100m redeployment package and $2.8b in business tax changes, including an increase to the provisional tax threshold….

“The size of the stimulus is bigger than what any other country around the world has done.

New Zealand has really surprised me with the extent of their preventive measures. I could have sworn that humans en masse, which is what governments are, don’t do that. The virus doesn’t show evidence of community transmission yet, and they’re already shutting down everything with large groups. Preventively! Which is when you want to shut them down. Not after everyone has caught it. As I say, I’m fairly amazed.

Ardern has come up with the East Coast wave instead of hand shakes. (That NZ East Coast.) Apparently it’s been the custom there starting with Maori to informally greet by a subtle eyebrow raise. (You don’t actually wave.) Very cool. Less formal than a bow, which to me is the other good greeting, and virus-free.

@73, at my son’s school, they cancelled lecture classes last week, and were going to let lab & performance classes continue, but changed their minds over the weekend.

@79, that’s nice. I love Seattle.

@84, LOL. Drop out Bernie.

@85, That’s terrible. It’s shocking how unprepared this country is. And why isn’t hoarding during an emergency illegal ffs?

We love watching the pengy in the Aquarium! He looks so happy looking at the fish.

@87: I hate unattributed comments like that. For all we know, that was one of the folks in the mail room. There was something about VA and the virus in a tweet but just kept scrolling. Maddow commented on it, I saw that.

(sigh) The local Winn Dixie, regional grocery chain, opens at 7am. I’m going to try to get there for about 6:15-6:30. Also was texting with another friend earlier who said to bring my own disinfecting wipes because when she was at two different grocery stores there weren’t any. I texted her that I would bring two of regular disinfecting wipes with me in a zip lock bag.

@90, I suspect all the schools that were going to cancel lectures but continue labs realized students are often in much closer contact in labs than spread out in a classroom.

@92, pretty sure all the VA hospitals have cancelled elective surgeries. Seattle had enough supplies the last I heard.

@93, 45 min early for a grocery store? Yikes.

One of my best friends is a pediatrician. It took her about a week to get fitted for her mask. Disgusting and dangerous! Luckily she is okay so far.

Of course New Zealand would be far ahead of the curve in preventive measures. It took her days to get assault rifles banned after that horrible mass shooting. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is On. Top. Of. It.

What’s that they say? If you want something done, get a woman to do it.

@96: Yeah. Went by Mickey Ds first and got a sausage biscuit and coffee for while I waited in parking lot at the store. Still didn’t get everything I had on my list.

Was checking the website for the local funeral home where the friend is the mgr. and they had this info on there:

In response to this developing public health concern, we have taken certain precautionary measures to help mitigate the spread of the virus by:

Conducting enhanced cleaning procedures, while increasing the frequency of sanitizing, in line with recommendations from the CDC.
Offering phone and email arrangements to meet the needs of families and guests.
Adjusting services and number of guest in attendance according to the directives of local and state authorities.

So nice we can defer $1 million, eh? Wonder how many corporations who pay millions in taxes really need a deferment.

Administration announces 90-day delay for many tax payments

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said individuals will be able to delay paying up to $1 million in payments. Corporations will be able to defer payment on up to $10 million.

Taxpayers will still have to file their tax returns by the April 15 deadline. But they won’t have to pay their tax bill for 90 additional days. During that time, individuals and corporations will not be subject to interest or penalty payments.

@102 – Damn, I already paid my million! 😉 Seriously – we already paid our taxes. Ah well, at least we have one less thing to worry about!

In California my Governor ordered that no one can be evicted for lack of payments on their mortgages and rent for the next several weeks, and that no one’s utilities can be shut off.

Excellent idea. I keep thinking about all those people who are in the service industries (restaurants, bars, movie theaters, performing arts venues, etc. etc. etc.) and how they are now SOL for an undetermined amount of time. Hopefully some are eligible for unemployment – but I know when I was performing and temping, for example, I wasn’t.

@103, mb, our Gov did the same thing too.

Many thanks to these voters!

So Bernie got his ass kicked again?


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