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Activist Tuesday: The 11-ty Millionth Democratic Debate

Posted on: February 25, 2020

It’s tonight. I can’t believe there are still so many people left in the race!

Let’s refresh ourselves about who is still clinging on to hope running for President as a Democrat.

The real front-runners:

Biden: Though he’s 78, and his campaign consists of a noun, a verb and Barack Obama, he is still the most unifying candidate we have. He’s bouncing back after Liz destroyed Bloomie in the last debate.

Sanders: Just…hell no. His latest bonehead move: defending Castro on 60 Minutes and causing the Florida Democratic Party to be put in the position of disavowing dictatorships. Totally cool and totally normal for a Democratic candidate, right? Oh yeah, and now Biden is starting to bring receipts that will damage Shouty McWavyFinger with the base.

And the rest:

Warren: Hey there Liz! Time to turn that firepower on Sanders now. After that, please bow out so we can stop feeling the Bern.

Bootyjudge: Sorry Mayo Pete, your time in the sun is over. You are at 0% with the base. Go home, run for rep or Senator and come back when you can grow a mustache.

Steyer: Seriously dude? How much did you pay to come in 99th? You even stole Kamala Harris’ SC data and you’re still running far behind Biden and Sanders in that state. Time to say buh-bye.

Bloomie: Thanks for attacking Bernie. You can do that from the sidelines, you schmuck.

Gabbard: How do you say “You’ll never be VP” in Hindu?

Klobuchar: It would be nice to think she had a chance, but she has failed to make a strong showing in any of the first three states. She should stay in the Senate where they need her.

I’m going to leave you with this oldie but goodie from Sanders. See you in the comments!



97 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: The 11-ty Millionth Democratic Debate"

Happy Mardi Gras! I watched some of the craziness from the best place; my living room and on the tv because been there and done that when the crowds in the quarter start pushing you in the direction they want to go.

Agree totally that it’s time to thin the herd.

Hahaha! Love the post MB, agree with all your funny takes.

It was time to thin the herd half a year ago!

Feels like this whole process has been going on since I was a small child in a sailor suit, so maybe it was time even longer ago than that.

@4: Remember when there were twenty of them and the debates were two night events?

Another point:
Bernie, Liz, & Pete all come from states with a republican governor, so Bernie & Liz senate seats replaced with rethug. Amy’s governor is a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party (which I never heard of til just now) but they affiliate with the national Dem party.

Biden is looking like the best strategy to me at this point. Especially if he chooses a woman vp.

I do like Amy, but she seems to be losing traction.

@6 – Excellent point Annie!

Fredster – my colleague just came back from a New Orleans bachelor party. He said he was able to go on one of the floats and throw the beads – apparently he knew a guy who knew a guy – and it was the experience of a lifetime.

@4 – hahaha Quixote! Did you really wear a sailor suit…that sounds utterly adorable. 😀

@8: I’m envious of that guy! I would have loved to do that just once.

I’m recording the debate now but hope Tim is right.

Watched Maddow’s show tonight and she discussed the cluster that is the administration on the corona virus. Then later on Cinemax they’re showing the movie Contagion. Hmmm.

@14. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Not that the spray tanned bucket he uses for a head could grasp such a concept. He’s what the 25th Amendment is *for*.

Now this is definitely a bless his heart moment.

That is beautiful!

More good news ahead of Saturday.

@18 – 😂😂😂

That doggie reminds me of my friends’ English Golden Retriever. He has a beautiful reddish coat.

@19: It’s a beautiful doggo isn’t it?

This is a better pic and a GIF too!

Hi all, stayed away due to disgust of media, Trump, and then the Dems & Dem voters looking like they’re on track to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Also down some of the time with nasty viral URI. So, now I’ve got a modicum of resistance back and to put up with the continuing shit show.

Well, this is reassuring. That solo case of corona virus in Calif with no known contacts? There probably were contacts after all, thanks to Trump’s “best people.”

@23: Luna I kinda thought you might have gone hiking and just kept on walking and for the same reasons you wrote. LOL

Sorry about the infection and hope you’re recovering.

@25 (waves at Fredster) I think about doing that a lot. Problem is finding a place in the wilderness which won’t get strip-mined or drilled in the next year.

My Guv is still mouthing off at the Trump Administration, thank goodness. 🙂

As if we didn’t have enough international problems, Turkey hits Syria with missiles.

@27 – I am sure all those Acting cabinet members will get right on it. Stupid MFers.

Check out this Pete-Obama side by side. It is quite stunning.

@29: That’s precious!

@28: When you’re stealing words is that plagiarism?

@24: I saw that on Maddow. No words.

I’ve been MIA again, really depressed that Trump is still in office and that young people are pushing the Burnout to the front of the polls.

Jeez Louise, I will hate, HATE to have to vote for that nitwit.

I am not going to vote on Tuesday with my heart, not with my hopes, not even for the person I like the best…I have decided to vote with a sledgehammer. The only person I think can win against Big Dump.
Most of you will not approve, so I am not saying who that is.

I see that Luna has posted some things from Twitter about Hillary starting her own podcast, I am at least excited about that. Here is another link to an article about that:

Hillary Clinton is starting a podcast.

The former first lady, secretary of State, and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee is planning to launch a new audio program in late spring, just in time for her to have a powerful new megaphone during the 2020 election.

@31, plagiarism, exactly right. You get flunked or kicked out of school for that. Being a Rhodes Scholar you’d think he’d know.

@33, Biden? I’m fine with him if he’s the nominee and indeed given whom we’ve had the last 3 years he’d be a refreshing change and reassuring on international affairs.

The WA state primary is March 10th. We’re all paper ballot vote-by-mail (Yay!) and I’ve already voted, for Amy Klobuchar. I’m afraid all the recent immigrant techbros who’ve driven up the cost of living here west of the mountains will vote for Bernie again.

35 not Biden, he isn’t doing well in the election so far…hope he does.

@33: Hey Shadow! Know what you mean about not being totally thrilled about who is out there for candidates. Still, what’s the choice?

@35: I’m okay with Biden…not thrilled but okay.

I caught some of the early news shows on CNN/MSNBC and had to lol at some of the anchors and field reporters. They acted almost surprised that Biden is doing so well in S.C. Gee, well it’s more representative of the Democratic party, i.e. not mostly white like Iowa and N.H. One of the reporters said he attended a couple of Sanders rallies and the audience was mostly white. That tells me that Bernie is not expanding his base. Fingers crossed on that one.


Still, what’s the choice?
Are you asking me who I think can croak out Dump if he is the nominee?

@41: No actually what I meant was either voting for whoever the Dem nominee is or staying home and not voting.

Our primary is late in the game, I think April 4th so I guess I could say it doesn’t matter by then but I’ll still vote. And thank goodness it’s a closed primary; no tRump supporters/Repubs allowed to vote.

The DC Circuit has ruled that Congress has no jurisdiction to subpoena anyone from the White House. (This is the McGahn case.) So – we are screwed.

@39, well, imaaaaagine that!

44 That sounds unconstitutional. Guess we can only accept having an effing dictator.


42, yes…voting for the nominee in the General. Not voting is only helping big dumper.

43 late voting. I know how you feel. This is the first time CA votes before the election is already over, and we don’t have anyone fantastic like our Hillary to vote for.

Hmmmmm. Didn’t know a thing about it. Riiiiight, Bernie.

Bernie Sanders apologizes, says he didn’t know about $30,000 settlement of 2016 campaign staffer accused of sexual harassment

For the second time this month, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has apologized to female staff members from his 2016 presidential campaign who have said they were sexually harassed by co-workers — including one who was expected to play a role in a potential 2020 Sanders bid.

On Thursday morning, after Politico reported that Sanders’s former Iowa campaign manager Robert Becker had been named in a $30,000 federal discrimination settlement with two former employees, Sanders told reporters that he thanked the women “from the bottom of my heart for speaking out” and formally apologized to them.

Sanders said that his 2018 Senate reelection campaign in Vermont had operated under “some of the strongest sexual harassment policies in the country” and that he had not been aware of the $30,000 settlement.

@44, 46, 47, Good-bye democracy; it was pretty good while it lasted.

@51: Yep.

Also, I saw someone on twitter mention that just wait, he’s gonna try to cancel or postpone the Nov election due to a public health emergency or something. I would not put it past him.

@49: Yeah, makes it sorta anticlimactic.

Sounds promising.

@54, that’s encouraging. If he does win, I’ll think I should have voted for Biden in our state’s primary. Wish we had run-off voting, where you vote for your #1 and #2 choice.

@58 😯 What?? Why??? Was this a prisoner who was on death row for stealing bananas or something? Or was he shot as a, uh, um, bizarro-quarantine measure??

That is one scary place.

@56: I guess that’s one way to reduce the mortality rate of the virus.

Uh, actually no it’s not. That would insure that covid 19 is 100% fatal.

@58, oh, but he didn’t die from the corona virus! Cause of death would be gunshot on the death certificate.

Shadow – you can vote for whomever you want. We won’t judge. (As long as it isn’t Bernie or Tulsi.)

I am so not excited to vote in the primary but at least CA is going on Super Tuesday. I am voting Biden to stop Bernie. I sure hope Bernie doesn’t win here. I am very dubious about his alleged strength with Latinx voters – they are only extrapolating that from a few thousand voters in Nevada and polls which can be rigged by Russia.

SC primary is with new voting machines. Hope voters check that their computer-marked paper ballots are right.

Saturday marks the first time voters across South Carolina will use new ballot-marking devices — voting machines involving a touch screen that produces a printed paper ballot read by a scanner.

The primary is the first to be held in the wake of revelations that Russia is once again seeking to interfere in the presidential campaign, according to U.S. intelligence officials, in part by bolstering the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who now leads in the delegate count after strong showings in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. What actions Russia has taken to promote Sanders remain unclear.
In addition, South Carolina’s primary is open, meaning that voters can participate whether or not they are registered Democrats. Some conservative activists have said they are encouraging Republicans to vote for Sanders, an effort that President Trump appeared to endorse at a rally in Charleston on Friday night. If successful, the effort — dubbed “Operation Chaos” — could undermine former vice president Joe Biden, who had been leading in South Carolina polls and needs the victory to boost his flagging campaign.

@59: Tru dat. But being North Korea and Kim, I guess the death cert could be whatever he says it is.

@62, True. Also, as the old morbid joke goes, you can always sign it for “heart failure” and it’d be true for everything.

Best healthcare in the world!

Bracing for coronavirus, cash-strapped rural hospitals buy masks from hardware stores

Another Texas hospital shut out by its supplier went on Amazon and found the price had spiked from the usual 6 cents per mask to 85 cents, and shipments were back-ordered.

Many third-party vendors listing N95 masks on Amazon on Friday reported that supplies were not available. One vendor listed five masks for $174.99. Another listed five masks for $189.99.

Amid the market gyrations, health officials have stressed that masks should be reserved for health-care workers and people who are infected with virus. Amazon linked to a CDC website that advised “CDC does NOT currently recommend the general public use face masks.’’

@64: Another Texas hospital shut out by its supplier went on Amazon and found the price had spiked from the usual 6 cents per mask to 85 cents, and shipments were back-ordered.

Everyone has to make a buck, right? Disgusting.

@64: Just saw a photo on local paper’s website of a rack for respirator masks and completely empty.

60 MB

Shadow – you can vote for whomever you want. We won’t judge. (As long as it isn’t Bernie or Tulsi.)

—Never Tulsi and I am glad to see Biden is kicking Sandman’s butt today in NC.

Right now, I am between Biden and Bloomers. I was definitely going to vote for Bloom, but might switch back to Biden if I think he can win as strongly as he is doing today. I like Biden the human more, but worry he is too soft to fight big dump.

SC results so far from WaPo.

Candidate Votes Pct. Del.
Joe Biden 19,771 54.0 % —
Bernie Sanders 5,230 14.3 —
Tom Steyer 4,189 11.4 —
Pete Buttigieg 2,975 8.1 —
Elizabeth Warren 2,358 6.4 —

Biden is kicking azz in South Carolina. Good. And just saw that Styer is “suspending” his campaign, code for dropping out. I think after Super Tuesday Bloomberg should do the same *and* give Biden a massive cash infusion.

Think I may go scope out twitter for awhile to see what the Bros are doing. Hope they’re losing their minds.

@73: Yep, they’re losing their minds.

@75, 3 jets? Yeah, really walks his talk, that guy.

Bros being whiney bros.

@75 – Gawd who in the world could support that fraud?!

Bros also being their usual racist selves. Hey, Mr. Manbun? Those black voters are way more educated on seeing through the bravado and blustering to what’s not there underneath.

“That’s universal child care, you jerk!”

I need advice from the smarty pants brigade that comment here. We are retired and still have money in the stock market. Should we pull out? Is the right time? Too early? Too late? We’re too old, now, to recover like we did from 2007/2008 Thanks in advance to anyone who answers. BTW, I’m feeling the Joementum.

Sue – based on economic indicators, a recession was coming later this year or early 2021 in any case. If you don’t have years to recover I would pull out and go Money Market Savings. I won’t be retiring for about 15 years and I have both Money Market and a 401K that my company contributes to, so I am riding it out right now.

Thanks, madamab, I have a strong feeling that this next week is going to be shocking, if anything shocks anymore.

The only caveat about money market is the near-zero interest rate they give you. *If* you hold a bond to maturity, you don’t lose money on the principal and you get slightly more interest than money market.

A 2-year US Treasury note, for instance, has a slightly less than 1% rate right now. That’s tiny, but less tiny than money market, and at least as safe.

Admittedly, if you need the principal, you’d have to sell at whatever price you get for bonds at the time. Price tends to go down when yields, ie interest rates go up, because people want the newer bonds with the higher rates, not your old one with the lower rate. Money market, of course, you get exactly what you put in.

I’m also seeing the experts saying what mb is: recession getting more likely in our not-too-distant future.

I’m not an economist, but I’ve always followed the buy and hold philosophy which has worked very well so far. Have been wondering when to move more assets to something less volatile but doing that now would mean selling at a loss already. Most are in index funds. I don’t have much choice in my employer-sponsored retirement accounts. I do have an occupation in which I can continue working part-time for a long time, not that it pays well since I’ve always worked for non-profits. Despite what Republicans say about the cushy benefits of state and federal employees compared to private employers, in my experience that’s not at all true. Maybe it was a couple of decades ago. Should look at what Paul Krugman’s been saying.

@84 – agree Quixote. I use Capital One and Vanguard for my Money Market accounts. Capital One has an interest rate that goes up or down based on the national interest rate, so that helps.

Bonds are usually good but I worry in the time of Trump.

@85: Luna, you’re still at VA right? Are you able to participate in TSP?

@75/76: I did see somewhere in that thread that Sanders’ group or whatever did purchase carbon credits or something to offset the jets, however that works.

Still, they could have used buses or one chartered small commercial jet.

@81: BTW, I’m feeling the Joementum

I think everyone is beginning to feel that way.

Saw something on twitter that last night the site for Act Blue was intermittently crashing or being very slow because it was getting hit hard by ppl donating to Biden.

@88, Shhhhh! My views do *not* reflect those of my employer. Yes, and TSP isn’t all that good IMO. Also I got a notice recently saying they screwed up on how much they were supposed to match — they allegedly put in too much so now I have to pay them back. WTH???

Medical insurance cost and co-pays are worse than what was offered at the community clinic I worked at a few years back. OTOH you can buy into it at retirement and continue at lower than market rates if you’re not yet Medicare age (of even if you are, I think).

I have a continuous monologue of curses when I have to re-take the annual ethics and whistleblower protection (hahahahaha!) training.

@90, good!

SC showed Joementum!

@91: Oops, I thought you had mentioned that before. My bad.
And yes, people talk about all of those *great* benefits but yes I’ve seen better benefits in the private sector.

Had CNN on in the background and just heard Bootyjudge is suspending his campaign and will have an announcement later this evening.

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