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Posted on: February 22, 2020


Hello Widdershins!

Well here we are, another week down, several billion to go of this election. (And don’t forget, the next election starts the day after this one ends.) Although to be honest, if Trump wins there probably won’t be another election, so at least we would have THAT to look forward to!

We learned last night that Bernie Sanders has been accepting Russian help in his election for a full month. I say “has been accepting” because he was briefed on the fact that the Russians are helping him a month ago and he has said not one word about it. And when the news broke yesterday in Washington Post he got angry at WaPo for releasing the news just before the caucus in Nevada, blaming the “Democratic establishment” of trying to sabotage him. It is long past time for us to say and keep repeating: Bernie Sanders is Trump. There is very little separating them temperamentally. Now on policy yes, there are many differences. But temperamentally, Bernie is Trump. He is also a traitor. The fact that he has been silently accepting Russian help in the election for the past month is disqualifying. Period. Full stop.

Speaking of actual revolutionaries, the ones who changed the world: here’s something you may not know – this year marks the 250th birthday of our lord and savior Ludwig van Beethoven. There is lots of Beethoven being performed. I just heard the complete String Quartets and in the middle of a full Symphonies cycle. (It’s nice to have connections and score free tickets.) It’s going to be all Ludwig all the time for a year. And for the record, Beethoven would have been mortified by Trump. Remember when Beethoven wrote his blazing Symphony No. 3, the “Eroica,” he dedicated it to Napoleon. And then he heard that Napoleon had installed himself Emperor. Beethoven scratched out the dedication and wrote: “In memory of a great man.”

Beethoven’t music changed the direction of music: his compositions like Symphonies 3, 5 and 9, his Piano Sonatas and especially String Quartets, took the development of music into previously unimagined directions. Even people like Mozart could never have imagined it. So I’m going to post some Beethoven: Revolutionary and Poet. You post some other trail-blazing musicians who changed the world in some way. (I hope someone posts Madonna because she did!)

Here’s arguably the most famous piece of music ever written: Beethoven’s Fifth, played on original instruments (gut strings, hide timpani, valveless horns, etc.) This is the orchestra whose symphonies cycle I’m currently hearing at Carnegie Hall.

Here is the last piece of new music Beethoven is known to have completed: an alternative final movement to his String Quartet No. 13. (Though he completed 16 Quartets, after finishing the 16th he went back to revise the 13th, which included this new finale.) This is how a giant ended.

For anyone who only knows Beethoven as the deaf madman writing Earth-shaking music, this is the final movement of his last Piano Sonata, No. 32. There are no more beautiful, more perfect, more heart-rending compositions than this one (some may be equal, but none surpass it for me.) It starts off as one of the most lovely melodies ever composed, then gains steam into drama – and then what could be an early jazz/swing dance! It truly is the work of a madman.

46 Responses to "Musical Weekends"

Here’s my Beethoven contribution.

Also, a h/t and thanks to DYB for taking the post this weekend!

“temperamentally, Bernie is Trump. He is also a traitor. The fact that he has been silently accepting Russian help in the election for the past month is disqualifying. Period. Full stop.”

This. A thousand times. He did the same in 2016, remember. Only then it was Hillary’s fault for not mentioning it.

If the polls in California are anywhere near right, that bag of apoplexy is well ahead.

Lovely post, D. Just what the doctor ordered. I’m going to play Ode to Joy on my guitar today in tribute.

Quixote, well said.

Ugh. Sanders in the lead. This is what I hate about the Democrats primary. They let a group of little states determine the “front runner” and then the rest of us have to adjust our votes if we want it to count for anything.

Does anyone think it would be a good strategy for Biden to announce he will choose a woman for vp if he wins?

Beautiful post, D! I will take some time to listen later.

Sharing my experience with Beethoven’s 9th: I was fortunate enough to be in the chorus when it was performed in Carnegie Hall with Maestro Kurt Masur conducting. There is nothing like singing that glorious music along with a hundred other people and a giant orchestra. I always felt similarly exalted and exhausted afterwards!

P.S. I think the poll numbers for Bernie are being inflated by Russia. The media wants us to think it’s over. It’s not even close. And I have to say I do not think he will win CA especially with more and more people calling out his toxicity, failing health and moral turpitude (or as D said, he’s Trump!).

Be nice if you were right, MB! Fingers crossed.

You were in the chorus in Carnegie Hall! Yikes! Wow! Double wow!

I can imagine what it must have been like, all those perfect voices together making something bigger than any of them.

Jeebus! Another fatality at a parade tonight. One of those tandem floats again and guy somehow getting underneath and getting rolled over. Of course the rest of the parade was cancelled after float 14 and the mayor and police chief said no more of those tandem floats the rest of this carnival season which ends Tuesday.

I had caught an afternoon parade and then came home. The krewe tonight was one of the really big ones but I had no desire to get involved in all of that mess.

I was able to see some of the MSNBC coverage of the Nevada caucus and the “moderates” better find a way to coalesce around one candidate to stop Sanders. The MSNBC folks had one talking head who said the younger Hispanics in NV were going for Sanders while the older folks were going for the moderates. If that’s true those youngsters have no idea what they are setting us up for.

MB @7, That sounds utterly spectacular! What a fabulous memory.

Fredster, very sad news.

@15: Oh gawd. That’s also why I hate open primaries.

That video of Drumpf is so unsettling. What is wrong with him??? I hope one of the Dems uses this in a campaign video.

Speaking of this primary from hell, I agree with Jennifer Rubin although I also think Warren should drop out.

@18, Rubin doesn’t come out and say it, but her message is ‘coalesce around Biden’? In the real world, she’s probably right, but, urk! bleurrgghh!

(If I, who’s voted in every election since forever, including for municipal dogcatcher, can barely see myself marking a ballot for him, what does that indicate about turnout?)

Admittedly, if he put Abrams or Harris on the ticket, I would be incandescent with fury that the way better woman gets Number Two, but I would have to get out there and vote for her.

I guess I could live in hope, at least for a few months, that Biden would have the good grace to hand over the reins almost immediately. (What are the chances of that? said in the late, great Tom Magliozzi’s voice.)

@19; (If I, who’s voted in every election since forever, including for municipal dogcatcher, can barely see myself marking a ballot for him, what does that indicate about turnout?)

Indicates nothing quixote. (I mean that in a loving and caring manner) Sanders doesn’t represent the majority of the party and people are going to have to be pragmatic about this. The first thing is to stop Sanders from becoming the nominee and the second to defeat tRump in the general. I think Biden can do that.

@22 – well, I think it means HRC voters like us are Damn pisses that we were robbed of the first woman President by Russia, James Comey and Bernie Sanders. We do not want another old white man in office.

I do agree with Fredster about turnout though. We MUST stop Bernie and Biden is the best positioned to do that. With Bloomie’s $$$ and ad shop I am pretty sure it would be a landslide. And yes Biden will pick a younger woman of color like Harris. He would be a moron to do otherwise.

We want someone in office at this point who has the experience to go through all the institutions and shore them back up. Biden has the connections no other candidate does as well. He is the right one for the job, at least of the ones left.

This is what we have to push back against:

Ignore that crap from “justice democrats”. Carville is right.

@23; Ahh, if they would just listen to us mb. LOL

(Loving and caring, huh? Something tells me I’d hate to see it when you’re mad! 😀 😀 😀 )

Yes, you’re both right. First job; get the Bernoid OUT. Second job: get the Dump OUT. Breathe.

Time was when I thought AOC had potential. At this point: she’s nuts and without a politically savvy bone in her body.

Unfortunately, the same goes for Rashida Tlaib, who I also had hopes for. Oh well. Lauren Underwood and another new black Congresswoman whose name I’ve already forgotten but will remember and Katie Porter make up for it.

Pressley, that was it. Ayana Pressley. I think I have that right.

Carville is just as good at hitting political bullseyes as he ever was.

The aim of the Justice Dems hasn’t changed much either.

@27: I think AOC surprised a lot of people about who she really turned out to be. I hope she’s a one and done.

And yep Carville nailed it.

Agree with all of you. I was happy for those women when they won their seats, now disgusted with them. I hear AOC has a challenger.

Yes, that spot with Carville was spot on.

@31: I hear AOC has a challenger.


This cop has some pretty good moves.

AOC – yes she has a bunch of challengers. They’ll probably split the vote. (I didn’t listen to her anti-Hillary tapes because I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life!)

Tlaib is garbage. So is Jayapal, who was sitting there laughing at Tlaib boobing HRC, and then doubled down on it in tweets.


@35: Cant’ see anything there D.

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Madonna Revolution Intro/Iconic/Bitch I’m Madonna Live Rebel Heart Tour

Has anyone heard from Luna lately?

Good article # 18. Sanders cannot win in the GE. I figure we still have a week or so to turn it around. I agree some people have to drop out and I feel bad about that but it’s necessary. They have to do it for the good of the party. Has to be hard to give up but better that than Sanders taking us down in flames.

@39 – Hi MsMass! Good to see you.

I hope the remaining candidates drop out and it’s Sanders-Biden on Super Tuesday. If not we may all have to memorize this flow chart.

McMass, well said. I hope they have people insisting on this. I’ve always thought there was way too many. It was creepy, gave me the feeling that some of them were in it for ulterior motives. . .like tulsi, stayer, etc.

@40 thanks for the chart MB!

@34, Haha! Good takedown of the situation. Dumb, mean girls.

Ayanna Pressley is for Warren. The only “Squad” member who is not for Sanders. I’ll be damned if I can understand why Elizabeth Warren should drop out.

Sue, you have a very good point:

Changed the info about the Charleston debate above as Tom Steyer got added in. Yeah, we really needed that.

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