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Who knew the Democratic primary would feature an epic battle between two cranky old Jewish guys? Bloomie and Bernie are fighting “to the pain” for the nomination, and I am here. for. IT.

Let me be clear – Bloomberg is not my candidate. At this point, I feel the best one left is Amy, but I currently don’t see her as viable with the base. Biden was always a terrible candidate, but he had a firewall of AA voters that was hard to see past. If any candidate can break into that (and so far it looks like Bloomie is doing it) then I’m pretty sure he’s done. Buttigieg was a one-trick pony, and Warren I think has peaked and is in the process of media erasure that killed Kamala Harris.

But Bernie, octogenarian heart attack victim, cranky old Jewish guy, racist, misogynist, Socialist and Russian asset, is currently riding a media narrative of inevitability. Knowing Bernie will lose to Drumpf, the MSM continues to prop up his ancient frame so they can continue to ride the orange wave of endless outrage accompanied by the sweet “ka-ching!” of ever-increasing ratings and subscriptions. This situation is further amplified by a thermonuclear level of ratf*cking by the GOP in the open primaries that Bernie, not coincidentally, ratf*cked the DNC into creating. It is a terrifying possibility that Bernie has rigged the nomination, and there may not be enough of a coalition of AAs now to save us dumb-ass white people from ourselves. (Present company excepted, of course!)

So what can put a stop this faint breeze being sold as a tsunami? Well, how about an actual tsunami?

On the surface, Bloomie and Bernie have a lot in common. Let’s take a look!

Candidate Age New England DNA Cranky old Jewish guy cred Richness Non-Democratic DNA
Bloomie 78 Born in MA Snaps haughtily when challenged Billionaire Was a Dem, Repub, Independent and then went back to Dem
Bernie 78 Senator from VT Turns red and wags that giant finger Millionaire Is a Socialist who hates the Democratic Party

Bloomberg, however, has one goal in this election: Beating Donald Trump. He is determined to either win the nomination, or support the nominee who does. Bloomie has correctly identified the existential threat to that goal: Bernie and his crowd of hateful, entitled and clueless Bros and Bro-ettes. And he is now using his endless war chest and crack media team to destroy Bernie before he has the chance to rig the nomination.

Take a look.

God DAMN that is a good ad. Finally, FINALLY someone is taking him to task for pretending he’s so above the fray while his supporters bot-swarm anyone who dares to question St. Bernard.

Keep it up Bloomie. Keep. It. Up.




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