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Lazy Weekend Songs~Angry, Fed up

Posted on: January 25, 2020

It’s the weekend Widdershins

Note the above greeting:  no “happy” or “good”.  Nah, it’s just the weekend.

Why so meh?  Well, we’ve had the impeachment trial of Donald J Trump going on for most of the week and the Republicans seem singularly unimpressed.  Oh.  As if that was unexpected.  It sounds as if tRump’s defense team gave a lukewarm presentation at least according to mb.  I didn’t watch it.  I believe after the defense is done we come to the q&a portion of the program.

After the opening arguments conclude, likely later this week or early next week, senators will have 16 hours to ask written questions of both the impeachment managers and the president’s counsel.

Gee, what if the Repubs said “we’re good-no questions”?

Ah well, moving on

I was doing some searches for “songs about being angry” and the google machine returned a list and amazingly so many of the results were something like girls who are angry at boyfriends who did them wrong or similar things.  Nah, not gonna work.  Sooo, I changed my search terms and got a better result.

* * * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * * *

Hoookay, comment as you wish.  Even throw in a musical selection.

I fed Bubba the cat so now I need to feed me!


41 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Songs~Angry, Fed up"


You may notice the time stamp on posts and comments is changed. Other than DYB, GAgal, and me, most of you are on the West Coast so I changed the time to reflect that.

Good theme! And too true.

I saw mention of a caller to CNN about the impeachment proceedings who broke down crying before he could say much. They had to move on to the next caller. He couldn’t stop.

There was a book with that title once. Cry, The Beloved Country. It wasn’t about the US in those days.

Not a song, but I believe someone is a little miffed here:

@2: q, I want to say that maybe that was a required reading for an English class or something. I recognized the title.

@3: New toy for the rhino. LOL

quixote, you noticed what’s missing from this post, didn’t you?

(It was a big classic at one point. 1948. Was about South Africa.)

You mean sadness, Fredster? I’m not sure the tears I’m talking about are sadness, either. Rage, disappointment, frustration, watching everything worth keeping slip away. Sadness is an almost benign emotion by comparison.

@7: Noooooo! Open thread.

@7: Gotcha on the book. I do think it was on the reading list somewhere. There were so many books and plays in those survey courses in literature.

Ohhh. That. I was just trying to be funny. I didn’t mean you should stop! (Unless you want to, of course.)

I’m worried about the person / people inside the rhino toy. Does anyone know if they made it out okay? Looks like they were pretty close to getting killed!

Fredster, Bubba the cat?

@11 quixote, I wondered about that too since the video ended abruptly. Did y’all notice the ostriches (or emus?) in the background? Funny!

@12: GAgal, goes back to something during Bama diaspora.
There was a woman at that hotel we were at who said something about her cousin or nephew named Bubba. She then said “I think everybody has someone named Bubba in their family”. (Looked around swiveling head and thought “Uh no”).
So then cut to when I was moving in down here. An orange tabby came up to me maybe the 2nd day. Seemed friendly. I asked the guy in the house next door and the woman on the other side of the duplex if anyone owned him and did he have a name. Got a no to both. I decided since I didn’t have any Bubbas in the family I’d name him Bubba.

Cut to a few days after that and I opened a can of tuna one day for him and he wolfed it down. I went to Dollar General and got some dry food for him and later some canned. He’s not particular and eats either one. 1/2

2/2: And I ended up spoiling him. I went to Mickey Ds one night. Got back and Bubba decided to walk me to the door. He was looking up at me. I didn’t have any type of treat so I gave him a French fry. He let it cool and then ate it. So another trip to the dollar store and a bag of Temptations cat treats. He now expects those around 830ish. I feed him around 4-430ish. At first he would start meowing around 4 or so. After awhile he stopped that but I’d open the door and there he was.

He wants in soooo badly and I’ve let him into the living room a couple of times but then tell him it’s time to go out after he looks around. He’s got fleas, I seriously doubt he knows what a litter box is and besides I’m not starting that.

@13: That was the Liberty Mutual emu (I hate those commercials)

@10: Well it’s probably redundant to put it in there so I decided to do away with it. 😉

Dang, I don’t have a Bubba in my family either. I don’t even know one. I guess I need to get out more… Ha!

For some reason, I’m only seeing the text on the Twitter links in the comments. I have to click on the highlighted date to actually see the tweet. There’s a tweet I want to post, but it’s in the middle of a thread and I’m not sure if I post it that I will be able to tell if it worked right.

Critter break:

@15, awwww! Bubba sounds nice. It’d be surprising if he didn’t know what to do with a litter box, since as kittens their mothers train them. He wasn’t born feral or he wouldn’t let people near him. It’s also not too hard to get rid of fleas. A purring cat does wonders to lower blood pressure 🙂

GAgal, our families are failures as southerners. LOL

GAgal, tell me what you see in Luna’s tweet at 20.

@21: Luna, I don’t think he’ truly feral. He goes up to the neighbor in the house next door and the one across the street. I was setting his food out one day and looking across the street saw the guy there doing the same. We laughed about it and I haven’t seen him setting out food since. Guess that’s my duty now. LOL

We’ve had a few cold nights so one evening I fixed up a box with some towels in it and put it behind the shrubs by the house. Guy across the street told me in broken English he had a place for him. He had put an addition on his house that’s framed up and he has the wood/particle board on the sides of it, but no roof. I think it’s where he puts his lawnmower and other tools. Anyway, that’s what he pointed to. I said great and sounds good.

I had an unsolicited text/call from a campaign worker for Bernie Sanders.

I texted back with “please, no unsolicited calls or texts”. #Biden #Klobuchar.

@25, good for you! You were more polite than I think I could be.

Glad Bubba has some friends, food and shelter in the neighborhood. Oh, I said the part about being non-feral as reason why I think he knows to use a litter box.

Luna, I also made sure to mark that phone number as “blacklist”. I’m guessing they got my number from Act Blue or something similar when I’ve made donations to candidates.

The street I’m on ends in a dead end, with this house, one next door and across the street. I don’t know feline behavior or “psychology” but I think he feels safe around here.

@24, Fredster, that’s sweet. Laker & I have been giving Temptations to a cat that appears in our backyard every morning. It doesn’t have a collar, but seems well fed.

@23 Fredster, sorry it took me so long to get back. What I see on Luna’s tweet @20 is the text in the tweet, followed by the pic twitter url, and then the name and date, both highlighted:

The face of feeding time. (highlighted pic dot twitter url here)

— Seattle Aquarium (@ SeattleAquarium) (highlighted date here)

No pic, or video or meme or whatever, I assume, is embedded. I can click on either highlighted text and go to that tweet on their page and read – then have to back arrow here and wait for the thread to reload. No big deal except time consuming (with my computer). But I’m never sure if any tweet I post looks right to y’all.

@26 Rick Wilson is a riot! I had to back that up twice because I was laughing so hard I was missing some.

Just when I thought I could not hate Bernie Sanders more, I do.

@31: GAgal, I *think* your browser or computer itself may be blocking parts of the tweet such as the image in the tweet. But then you can play the embedded video in the tweet at 26? If so, that’s odd.

Maybe try going into the options for the browser (for Firefox) or whatever is similar in another browser. See what settings might show things that are being blocked.

More info. I just found this on another site describing the same issue:

I found the fix for this. Probably as a result of some change at Twitter, one must now permit the placing of third-party cookies in order to properly see embedded tweets. I’ve done this with a browser that I will henceforth use solely for DKos and everything’s good now.

Good morning all! Love the theme of the post.

Looks like the latest revelations that Bolton has direct knowledge of the quid pro quo have shaken up the Rethugs. Several of the Mango Moron”a defenders canceled a press conference this morning. And there’s this:

re Romney getting more “concerned.” I wonder if the fiery letters in the sky that keep getting bigger that are shouting, “GUILTY!” are making some of the Repubs feel stupid yet?

SNL cold open from Saturday.

@34 Thanks for the info, Fredster! (I had to click on that guy’s twitter page to watch that Wilson video) I figured it was a Twitter thing because I have no problem with embedded YouTubes and such. I’ll check out my cookies setting.

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