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Activist Tuesday: Why They’re Either Lying, or Leaving

Posted on: January 7, 2020

As I watched the news with a mixture of terror, fury and disbelief over the past few days, I found myself trying to understand why Republicans are still trying to protect this bedraggled, juvenile, threadbare, traitorous, corrupt mess of an Administration. If they don’t care about this country (and I think they’ve made it abundantly clear that they don’t), then surely they care about the hideous, cartoonish spectacle of their Republican President tweeting belligerently about the war crimes he wants to commit? Are they not, at the most basic level, embarrassed by pictures like this? (Note the pic of HRC behind bars on the stock, just below the wackadoo extra Crusade-y Crusader’s Cross. Classy.)

I had a bit of a revelation during my ruminations. I realized that the Republicans are in the classic position of the dog having caught the car after so many years of chasing it. They have worked for decades to get a majority right-wing Senate, Justice Dept, Presidency and Supreme Court so they can finally fulfill their promises to their evangelical base – and more importantly, to transfer as much wealth as they can from the US Treasury into their own slimy pockets. The bumper is finally between their teeth, and the car has been getting them where they want to go; on the other hand, they are fully aware that the bumper could fall off while it’s moving at 95 miles per hour.

What’s a mangy, slobbery, old white cur to do in this situation?

There are only two options: Either hold on and hope for the best, or let go.

The “hold on and hope for the best” option is typified by all the Administration officials and Republican Senators who are clearly and shamelessly lying to the American people. My two top examples are #MoscowMitch, who claims he has the authority to hold a Senate impeachment trial without witnesses or documents, and Mike Pompeo, who laughably claimed that he had the super-secret intelligence that made it necessary to kill that nasty Iranian general.

And then, there are the ones who let go. These are vastly outnumbering the first group. Just to name a few….

Administration exits:

  • There have been 7 Pentagon resignations since December 1st, five of them in one week.
  • I can’t count high enough to total up the list of resignations from the close Trump orbit, so here it is.

Congressional exits:

In 2008, the Democrats had control of all three branches of government. What did they do with it? They used their political capital to create expanded health insurance options for millions of Americans, even knowing that they could sacrifice their Congressional majority. They caught the car, they didn’t let go, and they did something great.

Now that the Republicans have control, they are using it to lie, cheat and steal from the American people, ally themselves with our country’s enemies who perform psy-ops warfare on us and dismember our journalists with bone saws, assassinate members of the Iranian government, put children in cages and rip them from their parents’ arms, monitor women’s menstrual cycles, and try to rig the next election to keep their putrid asses in power.

I think it’s time for them to let go, don’t you?

This is an open thread.


88 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: Why They’re Either Lying, or Leaving"

The congressional Republicans are caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. They privately gripe about tRump but will not say a thing on the record for fear of being the recipient of tRump’s tweets and a primary threat from someone worse than they are.

@1 – agree, that’s why a lot of them are resigning or choosing not to run for re-election. It’s the safest route for them.

I have the impression that many congresscritters, especially Repub ones, are grooming themselves for jobs in whichever industry(ies) they pandered to while in office.

Presumably, they have a better shot at a cushy slot if they retire rather than lose an election?

Would that be playing in to this at all? Or are they just getting the hell out?

@4: Excellent point and could be a combo of the two. I wonder how many will get a gig at Fox News?

I have a delivery coming today with UPS. They sent a link to “follow my delivery”. I’m watching the icon of the brown truck and shouting at the screen: “Wrong way! Turn here!”.

Welp, get out those butt costumes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I keep imagining a hand grenade between the teeth of the running mutt, can he drop the pin-less grenade and run fast enough not to get blown to bits?


I have a feeling this is the best and the happiest times for the GOP and Dumpers…everything from this point forward…is all down hill.

How many will go to prison, be out of office and just stand as ghosts of the Grand Ol’ Party?

Chris Hayes’ guests are dumping on the Democrats now. Gawd he is just awful and I wish MSNBC would dump his Bernie loving azz.

They don’t seem to be capable of blaming Republicans for anything. I really can’t stand that.

If we had Hillary none of this would be happening. I am so angry and terrified.

More than 12 Iranian missiles launched at two bases in Iraq, Pentagon confirms

The al-Asad air base in western Iraq, which houses some American troops, was hit by at least six missiles about midnight Wednesday, according to a U.S. defense official familiar with the situation. …
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper met with President Trump at the White House following the attack. The president will not make remarks tonight.

madamab @12 2nded, 3rded, 4thed, etc etc etc. Luna @13 OMFG

I wonder what they had to do to get him to “not make remarks tonight”? Straitjacket? Drugs? Knockout punch by one of the gardeners?

@10: An alum of The Nation and Katrina vanden Hoover (Hoover instead of Heuvel cuz she sucks).

Could be an unfortunate accident, could be an … unfortunate accident.

Ukrainian Boeing 737 passenger plane crashes near Tehran

WaPo tonight:

Trump says he will address the nation Wednesday and seeks to reassure [sic] Americans

Ab-so-lutely no fcking way could he reassure me.

Happenin’ spot, that Iran-Iraq area.

@16: They mentioned that on MSNBC and their Pentagon correspondent said the Pentagon said just a coinkydink

New word: wargasm.

Crazy times with a lunatic in charge.

God help us.

And the Rethugs have sold us down the river for a piece of silver.

At least we all still have each other and our loved ones…

What a way to start out the New Year of 2020.

@24 – exactly!

His speech this morning was, um, not reassuring.

Meanwhile Hillary’s Twitter feed this morning:

@25. I’m. Not. Crying. Not.

@24: I did my best, and succeeded, in *not* seeing or hearing it.

J, J, and M, I’m glad I missed this.

Good news!

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has declared she is “cancer free,” beating the disease for the fourth time after undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer in the summer.

The 86-year-old justice, one of the oldest to serve on the Supreme Court, offered the health update to CNN in an interview in her chambers Tuesday evening. “I’m cancer free. That’s good,” Ginsburg said, with CNN reporting that she was “sounding energized and speaking animatedly.”

@30, I named one of my (late lamented) cats ‘Meep.’

Fredster @ 7, Dump is going to your game?!? He just has to wreck everything.

@29, that is so sweet.

These creeps are everywhere:

Theres no hitting bottom with this jackass:

@33: Yes, dammit!

@35: Look at that general’s face behind him to the right.

Luna that is so cute. I am sure your kitty was wonderful.

I am using Hillary as an antidote these days. I just want to hear her telling the truth about Drumpf.

Okay, so this is, like, what, the fifth time Dump has spilled bits of his secret briefings on national TV?

He *has* to boast. He can’t stop himself because the whole concept of stopping himself doesn’t occur to him. Being told about Big Fast SciFi Gun Which Go Big Bang falls right on that bullseye. And the buttoned-down generals who brief him haven’t figured this out yet?

What is *wrong* with these people?

Without all these people quietly trying to pretend he’s normal so they can keep their jobs, this nightmare would have been over three years ago.

@37: I know it was commented about the general’s face in that tweet but I just had to say it also.

@39: And don’t forget when he spilled secrets to the Russians in that Oval Office meeting two years ago or whenever it was.

Have you all seen the video clip of Trump speaking (I always turn the sound off) and noticed that general’s eye movements? A mixture of side-eye, damped-down horror, and glazed distress.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when he sees Boss Nancy on the cover of Time!

OK, Millz.

Electric scooter injuries tripled in one year among US millennials, study finds

I hate this stuff. Gotta get my “safe room” ready. Safe room = bathroom and bathtub.

I hope this will resize or let me do it.

#45, Nancy Pelosi is Presidential.

@44, hope you stay safe!

@47: Got several ways of getting notifications so just have to be watchful with the alerts.

@43, Haha! Love the “Ok Millz”.

@44, Eeek. Stay safe. Good choice for the safe room.

The weather is going to get us all. But hopefully not this time and not you, Fredster! May it pass you by as far away as possible.

Velvet worms are wonderful! Fascinating from an evolutionary standpoint. I didn’t think they were limited to Australia, though. Are they?

“Millz” Hahahaha. If you can’t balance on the scooter, stay out of the fast lane.

@42 – YES!!! She is the bomb.

Stay safe, Fredster!!!

House voted YES to limit Orange Bully’s ability to use military force against Iran. Similar measure by Tim Kaine is being introduced in the Senate, but due to the undemocratic 1 state = 2 senators regardless of population rule, is unlikely to pass, unless Trump pisses off more R senators (which is possible).

@50 & 51: Yep best choice: no outside walls, no windows.
We aren’t used to these higher level EF2 and 3 (or more) tornadoes nor the long track ones that stay on the ground forever.

In Bama one of the suggestions was to have a bicycle helmet (ceilings falling in on you) and those air horns on can of compressed air. That’s so they can hear you in the rubble. Might need to invest in those two items.

@53: Gonna do my best mb.

I added the January debate info over on the sidebar. I had a graphic of the candidates but then Steyer got added and wasn’t going to look for a new one.

Welp, nothing like speaking ur mind and getting it off your chest right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Coming Monday night.

@58 – how excited are you? That is a great commercial.

Re Steyer and the other billionaire in the race (Bloomie), I read that Bloomie will keep his 500-person ground staff, his digital media team and his moolah in the race if (when) he doesn’t become the nominee. He rose a lot higher in my estimation when I heard that.

Bloomie is going to support some mediocre old white guy, though. That’s a given. So not sure how much to applaud. I’d be a lot more impressed if he gave up on his NDAs muzzling the women talking about his hostile workplace environment.

Which is the same sexism and misogyny that makes Biden so barf-worthy.

(Don’t mind me. I am beyond disgusted. That a race which started out so hopeful should end like this is, at this point in Trump-years, more than I can bear.)

@57, still is unbelievable to me that so many women voted for Trump, but I get pissed that so much ire is directed at the women and not the men who didn’t vote for Hillary.

Especially being a white woman in a sea of other white women who voted for Hillary, here on the Best Coast. And not to mention (but I will) that the majority of college-educated white women voted for Hillary.

Luna, lots of men also voted for the Big Dump, rather than vote for a women. Think of all the nitwit women that have turned over their votes to their husbands wishes.

My older sister listens to men and believes everything they say about politics, rather than checking to see if the nitwits in her life are correct or not. She is too dumb and lazy to do the research herself.

She once told me that she wasn’t voting for Hillary because Hillary killed someone. I said, “What the Hell are you talking about?” Then she put down the phone and asked her husband about it and she didn’t have anything to defend her stupid comment.

I tore into her and tried to set her straight and it did absolutely NO DAMN GOOD.

America is full of stupid people, hateful and corrupt people and they feel embolden by their crazy ass leader.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has declared she is “cancer free”.

—- Wonderful news. God bless RBG…

If you are serious, don’t waste your $ with a bicycle helmet, get a construction hard hat.

I have a real one, pink.

BTW, I also have a General Contractor’s license…just don’t use it right now with a full time job with good benefits.

I think it’s great, wish she could say it to millions of people that just don’t get it.

I posted more on Upps site when I saw it, showed it to a lot of folks where I work.

I doubt if Harry and Megan will end up being slackers, just because they don’t want to spend their lives just bending to the Royal family.

Sounds like they are more interested in working toward global warming, women’s rights, etc. on a global scale and Harry doesn’t like the abuse the British newspapers are slinging at his new wife. It brings up terrible memories of how his mother was treated.

It’s WHITE EVANGELICALS who voted for the Dump. About a year ago it was 80% of the men and just over 70% of the women still supported him. Around the election I think it was 90%/80%. That’s where the weirdly high numbers for “women” voting for Trump come from. Exclude white evangelical women and something like 40% of the rest of all women voted for the Dump. Don’t remember the number but It. Does. Not. Support. the idiotic narrative that it’s the stupid white beeyotches that landed us with the Orange Garbage.

No it is not. It is white fundies. White fundies. White fundies.

I’m not sure why that is so hard for people to take on board.

I guess it’s just more fun to blame women.

But the problem is since women aren’t the actual disease, we can’t cure it until we face the cause. Which is white fundies, which is a whole movement (a cult, yes, but not a religion, not really) ginned up in the mid 1800s to put a godly face on racism.

(Not saying you don’t know all this, Luna. I know you do. I’m venting about the slant I keep seeing Out There.)

@64: Thanks for that info shadow. Previously we never had a great concern about these stronger tornadoes here. But I heard one of the wx guys say this setup is like what you can have during the spring severe weather season except it’s in January. Climate change anyone?

@59: Totally into it mb. I just believe everything came together at the right time for this coach, this team and players. I’m not discounting Clemson’s ability. I just think LSU wants it more.

@67: Respectfully have to disagree.
No it is not. It is white fundies. White fundies. White fundies.

So in that group could there be women white fundies?

I have a woman friend who told me she got pissed and resented Hillary’s comment all those years ago about not being a woman who just stays at home and bakes cookies. She said she was one of those women. As her kids got older (3) she did work at her husband’s practice handling office stuff, billings, etc.

Oh and here’s a thing. I heard on the news that for the CFP game Monday since the orange turd is going, that folks attending the game will have to go through magnetometer screenings before entering the Dome.

Right. Pack several meals and your sleeping bag and get there the night before.

Cute maybe but I don’t want one of these critters.

Fredster, I’m not saying there are *no* women except fundies who are goofballs. Of course there are. But on a population level the only ones with high enough numbers are white fundies.

Apretty important point is that they’re just a particularly cohesive subset of racists and sexists. Bigotry off the chain is really the Dump’s core appeal.

(I’m not sure what you mean by in that group there could be white women fundies. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. The salient feature is not their womanhood, it’s their fundie-ness.)

So if you want to talk to a group, it’s fundies you have to blame for Trump, not white women. That’s why so many of us resent that framing. There’s never a single woman we actually know who’s that dumb, and yet somehow we have to listen to this. BS.

@75: quixote, I’d have to go look for the numbers from 2016 and honestly I don’t want to expend that much effort. However I do recall seeing articles that stated that Trump carried white women.

Now that article didn’t break down the woman Trump vote into religious info.

But then there’s *this*:

Women Aren’t Responsible for Hillary Clinton’s Defeat

But still, buried in there is this:

The problem is that accusation is misleading at best and inaccurate at worst. To start, assertions that Clinton did not win over women voters are simply not true. A majority of women backed Clinton over Donald Trump, 54 percent to 42 percent. Exit-poll data indicates that 94 percent of black women and 68 percent of Hispanic women voted for Clinton. “If only women voted in this election [and no one else], Clinton would have won,” commented Kelly Dittmar, a scholar at the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University. “I think that this narrative about Clinton failing to win white women really overshadows the strong support she had among all women, and women of color in particular.”

But then:

It is true that Clinton did not win a majority of white women voters; Trump did, with 53 percent support. But a closer look at the data, and historical context, suggests that far from failing to convert white women to her cause, Clinton actually succeeded in winning the votes of at least some white women for whom support for the Democratic candidate in the election was never a given.

But again, no specific religious affiliation noted.

And with that I’m going back on wx watch. I was chatting with one of the local mets and he said SPC will probably pull the switch for a tornado watch sometime overnight. Already got a txt from the power company essentially saying “yeah bad weather coming – you’ll probably lose power, we let you know ahead of time so there”.

Okay an addition. Two more candidates for Darwin Awards.

Quixote, absolutely. Fredster, I’ve read articles (too tired to look for them right now) which analyzed votes by religion amongst other demographics, and it was clear that fundamentalist women went overwhelmingly for Trump. If the white fundie women were taken out of the picture, the remaining white women made a comfortable majority in voting for Hillary.

It infuriates me that white Hillary-supporting women get told to talk to their bigoted white relatives and convert them. Don’t they have an idea what talking with a fundamentalist is like? Fundies are barely convinced the Earth is round. Fundies are the ones saying “Keep government out of my Medicare.” They’re the ones lighting woodpiles and burning themselves up doing so.

@75, WTH ??? Gwyneth Paltrow with her Goop nonsense thinks women should steam their vaginas. I don’t think Paltrow knows the difference between a vulva and a vagina. Professional warning: steaming your vagina (or vulva) is a very, very bad idea. Vaginas are self-cleaning anyway. Paltrow probably puts noxious perfumey substances up hers and that’s why she gets infected. A normal vagina smells just fine! I don’t think men have started sticking perfumed wicks up their urethras yet, but if Paltrow starts a Goop for men she’ll be selling those.

@73, that is a cute critter! Wonder how big it gets?

@78: I’m sure you and quixote are correct.

@79: If you look at the thread on twitter she has a pic of Atticus sleeping in his terrarium. Not sure of the scale though.

God. The Paltrow stuff. Brain bleach! I know there was a high price to pay in massive neuroses from all the Victorian uptightness buuuuut –. Bring it back! It would shut her up!

@80, I’m sure the evangelical white women weren’t the only white women voting for Trump, but it explains most of them.

That thread on bearded dragons … lots of people in love with their lizards! “he’s so cuddly and loving. If we set him on our floor he runs to us and climbs up on our chest to cuddle” Hope they tell their visitors about this risk, lol!

Iran really did do it.

Iranian officials said military personnel targeted Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, bound for Kyiv, early Wednesday as it turned toward a “sensitive military site” shortly after departing from Tehran’s international airport.

Exit-poll data indicates that 94 percent of black women and 68 percent of Hispanic women voted for Clinton. “If only women voted in this election [and no one else], Clinton would have won,”


Seems like reinventing the wheel.

News flash, Hillary did win the election………… 3 MILLION VOTES.

The effin’ electoral college of Dump toadies is what gave him the election, along with Russia, Alt-right, Fundamentalists, NRA, KKK, and the ‘religious right’… and sexists that would never vote for a woman President.

That lizard is cute. We went to Cancun 5 years ago and the place we stayed had huge green iguanas hanging out around the grounds. They seemed territorial. We were told not to touch them and we didn’t but some people threw them human food and they would eat it.

Omg–this looks like the opening of a James Bond movie:

The Great Clinton Ratf*cking Comes to a Predictable Conclusion

There was nothing there. There never was anything there. And now we have a handpicked prosecutor from the garden of evil that is this president*’s Department of Justice concluding that there never was anything there.

JAN 10, 2020


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