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Activist Tuesday: Impeachment Marches Tonight!

Posted on: December 17, 2019

Widdershins, the moment we alternatively cheered, feared and thought would never come, has almost arrived. Drumpf and his Republican enablers can SUCK IT.

I always had faith in Pelosi doing the right thing on impeachment, but personally, I worried that Drumpf’s inevitable acquittal in the Senate would help him in his re-election campaign. Little did I know the man would self-impeach in such a flamboyant way, in public and in writing, numerous times! And in a criminal way! And that Americans would be much more in favor of impeachment and removal after about two months of investigation, than they were in favor of impeachment when Nixon was at a similar point in his process! Mea culpa Nancy, you are a genius. Hats off to you!

Speaking of public opinion, I’ve noticed impeachment is gaining traction lately. Editorial boards across the country are finally  starting to take the position that the Mango Moron deserves that forever asterisk next to his name. According to a recent Fox News poll (Dec 8-11), a majority of the American people are in favor of impeachment. Fox News’ own pundits were shocked.

“The Fox poll came out — and I was stunned by this,” Kilmeade said on “Fox and Friends.” “This says 50 percent of the country want the president impeached. I was stunned to see that that’s the number, because I thought that things were trending away.”

Actually, the Fox News poll released Sunday said that 54 percent of Americans want to see President Trump impeached. Fifty percent support impeaching him and removing him from office; an additional 4 percent support impeaching him but allowing him to remain on the job. Forty-one percent don’t think he should be impeached at all.

As I mentioned last week, people all over America are taking to the streets tonight and demonstrating in favor of impeachment. I checked my little corner of North Dallas, Texas, and whaddaya know! There are marches here too – almost 2500 people are signed up. It’s a good sign. I hope some of you will come out as well!

I know how unlikely it is, but I admit it – I really want Drumpf to be removed by the Senate. Oh Yahweh, please let that be my Hanukkah miracle – I don’t ask for much, oh Lord! Just to cover all my bases, I’ll ask Santa to add it to his list as well.

This is an open thread.




70 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: Impeachment Marches Tonight!"

Did you ever see How To Be A Jewish Mother by Dan Greenburg? (tagline: you don’t have to be Jewish or a mother to be a Jewish Mother.) One of the funniest books of all time.

Anyway, your line “I don’t ask for much, oh Lord!” took me right back

I’m asking for the same thing, and (showing my East Coast roots here) it’s not only not much, it should have been delivered years ago!

Well, looking at impeach dot org. there are three marches/protests in the area.

I’ll be there in spirit but not physically because it’s cold here. All of those storms yesterday were ahead of a cold front and it’s still windy out also. I’ll be sitting by my little electric space heater.

I’m going to bring this up from the previous post because I think it’s still worthy of discussion.

I have issues with this and I don’t mean the DNC’s rules:

Top Democratic candidates ask DNC to change debate qualifying rules

The effort was led by Sen. Cory Booker, who will not appear in Thursday’s debate in Los Angeles because he didn’t meet the criteria.

Well, my Christmas wreath arrived today, but because of all the wind I’ll put it up tomorrow.

Thanks Q!

Fredster, I didn’t go here in TX. If I were at home in SF I would have.

I think the debate rules have resulted in an all white debate stage. That is why people are against the rules. That being said, this is a pretty racist country ans changing the debate rules probably won’t move the needle much.

@5: As I said in the previous post, the rules were made to winnow down the field. If he doesn’t have the numbers then he doesn’t have them.

@7, says everything that needs to be said. He could have done it in 1 less word — leave out the “just.”

@4, @5, wish they would have left everything alone until the primaries. Let the people vote then. The debates are merely clickbait for the media and with (for the most part) vacuous moderators.

@9: Well at least this way Tulsi Gabbard won’t be there.

Working late so missed them.

@10, thanking the deities for that. Now if we could only get rid of the other vanity candidates like Yang and Steyer and Bloomsberg and Bernie.

@11 – Nice GIF!

Yikes. Elizabeth Drew, who worked on the Clinton and Nixon impeachments, just said on @lawrence that we are witnessing the slow, agonizing death of impeachment as a process. It always depended on the rule of law, and if you have the Executive, Judicial and half the Legislative Branch refusing to follow the Constitution, well…

@13, yes. And the slow, agonizing death of democracy in the US.

Love that Eartha Kitt song!

I would love to hear your opinions about the Lisa Page interview on Rachel. I was making dinner when it was on, and missed some bits, but it sounded like she was saying they had to comment about the investigation into Hillary’s emails because it was public knowledge and they had to keep silent about the investigation into “Candidate Trump” because it might hurt him in the election?!?

@15: I watched it and saw her say that yes they had to comment on the Hillary emails and something about public knowledge but missed that on tRump.

@13: It always depended on the rule of law,

Well yeah.

There’s something rattling around twitter that if McTurtle doesn’t/won’t do *something* then Pelosi should hold do something else.

Ah, here it is from Laurence Tribe:

Laurence Tribe recently tweeted that if McConnell “rejects these reasonable ground rules & insists on a non-trial, the House should consider treating that as a breach of the Senate’s oath & withholding the Articles until the Senate reconsiders.” He later clarified in a follow-up tweet that “by ‘withholding’ the Articles I don’t mean not voting for them — I mean voting for them but holding off on transmitting them to the Senate.”

I love the idea because it would drive tRump and McTurtle totally over the edge.

Paul Manafort’s fraud case in New York was dismissed, blocking local prosecutors’ effort to undercut a potential Trump pardon

A state court judge in Manhattan dismissed Paul Manafort’s residential mortgage fraud case Wednesday, deciding the local charges against President Trump’s former campaign chairman amounted to a double-jeopardy violation.

This amounts to ~4% of Georgia’s registered voters! That’s more than 5 x the margin that Stacey Abrams lost by in the governor’s race. It’s going to be even harder to get a fair election in GA.

Georgia purged 309,000 voters from its rolls. It’s the second state to make cuts in less than a week.

Some advocates, however, say the state has lost their trust. The 2018 gubernatorial race was dominated by questions of voter suppression and, in particular, voter purging. Then-Secretary of State Brian Kemp (R), who refused to recuse himself as overseer of the election, defeated his Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams by the narrow margin of about 55,000 votes.

The House has begun debate over the impeachment things.

Yawn. Same ole stuff.

Dayum! So much for bringing the newspaper with you.

Auntie Maxine speaks!


Elrod, a President George W. Bush appointee, was joined by Judge Kurt Engelhardt, a President Donald Trump appointee. Judge Carolyn Dineen King, a President Jimmy Carter appointee, dissented.

SoCal the interview was amazing. What Lisa Page said was the investigation into Hillary was about the past and was already public. What she said about Trump was that no one knew about the investigation and it was current so disclosure would definitely tank his chances. She also said that they all hoped it would be moot because the orange gelatinous blob would not be elected.

I still think they made a mistake because he was clearly tcheating and didn’t deserve any consideration at all. But Page was terrific nonetheless.

216. There it is on Article one. Trump’s impeached! Bring on Article Two!


Fredster and all, looks like Pelosi is smacking the turtle’s shell hard!

Major newspapers are releasing their IMPEACHED front pages for tomorrow with Trump’s picture – except for WaPo who has Nancy P bringing down the gavel! Yes!

@29, love that photo of Madame Speaker and her gavel!

Their fashion editor (yes, really *eyeroll*) had this to say:

The woman in charge, Madam Speaker, arrived on the House floor wearing a black sheath with bracelet sleeves and matching pumps. The dress’s funnel neckline opened slightly for a little breathing room. It was a style that would have been appropriate for a funeral and reflected Pelosi’s grave remarks: “Our founders’ vision of a republic is under threat from actions from the White House,” Pelosi said. “That is why today, as speaker of the House, I solemnly and sadly open the debate on the impeachment of the president of the United States. If we do not act now, we would be derelict in our duty.”

As she spoke, it was impossible to miss the large golden mace brooch pinned to the left side of her chest. It is an eagle with its wings spread, perched on a pearl mounted on a sheath of gilded rods.
This Ann Hand brooch, which exudes majesty and power and old Washington style, was inspired by the mace of the House of Representatives.

Meanwhile, the Orange Putin Puppet is being best:

Trump mocks Rep. Debbie Dingell and suggests her dead husband could be in hell

@30: What photo?

I’m late to the conversation about Rachel’s interview with Lisa Page but she also said the reason Trump’s investigation was kept secret (aside from protocol) was that it was a counter intelligence probe and they did not want to tip off any subjects. Hillary’s was domestic and just her emails. Since it was already public and so high profile they felt like they had to respond. I’m surprised she agreed to an interview since she just filed a lawsuit against the FBI.

Trump just won his first popular vote! 😆👊


@32, not sure how to get that photo in here. I tried tweeting some of the headline stories but none had the Pelosi pic. You’ll have to go look at their website. You should be able to do that without getting blocked by a paywall when you click on any stories.

Of course Nancy was dressed impeccably. The description of the brooch was cool.

The Mango Moron is going after yet another woman to distract from his impeachment. It’s his only move.

Pelosi with gavel!

Technically, Joe Biden caused Trump to be impeached. At this time anyway. If he had not entered the race, Trump would never have made that phone call. Hopefully, neither one of them will be stupid enough to say that. Oh, wait…

So glad to see Ted Lieu made it back in time!

@38 – that’s like saying HRC caused Trump to seek Russian help in 2016. The man cannot help being a criminal and a Russian stooge. If internal polling showed another candidate as the front runner, he still would have pressured Ukraine about bolstering the fake story about their being the ones responsible for the Russian attack on our democracy and been impeached for that. He also would have asked China for help with another front runner, doesn’t matter who.

Hahahaha, he is finally IMPEACHED. What you say? Yes, the a$$hole that stole the election from Hillary Clinton is IMPEACHED!!!!!!

Donald the Asshole, you are IMPEACHED!!!!

You need to go to a real court and be prosecuted for your crimes against America.

Drooling in your little cell, that’s what I wish for.

Nancy made us all proud. She not only dressed to kill, but she had the powerful body language and the ‘look’ and small hand gesture that instantly kept the crowd in a somber mood.

Mama of the House was awesome!

My three favorite women in the public arena this year are:

Hillary, now and forever . 😉
Fiona Hill

Don’t forget the debate tonight. Particulars are over on the sidebar.

Well said Shadow! Fredster, thanks for the reminder.

@40 madamab, yes that’s true about the ‘it wasn’t Russia, it was Ukraine’ angle. Good point! In fact, there’s new reporting about that very thing right now.

This is darn creepy.

Inside the Secret List of Demands Warren Gave Hillary
The Massachusetts senator pressured Clinton to stock her administration with officials very different than Obama’s team.

Let’s see if this works….

Watching the Dem debate. Amy just smacked Buttigieg down about his lack of any experience on the world stage. “My experience with freedom of the press is not just talking points,” she said. Yowch! I really like her, wish she was resonating with black voters.

Biden is doing well on foreign policy, he clearly has the experience to be credible.

Sanders sh*t the bed on race, of course. He tried to avoid answering the question, and the female moderator OF COLOR said, “With all respect Senator, the question is about race.” Everyone cheered, LOUDLY.

Switching back to Rachel during the commercials.

MB, I’m watching too and wish that Amy would keep talking instead of cutting herself short and playing by the rules. She did slap Pete around, he is sure full of himself.
Biden is doing well, the rich guy, Steyer is doing better than I thought he would. Bernie and Liz…bla, same old ‘progressive bs’.

Awesome, Amy swoops in to stop the ‘argument’ between Pete and Liz.

She is killing Buttigieg!!!

Pete….ah, you can’t come close to Amy’s slap downs.

Finally, Amy is not staying in the back and has found her mojo.

Gawd Bernie sucks. The question was “how would you address the murders of transgender women?”

Answer: Blah blah blah Medicare For All.

I so miss Kamala. Damn. She was so much better than any of them.

I think this was a very good debate. Some arguments, some strong feelings, and everyone of them is a good person.

I just turned on the debate at the end where they started their closing comments, and Bernie said something like “for 45 years people have been listening to speeches…” What was he talking about? Did he mean for 45 presidential primaries? He said the 45 year thing at least twice.

MB, thanks for the Lisa Page explanation. I still don’t think it was fair, or appropriate for them to announce they were reopening the case into Hillary’s emails becuz of Weiners laptop or whatever bullshit it was.

Just an aside about murders of transwomen. The number should be zero, but the sky high numbers come from using global data which is heavily skewed by Brazil and SE Asia where there are exceptionally many transwomen prostitutes. Compared to the murders of prostitutes, especially the frequencies in those two areas, numbers for transwomen are pretty average. These, for instance, are the murder rates for one country, i.e. comparing like to like.
Adrian Sullivan, USA 2016 rates, using Human Rights Commission and FBI data, showing murder per 100,000:

0.8 – females who are trans

1.6 – all trans people

2.1 – males who are trans

2.1 – females

5.0 – black females

5.4 – all US population

7.4 – males

18.3 – black people

32.7 – black males

204.0 – prostitutes (2004 data, comparable 2016 number is higher)

(Not sure if the table format will work. Bear with me….)

The even more interesting statistic is that the perpetrators when sexual violence is part of it are just over 98% male. Without a sexual component, the perps are over 90% (93%? 95%? don’t remember) male.

To me the answer about what to do about any murders is what do you do about the guys committing them.

@61 – Yeah Q, I think the question was indirectly meant to test whether people are “woke” in this area. It certainly showed that Bernie only has one answer for everything and does not get intersectionality at all. Warren said she would go to the Rose Garden read the names of all the murdered once a year, which I thought was super odd (not very proactive is it?) and then she pivoted to housing, which is what she says every time anyone asks her about a marginalized community.

Better answers “trans women are women and violence against women has several causes. Here’s what I would do…”

quixote, check email when you have a chance.

I dvr-d a repeat of the debate and I’ll skim through it later. I really just want to see where they pick on booty-judge.

@61: To me the answer about what to do about any murders is what do you do about the guys committing them.

Lock them up.

@62, I beg to differ on the TWAW. Biologically they are male–chromosomes, DNA, anatomy is male. About 90% of trans’women’ do not have plastic surgery to change the appearance of their genitals, so they still have penises and scrotums. Gender is the cultural stereotype of how the sexes behave. A subjective internal feeling of identifying with a gender (cultural stereotype) does not change a person’s sex. That being said, people who identify as trans should be free of discrimination but they don’t belong in women’s same-sex spaces or activities such as women’s shelters or women’s sports.

@67- that think progress tweet is so misleading. As Amy pointed out in the debate, many of the dem senators voted to confirm many of the appointees, and many, including her, have voted against them.


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