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Activist Tuesday: The Impeachment Vote is Coming. Will You March?

Posted on: December 10, 2019

Widdershins, this post is going to be very brief. I’ve added about 20 hours to my work week through travel to a new project, and it’s throwing me all in a tizzy! Thank goodness there’s nothing going on in the world, right?

I kid. Of the many, many things that are happening this week, I am choosing to discuss the fact that articles of impeachment are being presented to the Judiciary Committee today. Cause, well, it’s my post dammit.

Leaving a meeting with Pelosi, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot L. Engel (D-N.Y.) told reporters that he and the chairmen of other House committees would announce specific articles at a news conference at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

At an event hosted by the Wall Street Journal on Monday night, Pelosi said no final decision had been made.

“You think I’m going to tell you the articles of impeachment?” she said when asked about the matter. “We’re in a place where our members, our leadership of our committees of jurisdiction have now gotten the last input” about the conduct at issue, she added. “They’ll make a determination, a recommendation as to how we will go forward and what the articles will be.”

Under the current plan, the Judiciary Committee would vote on the articles Thursday, according to two people familiar with the matter, setting up a floor vote next week.

As Fredster noted in comments on his weekend post, a rapid response march is being organized by If you feel so inclined, it looks like you might be marching sometime next week when the full House, historically, votes to impeach Donald J. Trump, the most corrupt and treasonous occupant of the White House in our nation’s history. His legacy will be of an astonishingly incompetent, unfit thief who was illegally installed by Russia and maintained by corrupt billionaires, media moguls and foreign adversaries who bought his loyalty with cash, favors and flattery.

There’s so much else out there to talk about, I will leave it at that and say, as I usually do:

This is an open thread.

I’m bringing up the Swallwell video from Fredster’s other comment, because it’s just so good.


79 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: The Impeachment Vote is Coming. Will You March?"

Swalwell is what a congressman should be!

@1: Yes, he’s a great one.

I wonder if Pelosi and Schiff will select him to be one of the managers of the trial in the Senate? I think he would be an excellent choice.

I’ve added about 20 hours to my work week through travel

Hope your travel won’t be affected by all these various wx fronts moving through the country. We had a high yesterday of 82 or 83. A front pushed through and now it’s 58 with winds out of the north.

Hell, power went out abt 20 mins. ago. Got a text from elec company that power restoration estimated at 930 CST. Soooo, set up a mobile hot spot, grab a flash light (app on phone), go dig out battery lantern. Getting ready to connect to power company website and then….


Now to do everything in reverse and go about resetting stove clock, microwave clock, coffee maker clock and the rest.

Have y’all seen this presser with the Houston police chief after one of his cops were killed by a domestic abuser?

@7: Whoa! In Texas?

House Judiciary Committee will be holding the markup hearing for the impeachment articles Wednesday, December 11, 2019 – 7:00pm (ET)

Have your popcorn ready because you know the Republicans will be acting out like crazy.

Great comments all!

In other news, as an American Jew, I am rather freaked out by this.

@10. It is so bizarre to see antisemitism popping up both here and in the UK. For a while there it seemed like that was one -ism we were well and truly over. Take home message, I guess, is that we’re never over -isms. Set up enough inequality and resentment, find a turd willing to stir them up, and here we are.

The thing itself is horrible, but it’s also horrible to realize we don’t learn.

@10: I saw that yesterday and didn’t and still don’t understand what the hell that has to do with Boycott Israel stuff.

That Texas police chief! That’s powerful. Good to see a police officer speaking out against the NRA.

@12, I think he thinks this way it’ll be OK for anti-Semitic actions since it’s defined as something other than a religion. I am not following the logic here, but that’s because there is no logic. Trump “reasoning” makes my brain hurt.

@14: Oh good grief. I wonder what some of those rich Republican jews like Sheldon Adelson are going to think about it?

Re the Jewish-is-a-nationality stuff, I gather the “logic” goes something like this: if it’s a religion, then Boycott Israel protests are against the nation, not the religion, and are protected under freedom of speech. If Judaism is a nationality then protests against Israeli policies become protests against Judaism and can then be considered hate speech and stopped.

Something like that. The fact that such tortured thinking also opens the door for all sorts of white nationalist/supremacist crap is probably a feature, not a bug.

@18: Gah, my head is spinning.

Anyone else trying to listen to the debate on impeachment right now? One thing I have noticed while muting the sound of 99% of the deplorables, is that many of them have German spelling in their last names. Hmmm…

Eric is a good Congressman and sucked as a Presidential candidate. When he played the ageist card at the debate I was upset with him and he lost my support, I expected more from him and also hoped more from Amy.
Then again, neither of them can hold a flame to our Hillary.

‘Hold a flame’, or should it have been, ‘Hold a candle?’ It just sort of popped out… 😉

@20: is that many of them have German spelling in their last names. Hmmm…

Whoa! That’s kinda harsh.

Here is a really well written article on the danger FOX news is to our country and democracy.

Ted Lieu was not at the hearing today due to being hospitalized to have a heart stent for a partial blockage. (reporting he’ll be back next week) Too bad – I missed him and he deserved to be there.

It is ridiculous that this investigation is still ongoing. It sounds like he knows who the NYFBI agents were, but can’t find the actual communications. Are they still working there!? Durbin also asked about it.

The Department of Justice inspector general’s office is still investigating alleged leaks from the FBI’s New York field office regarding the Hillary Clinton email investigation to Rudy Giuliani in the final days of the 2016 campaign, the IG testified Wednesday.

“We were very concerned about that” and have been actively investigating alleged leaks to Giuliani and others, Michael Horowitz said in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. “This continues to this day. We are investigating those contacts.”

Sen. Pat Leahy, D-Vt., asked Horowitz about the probe Wednesday. “Rudy Giuliani and others appeared to receive highly sensitive leaks from the New York FBI field office, leaks that likely contributed to director Comey’s public announcement he was reopening the Clinton investigation days before the election,” Leahy said. “What can you tell us about the New York field office’s leaks to Rudolph Giuliani and others?”

Horowitz said his office had found some FBI employees had “violated FBI policy” and “we have some investigations ongoing.”

“What’s proving to be very hard is to prove the actual substance of the communications between the agents and the reporter, or the individuals, as you might guess, but we can prove the contacts, and under FBI policy you need authorization if you’re going to disclose information and have certain contacts,” Horowitz said.

I like Ted Lieu, I hope he has a fast recovery.

@18, very bizarre. If dump is for it, it can’t be good.

@21: Shadowfax, I thought that was Castro who played the age card. I like Swallwell and think he’ll be a great President someday. Too bad he didn’t catch fire earlier.

Ted Lieu needing an aortic stent? Yikes. Hope he recovers quickly and has no more health problems. We need him.

@20, Angela Merkel has a German last name too.

Some more on Ted Lieu’s condition:

His office said in a statement Wednesday that Lieu was admitted to George Washington University Hospital Monday evening with chest pain but that tests showed no signs of a heart attack or heart damage. He later underwent a successful stent surgery after a CT scan showed partial blockage of an artery.

Wonder if there is any family history of cardiac issues?

I’ve wondered why no one never did this earlier to Gaetz.

Happy Hour?

@35, Yes.

@37: I watched a portion of those hearings earlier and yep, wheel of bullshit.

Did y’all see Brian Williams and Garret Haack’s reaction after Nadler slammed down the gavel and recessed ’til morning? They were APPALLED!! How ruuude of Nadler to Collins and the minority! (as if they wouldn’t do the same) They showed Collins rant and Williams whined that no Dems had come in front of the cameras. I flipped to CNN and there was Jamie Raskin talking to Don Lemon. LMAO.

@39: I missed that and I’m glad I did.

Damn! I was fixing some hot dogs and as I was pouring off the water, a dog plopped down right into the disposal. I could reach it so five second rule applies.

@41 Ewww! Hope your health insurance premiums are paid up. Have you checked your local ER to make sure the doctors are in-network? Have you written a will? You need to consider these things when it comes to the five second rule and disposals.

@42: LOL! I hardly ever use that thing GAgal and still I run bleach through it once a week. It has those rubber guards around it so entire hot dog didn’t go in there. And, I did rinse it off after getting it out.

I have one those Rubbermaid mats in the bottom of the sinks but I took the mat out to pour off the hot water. Should have left in there.

Finally. Two articles of impeachment passed through committee. On to the House. I think Nadler and the Democrats did the Republicans a huge favor by waiting until this morning. It brought the seriousness and integrity back to a historical moment that would have been completely lost if they had held the vote last night after that day long shit show. No yelling and screaming or nonsense. Except for Gohmert, of course, who just had to check his ‘no’ vote.

Well, I spoke too soon. Doug Collins just put out a statement on the ‘pettiness of holding the vote this morning’ blah, blah, blah… Still an idiot.

I love that they impeached Drumpf on Friday the 13th!

I have been so heads down in work that I haven’t been able to watch anything. Been catching up at night.

Re the Jewish pretzel logic, Quixote is right. They are trying to shut down Boycott Israel movements.

Now the Boycott Israel movements are sometimes based on anti-Semitic tropes, but it’s like you’re punishing Jews for them instead of tackling the real issue.

@45: I thought Collins was going to blow a gasket during all of those hearings. It was so funny to watch.

@48, @49, my feelings exactly.

Re: Jewishness and Trump — Has it occurred to anyone else that he’s venturing awfully close to a state pronouncement on what is religion and what is not?

@51: Yep, or accidentally burn the place down also

Repubs on Judiciary Thursday night, then Friday morning

annie saw my tweet a little bit ago about the wx here. Had dense fog advisory until 10 am and cleared. Then got another advisory a few hours later. I was out picking up a few things and then went to the grocery. Fog was so thick you just about needed sonar equipment.

Don’t think for a minute that Brett “I Love Beer” Kavanaugh won’t cover for both Trump and his mentor Kennedy’s son. We’ll never see Trump’s financials. This should never have gone to the SCOTUS.

@60: Probably true.

GA Gov Kemp ordered to sit for deposition. Thank you Stacey Abrams!

ATLANTA — Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp will have to sit for questioning about comments he made that seemed to express concern about minority voter registration, a federal judge has ruled.

U.S. District Judge Steve Jones ruled that the Republican governor will have to answer questions as part of a lawsuit filed by Fair Fight Action, an organization founded by Democrat Stacey Abrams, who unsuccessfully ran against Kemp in 2018.

The lawsuit accuses the secretary of state and election board members of mismanaging the 2018 election in ways that deprived some citizens, particularly low-income people and minorities, of their constitutional right to vote. It seeks substantial reforms and asks that the state be required to get a federal judge’s approval before changing voting rules.

@62: Yay Stacey!

Ha Fredster, I just came here to post that!

Happy Saturday everyone.

Interesting article from WaPo about how McConnell screwed himself when he promised a rigged trial for Drumpf in the Senate: he doesn’t have the votes to do it, and swing state Senators may never sign on. This could be a strategic opening for Dems.

Impeachment marches are next Tuesday.

Hey everyone, I think the weekend post will be a look at the political cartoons. After the week we’ve had there should be some good ones.

I’ll post either later today or early tomorrow.

At Trump’s suggestion, Van Drew of NJ, one of the two Dems who plan to vote no on impeachment, is planning to switch to the Republican party. Bye a**hole.

Joe Burreaux won the Heisman! I wasn’t home when it was on so I set the dvr. The guide said an hr so I set it for that. So naturally it ran over and recording stopped in the middle of Joe’s speech. Now I’ve got to record it again with an extra half hr at the end just to see his speech. Grrr.

Hey Fredster! Congrats on LSU QB winning the Heisman Trophy!

@74: Thanks annie. He was shedding some tears and sounded like it was gonna be a good speech. And like I said, now I have to dvr the entire thing just to catch that 15 minutes. Arrrgh!

@73, Awww. Wadester loved it–he likes sheep and goats.

@77: LOL and cute.

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