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Lazy Weekend Music~It takes a woman

Posted on: December 7, 2019

Good Weekend Widdershins!

From the past few weeks of live hearings on the soon to be impeached mango moron, aka El caudillo del mar-a-lago (h/t to Charles Pierce) one thing we have seen has been the appearances and testimonies of very strong and self-assured women.  From the appearance of Fiona Hill, to Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, to Stanford Law Professor Pamela Karlan, and even to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Don’t mess with me) we’ve seen images of strong, intelligent, and professional women.  Women who had no problems taking on the insulting clowns on the Republican side during those hearings.

Let’s take a look at some songs about confident, self-assured women.

* * * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * * *

This has been a short post Widdershins because this is college football championship weekend.  Not only is it the SEC championship game between LSU and Georgia, there are championship games for the Big 12, Big 10, the ACC and other conference championship games.  In other words, I’m going to get carpal tunnel from hitting the clicker so much.  Oh and I put fresh batteries in it too.

Allons les Tigres!

Open thread of course.


38 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music~It takes a woman"

Hell yeah! Great post Fredster.

This is the message I want to give to the Republicans who treat us like we are less than human.

I’m trying to find the song I first heard about 30 yrs ago with lyrics that went something like this:

“Human rights, all right!
We’ll do it for the humans if the price is right,
Talkin’ ’bout human rights.”

Great post, Fredster, and may all your favorite teams win!

Sort of in between interesting games and b4 LSU/Ga. Oklahoma beat Baylor which I’m thankful for. Baylor had some issues with dying athletes and guess who was the chancellor or prez of Baylor then? None other than Ken Starr.

And of course there were/are sooo many other strong women out there but I wanted to concentrate on the ones from the past few weeks.

Watching those women these past weeks I was almost tickled at how they came off in the hearings. They didn’t take any shit off anyone. LOL

Go Dawgs!! Ha ha. I’m not really into it so it doesn’t matter to me either way. OTOH – if LSU wins, I can rib my nephew about it so… Go Tigers!!

@7: LOL GAgal. It’s gonna be a good game. The only thing I hate is it’s on CBS with awful Gary Danielson as one of the commentators. That means I pretty much have to mute the tv during most of the game.

Woot! LSU 37-10! I have to say that Georgia really held them at bay during the first half. Good game.

And now Wisconsin is doing a number on (cough cough) #1 Ohio State.
C’mon badgers!

Joe Burrow looks like a shoo-in for the Heisman.

@12: Good! From everything I’ve seen they’ll do a much better job.

The Buckeyes came back in their game against Wisconsin.

Fredster . . . Wow! Your guys are having a phenomenal year! We had the game on, just amazing. You must be worn out from the excitement!

Also, great post! My guys also would like to see women at the helm. For a change.

Thanks for all the info about the LED light bulbs on the last thread. I looked at these GE bulbs I bought and the ones called Relax are 2700 K and the ones called Refresh are 5000 K. Quite a difference.

@15: Thanks annie. I’ve been on the sideline with coach and Burrow the entire season. And yeah, I’m just emotionally worn out. Had to watch the Big 10 game. I have a feeling the CFP committee will still rank Ohio State as #1. Obviously I disagree.

I think the bigger thing is Bama losing twice and they really fell in the rankings. They aren’t so invincible any more. Don’t know what bowl they’ll get but their supporters will not be happy.

So long as we replace the XYs (hard to call them “men”) who are Steve Bannon and his ilk, it’s all good.

(I mean, Adam Schiff? No need to replace. Jay Inslee? No need to replace. Tom Cotton? Have we got that asteroid resettlement program operating yet??)

@19, Agree! I want to keep my Gov Inslee. He may be an older white man, but he’s been doing a lot of good for Washington, also by working with the other governors on the Left Coast, and working with Canada especially BC on trade and the environment.

@19: So it would appear that replacing “R” men with “D” men would suffice. In general that is.

Let’s add Sen. John No-Relation Kennedy to that resettlement program.

The world is really getting divided into the haves and the have-nots.

Tweet by Tuomas Niskakangas:

Finland’s government is now led by these five party leaders.

@27: And young enough they will be around for awhile.

quixote, check email. Thnx

Ya think?

U.S. officials misled public about Afghan war, confidential documents reveal

U.S. officials constantly said they were making progress. They were not, and they knew it.

A confidential trove of government documents obtained by The Washington Post reveals that senior U.S. officials failed to tell the truth about the war in Afghanistan throughout the 18-year campaign, making rosy pronouncements they knew to be false and hiding unmistakable evidence the war had become unwinnable.

I tried watching some of the hearings today. When I turned it on they were in the 5 minute deal for each member of the committee.

I switched it to L&O (Hi Mom!) when it was Matt Gaetz speaking. That jerk really needs someone to throw a pie in his face in the middle of the hearing.

@34 – That was amazing. Yes, I am happy to keep Rep. Swallwell, our Widdershins, and all other woke D men when women take over!!

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