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Lazy Weekend: Games People Play

Posted on: November 30, 2019

Happy Saturday, Widdershins, and I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Today is a day of football and basketball, with our friends here mostly favoring football. In honor of not just these sports, but other games people play, here’s our Lazy Weekend music post. I hope everyone enjoys it!

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Fresh weekend post!

I am watching Chatblu’s Dawgs right now.

Yep, this is typically a “rivals” weekend in college football; Ohio State vs Michigan, Georgia-Georgia Tech, Washington-Wash. State, and other good match ups.

Not that I care for either one, but Alabama will be playing Auburn. I’ll hope that Auburn wins that one just because it will push Bama further down in the polls. LOL

Hope all Widdershins are enjoying their turkey holiday!

I dread the judiciary hearings next week. The ranking member is Doug Collins of GA. He’ll make a bigger ass of himself than Devin Nunes ever did. Also, Gov Brian Kemp is appointing a new Senator to replace retiring Johnny Isakson after the first of the year. He’s being pressured by Trump, Geatz and others to choose Collins and Collins wants it bad. Kemp is determined to appoint some super rich woman I’ve never heard of. He says to try to bring more women into the party. (He probably owes her) I hope he does. My worst nightmare is having to watch Collins for the next few weeks in Judiciary and then having him moved to the Senate just in time for the Senate trial. Kill me now.

@4 – I know GAGal! OTOH, the more they appear on TeeVee, the more they turn voters off. So there is that.

Oh and don’t let pundits and media types tell you the hearings aren’t working. They just moved the goalposts – a lot – and then dismissively stated the goals weren’t met. Good article here.

Woot! LSU undefeated in their regular season, 12 – 0. Now on to the SEC championship.

Tiger stadium went insane when he wore this:

I really wanted to loop this.

Figures. No Republican wants to take over the chair of the Senate Ethics Committee after Isakson leaves. Gee, I wonder why. They’ll probably dissolve it altogether.

@10: From your link GAgal:

Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) — who oversee the Aging, Judiciary and Banking committees, respectively — also passed on taking over the Ethics gavel.

The idea of Lindsey…now that’s funny.

Love the jersey on Burreaux!! Congratulations Fredster.

How telling about the ethics committee.

Love the pic of Pelosi giving Drumpf a knockout punch!

@14: Thanks mb. There were many people in the LSU athletic community who looked down on Coach O being selected as the head coach. Many wanted Jimbo Fisher who left Fl State for a $75 million contract with A&M. Don’t think that’s working out too well for A&M.

It’s a gorgeous day down here today. The last few days were warm and muggy. A cold/cool front pushed through and it’s a very comfortable 71 and humidity is down to 27%. I can turn off the dehumidifier.

We had a run of cold, sunny days here, with temps down to or slightly below freezing at night. Yesterday went for a mountain hike (well, foothill hike) and managed 2,400′ in 2 hrs. 1 hr to go back down, as downhill is my favorite part of hiking. A couple of inches of amazingly dry snow with large crystals (hexagonal plate type) sticking out at angles on the surface over the ridge we hiked up and down. Very sparklingly pretty.

Today we’re back to our usual 40s and drizzling.

@17: That does sound pretty Luna.

I took the opportunity to do a good bleach out on the dehumidifier bucket. Sunday afternoon fun.

We’ve been having cold (cold for us) and rainy, which I haven’t minded.

Fredster, congrats on Tigers amazing season! And more to go! My household is rooting for them to go all the way.

Lordy, you know an NFL game is b-a-d when the network switches from that game to another. Oakland/vs KC Chiefs.

@19: Thanks annie. I think we have a good chance against Georgia in the SEC champs game and I don’t see us dropping out of the top 4.

Thanks for posting the Trojans song. It looks like they’ll be in a bowl @ San Diego, against Michigan.

@9, We watched that Alabama/Auburn game. Omigosh! Satan lost his shit. A slice of humble pie is good for all of us now and then.

AP top 25 here.

Bama drops to 9th and oh the agony and teeth gnashing that must be going on in Tuscaloosa. LOL

@10, GAgal, that’s funny!

@23, also funny!

@22: I read he lost his shit over one second being put on the play clock for Auburn. That allowed Auburn to kick the field goal.

@25, When I told hubs USC was 24, he said, Aww, they’re being generous!

@27: LOL. Better than Air Force, one below Navy. Sometimes these ranking amaze me.

@28, ditto that.

I know mb had tweeted or retweeted about this but there was a mass shooting early Sunday morning in nola. There were ten people shot with two still in the hospital and so far no deaths.

This weekend was the Bayou Classic, a football game between two La. HBUs, Southern and Grambling, so Canal St was still pretty crowded at 3 a.m. The police chief’s statement doesn’t make a lot of sense to me but it’s still early in the investigation.

It’s awful Fredster, and it’s every damn day. Do you think The story might be different from.what they’re saying?

This is a major bombshell.

No idea why that didn’t come out right. What it said was, the House Judiciary is looking at the Mueller Report, and the Constitutional scholars on Wednesday will be discussing “what is treason?”

So sad that Kamala ended her campaign. Damn. Don’t understand why she didn’t get more support from black voters. Maybe she can be AG, though.

Hell. That was supposed to be this:

There is indeed a rosy maple moth (Dryocampa rubicunda)!

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