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Lazy Weekend Music~Turkey Day

Posted on: November 23, 2019

Good weekend and happy early turkey day Widdershins!

Yes, I’m sure there will be families where the crotchety old uncle shows up, well into his cups, and spouting off about you-know-who.  Hide the sharp objects.

But let’s start the turkey week celebrations with some songs.

Because of course this one.

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * * *

Hope everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving and if we have any traveling Widdershins be safe on the roads.

Open thread of course.

I forget if it was Luna or Quixote who liked this before so I wanted to add it in.


70 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music~Turkey Day"

It wasn’t me, but I love it!

@1: Must have been Luna. It is funny. So I wonder if they have bird shot loaded in there?

This also happened during the Fiona Hill testimony. I’m completely in love with Eric Swalwell.

Woot! LSU 56-20 over Arky. Looks like we’ll be seeing GAgal and chat’s Dawgs in the conference game in the ATL.

The video quality is terrible, but that’s Madonna and Antonio Banderas in “Evita.”

@7: Now how on earth did I know that dyb would have a Madonna song ready to go?

I still love the turkeys!

Happy early turkey all! I got three cavities drilled yesterday and my jaw hurts like crazy. I have to get a crown for one of them which is my first. Ugh.

Great article from Jennifer Rubin. The media is starting to admit, finally, that the Republicans are a threat to national security.

@9: I was working on the post and just as I was finishing I thought “oh I’ve got to add the turkeys with guns”. LOL

@10: First crown? I’ve got a mouth full of them.

Do they have to do a root canal also?

Fredster, congrats on the Tigers win! Great selection of Thanksgiving songs. I remember that old band Love from the late 60s. My older sis had a couple of their albums, and I like a lot of their songs.

Also love the gun-toting turkeys!

@3, that was a dramatic moment. Fiona Hill’s entire testimony was well worth watching.

@14: Thanks annie. We’re now headed to the SEC championship game against Georgia. And just saw the AP poll came out and we’re still number 1. I just think about all the people who had said Coach Oeaux wasn’t good enough to coach LSU. Wonder what they’re saying now?

@13 – the crown is to avoid a root canal!! If only crowns were as glamorous as they sound 😁

Lordy, there are tapes!!!

@17: Nah, they’re not are they? And then the adjustments and fine drilling after they shove it in your head. I have to find a dentist around here and I’m dreading it.

@17: Hmmm, committee hearings may not be over yet!

@10, First crown? Ahahaha! Like Fredster, I have a mouthful of them. If they come off, I stick them back on again myself. Unfortunately I can no longer find the zinc oxide power to mix with clove oil to use as a bonding agent. The pre-mixed stuff you can get now in emergency dental kits doesn’t work anywhere as well. Actually, there’s only one I’ve had to do that with. Finally I had the dentist glue it back on but now it’s loose again. I hate going to dentists.

Fredster, don’t know if John Berryman is still practising. He was excellent, back in the day.

Madamab, don’t know if it’s a highly visible crown, but if not, go for the gold. I’m 100% serious. I have two or three crowns (I can’t remember what’s happened with my own teeth!). The porcelain ones always need a lot of post-insertion shaping and they still never feel like they’re really right. You get used to them. Plus, they have a nasty habit of coming out. Gold feels like your own tooth, is hard enough to chew anything on, but soft enough to conform to the pressure of the opposing molars. I’m never getting anything else after experiencing how good gold crowns are.

I didn’t realize the hearings were so close to over! There’s a Himalaya of criminality to examine. You folks have barely started!

@17 And there’s more. Possible testimony by Don McGahn (pending a court ruling on Monday), new info from the Roger Stone trial regarding Trump lying about WikiLeaks, Trump’s obstruction of Justice laid out in the Mueller report, contempt of Congress, etc.

Right now, impeachment is all about Ukraine. But after Thanksgiving, prepare for a Robert Mueller reprise.

Now that House Democrats have wrapped up public hearings on President Donald Trump’s pressure campaign to get Ukraine to launch politically advantageous investigations, there are plans to hold at least one public impeachment hearing on Trump’s misdeeds as alleged in the special counsel’s report.

To close observers, a shift back to the Mueller probe isn’t all that surprising. Democratic leaders never took the 2016 Russia investigation off the table as an impeachment springboard, even as attention shifted to the Ukraine scandal.

@20: The dentist told me once if a crown came off to just use some denture adhesive to put it back in till I could get to him. And I’m with you Luna I hate going to them. The worst for me is that damned pick thing the hygienist uses. I hate those.

@21: Quixote, there’s a dentist that a couple of friends swear by. He used to be in Chalmette but relocated post-K to Metairie. He might be absolutely great but I don’t want to drive across town from Chalmette to Metairie just to see the dentist. Also I have an individual dental plan and I need to stay in network and also a “preferred” dentist. All preferred means is that he’ll accept the insurance payment as payment in full.

In the last three days we have learned: The FOIA request by America Oversight revealed, among other things, that Pompeo was hooking up with Ghouliani to get ‘dirt’ on Joe Biden. Ghouliani’s bud Lev says Devin Nunes spent $57,000 taxpayer dollars to meet the corrupt ex-prosecutor, Shokin, in Vienna to get ‘dirt’ on the Bidens. Lindsey Graham is using the Senate Judiciary Committee to open an investigation into Joe Biden.

Poor Joe. If all this Biden BS manages to bring down any of these scum bag Trumpers, I will forever love him, from the bottom of my heart, for entering the race. I still won’t vote for him on Super Tuesday, tho’. Also, I will LMAO at the Trumpers if Joe doesn’t even win the primary.

A gold crown, Q? That sounds right up my alley! 😀 Thanks for the recommendation, in all seriousness. It’s weird, the worst pain after the drilling was my jaw from staying open so long, and I had a horrendous sore throat from the dryness. I had to drink two giant cups of tea with honey and a couple of glasses of water to get my throat feeling better, plus three Advil.

Yes, there is so much criminality in the Drumpf admin. I am glad there will be more hearings. The Dems are in a hurry though, because he’s doing so much damage to the credibility of the 2020 elections, they want the Articles to be published as soon as possible.

PS, GAGal – I will only vote Joe if he is the nominee, and he’d better pick Kamala as his VP if he wants any enthusiasm whatsoever. He’s terrible.

I’m going to be even more furious if Biden does try to pick someone better than him as goddamn veep. I would hope Harris would never take him up on that insult.

I am honestly not sure Biden wouldn’t be at least as big a disaster as the Orange Dump. The only way the country survives is if it reckons with the prion disease it has and expels it. We’re in Germany post-WWII territory. Papering the crap over, as is Biden’s dearest wish, is nothing but the final death of the immune system and the end of the country.

It wouldn’t be as gruesome a death as what’s a certainty with Trump, so there is that. Like the old M*A*S*H theme song had it, suicide can be painless.

If Biden is the nominee he should agree to serve only one term because of his age. That was mentioned some where earlier by him or someone else. Anyway no matter who the Dem prez may be, we’ll still have gridlock unless we also get the Senate back. #MoscowMitch will make sure of that.

I agree with both of you. I would love to see Harris/Castro or Harris/Klobuchar and I have donated to Harris’ campaign often. I’m just saying if Biden becomes the nominee I am voting for him. I cannot imagine not voting for Democrats at a time like this. YMMV.

By the way I think we should leave this timely post up for Thanksgiving. I will post on Friday or Saturday if no one else is up for it.

I realize I must come across as some sort of mutated Bernie Bro with my revulsion to Biden. What I mean though is that I assumed I’d vote for the west-facing end of an east-traveling horse if that’s what was running against the Dump. But as I imagine myself having to vote for Biden, my imagination just stops and says, “Forget it.” It shocks me to find out how much I cannot stand him.

The other thing that worries me is I’m sure I’m not the only one. Turnout is going to be everything if we’re going to swamp all the stealing and vote rigging, so sixty or seventy thousand of us who can’t bear to push that button could be a disaster. Do any of the polls even ask, “Which candidate would you refuse to vote for in the General no matter what?” Do they ask any questions to gauge the effect on turnout? It might be kind of important!

@32: Castro? Srsly?

Well at least none of y’all said Warren.

I will post on Friday or Saturday if no one else is up for it.

I’ll take you up on that because this weekend is LSU’s last regular game of the season and against Tx A&M. The Aggies will really want to be spoilers.

@33 – I know Quixote. This is a real concern of mine as well. I think we need to pick someone who the base will really turn out for. It seems Biden or Harris could get black voters excited, but I’m not sure since we haven’t voted yet. The Biden thing could just be name recognition, and when they realize he never wins the nomination FOR A REASON, it could be too late.

Of course at this rate, Drumpf may not be the nominee at all, so there’s that. If it’s Pence, he will get the evangelicals but the working class will not come out for him. If it’s neither of those, a limp rag with a D next to it could win the general.

@34 – Yes. We could potentially win Texas with Castro. He is a really good and experienced candidate. He’s getting second-tier status (with Harris) because, frankly, he’s not white. Hillary considered him for her VP (you probably remember that!) for good reason.

Definitely not Warren. The way she lies about easily verifiable things to strengthen her personal narrative is super creepy (no, she isn’t Native American, no she didn’t get fired for being pregnant, no she didn’t send both of her kids to public school the whole time – her son went to private school after 5th grade) , plus she has pissed off a ton of POC which means she can’t win the nomination.

And yes, I’ll take the weekend post!

@35: He’s getting second-tier status (with Harris) because, frankly, he’s not white. I dunno about that mb. And honestly I didn’t recall that Hillary was considering him but I’ll take your word for it.

And thanks for doing the weekend post. We lost to A&M last year in a game that went seven overtimes and almost five hours. Don’t want another one like that.

It seems Biden or Harris could get black voters excited
That seems to be the case for Biden now in S.C. and I’m not sure why unless it’s because of being Obama’s veep.

@38 – ha! They should poll black women. I’ll bet that number goes a lot higher.

More about Julian and Hillary below. He also served as Mayor of San Antonio and was a member of Obama”s cabinet. Much more qualified than Buttigieg.

@35, Some things I don’t like about Warren; some things I do. From what I’ve read, Warren either got pressured so severely to resign that it was equivalent to being fired, or she got actually fired for being pregnant. I’m willing to grant that she was told by her parents and grandparents that she had American Indian ancestry and so believed it. Only recently have DNA tests been available. She should not have let herself be goaded by Trump into taking one. It’s controversial how much ethnic background of particular groups one must have to be called by the name of that group. This is different from membership in a tribe — that is determined by documented % of ancestry. Many blacks consider themselves black with small % of African ancestry. Seems to depend more on what you look like rather than actual ancestry. One’s DNA % is not always reflected in one’s appearance.

My big worry with Warren is that she doesn’t have support from many blacks. That’s a huge liability.


I am honestly not sure Biden wouldn’t be at least as big a disaster as the Orange Dump.

I’m sure he wouldn’t be. He wouldn’t snuggle up to Putin or Ergodan or Kim. But he’d still try to be bipartisan, which was a failing of Obama’s also. Being bipartisan in this day means you surrender to right-wing radicals. We wouldn’t see very many of Trump’s evils undone if Biden were POTUS.

Good point re Biden not snuggling up to Putin. You’re right on that and it’s important. You just made it slightly more possible for me to push that button :S

@39: You mean poll *just* black women?

I remember that he was the S.A. mayor and in O’s cabinet.

Regarding all the candidates. I’ve decided I’m not even going to worry about it until some of the primaries and caucuses have been held. The La. Dem primary is April 4th 2020. There are 2 other primaries that day, Alaska and Hawaii. I only have one real criterion: the one who has the best chance to beat the tangerine turd.

@40, Good points, Luna.

MB, I like Harris best as well. Also like (so far) Klobuchar and Castro. Honestly cannot remember them all at 1am! If Joe gets it, I hope he picks a woman, although it will be painful for us all, since Hillary should be prez now.

Fredster, we’ll be rooting for your guys! They’ve been on top of their game all season.

Omigosh, did you hear about the Rams game?!? It was just awful. They’ve lost it, especially the QB. I don’t know a lot about football but I couldn’t believe some of the screw-ups I saw.

@41, Excellent thought, Quixote! We’ll all have to cling to that.

Dump seems to be slurring his words all the time now. I wonder what really happened at his sudden trip to Walter Reed.

Annie, re what happened (just before) Reed: my guess was it must have been a small stroke. I think there were pics of him walking in? So maybe this one hit only his speech centers, but worse than the other ministrokes that have clearly been gumming up his brain for a while.

I’ll be curious if we ever find out what the truth really is!

I like Warren, whomever secures the Nomination will get my enthusiastic vote. Happy Thanksgiving to all widdershins.

A graphic cheat sheet, in case you have to face the non-aware over the turkey.

Apple gives way to Putin.

Fredster – I was referring to the fact that black women really know what’s up. 94% of those who voted, voted for Hillary in 2016. I’ll bet, taken as a group, they are even stronger for impeachment than all women in general.

Happy Thanksgiving Sue!

Luna, I agree with you too. I don’t like Biden but at least the Mango Moron and all of his d*mn grifters would be out of government if he were President, meaning that we would no longer be doing all these shady business deals with Russia, Turkey, North Korea, Iran and DGINA.

I would vote for Biden every day and twice on Sunday if he became the nominee. The only one who’s a hard no for me is Sanders, and well, he ain’t got a shot.

PS, that is absolutely horrible about Apple. I guess they are getting pressured from both Russia and Drumpf these days.

@52: Gotcha!

Luna et al. Brian Williams had a clip of tRump at some rally in Florida talking about the “war against saying Happy Thanksgiving”, like the war against saying “Merry Christmas”, except there has been no war against Thanksgiving. Just him babbling once again.

@49: Same to you also Sue.

This is why it’s either Biden or Harris.

@58, IIRC around a third of Latino men voted for Trump in 2016. Guess they just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for the smart, experienced and sane woman who would have made their lives easier. There is still a lot of sexism among Latino men. Hell, among any ethnic group of men.

I hope after 4 years of Trump’s disasters, putting brown people in cages, and threats to DACA, they’d have least learned that the GOP does not have their interests at heart.

@60 – how does he still do it?! 😂😂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Leaving for my brother’s house shortly.

Three, count’em, three football games today!

Happy T-Day to all! Sunny and cold here in Seattle – unusual for November. I’m bundling up and going for a long walk.

@64: Stay warm Luna. I just had to turn the a/c on here but another cold front headed this way next week.

Cold and windy! Especially down at the beach. Waves splashing over part of the walkway, and over me when I didn’t get back in time. There’s a nice wide shoreside walkway, with a separate lane for bicycles/skaters, and I can get to it in about a 20-30 min walk, depending on the route. One way goes through one of the few parks here that still has old-growth trees. Most of it’s a ravine, otherwise it would have been logged and built on soon after the first whites arrived here to colonize. I love the huge big-leaf maples covered with moss and with ferns along branches and up the trunks. It was good to get a respite from the mundane and Trumpian world for a while.

Hope all Widdershins had a good Thanksgiving!

@66: Sounds like an enjoyable walk and day Luna. 74 here and yep, have the a/c on.

It was good to get a respite from the mundane and Trumpian world for a while.

Know what you mean. I zoned out on the three football games with the Saints winning the NFC South beating the dirty birds from Atlanta last night.

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