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Activist Tuesday: The Revenge of #TheResistance

Posted on: November 19, 2019

Photo of Resisters

Courtesy of the Daily Beast

Twitter can truly be amazing. After Rep. Elise Stefanik’s shameful display at the impeachment hearings last week, #theResistance went into action to follow and donate to her opponent, @TedraCobbforCongress.

The Democratic hopeful started the day on Nov. 15 with 6,200 followers. #TheResistance heavy hitter @AdamParkhomenko tweeted this to start the Blue Tsunami.

On November 17, @TedraCobbforCongress had raised over $1M. And as of November 18, she has reached 252,000 followers.

This is the REAL power of grassroots. We can keep the House and take back the Senate and White House, if we just take the time to give a little. Make some calls, write some postcards, follow a promising Dem candidate on social media, and/or donate $5 or so.

Every small act of Resistance counts.

Hang on for an exceptionally crazy week, Widdershins. We’ve got major witnesses like Sondland, Vinland and Holmes testifying in the impeachment hearings today through Thursday, the Democratic Debate, the continuing mystery of Don’s visit to Walter Reed (and where the h*ll is he?), the new investigation into whether or not the Mango Moron lied to Mueller (spoiler alert – he did!), and I’m quite sure 97 other things that cannot be predicted. This truly could be the week the illegitimate Drumpf regime begins to fall apart.

This is an open thread.




73 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: The Revenge of #TheResistance"

Yep, definitely gonna be a busy week. I set the dvr to record the morning hearings and forgot about the afternoon ones dammit!

Yes, “fartgate” was, uh, a fun diversion?

It’s so weird being in TX. The only talk radio is conservative. I have to say they are struggling mightily to find something, anything that makes them look even slightly better. You know what they are clinging to? Two of the major channels stopped covering the hearings after 8 hours of testimony. They said “this shows how badly things are going for the Democrats.” 😂😂😂

@4, Hahaha! Gym Jordan set a trap for Lt Col Vindman and walked right into it himself!

“This is how badly things are going for Democrats“? Seriously? And the kind of viewers they have just nod along? Or are gnawing doubts appearing in la-la land?

@5 & 7: Yep, they, viewers, will believe it because “it’s on the teevee!”.

I am sitting here in the Residence in n in TX. The hearings are on and three white people (two men and one woman) are explaining how all the Dem witnesses are in “the swamp” and when the FISA warrant that gave rise to the Mueller investigation is shown to be illegal, “this whole sh*tshow will be over.”

I say “they,” but the woman was not permitted to speak.

These people are beyond hope.

@10. Yikes. Not a glimmer, I guess.

First I thought, boy, are they going to be shocked when the barbarians law-and-Constitution people turn up at the gate.

And then I had the awful thought that there are no guarantees. We’re not to that point. They could be successful at holding off peace and justice for godknowshowlong. Centuries?

@11 – they could be, but I hope we will all do everything we can to prevent that from happening.

Tonight’s debate, I hope, will include the all important topic of voter suppression and voting rights, which Stacey Abrams spoke to so eloquently this morning and in her Op Ed in WaPo. She says without our votes counting we have no chance of getting any of our agendas passed.

There hasn’t been a single question on this or women’s rights during the entire spectacle of Den debates.

There are still way too many completely stupid people out there.

Sondman today, I guess, took a big dump on Dump, Pence and Pompeo. I wish I was not working so I could have seen the testimony!

Also, check this out:

@13. Eat. The. Rich. Warren should use that graphic for her campaign.

$76 Billion in healthcare company profits. Could do a lot with that money. Just sayin’.

“There hasn’t been a single question on this or women’s rights during the entire spectacle of Den debates.”

Exactly. I remember Harris bringing up reproductive rights once in the last one, not that anybody had the sense to ask a question about it, and that’s it.

And until we get some indication that all votes are actually going to count, everything is an empty exercise. You might as well be holding an election in the old Soviet Union (or the current one, for that matter). It is *the* issue for this election and it’s not even on the radar.

@12 and 16: Welp, there are four women moderators for this debate tonight so excellent opportunity for those questions.

@10: mb, remember Texas is where the bat-shit crazy people thought some Army maneuvers were actually going to be some type of invasion or something by the military.

Sean Patrick Maloney reamed Sondland a new one today.

Did we do this latest Randy Rainbow?

Yes Jade Helm was good ol’ Texas! These people were so dumb. They were saying whatever happens in DC won’t affect them and their low cost of living, so they really didn’t care. Uh, you’re subsidized by the blue states because of the government in DC which is why your housing costs 1/3 of mine!! You fing ungrateful morons. Gawd I hate people like that. I wish blue states like mine which takes a shit ton of my salary for taxes, would just stop helping out those whiny non taxing assholes down south. See how the f they like it!!! I honestly may never own a house again because I live here and send my income to YOU.

/rant over

Yes re Randy Rainbow. He needs to put out a new one!

Schiff was incredible today. Check out his closing!

He’s a brilliant speaker.

(As far as I could see that whole coherent well-laid out speech was made without a single note?!)

So did anyone watch the debate? I didn’t. I watched Bohemian Rhapsody again.

I switched over to MSNBC to see if they had the post debate deal on and there’s Claire McCaskill and Michael Moore. Click. BBC America.


At third hand (no, I didn’t watch the debate. Again.) it sounds like another night where Harris had the best answers, and the media, like Biden, couldn’t see her even when she’s standing right up there on a stage. (His line about how there’s only been one black woman Senator.)

Klobuchar had the other main zinger pointing out that Pelosi beats Trump every day.

Lordy, everybody needs to get off that stage except Booker, Castro, Harris, and Warren. They could have had Inslee honorably holding down the white male corner, but they weren’t interested, so, sorry white males. You got nothin. (And Klobuchar is and always has been fine, but she’s polling miles behind Harris so, except for whiteness, I’m not sure why she suddenly gets way more attention. And I do know Castro wasn’t there at all, to the disgrace of the Dem Party.)

@28: I’ve seen Klobuchar a few times on Maddow, Bill Maher, and a few other shows. She appears to be very smart, provided thoughtful answers to questions, and I remember her from the Kavanaugh hearing when he was a smart ass with her. She handled that well.

I did catch a snippet of one thing where Gabbard went after the Keebler Elf over *something*. That’s another two who need to exit the stage.

28- Klobuchar has much higher poll numbers in Iowa over Harris. I did think Harris did quite well in last night’s debate. I was hoping to hear more on international stuff from Amy, but they excluded her from that discussion. I wasn’t as happy as I am usually re:Booker. Sanders looked much saner than usual- he must be going to a spa or something. I would like them to dump Steyer (it made me sad that he is up there rather than Inslee, a much better white man if that is your predilection). Remove Gabbard. I also cannot countenance Buttegieg or Warren. So that leaves Amy, Kamala, Castro, and maybe Booker, if I had my way. Let them work it out.

BTW- the only thing that has been bothering me lately about Harris is her frequent reference to a return to “the Obama coalition” and to her support for Obama back in the day. I am not over it.

@30: Sanders looked much saner than usual

Perhaps that stent improved blood flow even up top?

Could be- oxygenated blood is usually good for what ails you. Obnoxiousness included.

@31 – I agree, but I will say that she was one of the only ones who defended Hillary when Hillary called out Tulsi for being a Republican agent (but was misquoted as saying “Russian agent”). She just shut it down with a simple, “I have a huge amount of respect for Hillary Clinton, and that’s all I’m going to say.” It was awesome, and it should have been easy for everyone to say the same thing, but a lot of the Democrats running took Tulski’s side! Incredible.

Re the debate, I was on a plane when it was happening. Hubby watched it and actually was most impressed by Buttigieg. (SIGH) Not that he thinks he can do the job better than Harris, but he said Buttigieg speaks well and looks good on TV.

I personally think these debates are of limited value because there are STILL too many people on the stage. Most of them need to go. I think people will vote and by Super Tuesday, we will see who is the real front runner. Iowa is probably going to Warren or Buttigieg, NH will go to Warren, and then after that it’s going to be between Biden (SC) and Harris (NV). Who can win the real swing voters – suburban women – and bring out the black and LatinX vote – that is who will win the nom and beat Drumpf. The white males are not coming back to the Party, and we need to stop chasing them.

I didn’t want the parent tweet in there, specified I didn’t want the parent tweet in there and got…both.

@37, I’ve never quite figured out how to get that right either.

Yeah, it’s frustrating. I guess when you paste in the code you could *try* to figure out which tweet is which and delete the unwanted part but too much trouble.

“Epic mansplaining” is a good epitaph for way too much of this whole process :/

@40 – YES!!! Even Andrea Mitchell this morning was waxing rhapsodic about how strong Fiona Hill was and how she just quashed all the nonsense about her being a weak emotional female crying on Sondland’s shoulder. It’s disgusting how the men have been trying to diminish and dismiss the amazing women who have testified over the past two weeks.

Tesla’s new ‘Cybertruck’ promised unbreakable windows. They broke onstage.

During an elaborate demonstration of the strength of the car’s new unbreakable glass, CEO Elon Musk asked one of the people onstage to try to break its windows. They shattered. “Maybe that was a little too hard,” he said, punctuating his reaction with an expletive.

Bwahaha! The rest of the article reads as a puff piece, though.

I don’t hold Harris’ support for Obama in 2008 against her; it makes sense to me. And she might be the only person in the race who has not taken any swipes at HRC. (Even Booker sided with Tulsi.) I also think Harris is right when she talks about the Obama coalition, in the sense that these are the groups of voters that are needed to win both popular vote and EC.

Speaking of which, I’m glad some people still remember who won the election:

@43, Yes. She. Was!

Yes, madamab and DYB, my thoughts on Harris were somewhat of an afterthought. I have been struggling with my support for Klobuchar and Harris. Currently, despite my preference for Amy personally and I feel that she has demonstatively more experience and appeal to a more centrist populace, Harris’s quick rejoinders and fluency and confidence make her an appealing alternative. Her rise to the Senate in Cali had no real opposition, we will see how it all pans out.

Demonstrably – iPhone misspell

As some of you probably remember, I have a very dim view of Obama. I think he was and is a corporate tool. I think the DNC used legal means to steal the nomination from Clinton in 2008 and he was fine with sitting back and benefitting. All that said, Harris is one of the few people I’ve not blamed much for supporting him in 2008. A little bit, but not that sense of betrayal I’ve felt for others (Warren…).

She felt she had to support her race instead of her sex. Given the state of anti-racism and misogyny, and the way the media and voters even now haven’t begun to understand misogyny, it’s hard to say she was wrong.

lililam, Harris was, if I remember right, indeed favored to win her Senate run, but that was because by then she’d shown her bulldog spirit for the whole state to see.

She won state AG by just the skin of her teeth. Then, after the crash, as AG she told Obama’s Geithner and his bankers to take a flying leap at a rolling donut when they offered the state’s mortgage holders 2 billion dollars in whatever fix it was. They ended up settling for $25 billion.

There’s a lot more than one example of her protecting the interests of the people. That’s why she had no real opposition running for the Senate. By that time, Californians loved her. I lived there that whole time and watched it happen. (And, full disclosure, was one of that slim majority who put her over the top for state AG.)

Gawdesses, that Tesla “truck.” If I understand the bed part of it, you can fit about two grocery bags. It has a peaked roof so you couldn’t carry long pieces of wood or pipe or anything on top. As for looks, it’s trying so hard to appeal to someone who wants an Imperial Troop Transport, it’s sad.

48- that is not how I remember it, being a long-time Cali resident. When I said she had no opposition, I meant that literally. Her primary opposition, Sanchez, defamed herself by making a derogatory remark about native Americans, so that made Sanchez a laughing stock. There was no way a republican would win Boxer’s seat, so Harris had an easy transition. I do not recall any heroics as AG, but I can look into it. All of Cali was hit hard by the fact that Hillary lost. Without her plan for a foreclosure moratorium, we were wiped out. I do not hear a broad support for Harris here.

@quixote and lililam, I wasn’t familiar with Harris until her election to the Senate. I like what I’ve heard from her and the same for Klobuchar. I think Warren is too far to the left to win nationally.

@47: Harris is one of the few people I’ve not blamed much for supporting him in 2008. A little bit, but not that sense of betrayal I’ve felt for others (Warren…).

And don’t forget what the Kennedys did to Hillary. Grrrr.

@42: I saw a small clip of that and had to lol.

@40 & 41: It was amusing to watch Hill correct what Sondland had to say about the meeting between the two.

Well it appears we have a Russian or Ukraine bot(?) trying to comment here.

Because of course ICE would do this.

Worker who survived New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel collapse faces likely deportation

Advocates and attorneys contend the move could seriously hamper an ongoing Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigation into the cause of the collapse, both because Ramirez has spoken out about unsafe conditions and deficiencies at the work site and because other undocumented immigrants who were working at the site are now fearful about speaking with federal investigators.

New Randy Rainbow.

@52 Fredster, I have not forgiven the Kennedy’s. Ted can burn in hell for his betrayal.

On Harris, correct me if I’m wrong, as AG she was instrumental in legalizing gay marriage in CA. From the national level we wouldn’t have seen the individual work, but I’ve seen a few references that she was a driving force to make it happen.

@60: Agree totally DYB about Kennedys.

lililam: interesting what you say re the current levels of support for Harris. It’s been a couple of years since I moved away. Approx where are you in CA? I was in SoCal.

DYB: Yup, Harris has been very determined on gay rights. I vaguely remember something about a wingnut clerk who refused to implement the marriage law after passage, and her marching in, physically, and seeing it done.

Yes, the Kennedys were (and are??) downright bizarre about both Clintons. I’m mildly curious about the petty drivel behind that, but not curious enough to do any searching.

60 -yes, she halted the enforcement of prop 8, that horrible anti-gay initiative.
63- NorCal – I mainly see Warren and Bernie stuff, but people are not being too active yet.

Oops, didn’t see that DYB had put in the tweet about the doggo. My bad.

I love this woman, not as much as our Hillary…but her courage and intelligence makes her a winner in my book.

Fiona Hill left a legacy for angry women during impeachment hearing.

I live in N. Calif., the Bay Area. I have never been a big fan of Harris.

As far as I remember, our current Gov. – Gavin is the one that pushed for gay marriage…he married people in San Francisco, even before it was legal.
I think it was a huge step forward, even if those couples had to go though the ceremony again when it was legal in CA.

Great post and thread. Sorry I’ve been awol, busy driving around with hubs and its hard to read this thread on my phone. Twitter is easy, becuz of the app. Anyway, love the comments and tweets you posted. MB, agree with you re: frustration with the red states. We support them in so many ways; i.e., we pay more for our own agricultural products than they do, and still they abuse us.

Fredster, hope your team wins today!

@68: Thanks annie, they should win. I’ve got the USC/UCLA game on now and y’all are doing a number on the Bruins.

We support them in so many ways; i.e., we pay more for our own agricultural products than they do, and still they abuse us.

Well not all of us.

Uh-oh, sounds like engineering stuff.

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