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Yes, folks, it’s Election Day today. It’s not the day we simultaneously fear and anticipate in 2020, but it’s an important set of elections nonetheless.

Here’s where all the elections are being held.

In previous years, elections like these didn’t garner much attention from the Democratic Party. This is because there are a lot of state and local races that are not marquee events, ballot initiatives, etc. – and most are not taking place in blue states. For example, North Carolina holds a majority of their elections – like mayoral and BOE elections – in odd years on the first Tuesday in November.

But this is the new reality, in which Drumpf has so united the nation against Republicans that no state is safe for the Grifting Old Perverts any more. It’s the time of #theResistance, the time of, the time of liking Bill Kristol and David Frum on Twitter. (Saints preserve us.) So it’s no surprise that Democrats are no longer skipping these elections. In fact, there are some pretty interesting things happening. Let’s take a look at some of them.

In Mississippi and Kentucky, voters will weigh in on gubernatorial races, while in Virginia, people will have an opportunity to choose members of their state legislature. Across all three states, the implications of the elections could be huge: In both Mississippi and Kentucky, Democrats have the potential to retake the governor’s seats, and in Virginia, the party could flip the House and Senate.

Additionally, several places will be weighing ballot initiatives on a slew of issues such as ranked-choice voting in New York City and affirmative action in Washington state. Cities including Philadelphia, San Francisco, and South Bend, Indiana, will hold mayoral elections as well. (Mayor Pete Buttigieg has opted not to run for reelection in light of his presidential bid.)

I love the parentheses about Mayor Pete, don’t you? I predict he will regret his decision come March 2020.

But I digress.  Let’s talk about the gubernatorial races in those two red states, and then, the exciting Virginia elections.

First, in Mississippi, we have a surprisingly close race. Drumpf won this state by 17 points in 2016, but the Democratic Attorney General (Jim Hood) has never lost a race. He calls himself the “last Democrat in Dixie.” Of course, to be elected in this very red state he has taken bad positions on abortion and LGBTQ adoption. (He’s against both.) But if he could become governor, he could be in a position to start changing the existing Jim Crow laws that suppress the Black vote. And if that happened, maybe we could get some real Democrats in that state.

Second, in Kentucky, there is another very close race between uber-unpopular Republican incumbent Governor Matt Bevin, and Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear. In any other era but the one we’re in, this would not be a close race. Thanks to the Mango Moron, though, Kentucky is more than competitive – it’s a toss-up.  Although said Moron tried to do a rousing rally last night in Lexington to push Bevin over the line, the stadium, which has a capacity of 23,000, was less than half full.

Look at these stats, folks. The people of Mississippi and Kentucky sure do deserve better, as do the people of all the other Southern states listed in the graphic below. I hope they vote for change today.

And now, let’s talk about Virginia. Democrats came extremely close to flipping the legislature blue in 2017- remember that one woman who lost by one vote drawn from a hat after a recount was too close to call?! – but this year, it could happen for real, if the turnout and enthusiasm stays high. Our Girl even tweeted about it yesterday.

Depending on what happens today, this could be Drumpf’s worst week ever as “President.”

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