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Posted on: October 12, 2019


I would like you to do us a favor though

Good weekend Widdershins!

Yes, words are important.  Words have meaning and sometimes imply more than what they seem.

despite the fact that; although.
“though they were speaking in undertones, Philip could hear them”
even if (introducing a possibility).
“you will be informed of its progress, slow though that may be”
however; but (introducing something opposed to or qualifying what has just been said).
“her first name was Rose, though no one called her that”
however (indicating that a factor qualifies or imposes restrictions on what was said previously).
“I was hunting for work. Jobs were scarce though”

Donald Trump will soon find out how important words are since his words will probably soon lead to him being only the second U.S. President to be impeached. Of course we Widdershins, being the politically astute crowd that we are, all know that Nixon resigned before he could be impeached.

So lets take a look at some songs about words.  They’re out there.

* * * *

* * *


* * *


* * *

* * *

* * * *

So there ya go Widdershins.  Big football day today, Saturday, for me.  LSU is playing Flo-Rita in a night game at Tiger Stadium.

Also, it’s an election day today and I have fingers crossed that John Bel Edwards gets the 50% plus 1 that will enable him to win outright in the primary and avoid a runoff.  He might be a blue dog Democrat but he’s given us expanded Medicaid and a state surplus in the budget.  As Molly Ivins wrote: You Got to Dance with Them What Brung You

Open thread of course but your musical contributions are always appreciated.


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Uppity Woman tweeted/retweeted this and it was on the TW timeline.

@1 – LOL! Love the topic today. Will add a song shortly.

This is an example of good journalism. Maybe others will take note?

This happened this morning in Nola. Hard Rock Hotel being constructed on Canal Street downtown. One dead and at last count three missing.

I believe this is the part that fronts on Canal Street.

@5, that’s horrible.

Fredster, looks like your Tigers are having an exciting game. Trojans are trailing ND. Dudes are disappointed in SC this year.

So sorry about the hotel collapse!

Geaux Tigers!

@7: It was a hard fought game annie but LSU prevailed.
I enjoy watching USC but tonight since it was N.D. the game was carried by NBC and the local station carried election coverage.

John Bel didn’t get a primary win so it looks like a runoff with a Republican dirt bag Eddie Rispone.

Imagine that. It’s almost as if Ergodan was listening to Putin. Huh.

U.S. forces say Turkey was deliberately ‘bracketing’ American troops with artillery fire in Syria

…the Turkish military “is fully aware, down to explicit grid coordinate detail,” of the location of U.S. troops in Syria.

@11: Very fine people on both sides, I’m sure.

/*sick emoji goes here, but wp keeps erasing it for me*/

@10, Your guys looked great, Fredster! It was wadester that posted your fight song, btw. He hasn’t felt good today, so hanging out with the old folks. That’s a bummer about John Bel.

@11, Yes I saw that on twitter earlier. Jesus.

@15, oh yeah, Republicans and the unborn. Pro-life until birth and then sell the post-delivery products.

Elephant murderer meets justice.

@12: Which emoji did you want q, this one?

or this one?

How about this?

@13: And it appears the voting results echoed national politics. The last governor’s race wasn’t so partisan. This time it was.

Instead, they cozied up as much as possible with President Donald Trump, who came to Lake Charles for an Election Eve-rally, and they followed Trump’s go-to strategy of rallying the base rather than trying to appeal to anyone who might be in the middle of the road. Rispone frequently likened himself to the president, playing up his outsider status and taking harsh stands on immigration even though the borders are controlled by the federal government, not states

[bolding mine]

@19 – I sure hope Dems come out in droves in the general.

This is what they’re going to bring against Warren and Biden of we are dumb enough to nominate either one. Biden may survive it due to the support he has from black voters, but Warren will not.

I am more and more convinced we need to nominate Kamala and no one else.

I was trying for the first icon of the three, Fredster, but the third is even better. The way it works for me is if I get the img in the comment box, it works. But if I decide to go back and edit the comment, then any included img disappears. No biggie in the case of an emoji. It’s obviously some setting in the wp edit function.

Re the Marshall Islands trafficking, remember Abrahamson? One of Shrub’s grifters? He was involved in that way back when. Plus some congresscritter (R-Sleaze) whose name I forget. So that’s been around for a while. The amazing thing is that it’s *still going on*!

That NR article re Warren is gobsmacking. They’re worrying about whether she’s cheating on getting a point or two in some kind of oppression olympics going on in their heads. Meanwhile the guy on the other side who will win if they’re successful has multiple counts of treason against him, as well as dozens of assaults, a decades-long history of money laundering, and general all-around failure at everything. It’s But Her Emails all over again, almost word for word.

Harris is by far the strongest candidate, I completely agree. (Latest evidence: “You wouldn’t know a joke if one raised you.”) But even so, they’ve managed to tear her down from near-first place to somewhere behind Mr. Buttigieg. I’m not even sure how. Lack of media attention plus shitheaps of slurs on social media?

@21, well, that story’s in the National Review, so they put a right-wing spin on all their articles. They’d slander and put down any Dem candidate.

Though it’s true Warren hasn’t much black support, probably because Harris is in the race. Then Biden, oddly, has quite a bit of black support.

The idea of Buttigieg trying to run the country after Trump is gone is baffling, to say the least.

RonStill4Hills mentioned in a comment at Skydancing that a lot of the black support is explained by people wanting to continue the association with Obama.

Which makes a tiny bit of sense if you ignore the entire history of the planet before 2008. The fact that they still support him even after it’s brought forward is a measure of the love for Obama. Deluded, given what Biden is, and sad that people are so desperate for the past instead of the future, and pathetically sexist that they can’t see they’ve got what they want in Harris, not Biden.

Racism is toxic enough for the country, but the sexism is going to kill us.

Madonna has the best words!

@21, agree with you on all points MB.

@26, Well said.

@27-29, Ah, the great Madge. I love being reminded of the 80s, and D’s posts often remind me of how a nasty but famous old movie star’s bitchy wife stole my Madonna boots.

@22: That’s odd quixote.

That last one is an animated gif in the media library.

@17, Wow. That’s kind of a pure karma thing.

@27-29: I knew D would be able to find some appropriate Madonna songs. LOL

@20: I haven’t looked at the voting breakdown by parishes yet but John Bel will have to get a strong turnout in Orleans and East Baton Rouge to say the least.

tRump and others of his ilk will make some more appearances in support of Rispone. John Bel won’t have that option available to him – imagine Pelosi or Biden coming in for an appearance – not! He might be able to get Edwin Edwards, in his 90s(!) to make an appearance or two. LOL

@23, I remember Ron saying that. Lots of voters are still undecided. Well, that makes sense. It’s still months away from the 1st primaries.

@35, Damn, why wouldn’t some prominent Dems make appearances for Dems running for governor. And for Senator. These are important races.

@37: Two words: Too liberal. And never mind that the last Republican governor put the state into a fiscal mess that we’re just beginning to climb out of.

Latest on Hard Rock Hotel collapse:

two engineers are now on the scene, with another on the way, in order to take care of crane operations into the night. It is still unsafe for the search and rescue teams to move beyond the seventh floor.

“Our goal is to continue making things safe so we can continue the search deeper and deeper for rescue purposes,” McConnell (Fire Supt) said.

@40, so awful. People in the bldg trades bitch about California’s strict building laws, but I’ve always been grateful for them.


Harris has demonstrated ability to work with people to get things done, and she has good ideas. As far as governing goes, I think both she and Warren would be fine. Different, but fine.

But when it comes to campaigning, Harris is Muhammad Ali. Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee.

Warren is a good campaigner, but she’s not in Harris’s class as far as I can see.

So, anyway, glad to see some at good old Hahvahd recognizing that.

Polling means nothing at this stage of the game.

Here’s what I think will happen:

1) Sanders will be gone soon. The heart attack is disqualifying. He is not healthy enough to continue his run.
2) Warren is not going to make it through the South. She may win New Hampshire and/or Iowa. Harris will win Nevada, and Biden may win South Carolina. After that it will be tough for Warren to win any of the primaries. Here’s the schedule. Most of the states are not majority white, which is where Warren’s support comes from. She has the same backing as Bernie, and well, we saw where that got him.

3) It will end up being between Biden and Harris, which is why she went after him in the first debate. Harris got cremated on social media after that, which is why her numbers went down so much. Bot attack!

My two cents…

annie, I’ll send you a dm on twitter concerning this. I’ve got suspicions.

@45: As NIcolle Wallace has said on Deadline White House (paraphrase): she’ll vote for the Dem nominee’s bus if that’s what it takes to get tRump out. I agree.

Welp, here ya go:

An analysis on Sunday by Jim Kitchens, who was the governor’s pollster four years ago and was an independent consultant for his campaign this year, indicated that most of the 200,000 were white rural voters who voted for Rispone or Abraham.

When are these ignorant assholes gonna realize that the tangerine turd isn’t for them or anyone else not named tRump?

@48, ‘Deplorables’ was too kind.

@48, as an experienced but reformed conman said, you can’t be conned unless you want to be.

Another perfect Effin Bird to add to our collection

@52: Yes, perfect. Also quite elegant.

@52; I went to his twitter account looking for the one above. Saw a couple of color ones in between all the black and white ones. Where did you find that q?

Now that his puppet has obeyed instructions and gotten out of the way…

Putin visits the Gulf

Russian President Vladimir Putin landed in Riyadh on Monday for his first state visit to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in more than a decade, emphasizing not only coordination between three of the biggest oil producers in the world but also Moscow’s growing influence in the Middle East.

The timing may be especially fortuitous for Putin. President Trump’s announcement last week that the United States would be pulling out of northeast Syria, as well as his equivocation over the conflict with Iran, has left many traditional U.S. allies in the region nervous.

I saw it at Parrot of the Day who was retweeting h ttps: // (remove spaces) on ConservationBytes. But that site has no link. Prob an oldie bu goodie.

@55 “has left many traditional US allies … nervous”

I’m betting they misspelled “freaked the hell out.”

The whole post-WWII world order ran on the idea that the “great powers” wouldn’t do that shit again. And the Dump has flushed all that irreplaceable trust down the crapper.

@56: Thanks for the info.

socalannie> Do tell us about the awful movie star who stole Madge boots!

Hey all, I have a Democratic Debate post going up at 12 pm EST tomorrow. I have a really long day plus business dinner and drinks, so I may not be around much.

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