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Activist Tuesday: He’s Just Too Emotional

Posted on: October 8, 2019

There are so many ways to look at Drumpf’s lack of fitness for the job of POTUS. To name a few:

  1. His abuse of the office of President for his and his cabal’s personal gain, for which the Democrats have opened an impeachment investigation.
  2. His indebtedness to hostile foreign countries like Russia, China, North Korea and Saudi Arabia.
  3. His well-documented history of sexual assault and rape, including a long-time association with pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.
  4. His corruption of the Senate, the Justice Department and the Supreme Court.
  5. His racism, which infects and contaminates all his foreign and domestic policy decisions.

These are all ample reasons to declare that gob of orange goo unfit for office. But there’s one reason I don’t notice a lot of punditry talking about: he’s too emotional to be President.

It often strikes me how the language used to describe the Mango Moron is so very different from the language used to describe any other President. Here are just a few examples from the past few days.

Went rogue


Erratic, abnormal, bizarre, unhinged, off the rails

Toddler, temper tantrum

Angry, in a panic



This is not how any leader should act, much less the leader of the free world. Yet where are the judgments being passed on his lack of fitness for being President because of his overabundance of emotion? Where are covers like this?

Where’s all the condemnation of his endless tweeting about his own imaginary genius and “great and unmatched wisdom?” Why has the media ignored his acting like an insane person every day, in public? Why aren’t they constantly demanding his resignation?

My theory is that Drumpf is allowed to be emotionally unfit for office because the media doesn’t take him seriously as President. They think of him as a clown and an entertainer, so they just give him a pass on everything.

As we’ve seen, however, IQ45 is more than happy to exercise the powers, real and imagined, of the President of the United States. As unfit and clownish as he is, he really in charge of the military. He really has the nuclear codes. He really can make horrible deals with foreign countries that deeply damage our economy. He really can lift sanctions on Russia and expose allies, like Ukraine and Syrian Kurds, to death at the hands of his foreign masters.

The media had better get its sh*t together, and soon. I don’t think we’re going to make it past 2020 with this lunatic at the helm.

He’s just too emotional.

This is an open thread.


89 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: He’s Just Too Emotional"

For your viewing pleasure today.

Excellent post MB! I’ve thought this for a long time, and it drives me nuts. They should be calling this out every hour. He is super emotional, he never thinks first, he reacts off the cuff. In fact, I think the rethug party in general are acting hyper-emotional.

@2, Love that!

Well, yesterday my brother & sis-in-law got the text. The one all parents dread more than any others now. The “Mom & Dad I’m sheltering in place in our dark classroom. I love you both so much.” text. Fortunately, the cops got the would-be shooter before she could kill anyone. This time it was a woman! This time it was at Cal State Univ @ Long Beach. Its like a daily occurrence.

@5 – oh my goddess Annie. I am so so SO SORRY! No one should ever get a text like that. They must all be so traumatized.

I hope we get movement on gun control soon. Looks like Drumpf is losing the base…how much more of this nightmare are the Rethugs willing to endure?—-and-even-removing-him/ar-AAIrZ9I?ocid=spartanntp

@5, oh annie! How awful for your brother and sister-in-law. So glad that no one died.

This is madness.

My brother was a crazed lunatic all day and night (well, we are half-Greek), my niece was so traumatized she said she was never going to school again. Silly of course because this can and does happen anywhere these days. She said there were no locks on the classroom doors and they were told to lay silently on the floor. Some students piled tables and chairs in front of their doors.

Was just reading an article in today’s WaPo on how Dick’s Sporting Goods got rid of all their assault-style weapons in the stores and melted them down for scrap metal rather than return them to the mfg who would just sell them elsewhere. They are keeping hunting rifles. Their sales went down but now are coming back up.

@8 Annie> how awful! Glad the situation was diffused, but of course we know it will happen somewhere else…

Annie, how horrible! Worst of all for your niece. I hope she can gradually learn to live with it. 😦

@9, Yes, that was noble of them. i’m going to buy stuff from them whenever I can.

Good thread on embassy/texting etiquette.

@5: Oh geez. And the sad part is that kids/young adults are getting normalized to this; it’s just a part of daily life now or so it appears. Thank goodness the cops were able to get there in time. Did anyone ever determine what drove her to this?

@13> There’s a spices company I now buy all my spices from exclusively. The day after the election the owner wrote a long facebook post rejecting Trump and Trumpism, and he’s been very vocal in his opposition to all things Trump and all things Republican. And they have great spices! Everybody should buy from them!

@10, “Pocan threatened Pompeo’s salary” Yes!!!

But of course all these Trump-picked flunkies are wealthy.

@17: Yeah that’s true. Damnit.

@15, Fredster I haven’t seen anything re: what drove her to this. There were some violent emails she sent. She surendered to the cops.

@16, D, I will check them out. I use a lot of herbs and spices.

From Ted Lieu, the Uppity Woman of Congress:


I think the Dems are building a super solid case for inherent contempt. The sight of Rethug officials being handcuffed and marched away by the Sergeant-at-Arms will be quite shocking. If the American people aren’t very clear on why that action is being taken, it could massively backfire.

This was the same strategy behind impeachment, which so far I think is working really well.

Yep, a present for Vlad.

@22, they are fabulous!

That spices company I mentioned, Penzeys: they spend more money on anti-Trump facebook ads than anyone else…

@28 – they deserve our business!

I can’t believe the military is obeying Drumpf’s horrific orders and leaving the Kurds to die!!! This is ripping my heart out. Where is the courage to serve our country and protect its allies?

The dachshunds! OMG! It has to be a Noah’s Ark type of rain for Brits to take shelter.

(I’m not sure, but I think it may be the tail end of what was the weird mid-Atlantic hurricane Lorenzo.)

@30-32: OMG, just drop me in the middle of a pile of them. LOL

DYB do you want one of those dogs?

quixote, yes the remnants of Lorenzo were forecast to go into Ireland and England.

@29: mb, the armed forces must follow the orders of the Prez in his role as Commander in Chief. They take an oath to do so.

Fredster> Did you know there was a woman who was mauled to death by dachshunds?

@38: Ack! Licked to death maybe but mauled? Good grief!

We have a new poll up at the top of the sidebar. Everyone vote!

@29, @36, They are allowed to disobey unlawful orders. However, Trump claims all his actions and orders are lawful. Also, an unwise or diplomatically horrifying order isn’t necessarily unlawful. You’re not supposed to kill civilians, but you can allow them to be killed by pulling your troops out and letting someone else kill the civilians.

Service members are legally obligated to obey orders except for in the most egregious of circumstances. Military members are often ordered by superiors to undertake dangerous and counter-intuitive behaviors—consider a platoon leader ordered to take a heavily entrenched hill or a squad commanded to not return fire on a mosque with a sniper in its minaret. It is impossible to fully know what makes a subordinate obey an order they personally disagree with or find morally reprehensible, however, the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) is one important factor in forcing compliance.

…the UCMJ articles make clear that obedience is only required for lawful orders. Patently or manifestly illegal orders impose no duty of obedience on the service member and instead mandate disobedience. In fact, a service member who obeys an illegal order is individually culpable for the crime and cannot later assert “following orders” as a defense.

Examples of manifestly illegal orders would include an order to murder civilians, to willfully cause great suffering or serious bodily injury to a prisoner of war, or to conduct medical experimentation on a protected person, to name a few. And without question this list includes any order to commit torture.

@41: But I’m not sure this instance falls into “patently or manifestly illegal”.

USA Today headline:
President Donald Trump is pulling U.S. forces out of at least two of the 15 or so positions they now maintain in northeastern Syria,

I’ll stand corrected on the “any order” thing but I don’t think a troop withdrawal falls under patently or manifestly yadda yadda.

@42, agree, that’s the gist of my 3rd and 4th sentences in my comment.

@43: Caught me. I skimmed. My bad.

mea culpa, mea culpa,
mea máxima culpa.

Re poll: We’re unanimous! (Small sample size tho. No other choice except to be evenly divided, or even “polarized”! 😉 )

@45: If it does happen, which it won’t because Moscow Mitch, I would strongly suggest that someone check those moving vans as they are loaded up.

Still unanimous!

Oh Lawd and butter. Did y’all see this? Apparently a day in the life of Mr. “I don’t care about anyone but the WORKERS” Bernie:

His daughter-in-law died on Saturday. She was the mother of his three grandchildren. She was his son’s wife. No one from the Sanders family, not even her husband, was with her when she died. They were all fussing over bernard and his campaign. That is one cold family.

@48: Gawd, that is stone cold.

@41 – Exactly!!

@48 and 49 – that family ain’t right. Awful.

@48, My god, what horrible fucking people. Bernie is the most self-centered, arrogant asshole–well, next to dump I guess.

Fredster, I wish your poll could come true. On twitter there’s pix of dead Kurds, even a little boy.

@50: Geez, tough crowd! I give y’all three mea culpas but that’s not enough so:

Is that better? LOL

Foreign money to US candidates. Huh. Who’d a thunk it?

Two business associates of Trump’s personal lawyer Giuliani have been arrested on campaign finance charges
The indictment also alleges that Fruman and Parnas schemed to donate money to an unidentified U.S. congressman, at the same time they were asking that congressman to get the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine removed from her job.

Hey, DYB! Penzeys gets a story on WaPo’s front page!

A spice company spent more money on impeachment ads on Facebook than anyone not named Trump

THERE IS SO MUCH SHIT HITTING THE FAN! To call it leaks now doesn’t cut it. It’s a flood.

Who is Congressman-1? Twitter is guessing Pete Sessions. But could be Rohrabacher or Rand Paul.

@55 Luna> Yay, good for them. The owner put his company’s existence on the line taking such a political position on Nov 9, 2016. (At least that’s the first time I became aware of them; they may have been political during the campaign; in fact, I’d be surprised if they weren’t.) I immediately replace all my spices with their stuff, which is first rate.

Kevin McCarthy received thousands of dollars from these two Giuliani putzes. This is where it starts coming out why the entire damned Republican Party is so afraid of this investigation.

Yes D, the leakage is a wave now!! I didn’t buy the “China said no” talking point. He is holding tariffs over them. He set this up a long time ago.

We live in the dumbest times surrounded by the stupidest people.

OMG, all this stuff. I’m just

@62 Fredster> That made me laugh out loud. It’s the perfect gif for our times.

@64: More on the two Giuliani “associates”.

I need some motion sickness pills for my spinning head!

Because of course.

@66 – I want to go to a cat cafe! I could pet them until my allergies kicked in, then leave. No permanent commitment required 😀

@66, actually the story said: “All the kitties were hiding,” which indicates they were feeling threatened. Headline writer must not like cats.

That tabby was a beauty.

@67, you could see about getting allergy reduction treatment. It works very well for most people. Or you could get a Sphinx cat, described as a “suede hot-water bottle.” Personally I think the soft fur is a lovely part of cats, but I’m only a little bit allergic to them.

Oh, the poor wittle president* who can’t help getting boxed in. But he makes the best deals!

…a senior Trump adviser described the president as indecisive and said that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney had warned him that he was getting “boxed into a complete corner” by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

@69: I just read the tweets.

Guess I better get that whip thing out again.

Well, at least he’s open-minded.

@72: Now that’s a surprise.

Well. Someone did a study on the double standard of media coverage and public perception of candidates health issues after “pneumonia-gate”.

Both former aides admitted their conjectures about misogyny were informed hunches — “It’s not like I’ve got a scientific study,” Palmieri told me. But Ryan Neville-Shepard, assistant professor of communication at the University of Arkansas, and Jaclyn Nolan, a lecturer in communications at the University of Georgia, did study pneumonia-gate. Their paper, “‘She Doesn’t Have the Stamina’: Hillary Clinton and the Hysteria Diagnosis in the 2016 Presidential Election,” tracked how the coverage of the fainting incident (and a coughing fit a week earlier) traveled from the conservative blogosphere into the mainstream media — and concludes that Clinton suffered from sexist double standards related to women’s health and leadership.

The authors argue that the public turned Clinton’s health problems into a sign not just of poor health, but of bad character. This phenomenon, called kakoethos, is much more likely to affect women than men.

“When people question Donald Trump’s health because he has high cholesterol, he can put on this whack-a-doodle doctor … to give him the cleanest bill of health that’s ever, ever, ever existed, and we just sort of laugh it off,” says Neville-Shepard. But for women faced with a health question, “no matter what they say, if they want secrecy in the moment because it’s a personal matter, they’re going to be attacked. If they speak about their health, nobody’s going to trust them. It’s disabling because no matter what they do, they can’t get out of that moment.”

Nolan notes that while Sanders’ heart attack has morphed into a discussion about public health, with headlines repeating the candidate’s claim that he was “dumb” not to listen to his body, Clinton’s health problems “became this question about not only does she have the stamina, but also that her character is bad.”

Well, but Clinton’s character was *always* bad. She had a Foundation to help people? It was a money laundering, influence peddling scheme! Oh, it really helped people? She’s just doing it because she’s an inauthentic suck-up. See also: hot sauce. *Nobody* uses hot sauce except to be inauthentic cultural appropriators. She was sick? She’s a weakling! She’s working 18-hour days? She’s an inhuman machine! Etc., etc., etc., ad nauseam et infinitum.

Now they’re doing it with Harris (see: as much negative targeting on social media as all the other candidates combined), so we’re busily losing our most capable contender.

The media learns nothing (Exhibit one: NYTimes), social media has explicitly said they don’t want to learn anything. The airheads are being called out faster on the Twitmachine, and that’s about it. Hard to imagine that’ll be enough to save us, but who knows.

Arghh. I smell smoke.

@75, well said. I’ve come to truly despise the nyt.

@74, glad to see people talking about this.


@76, annie, how are you and yours doing? I hope you’re safe. The photos are horrific.

Luna, we’re fine thanks. The worst fire is the Saddleridge, which is a long way from us. We’re closest to the Wendy fire, and that fire is moving away from us towards the beach. None of these look as bad as last year, thank goodness, although that firestorm happened in Nov, so fire season has a ways to go.

imusthavepie is close to the Saddleridge. I don’t know where our Q is these days, but I hope they’re safe.

@84, Awwwww.

@84 double-awww.

Annie, thanks for the thought! I’m nowhere near any fires. My biggest problem right now is getting soaked to the skin in sudden rain. (It’s always something 😀 )

Totally, totally off-topic. 2 min video of a fashion show. No, really. Watch it. Wins the internet.

@87: That was great. Better than the ones with the anorexic modes in them.

New Post up. Come up top.

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