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Lazy Weekend

Posted on: October 5, 2019


No, not really.  However this time of year is the worst for me when it comes to writing posts because football.

The Tigers have an early kickoff for their game this weekend plus all the other teams in the SEC playing this week.

So here’s a new, fresh, and completely open post for you to take wherever you wish to take it.

Here’s a topic that might bear some discussion:

How Politics Can Make You Sick


29 Responses to "Lazy Weekend"

Thanks Fredster!

I cannot tell you how many people I’ve heard say that they have experienced mental and physical health issues from politics these days.

And then of course, there’s Bernie who just had a heart attack!

From that article above:

“Politics is really negatively affecting a lot of people’s lives, or at least, they’re perceiving that politics is really negatively affecting their lives in deep and meaningful ways,” says study leader Kevin Smith, a political scientist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Whether people are in fact falling physically ill due to politics is not clear, but mental stress is known to have physical effects. When the mind is stressed, it triggers the release of hormones, including adrenaline, cortisol, and noradrenaline that can, if the stress becomes chronic, raise blood pressure, fuel headaches, affect sleep, and elevate the risk of heart disease and diabetes. (Among the simple steps you can take to reduce stress: breathe deeply, or go for a walk.)

Perhaps we should all drop a line in a local pond and chill.

Class action for nausea! And repetitive stress injury: every time I see his disgusting mug on a screen I whip my hand up to cover that part. This helps with the rising nausea, but it’s going to give me tendinitis!


There are some.shows I will not watch on MSNBC because they show his face. Brian Williams is one. I start yelling at the screen when I see it!

Did you all see this article? My goddess, these #Bernouts are delusional.

@5, writer says: “I hate the idea of lapsing into adulation of a politician” and then does exactly that!

Followed closely by (paraphrased) “why should we question whether Bernie can do it instead of doing everything we can do to see that he gets elected?” Lol! Hate to break it to you, Berniebro, but there’re good reasons to question whether a politician (and especially Bernie) is qualified to be president. (eyeroll)

@5My God, these BernieBros think Bernie is sacrificing his very life for them. That makes me as sick as anything the Trumpers say. *insert vomit emoji here*

In surveys that break it down, the main component causing support of Bernie or Biden is hostile misogyny. The main component by far.

So I’m not sure the fans are delusional. They want an old geezer and they’d like to get an old geezer. But they have to come up with a cover story that sounds better than, “God save me from some broad.”

Their cover stories are ridiculous, almost as bad as Rick Perry made me do it, but I’m sure that’s not for lack of trying.

I just don’t get the adulation for a do-nothing Senator from a tiny state who has a history of losing Presidential primaries massively. I bet a lot of the people.who contributed to his fundraising were ratf*cking Rethugs and Russians.

@8 – wow! That is scary. I am sure Yang’s support breaks down similarly.

And corporations. I’m convinced the corps’s would *love* to install Biden. But it’s so much like trying to get a fish to ride a bicycle that I bet they’re getting worried.

I didn’t see Yang’s name in those surveys, but I’m sure you’re right. Plus the techbro libertarian Rand Paul vote.

This is the most hideous example of both-sides-erism I’ve ever read. And another example to file under “What Liberal Media?”

‘Crooked’ vs. the ‘corrupt human tornado’: Why Clinton and Trump can’t quit each other

Nearly three years after Election Day, they just can’t seem to quit each other. Like Looney Tunes’s Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner, the duo appear trapped in a disjointed call-and-response — circling, talking past and attacking each other as if the 2016 contest never quite ended.

@13 Ashley Parker appears frequently on Deadline White House on MSNBC and has ripped tRump and associates apart.

Right now HRC is out promoting her and Chelsea’s book and is putting herself out in public view. I don’t believe the latest slings and arrows bother her a great deal, if at all.

@14, odd about that author ripping Trump. Her article sure gives the impression she thinks they’re both at fault.

And yes, I think HRC simply makes the slings and arrows bounce off her shield.

Speaking of Hillary…does anyone here fall into the Hillary 2020 camp? No judgement if so, just curious.

@16, Hell yes! Though I doubt at all that she’ll run again.

@16: For Prez? There’s not enough time to start a campaign.

Here’s something that has bothered or irked me since the first time I saw it.

Are people so damned busy (ahem) or lazy (?) that they don’t have 15 minutes to prepare a medicine box with their weekly meds? I keep my maintenance meds and supplements in a big ziplock back and then once a week load up the daily medicine box. I mean 15 minutes tops.

“Repugnant” Just the right word for Trump. The Repugnant One is appealing because of course.

Judge rejects Trump’s ‘repugnant’ immunity claim in tax-return ruling.

Judge rules Manhattan’s district attorney could subpoena eight years of Trump’s personal and corporate returns.

@19, I’ve seen this type of process used for nursing home and adult family homes, where lots of people have to be given meds. But for one person? Seems another unnecessary way to drain money from healthcare.

@21: Yes Luna, they did that for my mom in the nursing home. The first time I got a bill for pharmacy stuff from the n.h. home I had a fit. Called and told them she had Tricare-for-life and had medicine coverage through them. Naturally it was *their* pharmacy the local n.h. got their meds from located in Decatur Alabama and they were in similar packets. Got the number for the pharmacy and they said that was fine and they would work with Tricare to get the meds.

To cover all bases then I called Tricare and a rep said yes they did similar things for other retirees and dependents, surviving spouses.

Oh and the pillpack deal is owned by Amazon.

Meant to mention that Hillary and Chelsea were on a CSPAN show discussing their new book. It was a good show and since it was on CSPAN it’s probably available to stream from the web.

@15: I’m willing to bet that Hillary just has a chuckle at such things. I mean she survived dealing with Mrs. Greenspan right? LOL

Hillary? She’s the rightful President now. You mean if she runs for re-election?

(:) I do know what you mean. And, sure, I’d vote for her in a heartbeat. Most accomplished and emotionally qualified person ever to run for President.)

@25: So in regal terms the Pretender is on the throne right now. 😉


Vaping devices are causing fires on planes. The FAA is struggling to address the threat, safety experts say.

In June, a 44-year-old man’s vape pen exploded in his pocket at a motel, causing second-degree burns on his penis, according to an account filed with the commission.

@28 – Wowwwwwww

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