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Activist Tuesday: Who Comes Up with This ****?

Posted on: October 1, 2019

There’s only one story these days, and you know I’m going to talk about it. My angle was to be, “Let’s not forget WHY this is all happening – it’s all to benefit Russia!”; but the brilliant Rachel Maddow did it so beautifully last night, I won’t attempt to improve on perfection. Check out the first segment of her show if you haven’t seen it.

Instead, I will merely pose the question: Who comes up with this ****?

Who says to himself, “Hey, I’m the attorney general of the United States. Why don’t I just mosey over to Europe and try to blackmail our allies into saying it wasn’t Russia who interfered in our 2016 election?” Where does an idea like that come from? How devoid of any conscience or common sense do you have to be to first think this, then do this IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR BOSS’ IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY FOR DOING THE SAME F’ING THING?!!!!!!!!!

Ahem. Sorry for yelling, but I can’t seem to stop. I came home from work yelling. I will probably go to sleep yelling.


I honestly think the inability of normal people to understand the convoluted thought processes of these hideous, sick, corrupt Republicans is one of the barriers Democrats have had to overcome when getting the message of Drumpf’s impeachable offenses out to the public. We just can’t imagine that our electoral system is so broken, it would allow transparently, cartoonishly evil idiots to take everything over. The Senate, the Presidency, the Supreme Court; all are completely awash in a sea of Russian money, self-dealing and child sex trafficking. (No, we haven’t forgotten about Jeffrey Epstein.) And it’s all one single Party, which seems to have become a cesspool sucking in the worst effluence unimaginable.

I think we are also all stunned by Republicans’ inaction in the face of all these institutions’ obvious implosion. In reality, Democrats shouldn’t have to do a single thing more. After a bit more than a week of the official inquiry, there is enough out there for a clean sweep of the entire disgusting Administration. The Senate should be marching into the Mango Moron’s office and telling him he’s over and to take Pence with him. How can anyone think this is survivable? The American people are 55% in favor of the impeachment inquiry already – and that was before yesterday.

I will say it again…I don’t know what fevered dreams these Republicans are having that are causing them to think so far outside the bounds of reality. I don’t know how they think up new and horrible ways to destroy our country. I honestly don’t care much; I just hope we, as a country, can kick them out of power very soon.

This is an open thread.

91 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: Who Comes Up with This ****?"

Randy Rainbow has a song for everything.

MB, you wrote “…stunned by Republicans’ inaction in the face of all these institutions’ obvious implosion” and that is so true. The GOP can’t see why this is wrong?

Trump, during a spate of morning tweets, questioned why he is not “entitled to interview & learn everything about” a whistleblower whose identity is protected by federal statute.

@2 – I don’t expect Drumpf to behave like an elected official who understands the law. He has demonstrated time and again that he won’t, which was reason enough for his impeachment on Day 1.

But the Republicans know better. it’s as though the Party who runs on hating the federal government, actually hates the federal government and everything it stands for! I snark, but…I honestly thought that line was for their die hard dumb libertarian followers. Turns out it’s not just marketing…for the majority of the Party it appears to be the stone cold truth.

Looks like Trump has delivered Ukraine to Putin.

DYB @5. Oh hell.

Tired of losing people in the face of an international community that can’t, won’t, doesn’t help?

Poor old Ukraine can’t fight the likes of Putin by itself. Trying to, without help, is pretty much the recipe for Syria II, probably.

Everywhere you look in the world, it’s some kind of devils riding high.

@5. Imperialist dictator warmongers. Zelensky’s keeping mum so he doesn’t get polonium in his tea.

@4: from the article:

The line for the rollercoaster at Depositionland is getting longer by the minute.

Oh D. I am so sorry. Putin’s Puppet strikes again.

The re emergence of Gorka just shows how low Team Orange is reaching to get to the bottom of the barrel.

I used to have this idea/fantasy that when the shit really hit the fan, tRump would take AF 1 (for him that means Ah Fuck) to Florida and then board the yacht of some Russian oligarch and flee the country.

Instead my idea/fantasy is he still goes to Mar-a-Lago and gets on an oligarch’s yacht but then the yacht meets up with a Russian submarine and tRump and co have to get on the sub, because who wouldn’t want to be on a Russian submarine?

One frustrating aspect to what’s happening in Ukraine is that Ukraine used to have nukes. But in the 1990s they signed a disarmament deal with the US and Russia. In exchange for giving up nukes Russia promised to respect Ukrainian borders and USA vowed to protect Ukraine if anything went wrong.

Russia and USA lied.

@13: I was going to say DYB, they probably won’t need those Javelin anti-tank things anymore. Just sayin’.

Mike Pompeo sent a nasty letter to Democrats in the Houser saying nobody they invited to testify would appear. But so far 2 of the people intend to…

@9 – that was a great line!

Pompeo is, not to put too fine a point on it, sh*tting a brick. The Drns already said he will be obstructing justice if he doesn’t appear.

My guess is he will resign rather than testify, and hope for a pardon. He knows he can’t help incriminating himself and has already been caught in a huge lie about being on the call to Ukraine.

Fredster – it’s totally fine with me if he goes over to Russia. I’m sure Vlad will take great care of him. 😈

What is happening?

@18: Well, if he survives the trip on a Russian sub. They don’t have a great track record.

@13, So they thought the US would stand up for them against Russia. That is bitter. It was a safe bet until Putin’s puppet cheated his way to the White House.

@20, 21, nearly made me cry again.

Great post, Madamab! That’s what I’ve been asking. While Trump is a mean and diabolical person, he’s too stupid to know how to pull all this shit off. I want to know exactly who said, “Oops. We better hide this conversation with Zelensky (and others) on our super duper secret sever.” That wasn’t Trump. He still believes there was nothing wrong with what he said. That’s why he released it. I believe we’ll find out soon enough who comes up with this shit. Here’s a new report on the change to the TS system. John Kelly and McMaster signed off on the ‘upgrade’.

I can’t wait for tomorrow morning to hear what the State Department IG said. Pelosi and Schiff are giving a joint press conference tomorrow morning as well. It is really scary to think what unimaginable shit is coming down now.

Did you all hear that the Orange Slime told ICE they should shoot immigrants who throw rocks? First he proposed killing them, then was told he couldn’t. Then he proposed shooting them in the legs, then was told he couldn’t. He also proposed an alligator filled most. What planet does this MF live on?!!!

Trump wants to be a medieval warlord with alligators in the moat around his castle, and have a dungeon with torture devices.

I think my mind has boggled itself out for tonight:

Toxic nationalism is spreading throughout the world.

Luna, in a way I am almost glad this is all happening. White supremacy needs to be brought squirming into the light, as does rightwing corruption and alliances with enemy interests. The press has ignored and normalized all of this for far too long.

CNN reporting Bernie has had two stents placed due to a blocked artery. John King says “We certainly wish Senator Sanders the best”. I’m trying to remember the media ‘wishing Secretary Clinton the best’ after her dizzy spell at the 9/11 memorial. Nah… never happened. They all went into a frenzy worthy of the National Enquirer.

Pneumonia turns strong young men in their 20s into weak infants. I’m amazed Hills could do what she did.

John King is one of the worst ones.

Bernie has also just cancelled all ad buys in Iowa… He may not come back to the campaign at all. Too bad so sad.

This is why both Bernie and Biden need to withdraw. People in their late 70’s are too old for the job of POTUS. It is the hardest job in the world and their bodies are not up to the stress and strain. It is not ageist to say this, it’s biological fact.

Just read today’s WaPo article on Bernie and his stents. Absolutely no mention of worries about his age or fitness for Commander in Chief.

The contrast with the attitude to Hillary’s one cough is just too much.

As Charlie Pierce said recently, stop the news. I want to get off.

Great post MB.

Anyone notice how Hillary is in her ‘Presidential hairdo’ and making the tv circuit, speaking out more than ever?

She even called Dump the ‘Illegitimate President”.

Be still my heart….

Vigor. Yeah, it’s takes a lot of vigor to holler and shake a finger in the air non-stop. At least they mention his age.

The Vermont lawmaker has kept up a relentless campaign schedule, particularly during the summer months, and often makes three or four stops a day in different regions. He was scheduled to attend a gun policy forum in Nevada on Wednesday, and then make seven appearances in California on Thursday and Friday.

At 78, Sanders is the oldest candidate in the Democratic field. But he projects vigor belying his age on the trail, and has not been faced with questions regarding his stamina and mental acuity that have plagued former Vice President Joe Biden, who is two years younger.

@39 Hillary looks great as always. I hope all her haters (ALL of them) spontaneously combust.

@39, yass!

@40, now I keep hearing “Bernie and his stents” running thru my head. I’m trying to write a satirical-lyrics version to go with the Elton John tune, lol.

@36: Hillary was 69 in 2016, born in 1947. Did you feel she was too old or on the cusp on being too old in 2016? That would have made her 73 at the end of a term in 2020.

MIchael DeBakey was still over in Houston cracking chests until very late in his career.

Hillary is on Rachel’s show tonight.

@43, IMO Hillary is likely to have slightly slower cognitive function, and physically less stamina, balance, and strength, but unless you’re flying a plane or the equivalent, that’s not a problem. Her experience and personality ensure she’s not going to be making rash, snap decisions. Women have longer life expectancies than men, so in comparison to Biden and Bernie I’d take around 3-4 yrs off her age. An older person in good health who eats right and exercises can have the heart and lung capacity of the average person who’s a couple of decades or more younger. Geriatrics is an interest of mine, though alas it’s now all too personal. Lol!

We-elll, imagine this!

President Trump repeatedly involved Vice President Pence in efforts to exert pressure on the leader of Ukraine at a time when the president was using other channels to solicit information that he hoped would be damaging to a Democratic rival, current and former U.S. officials said.

Trump instructed Pence not to attend the inauguration of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in May — an event White House officials had pushed to put on the vice president’s calendar — when Ukraine’s new leader was seeking recognition and support from Washington, the officials said.

Months later, the president used Pence to tell Zelensky that U.S. aid was still being withheld while demanding more aggressive action on corruption, officials said. At that time — following Trump’s July 25 phone call with Zelenksy — the Ukrainians probably understood action on corruption to include the investigation of former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

Fredster, if Hillary starts running for President in 2024, which would make her the same age as Sanders and Biden, I will definitely say she is too old to make it through the campaign.

@46: IMO Hillary is likely to have slightly slower cognitive function, and physically less stamina, balance, and strength, but unless you’re flying a plane or the equivalent, that’s not a problem

Wouldn’t think that would be an issue for any chief executive, male or female.

@49, right. I’m tired of the ageist scare headlines such as “65-year-olds take twice as long to perform activity XY” because the difference between, for example, 1 and 2 minutes usually doesn’t matter for many activities, especially if they are mental tasks.

Nancy Pelosi is a genius, part eleventy one.

Hillary shouldn’t have to run in 2024, they need to start recognizing that she already was the legal winner of 2016, without outside help from Russia, Comey and all the women haters.

Phuck them all!!!

@47: And now their respective camps are beginning to take jabs at each other.

Oh the fun of it all.

@53: Lol, love it. I’ll have two slices/pieces please.

@53, give that chef a raise!

That crumb cake sure looks good! 😇

Can you believe Kevin McCarthy tried to tell Pelosi to slow down after Drumpf tripled down on his impeachable offense today? Her response was awesome.

Nancy has a way with words!

Chuck Todd…this moment of lucidity is probably temporary.

@58 My favorite part: (my bold) I also love the ‘best regards”.

Dear Leader McCarthy,

As Members of Congress, we take a solemn oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The existing rules of the House provide House Committees with full authority to conduct investigations for all matters under their jurisdiction, including impeachment investigations. There is no requirement under the Constitution, under House Rules, or House precedent that the whole House vote before proceeding with an impeachment inquiry.

As you know, our Founders were specifically intent on ensuring that foreign entities did not undermine the integrity of our elections. I received your letter this morning shortly after the world witnessed President Trump on national television asking yet another foreign power to interfere in the upcoming 2020 elections. We hope you and other Republicans share our commitment to following the facts, upholding the Constitution, protecting our national security, and defending the integrity of our elections at such a serious moment in our nation’s history.

best regards,

Speaker of the House

They will never turn on him.

“an absolute right” Yowser. Especialaly given that in his world, “right” = “I can do whatever I want.”

“perhaps” a duty. So, he can do what he likes, but “perhaps” he’s even supposed to do this kind of thing.

So it’s lucky there’s plenty for him to do if he starts looking into corruption. He doesn’t even need to get into a golf cart. Ivanka’s office is right in the White House, isn’t it?

@62, yes they will. As soon as his popularity drops low enough they won’t have to defend him anymore. They are nothing if not self protective.

It is just amazing the information that is coming out just now from the Volker visit to the Hill. Lawrence had a great panel that was just beginning to share it when time ran out and now we need to hear it from that odd duck, Brian Williams, who is showing his inability to pivot with any original thought. Insight is not his strong suit.

Yep, more dirty truths about Pence comin’ out.

But … no one wants to hear Hillary, huh?

I’m bummed that I missed Hillary last night. Will have to go look for it. I turned on the tv this morning in time to hear dumps insane ranting. The ratthugs must be off their rockers to stand by him.

@68> Rethugs are not budging. They are lining up behind Trump – him asking China for help on national television – they’re all shrugging it off

SCOTUS accepted an abortion case.

Hillary was amazing on Maddow. Rachel was fangirling so hard. I was like, where were you in 2016???!!!!! Glad to see those numbers. Our Girl is even more popular now. Suck it Drumpf!

I am very sorry about what’s about to happen to abortion. People who voted for Jill Stein or that weird libertarian dude better not start pretending they give a sh*t now. This was all preventable and they didn’t prevent it.

I’m worried about the upcoming SCOTUS decision. It’s about whether a state can require clinicians who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital. You have to go thru paperwork to get formal permission to admit your patients to a hospital. Usually this means you also have to be on staff at the hospital or have a colleague who will agree to manage your patient there. However, this requirement for the Planned Parenthood (or whichever women’s clinic) clinician to have privileges doesn’t make sense. The patient could be referred to a different clinician, one who has admitting privileges, or the patient can go to the ER and get admitted that way without her clinician having admitting privileges.

Abortions performed by a qualified clinician are very low risk. In fact, they are much less risky than childbirth. The privileging requirement won’t add a benefit, but will add another layer of paperwork/regulatory time-wasting. Additionally, if the hospital management are forced-birthers, they’ll find all sorts of “reasons” to deny privileges.

All true, Luna @73. The whole point is to make sure women are livestock and can’t be real people who get to control their own bodies. It’s a feature, not a bug.

What particularly burns me is that NPs are qualified to perform abortions after appropriate training, as are physicians after appropriate training. Yet I can see all the physician Dr. Gawds on the hospital privileging committee stamping “NO!” on any application from NPs, who make up a high % of clinicians in Planned Parenthood. Many physicians don’t care for NPs, regardless of the many studies showing our care has as good as or better outcomes than physicians. They’ll go on about how long the training is, as if taking longer to learn something means they should get more authority and money. (However, the MDs/DOs who actually work with us are usually more enlightened.) Oh, I have no problem knowing my limits and referring or consulting when appropriate. But a competent NP can do 80%-95% of what a physician can. And anyway, with all those people needing healthcare we need more providers.

Rant over.

@75, might also, just maybe, have something to do with the fact that most NPs are women.

I prefer being seen by an NP, they seem to know as much, have more concern, and don’t have the “god” complex that a lot of docs have.

@76, spot on.

I didn’t know the LaRouchie nuts were still around. They’re showing up at AOC townhalls pretending to be supporters and saying bizarre things.

“I think your next campaign slogan has to be this: We have got to start eating babies,” the unnamed woman says, according to video captured by C-SPAN.

“I’m so happy that you are really supporting a Green New Deal, but it’s not enough,” the woman told Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez as others in the room looked on in confusion. “Even if we were to bomb Russia, we still have too many people, too much pollution. So we have to get rid of the babies. That’s a big problem. Just stopping having babies is not enough. We need to eat the babies.”

@71 Sometimes when I watch Rachel breaking down all this Russia shit, I wonder too where she was in 2016. Imagine if she had broken down all the BS surrounding Hillary’s so called ‘classified’ emails in the same way? Was she like so many people who thought Hillary would prevail anyway and it was better to ignore it? Many of Hillary’s own people on TV panels did a terrible job of defending her and let so many lies slide by. And we watched many a pundit refused to explain what was really going on.

@79, GAgal, I’ve wondered the same thing. I watched her interview bernie once in ’16 & her eyes were sparkling and she gave him the kid glove treatment. She was much more matter-of-fact when she interviewed Hillary.

This is fabulous!

Some people in the thread are saying its not the prez of Finland, but it sure is funny,

@79 & 80: I believe everyone thought it was a given that HRC was going to win the election. Not saying anything either way about Maddow. However I do know that when this report came out she did cover this pretty well:

Speaking of 2016 election, there’s a show on HBO called High Maintenance about a guy in New York City who sells weed, edible stuff and the like riding around on his bicycle. They did an episode about the day after the 2016 election. I’ll just say he was doing a booming business and could barely keep up.

This tweet is everything:

At the moment, these are the arguments for the Top 5 candidates:

-His Son Is Innocent
-She Has Plans
-He Survived a Heart Attack
-He Likes Jesus And Tech Bros
-She Scares the Piss Out of Trumpsters

I guess what I want to know is why is this not already a two woman race?

Exactly. ¡Exactly!

I would like to make that a 3 woman race, however. I would like to add Amy to that list, a hard worker a la Hillary.

@88 and @89 – Yes!!!

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