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There’s only one story these days, and you know I’m going to talk about it. My angle was to be, “Let’s not forget WHY this is all happening – it’s all to benefit Russia!”; but the brilliant Rachel Maddow did it so beautifully last night, I won’t attempt to improve on perfection. Check out the first segment of her show if you haven’t seen it.

Instead, I will merely pose the question: Who comes up with this ****?

Who says to himself, “Hey, I’m the attorney general of the United States. Why don’t I just mosey over to Europe and try to blackmail our allies into saying it wasn’t Russia who interfered in our 2016 election?” Where does an idea like that come from? How devoid of any conscience or common sense do you have to be to first think this, then do this IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR BOSS’ IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY FOR DOING THE SAME F’ING THING?!!!!!!!!!

Ahem. Sorry for yelling, but I can’t seem to stop. I came home from work yelling. I will probably go to sleep yelling.


I honestly think the inability of normal people to understand the convoluted thought processes of these hideous, sick, corrupt Republicans is one of the barriers Democrats have had to overcome when getting the message of Drumpf’s impeachable offenses out to the public. We just can’t imagine that our electoral system is so broken, it would allow transparently, cartoonishly evil idiots to take everything over. The Senate, the Presidency, the Supreme Court; all are completely awash in a sea of Russian money, self-dealing and child sex trafficking. (No, we haven’t forgotten about Jeffrey Epstein.) And it’s all one single Party, which seems to have become a cesspool sucking in the worst effluence unimaginable.

I think we are also all stunned by Republicans’ inaction in the face of all these institutions’ obvious implosion. In reality, Democrats shouldn’t have to do a single thing more. After a bit more than a week of the official inquiry, there is enough out there for a clean sweep of the entire disgusting Administration. The Senate should be marching into the Mango Moron’s office and telling him he’s over and to take Pence with him. How can anyone think this is survivable? The American people are 55% in favor of the impeachment inquiry already – and that was before yesterday.

I will say it again…I don’t know what fevered dreams these Republicans are having that are causing them to think so far outside the bounds of reality. I don’t know how they think up new and horrible ways to destroy our country. I honestly don’t care much; I just hope we, as a country, can kick them out of power very soon.

This is an open thread.

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