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Lazy Weekend: Make Us Laugh

Posted on: September 28, 2019

Happy Weekend Widdershins!

There’s something happening. Something new in the air. A disturbance in the Force. Democrats are laser focused on Trump’s shenanigans with Ukraine. As a Ukrainian by birth all I can say is “You’re welcome” if this is the thing that brings down Trump.

Something feels different about this one. I hope I’m right. I hope we don’t lose this one because we don’t have many chances left.

So to help each other get through these newly exciting and mortifying times, let’s try to make each other laugh. Post a funny video. Could be a funny cat video. Funny music video. Whatever makes you laugh. Make us all laugh!

75 Responses to "Lazy Weekend: Make Us Laugh"

Just got back tonight from 4 days away from home, out hiking and exploring parts of the Ice Age Floods area of WA state, without internet. Had access some of the time but didn’t want to interrupt being out in the natural world with reading about Trump and GOP fraud and treason. So now catching up on everything.

Saw this!

Okay, literally make ’em laugh (song)

@1, glad you had that lovely escape!

@2, He was amazing.

This is kinda funny: (its cute anyway)

It does feel like the gaslit nation is awakening, doesn’t it? I agree that speed and focus are of the essence. Just stop him NOW.

I love this one.

Just saw this on Twitter too. OM-WG 💖💖💖💖

Another hilarious reply tweet from Stonekettle.

Thanks to DYB for doing the weekend post. Right now I have four college games I’m following so the clicker is getting a work out.

Like many of us Lili von shtupp is tired. Us with politics, Lili with, well other things.

@9 – You can never go wrong with Madeline Kahn. If we’re doing classic comic bits by awesome Jewish women…

As Mr. MadamaB just said, they knew when to end a bit back then.

@9 You’d think Republicans would get tired of this too but I guess not. Can you imagine being questioned about emails from 8, 9 or 10 years ago?

@11: Deflection isn’t going to work this time Pompeo you pompous ass.

You had better be getting your shit together to deal with that subpoena you were sent.

Those targeted were notified that emails they sent years ago have been retroactively classified and now constitute potential security violations,

Right. Nothing like changing the classification after the fact.

@ 11, 13, Well, what a convenient way to attack anyone you don’t like. “Your email on chardonnay and dessert selections has been determined (by a Trump appointee) to contain classified material.”

Laughing at the deplorables.

Never forget that the three (count ’em! three!) emails out of 40,000 that were oh-so-carelessly “mishandled” by Hillary, had their classification status changed retroactively.

Otherwise the Repubs would have had nothing at all to scream about. (Although, come to think of it, that never stopped them otherwise.)

Love all the funnies!

@17, that one had me laughing out loud

@23 > I guess that’s because the impeachment will concentrate on the shakedown of Ukraine – foreign relations issue – and not the other things (emoluments, etc.) that Nadler’s committee is in charge of.

This is a good article on those who enabled Trump or who knew and stayed silent. Or you could say- aided and abetted. I hope the intelligence committee pins them all to the wall.

@21, Hi contrask! How are you?

That article is so hilarious! “Ghouliani has already given us much material…”

I can’t stop laughing at the back flip toaster kitty, the swinging hips diaper baby and now to read the rest of the blog.

BTW, thank you very much for your heritage DYB 😉

I feel better these days too and also watching the deplorables that are getting that sick feeling of doom in their stomachs.

11 GAgal

WTF, emails…are they afraid Hillary is going to jump into the 2020 race, or it will be proven she is the legitimate winner and should be President???

And that little Corn Pop, that was me!

SNL was awesome this weekend.

Hi Contrask!!! Great to see you.

Welp, I woke up to this awesome exchange between Hillary and Kamala. I am glad to see at least a few Democrats standing up for her.

Someone just tweeted that Andrea Mitchell is all over Hillary’s emails now.


NY Republican swamp rat admits to corruption

Republican Rep. Chris Collins resigns House seat ahead of guilty plea to insider-trading charges. The Republican from New York had called the charges against him ‘meritless’ but is scheduled to change his plea Tuesday afternoon.

@35: Mrs. Greenspan…well past her expiration date.

@33: Same here contrask!!

@27, “and here to ruin things again, Senator Bernie Sanders”

Hahaha!sob. I think it’s Biden too this time.

Hillary and Chelsea are going to be on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight. It will probably be available on youtube at some point after the show is aired.

To bad the guy is dead, but I still think it’s justice when a “sport” hunter has the tables turned on him.

Georgia teen shot and killed after his hunting party mistook him for a deer.

It’s unclear whether charges will be filed in the incident, but the Georgia Department of Natural Resources investigation could possibly lead to an illegal weapons charge, according to Mark McKinnon, a spokesman for Georgia’s DNR Law Enforcement Division. Georgia is in the midst of bowhunting season for deer; firearm hunting doesn’t begin in the state until Oct. 19.

@27: “Guy who tragically misread our enthusiasm for him”.

Love it.

@42: Georgia’s DNR Law Enforcement Division.

You know you were a caretaker or care giver for a long time when you see DNR and your first thought is Do Not Resuscitate.

The comic Force is strong on Twitter today.

I think Italy’s the latest country to add to the list. Funny, no one’s saying Russia yet. Ohhhhh, I get it. It’s because Trump can already count on Russian help.

Barr is said to have urged foreign governments to aid investigation of CIA, FBI activities related to 2016 election

@44, or in healthcare. I did a double-take at that “DNR.”

Trump as master baker?

Behind the scenes, the president is sounding out a range of advisers for different options, speaking to friends, outside confidants and Republican lawmakers to get advice about how to proceed, according to a senior administration official.

“There are different ways to bake the cake, depending on what sort of cake you want,” the official said. “Different flavoring, different temperatures, different ingredients yield different types of cake, and the president as the master baker is testing recipes and deciding what type of cake he wants.”

That cake thing is really weird. The rethugs have lost what little minds they had.

I watched the SNL youtubes. Very funny stuff. Did Biden really blather about “corn pop” at some point?

Urgh. @52 is in moderation because of the 2 links thingy.

Ahh, okay. Thanks Luna. How was your hike?

Oh my gosh, Annie. You missed the Uncle Gropey “Corn Pop” story? You’re in for a real treat.*snicker*

Ohhhh, Jessye Norman. Or DAME Jessye, as my friends and I call her. One of the most unique voices in the history of opera. Extraordinary artist. I’m so bummed!!

@57, OH MY GOD!!! No, I never heard it before. He sounds insane. What a bizarre ramble.

@52, gorgeous. What a loss.

@57, Now I get the snl skit where Kamala (actress–I forget her name) says she was corn pop.

@48: Yeah that’s a given for you guys.

I wasted time on a really bad Monday night football game. Complete waste of time.

Hi Contrask! Love the funny New Yorker piece!

@63, that’s what hubs thought. What a weird game you had yesterday but at least the Saints won.

@66, Ha! I’ve thought it for years.

They’ll never be the same for me again. 😦

@68, I loved those things when I was a little kid.

@69: Oh me too. LOL

Thanks for getting my comment away from Spammy!

@57, “but I was smart … then.” Lolol! I hadn’t heard the whole thing before!

Like we already didn’t know this. eyeroll

I can still cry when thinking of who we lost.

I knew the Widdershins would be mourning Jessye. She was incredible. A cavernous, warm and utterly distinct voice and talent. RIP Diva.

New post!

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