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Lazy Weekend Music~Shall we fall?

Posted on: September 21, 2019

Good Weekend Widdershins!

No, not falling back as in the (ugh) time change but rather offishully  *fall* or autumn which arrives on Monday, September 23rd as the autumnal equinox.  I hope however that DYB enjoyed his fallish temps last week.  Did they stay around D?


Now despite that scientific fact, we here in Nola are probably going to continue having our high temps in the 90s.

Nevertheless, we’ll just pretend it’s “fallish”.  And speaking of autumn or fall I found some quotes concerning the season.

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”

— Lauren DeStefano, Wither

“But when fall comes, kicking summer out on its treacherous ass as it always does one day sometime after the midpoint of September, it stays awhile like an old friend that you have missed. It settles in the way an old friend will settle into your favorite chair and take out his pipe and light it and then fill the afternoon with stories of places he has been and things he has done since last he saw you.”

— Stephen King, Salem’s Lot

“I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.”

— Nathaniel Hawthorne, The American Notebooks

So let’s take a look at some fall or autumn songs and I hope you add some of your own.


Love me some Ella.




* * *

And lest we forget that because it’s Fall or “pre-Fall” it’s also time for this:

Okie doke, open thread as usual.


53 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music~Shall we fall?"

Oliver Willis has summed up my thinking! Or what passes for it.

@2: Agree totally. That’s one reason I like the escapism of watching college and (somewhat) pro football games.

Now if I start to develop an interest in watching curling I’ll know that all hope is indeed lost.

Yes it is exhausting and disheartening to watch Democratic leadership literally do nothing to stop Trump. I know Nancy Pelosi can throw great shade, but she is failing us all by refusing to consider impeachment. Or I suppose we’ll see wha history says: she is either the most extraordinary tactician or the greatest failure. Considering Trump is again openly colluding with a foreign country to win an election because he knows *nobody* will stop him, I fear history will not be kind to Pelosi. I know Democrats’ actions are limited, but they do not hold any Trump official in contempt for refusing to cooperate, they do not punish any of them (they can fine them), absolutely nothing is being done. Not a damned thing.

Fredster, to answer your weather question, the temperature in NYC shot up to 90 this past week! I’m in Canada now for a wedding. It is 90 and humid in Niagara Falls. 90, at the end of September, in Canada.

hey! I kinda like curling

There was a great long thread somewhere a few weeks ago saying Pelosi was being a master tactician because she was getting everything lined up to land a bombshell about criminal money laundering. It would be soooo criminal, everybody would support impeachment and we’d all ride off triumphally into the 2020 vote.

Well, we have here a bombshell of dinosaur extinction event magnitude: treason in the service of election fraud.

Pelosi, as far as I can see, is doing a Collins and being very concerned. It is, she said, against federal statutes.

I wonder what she’d do if the Dump lobbed a nuke at SanFran because Putin told him to? Say it contravened international law?

For the record: I *know* Moscow Mitch will stonewall. I. Don’t. Care. Sometimes you have to do what’s right and bring the people along with you when they’re not there yet.

@5: I’d rather they use those brooms and sweep my floors. Just sayin’.

@6: I suppose she’s just waiting for all of these committee things to work their way through the courts or something. But, tick tock. However I’m feeling more and more like Oliver Willis.

@4: LOL, I had a feeling it would not last D.

We had a “backdoor front” push through the area. About all it did was lower the humidity a tad. That’s it.

@6 quixote, that’s very well said. Sometimes you have to do what’s right and bring people with you. That’s what leaders do.

Mueller didn’t save us. (He never even meant to.) The courts won’t save us. A committee hearing where the hostile witness yells at and mocks Democrats and receives zero punishment won’t save us. I just don’t understand how these people don’t see that… It’s like Biden who continues to insist that Republicans are good people you can work with. That alone makes Biden unqualified to be President. Republicans are over there nuking everything and he’s waving a ruler at them. Pelosi is waving a plastic knife. And Chuck Schumer is napping.

Fredster, thanks for the post! I was going to put up autumnal equinox post If no one else did. ☺

Pelosi does not have the votes to impeach Drumpf. Maybe after this horrific scandal more Dems will come around. But even if they do, people will continue to be frustrated because it will fail and nothing else will happen. AND, the same people who demanded impeachment will blame Pelosi for not executing it properly to remove Drumpf, even though impeachment cannot remove him! And Drumpf will be shown to be completely unstoppable before the election. And then turn out will be depressed, the Russians will cheat and Drumpf will win. We will have a lifetime of the Orange psychopath and his cronies in charge of America.

This is why impeachment is not worth it. It leads to total domination by the Rethugs and the end of our democracy.

Doing the right thing is anything that hurts Drumpf so he cannot be re elected. Once he loses, the dominos will start falling. But not before, unless the Republicans are going to.desert him because of this open treason. Or unless Barr or Kavanaugh are removed.

He has everything rigged right now. He is untouchable until the election if nothing changes. it is how our government works. It is not Pelosi’s fault. It is the Constitution that is to blame, on top of decades of voter suppression and malfeasance by the Rethugs. If we are blame her we are.going to have Drumpf forever.I

In the meantime, the House Oversight committee says something big is happening next week. Let’s see what they have come.up with. Also, contempt for Lewandowski and the others is under consideration.

madamab, that argument rests on two things. The idea that a failed impeachment does not get more people to hear about some of the millions of crimes Agent Orange has committed. And that he won’t be yelling “They couldn’t impeach!” merely because they didn’t start.

He’ll be yelling “Totally innocent! They couldn’t even start! Losers! All those hearings! Total waste of money” etc etc etc.

It’s not clear to me that’s a better outcome. If the “drama” of Impeachment (capital I) forces teevee to actually cover some of the garbage that’s been going on, I think that’s the best practical outcome we can hope for.

Without some consciousness raising coming from *somewhere* I think it’ll be too easy for the next election to be even more stolen than the last few.

I am confused Q. Impeachment hearings have already started. Lewandowski was in the first one. So how can anyone claim “they couldn’t even start?” What is it that you think is not happening?

The strategy is exactly what you say: to get the facts in front of the American people during impeachment hearings. It’s not to do nothing!

These days Drumpf and the Rethugs know the impeachment hearings strategy will be successful if the Dems get the evidence. That is why the Rethugs are refusing to comply with subpoenas to testify in impeachment proceedings that are currently happening. They also are refusing to hand over the Mueller Report evidence and a multitude of other evidence such as Drumpf ‘s tax returns, the whistleblower’s letter, etc. This obstruction could never have happened in Nixon’s day, but only because the Rethugs believed in the rule of law back then. Now they don’t and the tools the Dems have to combat their lawlessness have mostly been rendered useless by Drumpf’s rigging.

I don’t want to lecture but I am very disappointed that people are bashing Pelosi and the Dems, especially while not acknowledging what they are actually doing.

Pelosi is the reason we have the House. Pelosi is the reason the government is even open right now. She is the only one in our government who has ever successfully brought defeat to Drumpf. Without her our country is over and we are never getting it back.

My two cents.

Weather — sigh — we’re having a much wetter than usual September, up to 4 x normal. Temps are within normal range though. Fall in dry weather is lovely up in the mountains — blueberry bushes and mountain ash turning red, alpine larch turning gold. The color still happens in wet weather, but hiking through rain-wet brush and in fog is not anywhere as nice as in dry weather. Then again, I am getting older and more comfort-loving.

The problem is the narrative. Pelosi helped it recently when some reporter asked her about gun legislation and she told him to ask Moscow Mitch. When she shows up Trump, we all shout, “Finally!”

So, yes, there are lots of things happening quietly in committee rooms. But that’s not good enough. The majority of the country can see Dump using the Constitution for toilet paper. When we commit far lesser crimes, speeding for instance, we don’t get to fart around with lawsuits perverting the course of justice. The objection isn’t that Pelosi is doing nothing.

It’s that she’s not doing everything possible.

Repubs held the country hostage while in the minority, but she says her hands are tied while she has a majority. Ted Lieu makes a point:

The [Trump] Administration brought a machete to a knife fight. We brought the House rules. And we are getting shredded. We need to change the Rules to allow -Contempt on the spot
-Witnesses to be fined daily
It is now time to exercise our full inherent contempt powers.

*Exactly.* Why weren’t those Rules changed Jan 22, 2017? That’s what I mean when I say “not doing everything possible.” The Dems –in the House, not the Senate– could be employing a lot more firepower than they do. Instead they keep trying to be the Congress of 1975 with the Repubs of 2019.

I do know what you’re saying, MB. Pelosi *is* doing a good job and is not getting enough credit for it. The problem is we need Harriet Tubman. We need extraordinary. So the fact that she’s damn good gets lost.

@15: Agree with you quixote. Of course the Repubs would/will scream and howl if there’s another rules change but honestly that’s tough shit for them. The Repubs are playing cut throat politics and we should do exactly the same thing.

@14: Luna I watched the Saints/Seahawks game and it looked like there was constant rain/drizzle during the game. We could definitely use some of that down here.

Fredster, what a beautiful post. Love the quotes and songs.

How is Drew Brees doing? And I heard the Saints had a great game, so congrats on that! We’ve had the Rams/Browns game on although we’ve all been too busy to sit and watch it, but I was walking past and I could swear I saw the Rams QB start to throw the ball and he lost his grip and it went backwards! Does that happen often?

The weather here has been cloudy in the am, then heating up for afternoon. I’m looking forward to Fall.

We are not an echo chamber here and I love all of you. I think you know my position.

We will see what happens. I feel this week is going to see significant escalation from the Dems.

PS, it is summer in SF! High 70s and low 80s. Great weather!

@18: The ubiquitous “they” have said Brees’ surgery was successful. Drew did send out a tweet or Instagram with his hand in a cast.
And yes the Saints did have a great and surprising game. I did not think they would win that one.

And yep that can happen with the qbacks. Most likely reason would be either a bad snap from the center or bad hand off from the center. I have the game on but missed that, probably I was channel flipping. And sometimes the qb has a look on his face like “wtf?”. LOL

Fredster, I’m only sorry I can’t send you our rain & drizzle!

@23: Luna, we could definitely use some of that.

It’s going to be very hit tomorrow and Wednesday. I wish we had AC. SIGH

I agree with quixote on Pelosi. And I don’t think she is playing 12 dimension chess. She’s great at throwing shade. But perception counts for a lot. And the perception is that Democrats are doing nothing to stop Trump because they are weak. I see comments from friends and friends of friends on social media. They’ve all but given up on Democrats.

Whether or not Democrats are holding impeachment hearings depends on who you ask because not every Democrat in the House is on the same page on that topic. And that’s a problem because Democrats say they are holding impeachment hearings, but nobody really thinks that. Is holding impeachment hearings in secret the best way forward? How does one galvanize voters? By winking at them?

The fact that not a single Republican has been held in contempt yet is appalling and embarrassing. Schiff is out there on his knees begging for info. What the hell kind of sick reality are we living in? Democrats in power have less power than Republicans out of power. Democrats are still fighting a nuclear war with a water-gun. It’s nuts.

MB, thanks for the warning about the weather. You’re right, supposed to be a big jump tomorrow. It was early 80s here today, supposed to be mid-late 90s tomorrow.

Incidentally, I think we’ve talked about how so far not a single newspaper editorial has called for Trump’s impeachment, even as they called for Clinton’s impeachment almost immediately after Monica came to light. Here’s the first one:

I’ve been hoping that Nancy has secret info and a grand strategy that will become obvious in time, but its hard to keep the faith. Why can’t they at least slap these assholes with contempt or something? Its very frustrating.

You’re welcome Annie!

D, impeachment hearings did start in the Judiciary Committee. That’s not disputable. If you don’t know that, I don’t know what to say. Jerry Nadler has been saying this for weeks, and he’s the one holding the hearings!

I said I expected a significant escalation by Democrats this week. Looks like I was right.

Now what will you all say when Pelosi has the votes and the impeachment hearings pass out of committee, in the House? Because she waited until she had the smoking gun and wavering Democrats finally jumped on board? Because she didn’t listen to people screaming on Twitter, but proceeded strategically as she always does?

I understand the frustration because it has been so damn slow (to me too!), but if she gets this wrong, our democracy dies. None of us have that weight on our shoulders.

Now what will you all say when Pelosi has the votes and the impeachment hearings pass out of committee, in the House? Because she waited until she had the smoking gun and wavering Democrats finally jumped on board? Because she didn’t listen to people screaming on Twitter, but proceeded strategically as she always does?

I”ll say I’m getting the fuck out of here because really I don’t like being personally attacked but, ya know, go ahead.

He’s crazier every day.

Did you guys see this today? My dudes loved it.

Thunberg has the world’s best glare.

Fredster, I don’t think MB is attacking you, or me, or DYB. (Hey. I’m a poet!) I think she just sees this process in some light that’s invisible to me.

If we come out the other side and we’ve lived, all good. The problem is that right now it’s like being in the middle of WWII. We haven’t won yet. We have no idea if we will win. If we don’t, it’s the end of a planet’s worth of vital things for the rest of our lives.

As Malcom Nance said today, one of the first tasks in a campaign is making sure everybody knows what the mission is. If Pelosi’s plan is that all the institutions have failed except voting, she needs to state that. Loud and clear. And in that case she also needs to be pressing much harder on handmarked paper ballots.

But that’s another whole mess of eels.

When my husband and I first moved to NE Ohio, the autumnal color was beautiful-not New England beautiful-but beautiful. For the past three or four years, any color we do get is late and very dull. A friend said it was because the leaves stay too green for too long. If true, that must be climate change. I miss fall.

Fredster, I couldn’t see that MB was attacking anyone. I saw it as she is far more confident in Pelosi’s tactics than I am.

quixote, handmarked paper ballots, yes. If we don’t have those, and an auditable trail, we’re up shit creek without a paddle.

Hi everyone. Yes, I’m still alive, but not so much kicking! In June, I slipped at the bottom of a staircase and went down on my hip and then bounced down on the next step onto my ‘tail bone”. I have fractures: the right and left sacral, the posterior aspect of the sacrum as well, the right and left transverse process of L5, and possible buckle fracture of the left pubic symphysis. (whatever the hell that is) So, Ive been barely mobile. I’m progressing from awalker to a cane. Actually I don’t need either in the house but I wear out fast and start limping (or more like a hop) I’m getting there. It’s just hard to type laying down.

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s take on impeachment. I always felt Pelosi and the rest of the gang of eight knew it was only a matter of time. With this latest reporting that Dump ordered the withholding of military aid to Ukraine before calling to talk about Hunter Biden, Pelosi’s back is against the wall. After the full caucus meeting tomorrow, we better see one hell of a press conference. She may not announce full on impeachment proceedings, but I better hear the Judiciary committee will be voting to hold Lewandowski, Dearborn and McGahn in contempt and will be using their power of inherent contempt NOW if they get no response. Not next month, now. Dearborn and McGahn can claim executive priveledge or plead the 5th, but they have to show up. At least the members can read aloud their starring roles in the Mueller report.

Oh my god, GAgal, what an ordeal! I’m so sorry. It sounds like you’re making fast and excellent progress. May your recovery be swift and complete.

Oh, *hell*, GAgal! That’s utterly awful. Sounds like you’re moving around to the extent you can which is really really really good. It’s nasty on the nerves but it helps healing and eventual mobility a lot. Keep at it. Pulling for you with all the mental energy I can fit through the cyberspace wormhole!

Luna, quixote and mb, if I came across as taking it personally, I apologize. It just seemed that way to me. Of course since then there’s been the announcement of the entire caucus meeting for today, the op/ed piece written by seven freshman Democrats calling for an inquiry into the Ukraine mess. Add in the story about Mulvaney being told to hold up the money for Ukraine.

Mulvaney info:

Administration officials were instructed to tell lawmakers that the delays were part of an “interagency process” but to give them no additional information — a pattern that continued for nearly two months, until the White House released the funds on the night of Sept. 11.

@38: GAgal, we had emailed and you told me about the fall. Thanks for the update and I hope your recuperation continues, and you are back to 100% soon.

@36: Sweet Sue, on Sunday night football they were playing in Cleveland and I believe they said the temp was around 80 at game time. Yeah, climate change.

@30 madamab> I saw Jerry Nadler call it “impeachment hearings.” But not every Democrat in the House calls it that. Maybe you didn’t notice. If the party doesn’t collectively call it “impeachment hearings,” it’s almost like they’re ashamed of it.

There are things Democrats, under Pelosi, should have been doing outside of impeachment. Like holding people in contempt. They’ve been in power since January and have they managed to put the fear of god into Republicans? LOL

For a long time Pelosi has been saying she wants Republican votes. And I know some people keep insisting that Republicans will turn on Trump as soon as his polls hit some kind of magical low number. Except Republicans keep quitting their jobs and even on their way out with nothing to lose, not one has turned on Trump. Not one. You guys can wait for that magic number when GOP turns on Trump, but it doesn’t exist. At the first CPAC after Trump’s election Kellyanne Conway said that by the time CPAC ended, the entire Republican Party would belong to Trump and she wasn’t lying that one time.

I saw the article about Pelosi feeling things out yesterday. It tells me she’s still a follower, not the leader we need right now. I was with her for a while, but the past 6 months have shown that she is not playing 12 dimension chess, as some people hope. Just like Mueller wasn’t.

Oh GAgal!!! That’s terrible, but so good to see you here!! Please take care!!!

It sounds to me that if Pelosi is coming around on impeachment it’s because she was dragged to this point, not because she’s playing some secret game.

I remember right after the election Al Franken said: “This is going to be a marathon, not a sprint.” That’s as perfect a description as anyone has come up with for where we are. However, I didn’t think “marathon” meant shaking your ruler at Republicans.

Tulsi is an Assad asset.

GAgal! Gentle hugs for you! Hoping for your continued good recovery.

@44 & 46: I recorded Rachel, Lawrence, and got part of 11th hour with Kornacke in for Brian Williams.

Some of the folks on several of the shows talked about the fact that some Dems in districts who barely won in a district that tRump carried in 2016 are or have been loath to come out for impeachment because they’re concerned about their own reelection in 2020. Fair enough; I understand, I get it. But at some point (and soon) they are going to have to either have that b.m. or get off the pot.

I think one thing Pelosi can and should do is to create a select committee for investigating tRump and his actions much like they did for Watergate. IIRC, they had select committees in both the House and Senate. Naturally we can forget the Senate and Moscow Mitch cuz nah gonna happen there.

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